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Autumn's LLC

19 min

The beautiful Autumn is our newest model and she's rocking an LLC in her first clip. It was very busy downtown when we went out and she wasn't shy about it. She describes herself as outgoing and awkward, but for someone with no modeling experience she's great at it. She's got some great legs and toes as you'll see in this clip. Check out this crutching and toe wiggling clip.


Lauren's Multicolor LLC

14 min

Last time we saw Lauren, she was in a light blue LLC. She's back in a multicolored LLC and short hippie dress. Her cast is made of several different colored rolls I wanted to use and doesn't quite look how I wanted it to. Lauren is pretty good on crutches, considering this is only her second time ever crutching. She thinks it's fun. This clip is non-stop crutching with some beautiful toe wiggling shots.


Nikki's LLC

25 min

The very sexy Nikki is at home trying to cope with her new white LLC. At first she just tries to get comfortable on the couch, but it's not long before she has to go to the kitchen on crutches. She hops around the kitchen on her good foot. Later, she scoots up the stairs on her butt and changes clothes in the bedroom. After that, she hops back downstairs in lingerie and crutches back to the couch. At the end of the clip, there's some candid footage of Nikki talking about all the bones she's broken in real life!


DJCasts' Carrie Ann Pink LLC Solo Clip

3 min

DJCasts is back with another hot tattooed babe in a pink LLC. He says: "She was amazing to work with, her name is carrie ann... she is legally blind so getting her to crutch around was almost completely out of the question!" In this clip she puts on a dress and at the park she pulls it upand masturbates at the park! This clip is short, but super hot and I've priced it at only $5 so everyone can check it out!


Jessica Lynn's Foot Worship Toe Spacer DSLC

50 min

Today I have for you an epic 50 minute Jessica Lynn clip in which she's in two SLCs with toe spacers. You're her clumsy friend who is always accidentally hurting her. The clip starts out with Jessica talking about how you broke her toes (for the first time) with your clumsy assembly of the coffee table. She was already in two SLCs and they were almost ready to come off when the table collapsed on them, breaking her toes. She talks about all the casts she's had over the years (all her casts on CF) and how she hasn't been cast-free in years. She was so close until you ruined it. She didn't even think toes could be broken until this happened. She whines about it for a while until she gets in a better mood and remembers how you're always there for her to help her and worship her toes. She asks you to help her some more and you keep screwing up and hurting her feet and toes. You seriously can't do anything right, but finally you get her into bed upstairs and, after a major guilt trip, she decides you're not her personal foot slave. You happily obey her commands!


Victoria's Dark Blue LLC

33 min

The beautiful Victoria is back for the first time in about six months. She's looking amazing as ever with her California tan, blue LLC, daisy dukes and white toenails. First, she talks about how she broke her leg at Stage Coach. Next, she hops around the kitchen, making a snack and pretending she has her own cooking show. Then there's some crutching and some sock action as she talks on the phone about her predicament and wiggles her toes.


Roxy's LAC

1.5 min

Here's a very brief clip from Roxy of her LAC. She opens a can of soda, talks a little and pretends it's med, and then she signs her own cast.


Paradise's Light Blue LLC

27 min

We haven't seen the beautiful Paradise in a while, but finally the weather has got nice around here for an outdoor shoot. We start at the park for some crutching and swinging. Next, we're indoors where she hops around running the sweeper and takes a break for a great toe wiggling shot. Stay tuned for lots of great pics :)


Jessica Lynn's Pregnant and Plastered

32 min

This is a sequel to the super hot "Jessica Gets Dirty" clip from Fantacast back in January. This clip starts out with Jessica in a rec fiber LAC in bed with you. You admire her and her cast until she wakes up. She's pregnant from before and she needs a shower. She's rushing a bit in the bathroom because she's eager to get back in bed with you. Jessica slips on the steamy bathroom floor and breaks the same brittle leg she broke last time. Next, she's in a big plaster LLC and you wheel her inside. Jessica is so frustrated. She asks you to walk around her and check out her casts. Then she has you sit and watch her in her casts because it turns her on. In the last scene, Jessica catches you in bed enjoying her pink LAC and "helps" you by propping up her plaster LLC. She's not done with you yet though... she's got a very special way she wants you to sign her cast!


Roxy's DLLC

2 min

The beautiful Roxy is wearing lingerie in a hotel room crutching in an LLC. Then she has two LLCs and crawls across the floor and onto the bed. Finally she walks on her LLCs with crutches. It's an action packed short clip!


Lauren's Light Blue SLC

7 min

And here's the clip from Lauren's light blue SLC. This clip is mostly behind the scenes footage of her modeling, but has a nice long toe wiggling shot and footage of the removal. Let me know if you'd like to see her return in an LLC!


Lyric's Red LLC

33 min

The wonderful Lyric is back in a red LLC. I was lucky to have a friend to operate the video camera for me on this shoot, so there some good application footage and candid behind the scenes shots in this 33 minute clip. Lyric is very talkative and has a great personality as you'll see. There's some nice toe wiggling and even crutching in lingerie and a high heel! Don't miss it!


