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OCTOBER 30 2002

Happy Halloween from Angelicast and Rider! Thanks guys.

JULY 31 2002

The long awaited Angelicast double hip spica!

DECEMBER 24 2001

Once again Angelicast and Rider send us a wonderful holiday greeting!
On behave of the casting community, thanks guys!

OCTOBER 31 2001
It's the season again for all things mysterious! Halloween has always been a special holiday for a big kid like me. And there's something about the
atmosphere of a nice cemetery that seems to go with casting.

Like our fetish, hidden but still there if you look for it.

Plaster cold and rigid like a corpse, but still following the contours of a human being.Soft flesh encased inside a shell, like a casket.

This cemetery is a nice place to escape to any time of year, but especially when the leaves are falling and there's mystery in the air. Rider and I came here together a few years ago, when I wore my second rec cast ever (hanging LAC). We got so excited we made love right near this spot!

Perverted? Maybe.

Memorable? Definitely.

Exciting? Extraordinarily!

Happy Halloween,


JULY 21 2001

Hi! I went to Ohio last week to have fun, look in antique shops, and check out some good restaurants.

It got a little bit tiring walking around all day. Oh, I guess I should mention that I had a big cast on my leg! Anyway, when it was time for lunch, I went to a great place, got propped up right in the window, and guess who came by? Mrdiecast! He must have seen the crutches in the window. ;-)

We had a yummy meal and talked about casting. Rider introduced Mrdiecast to martinis. This place made Rider’s personal recipe and the boys really enjoyed their drinks while looking at my casted toes peeking up over the tabletop. Mrdiecast didn’t eat his olives.

After a while, cameras came out and Mrdiecast took these pictures of me walking around uptown. It was a sunny day, everybody was happy, and strangers everywhere talked to me about my cast. And when I got tired of crutching, I just used my walking heel.

I like the funny rhythm you get with a long leg walking cast. My back got a little tired, but I had a lot of fun. It was a little bit scary trying not to break stuff in the crowded antique shops, but I figured I had a good excuse, right? I’m just a little girl with a broken leg!

Well, Mrdiecast took so many nice pics of me I asked him to share them with you. Everybody who wrote to me the last time my picture was on Cast Fetish wanted to know when I would do something new. Here it is! More casting adventures to come, for sure.

Thanks, Mrdiecast!


JUNE 27 2001
Here I am as a young, gawky metal mouth with a bad haircut. I wasn't as buck-toothed as I look in some of these pics. But I loved my braces and I really, really love my casts! Having my teeth wired tightly together and my arm in that snug plaster was a real turn-on. The silk sling was a pain in the neck,but it showed off my pretty cast and that was the important thing.
"I hope there are a lot more people out there who like both casts and braces, because the combination is really bitchin'! I'm thinking about getting braces again.
Thanks to everybody who wrote asking me to share my pics! Angelicast

APRIL 15 2001
This was Angelicast's Easter gift to the casting community!


Literally, the fastest shipping I've had from any company!