Jessica Sprains Ankle, Breaks it in Car Door, Gets SLC

38 min

This clip starts out with Jessica getting ready in the morning. There's lots of sock action as she takes her time putting her socks on and adjusting them. When she heads down the stairs, her foot slips out of her shoe and twists, causing her to sprain her ankle and fall. Later, on crutches, she decides to not let it keep her from shopping like she had planned to. She heads out to the mall where she crutches around for a while looking for some new socks. Afterwards, when she gets back in her car, a strong gust of wind slams her car door on her left foot. She eventually calms down enough to drive herself to the hospital. Later, she comes home in her new SLC with sock and falls asleep on the couch.


Nikki's Blue SLC

10 min

Jessica's sexy toe sucking friend is back to try out her first cast, a thick blue SLC. Watch her practice crutching, while stopping to wiggle her cute casted toes. Then we watch her on the couch as she wiggles and touches her toes.


Angel's Leg Break, Foot Worship Black/White LLC

31 min

This clip starts with Angel recording herself doing a headstand with her phone. It goes wrong and she bangs her leg into the coffee table. Later, you're Angel's college classmate coming over to catch her up on what she's missed. You sit next to her, but she keeps catching you looking at her cast. She can tell you like it. First she asks you to sign the white part (kept white around the foot for signatures), then to help her take her sock on and off, and next to rub her poor casted toes. Things escalate into a full on foot/cast worship session! Don't miss this hot clip!


Rachel Adams' "Hooters Girl" LLC

33 min

Bondage model Rachel Adams is in a Hooters girl outfit and gets a white LLC over her hose. This clip starts with the application of the LLC and then there's crutching, toe wiggling and some behind the scenes footage of the shoot.


Lyric's Purple SLC

12 min

This is especially good for a model's first clip. Lyric crutches for the first time and changes clothes in her SLC. She attempts a big stair case and luckily I was spotting her because she falls into me on the way down. Later she practices crutching some more and there's a great toe shot at the end.


Jessica Gets Her Toes Sucked by Nikki in a Black LLC

40 min

In this sequel to "Jessica Sucks Her Toes in a Pink SLC", Jessica's pink SLC has been upgraded by the doctor to an LLC. This time she picked black to fit her mood about it. After venting to the camera about her situation for a while, she decides to call a friend to come paint her toe nails and make her feel better. It turns out that her friend can't wait to suck her toes. And she passionately sucks Jessica's toes like nobody has done before. Later, Jessica gets naked and crutches and poses while her friend takes some sexy pics. This video is packed with hot action, so enjoy!


Geena's LLC at Home

14 min

Geena just got her LLC and she's at home and very sore. She tries to get comfortable before getting up to hop and do some chores around the house.


Geena's Plaster SLWC

5 min

This is a short and sweet little clip of the beautiful Geena walking around in her plaster SLWC with a little bit of toe wiggling at the end.


Hailey's Black DLAC Outing

23 min

Hailey was interested in going out in public with two LACs, so we did a lot of stuff. First we went to the library to see how well she could look at books. Then we went to the arcade where she had a hard time with a racing game and kept dropping quarters on the floor. She tries to put on some shoes at a department store and fails. Later, at one of America's dying malls, grabbing a sub was really the only thing to do and you can imagine how that went. Finally, we grab some groceries and she does self check out.


Jessica Lynn Sucks Her Own Toes in a Pink SLC

45 min

Jessica recently broke her leg and is now in a fresh pink SLC. She crutches out and confides to the camera about her accident and what it's like being casted. Her accident was especially embarrassing because it happened in front a guy she likes. She continues to talk as she gives herself a pedicure. Soon Jessica's mood turns to excitement when she strikes up a conversation with the guy she likes and the cast is a hit. After some nude crutching, things get hot as Jessica makes a sexy video for him sucking her own toes.


Hailey's LLC Application and Behind the Scenes

20 min

I didn't think to turn on my GoPro until after I had the stockinette and padding on Hailey, but I pretty much show the full application after that in POV style. It's a fairly boring clip, showing bits of the rest of the shoot, but there's plenty of toe wiggling. And I appologize for the music... I just opened Pandora and selected pop and so there's some loud, not great, music.


Quinn's Faux Term Pink LAC

8 min

This is a fun little clip about waking up next to Quinn in her 5-ish week old pink LAC as her boyfriend. You wake up first and just check her out for a little bit as she tosses and turns. Later, you're downstairs and she sends you some sexy selfies to lure you back upstairs. Then she comes down and gets you!


Emma Goes Black Friday Shopping in a Pink LLC

30 min

Emma was wanting to do a shoot, so I suggested we go Black Friday shopping and she said "let's do it". So, I put her in a pink LLC and we headed to a department store. Then she was hungry so we sat down at a fast food restaraunt with her cast propped up on a chair. Finally, we went to the mall where she did a lot of crutching. Log in now to see 30 minutes of Emma out in public in an LLC!


Alisha's Faux Term Plaster LLC

21 min

Alisha's in bed in her new plaster cast as she tries to find a comfortable position. Next she goes outside for some crutching and checks her mail. Then we see her inside trying to get around her apartment in a wheelchair. Cut to five weeks later and she's asleep and topless in bed, tossing and turning. We move in for a better view of her cast, which looks quite different than how it looked before. It's now dirty, shiny and worn with lots of signatures.


Jessica & Quinn Suck Toes in Cast Combos

25 min

Jessica and Quinn are seeing each other for the first time since they fell from a balcony at a party. Each of them broke an arm and a leg. They discuss the accident and Quinn offers to rub Jessica's toes. When Jessica offers to return the favor, she wants a taste of Quinn's toes and things get hot. This is just a clip you have to see for yourself. Log in now to check it out.


Jessica Lynn's Egyptian Halloween LLWC

19 min

I didn't have an idea for this clip so Jessica just ad-libbed and did a awesome job. She's all dressed up in her Halloween costume with an aged LLWC covered in Egyptian graffiti and she's in the mood for a little role playing. She's your gorgeous goddess Bast-ette. After gimping around in her sexy LLWC, she sits so you can adore her cast and toes for a while. Then she has you watch her walk around again before allowing you to kiss her toes.


Alisha's DLAC

15 min

Alisha tries to cope with her sore casted arms in LACs. She has chores to do around the house and she's starting to figure out what she can't do with both arms casted. Pretty much everything is hard, but changing clothes proves almost impossible. There's a bit of sloppy camera work I forgot to edit out, so sorry about that.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk and Shopping - Week 6

18 min

Continued from Angel's last public clip, Angel gives us a recap of the last 6 weeks in her LLC. Next we head out and follow her around the hardware store as she crutches around looking for some work gloves. Her cast is totally covered in signatures and is super worn. The clip ends with a nice closeup toe wiggling shot. For some reason the audio gets out of sync in the last scene, sorry about that.


Victoria's Pointed LLC

29 min

Victoria is back and she's in a new pointed toe LLC. First, she's on the couch pleading for some company on snapchat. Next we watch her hop around the kitchen and climb up the stairs. She makes her bed and does some stretches upstairs and finally, she tries on some socks with her cast.


Emma's Faux Term Plaster LAC

21 min

In this clip, we follow Emma through her morning routine in her several week old plaster LAC. After tackling many tasks and takes a relaxing bath.


Alisha's LLC

11 min

Alisha's in an LLC and crutches to the park, then we get some nice closeup shots of her feet. Then she stretches and tries to get comfortable at home.


Angel Breaks Her Leg Again to get an LLC

23 min

You're Angel's classmate at college and she comes over to "talk about class", but she's really there to find out if you share her interest in casts and will help her out after she breaks her leg again. You agree and she jumps off the chair with heels on. Next you're back home with her new LLC and she's happy but in extreme pain. You take her upstairs where you invites you to have a closer look at her cast and touch it.


Rashele's Replica LAC

10 min

Rashele is back already in a replica of the LAC she had in college. She didn't let anyone sign her original LAC so this one is free of signatures. In this clip, she sits on the couch and tells me what she remembers about it.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk and Shopping - Week 3

33 min

With an aged LLC and tube sock, Angel makes another "tube" video to update her fans on her first three weeks of being casted. Next, she heads out in public to go shopping at a department store. She's also wearing a mic, so you can hear everything she says. After some fun at the store, she stops for gas.


Rashele's SLC

7 min

New model Rashele crutches, wiggles her toes and talks about having an LAC in college. Also about the time she was on crutches for a couple of months.


Jessica Lynn's Post-HS LLC Talk and Tease

12 min

This clip is sort of a sequel to the upcoming 1.5 HS clip on Fantacast. After that shoot, we left her leg casted for a bit, took a break and made this. I just set the GoPro in front of Jessica and she told about her experience with the 1.5 HS and how her mean doctor made her keep her 2 month old LLC on instead of a new one. Then things get hot as she does a bit of foot teasing.


Paradise's Festival LLC

15 min

Paradise went to a local street festival in an LLC and did a LOT of crutching, had some fun, and got a lot of attention. My video would have been way longer, but I had some technical difficulties. It's a good clip anyways, so enjoy!


Jessica Lynn's Plaster LAC & SATS Job Interview

24 min

You're the boss and conducting interviews for a new position. Jessica Lynn comes in with a plaster LAC in a sling and an extremely worn plaster SATS. She's looking very professional and sexy in a short dress with heels. Before long, Jessica realizes you're fixated on her casts and takes full advantage!


Angel's Broken Leg Talk and Shopping

31 min

Angel just broke her leg and she's making a video about it to vent to her followers. Then we follow her with a hidden cam as she crutches at a home improvement store, grabs some groceries, and takes a break at a coffee shop.


Adara Jordan's Black LLWC Foot Worship

13 min

Adara carefully walks around in her LLWC and even walks up and down some steps, but then things get steamy with a spontaneous foot worship session with her feet propped up on the bed. This is a super hot clip!


Scarlett's Purple LLC

12 min

This is an observational clip starting with the camera approaching Scarlett's window. You've got a perfect view of Scarlett trying to get comfortable in her cast on the couch as she stretches and moves her legs and toes.


Emma's Blue LLC

10 min

This is Emma's first cast other than a soft cast. She hops at the studio and then we head out for public crutching. Back at the studio, she changes clothes.


Jessica Lynn Crutches to Another State in a 90° LLC

39 min

In this 39 minute clip, Jessica is in a dark red 90 degree LLC with a pointed toe and the ball of her foot showing. She's also wearing a high heel boot (and a big sock over her cast about half the time). First we head out to a bridge that goes over state lines for some public crutching footage. Jessica is wearing a mic so you can hear everything she says and she is very talkative. Later, she hops around making a sandwich and sits down for a little sock play.


Victoria's Plaster DSLC Slapstick/Foot Worship

21 min

You are Victoria's clumsy friend that ran over her foot with your car. She's in a thick plaster SLC with the entire ball of her foot showing. Victoria agrees to let you come over and do things around the house for her, but that turns out to be a disaster. You just make things worse by constantly bumping into and dropping things on her cast. It's so bad, she kicks you out. A month or so later, she forgives you for that and agrees to let you take her bowling. Cut to later and she's in another plaster SLC because you dropped a bowling ball on her other foot. At this point, Victoria wants you to rub and worship her feet to make it up to her. And of course, you do!


Angel's Med Plaster LAC Month

24 min

Angel comes over to visit after hurting her arm while skateboarding. She seems disappointed that it's probably not broken, but you offer to take her to get an X-ray. Next week she's back over in a plaster LAC and she wants you to be the first to sign it. Later, it's week four and you find her still asleep in bed, so you sneak into the bedroom for a closer look at her very worn LAC. Then, at the end of week 5, Angel comes over on her skateboard to hang out and talk about her LAC, how jealous she was of Victoria's casts, and how much her LAC smells. Finally, she comes over after the cast change in a blue fiber SAC and talks about how she wants you to cast her next time.


Jennifer's LLWC

18 min

In this clip, Jennifer walks around in her LLWC, pausing to wiggle her toes for the camera. She really liked her LLWC and the ability to walk on it. She lays on her excercise mat and does some exercises before heading back inside. She had mentioned always wanting a cast and so I asked her about it on film.


Jessica Lynn's Plaster LLC Date

28 min

Last night, you met Jessica at the bar and today she's meeting you over at your place. You were the first person to sign her cast. You can't take your eyes off her cast or her toes and she notices. She lets you ask her three questions by writing them on the cast. You ask her to spend the night as she says yes, but first she has you watch you in her cast for a while. Next, you wake up in bed next to her three weeks later. She's wearing nothing but her plaster cast and it's absolutely filthy and covered in signatures.


Scarlett's LLC

14 min

Once you get past the fact that I accidentally filmed this clip in "standard definition" with my action cam (D'oh!), you'll find that it's still a great clip. Scarlette crutches around the apartment, hops around the kitchen, makes her way up the stairs and takes plenty of time to rest her leg and wiggle her toes.


Ayn's Faux Term Plaster DLAC

16 min

Ayn is in two plaster LACs covered in signatures. She started changing for pictures and after about a minute, I said "I should be filming this" and she agreed. So, after struggling to change clothes, she paints her toe nails and struggles to drink some water. Unfortunately the pizza guy never showed up.


Jessica Lynn's Leg Break DSLC

31 min

Jessica crutches down a trail at the park telling us how she broke her leg and got an SLC. Then ponders out loud how it would be to have two SLCs and how she could make that happen. She decides that she will crutch in a high heel and just see what happens. Sure enough, she breaks her other ankle right away. Skip to around a month later and she's got two filthy, worn SLCs covered in signatures. She tells us all about what it's been like, all the attention she's been getting, and what a turn on it's been.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a faux term LLC - Part 2

32 min

Paradise gets a break from the crutches and set up with an electric scooter in this clip. A helpful person even signs her foot and props her cast up on a crutch for her. Her faux term LLC sticking straight out with a perfect view of her wiggling toes. She gets a lot of attention from staff and customers.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC

8 min

In this clip, I've got Adara Jordan at the photo studio. First, she crutches in lingerie and a high heel (which she thought would be easier). Next, she's nude and crutching in an boot. Finally, there's a toe wiggling shot on the bed.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a faux term LLC - Part 1

23 min

In this clip, Paradise and I head out to a busy antique mall after putting her in a faux term LLC. This time I've figured out a way to film her from the front the whole time, capturing some of my best public footage ever. Paradise crutches all over the mall, stopping to check out antiques and pose for pictures. Stay tuned for part 2 when she gets a chair and even more attention.


Tristan's Blue LLC

21 min

Here's a great 21 minute clip starring Tristan in her first cast and co-starring Jessica Lynn. Tristan spends the first part of the clip doing chores around the house in her LLC. Then she scoots up the stairs with her socks on for a conversation with Jessica about casts and her first cast experience.


Sarah and Abby Make Out in LLC & LAC

6 min

Remember the Sarah and Abby pics from a year ago? DJCasts recently sent me this footage. Sarah's in a red LLC and Abby's in a blue camo LAC. They're signing each other's casts when things get hot. They have a nice make out session and Sarah even sucks Abby's casted fingers. Thanks DJCasts!


Sage's Pink DSLC & Reagan's Orange LLC

1 min

Sage and Reagan get naked in this clip from DJCasts and get a little silly talking about their casts.


Chasity's Faux Term Plaster LAC and Lingerie

4 min

Chasity is tossing and turning in bed as the camera examines her aged plaster LAC. Then she talks about her cast and how it feels.


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship LLC

31 min

This clip was completely ad-libbed by Victoria. The idea was, what if Victoria had an LLC in her previous foot/cast worship clip? The clip starts out with Victoria catching you sneaking around her room to look at her cast. She seems suspicious of you and asks you to keep hanging out as she deliberately teases you with her socks and "casted toes". Things continue to escalate as Victoria asks you to rub her toes and then suck her toes.


Jennifer's Purple LLC

7 min

Jennifer is in a purple LLC crutching for the very first time. She's very fit and has a nice tan body. Crutching is a little tricky for her at first, but she starts to get the hang of it after a few minutes. Next she does some stretches and excercises in her LLC. Finally, there's a nice long toe wiggling shot at the end.


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term Plaster LAC

16 min

This clip starts with Jessica telling us about what it's been like so far in her one week old plaster LAC. It's already got a few signatures and is starting to develop a slight sheen. Next she makes us a sandwich in the kitchen the best she can with her new LAC. Cut to a month later and we find her in her bedroom. Her plaster LAC is very worn and covered in signatures. She talks about her cast and how much she likes it as she touches it. Then she changes into a t-shirt and takes some selfies for you. Finally, you wake up in bed next to her and she's wearing nothing but the cast.


Sage's LLC and Reagan's LAC

5 min

This clip is just like the gallery. Sexy Sage and Reagan sign each other's casts and then get naked to pose with the stripper pole!


Bella's Black SS Application

8 min

Here's application footage of Bella's SS, edited down to an entertaining 8 minutes. I'm constantly stiving to capture better application footage without a cameraman, so I've got a camera on my hands and a camera on her face.


Chasity and Alexa's Red/Blue LLCs

11 min

Chasity (red LLC) and Alexa (blue LLC) are in 90 degree LLCs with matching tube socks and Converse tennis shoes. First they head outside for some crutching and then back in the studio they take the socks off their casts and wiggle their toes around while talking about their casts and signatures.


Victoria's Faux Term Purple LAC & Pink/Purple LLC

18 min

Victoria is in a six week old med LAC when she invites her friend Jessica's boyfriend over. She knows he is a cast tech and has a cast fetish. She tells him she's recently started doing foot fetish modeling and found out that she could make lots of money as a cast fetish model. The only thing is, she now wishes she had broken her leg instead of her arm. Jessica's boyfriend agrees to put her in an LLC and Victoria promises to give him her old LAC and let him rub her toes when she gets back from her cast modeling tour around the country. At the end of the clip, Victoria lures him over to her place with some selfie pics and she does not disappoint when he arrives!


Angel Goes to the Grocery Store w/ ALLC & Sock

41 min

This is the final clip from Angel's day out in her angled LLC and sock. In this 41 minute clip, Angel crutches around the grocery store and then grabs a coffee and draws on her cast. She takes off her sock, exposing her cute casted toes and goes shopping some more.


Bella Gets Lunch, Goes to the Arcade in a Black SS

30 min

Follow Bella in this POV video as she goes out for lunch and then hits the arcade to play some old school video games in her black shoulder spica. She starts out with her hoodie and then takes it off at the arcade.


Paradise Goes to the Department Store in a Green LLC

32 min

Now, Paradise heads to the department store, follow her as she crutches around shopping for clothes. She stops to prop her cast up at the coffee shop and tries on some shoes.


DJCasts' Deana Deadly Halloween LLC + Casting Tip

2 min

Here's a cool clip from DJCasts of Deana stripping off her clothes in an LLC and then he shows a cool technique for reusing LLCs with ease.


Angel Goes to the Mall w/ ALLC & Sock

35 min

Follow Angel around the mall in her pointed, angled LLC and yoga pants. She crutches in and around stores with her sock on for about half the time, then stops to take it off and draw on her cast, revealing her toes. This is a different LLC than the last clip. The ankle was a bit too pointed, so I made a new cast.


Arwin's LLC (audio messed up)

5 min

First, let me say sorry about the audio in this clip. I had microphone problems and you'll want to just put it on mute for this one. Other than that, it's about half crutching and half toe wiggling.


Paradise Goes to the Mall in a Green LLC

41 min

In this 41 minute clip, go shopping with Paradise in her green LLC. She's wearing short shorts, revealing her entire long leg cast and the cast is angled so you can see her toes from the back as you follow her around the mall.


Angel Goes Shopping w/ Pointed Angled LLC & Sock

24 min

In this clip Angel has her pointed angled LLC with a nice big sock pulled up to the knee and she heads out to the first store on her day of shopping. Follow her as she explores the store, crutches, and tries free samples. She is wearing a mic, so you can hear every word she says! Stay tuned for more.


Jessica Lynn's FT Purple LLC & Black SLC

29 min

Jessica is sitting outside the mall waiting for her ride in her purple LLC that's about ready to come off. You have a seat beside her, trying not to be too obvious about looking at her cast. Eventually, you offer her a ride and she happily accepts. Before she gets out, you leave your phone number on her cast. She calls you back over and wants to play a game. She notices that her cast "affects" you. You get to ask her 10 questions about her LLC and at the end you get a surprise! Cut to the next morning when you wake up next to her and take one last look at the cast before it's removed.


Chasity and Alexa's SLCs

12 min

When you get a couple of friends together and put them in casts, you know they're going to have fun. In this clip, Chasity and Alexa crutch for the first time, sign some funny stuff on each other's casts, dangle their SLCs over the balcony while hamming it up, and crutch some more! Log in for this fun clip.


Victoria's Faux Med LLC & Arm Break Plaster LAC

17 min

In this POV style clip, you're Victoria's friend and she's been in her black LLC for six weeks. Walking past her room, you notice her in her bedroom taking a nap. You take the opportunity to get a closer view of her cast until she catches you. Later, you notice that she's been looking at and you discover that you both have a Cast Fetish. She invites you to take one more good look at the cast before it comes off. Finally, she breaks her arm and gets a plaster LAC just for you.


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term LLC & Plaster LATS

21 min

In this 21 minute clip, the beautiful Jessica is sporting a very worn and dirty LLC and a newer plaster LATS. Her LLC is about ready to come off and she just walks around on it. Follow Jessica as she does chores around the house in her casts and props her cast up to relax and wiggle her toes. At the end of the clip, the camera finds her napping and sneaks around to get a closer view of her casts!


Jasmine's LLC/LAC Real Cast Story

14 min

Jasmine is back in an extremely aged red LLC and LAC just like the ones she used to have. She talks about the time she was casted, how she broke her arm and leg, and what it was like to be casted for six weeks.


Paradise's Swimsuit LLC

14 min

The beautiful Paradise crutches down to the beach, stopping to prop up her cast and wiggle her sexy toes. When she finally makes it to the beach, she strips down to her bathing suit and lays out in the sun. There's lots of great toe footage at the end as she plays with the sand.


Jessica Lynn's Hot Date in a SLC & LAC

25 min

Jessica Lynn has been single for a year and in her casts for over five weeks. She met you on a popular dating app and you've got a date with her at her place tonight! On your POV date, you talk with Jessica about being single, her casts and trying to date. She notices that you like her casts and things keep getting better as she puts her SLC in your lap and asks you to rub her toes. The next morning you wake up next to her in bed and take advantage of the time you have before she wakes up to get a closer look at her casts! This clip is too hot for Joe's Clips, so it will be available on Clips4Sale when it expires.


Jasmine's Plaster LLWC

12 min

In this clip, the beautiful Jasmine walks around in her big heavy plaster LLWC. There's lots of stopping for toe wiggling shots. Then she's in the wheelchair having a friend push her around and rolling herself around too, with her legs up on the rests.


DJCasts' Harley Quinn Red/Black LLC

2 min

DJCasts films Harley Quinn as she takes off her robe to show her lingerie. Then, outside, he moves the camera to get closeup shots of her LLC and toes.


DJCasts' Vixxen Pink LLC/LAC

1 min

And here's a short and sweet clip of the sexy tatted Vixxen stripping in her pink LLC and LAC!


Victoria's Pink LLWC w/ Toeplate

41 min

This clip starts with Victoria emerging from a hospital in an LLWC and crutching over to a bus stop to sit down. When her ride never comes, you offer her a ride. She accepts and props her cast up on the dash as she gets in. On the way home, she tells about breaking her leg and what it's going to be like in her cast. She invites you in for some coffee and she talks about it some more. She suggests you to come back and take her for a hike when she's better at walking on it. Later, you and Victoria go on a hike in the woods. She's a bit too rough on her casted leg and has to cut it short. Back at her place, she asks you to rub her toes.


Paradise's DLAC Picnic

23 min

The beautiful Paradise is in two long arm casts and takes her picnic basket and blanket out to the park. First, she tries making a peanut butter sandwich, but she can't eat it. So she gets out a slice of cake and eats it with a fork. After that she struggles to get her water open and eventually figures out how to drink it.


Angel Breaks Her Leg to get an LLC

39 min

Angel injured her ankle playing basketball in her college PE class. It's definitely sprained, but she's hoping that it's broken so she can get out of that awful class. She leaves for her appoinment and returns in a soft cast. Extremely disappointed, Angel decides to jump off of a chair like her sister did in the past. She jumps off the chair onto her already injured foot. Finally, she gets a full hard leg cast like she wanted, but she's in too much pain to happy. Eventually she settles into bed and invites you to check out her casted toes.


Paradise's Light Blue SLC

6 min

Paradise crutched around all day, all over the place for this shoot. She was pretty tired by the end. Unfortunately, I only captured about 6 minutes of it, but I did get some great shots! There's even a short bit of toe wiggling.


Victoria's SAC

15 min

In this clip, we follow Victoria around as she does some tasks around the house in her new SAC. First, she tells the crazy story about how she broke her arm at a concert, while she does the dishes. Then she texts and works on her report, typing on the computer. Finally, she talks about how they just have her standing around at work and how much she needs a foot rub.


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship SLC

25 min

This is your lucky day foot lovers! Victoria's foot was broken when a golf cart ran over it at the company picnic and you go visit her at home. You've had your eyes on Victoria's feet at work for months and she knows and she's been teasing you the whole time. First she wants you to rub her good foot because it hurts from supporting all her weight in a high heel. She knows that you love her beautiful feet, so she decides to let you worship that foot. Finally she allows you to move on to her casted toes for a while, giving you instructions the entire time. She then commands you to worship her sexy cast! Log in now to view this jaw-dropping clip!


Victoria's Pink CLC, Walking

8 min

Victoria carefully walks around the neighborhood in her pink CLC and then takes off her shoes inside.


Zoey's Pink LLC, Toe Wiggling

6 min

In this clip, Zoey practices crutching for the first time and then wiggles her cute casted toes for few minutes.


Paradise's LLWC, Walking,Toe Wiggling

5 min

In this five minute clip, the beautiful Paradise walks around the building in her LLWC and then props her cast up inside and wiggles her toes.


Victoria Breaks Her Leg and Gets Angled LLC - Part 2

26 min

This is an awesome 26 minute clip that Victoria fans will not want to miss! It starts out with Victoria wearing three layers of socks over her angled blue LLC and pants pulled over it while she crutches around talking about her cast and previous leg breaks. She takes a short break to sit down and take her socks off before crutching some more. In the next scene, she's hopping around the kitchen while making herself a sandwich. Then she has a phone conversation with a suspicious friend that accuses her of liking casts. At the end of the clip, even more time has passed and her cast is extremely worn looking. She scoots down the stairs to do some stretches and try out some new socks someone sent her.


DJCasts' Robin's Grey LLC Undressing

1 min

Here's a quick clip from DJCasts of the sexy Robin walking around nude and then getting undressed on the bed in her grey LLC.


DJCasts' Robin DLAC & Haley DLLC

2 min

This is a short, but sweet clip from DJCasts of his beautiful models Robin and Haley. The clip starts out with Robin trying to sign Haley's casts with her LACs and then Haley moves to the bedroom. When they get to the bedroom, Robin helps Haley get onto the bed and lots of butt smacking ensues!


Angel's Angled Pointed LLC at the Department Store

23 min

Angel still wasn't finished shopping after we went to the mall, so we headed to the local department store so she could look at some clothes. This clip is filmed with my cell phone, but she's still wearing a mic so you can hear everything she says. She decided to take a break and drive around a cart while we shopped. Log in now to check out this 23 minute clip!


Angel's Angled Pointed LLC at the Park

4 min

Here's some more video from that Angel public shoot. This is just a short clip of Angel crutching at the park. She's wearing a sock and stops to wiggle her sock covered toes in her dangling LLC before crutching some more. And I've got one more clip from this shoot coming up next week, so keep an eye out!


Victoria Breaks Her Leg and Gets Angled LLC - Part 1

20 min

Victoria was out jogging when she slipped and fell on the ice. We find her moaning on the ground. Eventually she calls for help. We join her again later at her house after she's had her light blue LLC for a few weeks. Victoria is happy to have a visitor and tells the entire story and the story of how she's broken her leg all the other times... even once on purpose! Most of this clip is Victoria talking about her various leg breaks as she plays with her socks, taking them on and off and showing off her cast. Sock lovers will not be disappointed. There's more video from this coming up!


Alicia's Broken fibula

8 min

This is a clip sent in by a viewer of the site. Alicia emailed me with a picture of her in a soft cast and said she's going to be in a boot for the next five weeks after breaking her fibula. I asked her to make a video telling about it and here she is with an ace bandage and crutches, telling the story.


Angel's Angled Pointed LLC at the Mall

26 min

You probably didn't expect another epic, long publicking clip from this shoot, but here it is! It's a bit shorter than the first clip, but it's action packed with lots of crutching and interacting with people. Angel keeps her sock on for most of the clip, but then takes it off at the end when she takes a break to draw on her cast some more. She crutches into one store after another and she's still wearing a mic so the audio is excellent.


Angel's Angled Pointed LLC at the Grocery Store

49 min

This is an EPIC, long publicking clip at the grocery store with Angel. In this clip, you get to tag along with Angel for nearly an hour at the grocery store while she crutches around, shopping, and stopping for coffee while she draws on her cast. She's wearing a mic so you can hear every word she says (huge improvement). She's wearing a sock over her angled, pointed LLC for the first half and takes it off for the second half. There's much more to come. Let me know how much you like this style of clip by dropping me an email or leaving a comment on the board.


Jessica's Intruder Leg Break SLC

27 min

In this suspenseful clip, the beautiful Jessica is just doing stuff around the house, putting her socks and shoes on and humming to herself as she does stuff in the kitchen. Little does she know that an intruder has snuck into the house and he thinks she has something of his. He sneaks up and attacks her and demands the package. He tries to make her talk by twisting her ankle and eventually breaks it in frustration. Jessica, in pain makes it to the phone and calls an ambulance. She comes home in a fresh new SLC with a big thick sock over it. There is lots of sock action in this clip.


Angel's Broken Leg LLC Talk

10 min

In this clip, you are Angel's friend and she's got to get you caught up on what happened to her leg. She describes how she fell and broke it, what it's like, and how it feels. She takes off her big sock to show off her toes and then asks you to sign the cast.


Misty's Faux Term Pointed SLC

6 min

I had a request for Misty in a pointed toe SLC and I had a request for Misty in a faux term SLC, so here you go. This cast looks like it's been on for a couple months. It's completely covered in signatures and totally tattered. She's cleaning up in the kitchen in her SLC and high heel. Then she's wearing a big sock over the cast and wiggles her toes.


Bella Breaks Her Leg and Gets a Blue LLC

23 min

Bella is dusting around the house and listening to music when her foot slips off the coffee table and bangs into the edge. Her leg is broken and she tries to get her phone to call for help, but her neighbor discovers her and takes her to the hospital. Her neighbor turns out to be super helpful over the following weeks because he secretly has a cast fetish. One night they get drunk and Bella offers him a key to her place. At one point he gets caught trying to get some video of her casted toes.


Victoria's Black LLC Crutching in a Heel

5 min

Victoria is now wearing a different outfit with a black skirt and black heel. Wait until you see the pictures of her in this outfit! She goes outside for some crutching.


Victoria's Black LLC Hopping in the Kitchen

6 min

Victoria hops around the kitchen in her black LLC and yoga pants. She puts her cast up on a stool while doing the dishes, which looks great. There's some nice low angle shots of her cast as she hops around.


Victoria's Black LLC Toe Wiggling at Home

4 min

This is a really nice toe wiggling clip with Victoria in her black LLC. She's back at home, peels of her sock and wiggles her toes around in different positions.


Victoria's Black LLC Crutching at the Mall

4 min

Here's some crutching footage of Victoria at the mall with a white sock over her cast. There's a nice long crutching scene on the steps shot from above.


Victoria's Black LLC Crutching at the Park

10 min

This clip is 10 minutes of Victoria crutching at the park in her black pointed LLC. First she crutches with a big pink sock on and then she takes a break to take off her sock and wiggle her toes on the park bench, then she crutches some more.


Misty's High Burgundy LLWC

4 min

Misty walks around the studio in her LLWC, then she goes up and down some steps. At the end of the clip, there's a nice closeup shot of her LLWC as she walks up to the camera wiggling her toes.


Victoria Breaks Her Arm, Gets a Plaster LAC - Part 3

14 min

Filmed on the last day of her actual plaster LAC term, this clip takes place a couple weeks after the last one. Her plaster cast is now shiny and covered in signatures. It starts with Victoria at a diner talking to the camera about her progress. Then she is joined by her sister and they go play some games at the arcade. Finally, Victoria sums up her experience, talking to you (the camera, showing off her signatures, and asking you to sign it.


Victoria's 3 Day Plaster LAC - Part 2 (Wed)

31 min

Victoria's sister follows her around and films her doing her normal routine around the house in this new 31 minute clip. This clip is from Wednesday and it starts with Victoria getting up and getting ready. She cooks, cleans, and gets her cast signed. Stay tuned for a bunch of pics.


Victoria Breaks Her Arm, Gets a Plaster LAC - Part 2

20 min

It's now several weeks later and Victoria is still wearing her sling most of the time. Her cast now has lots of signatures and she goes out to the coffee shop and grocery shopping with her sister. Watch as Victoria talks to her sister about her cast (and other random things) and then try to push around a cart and shop with one hand. There's still more to come so stay tuned.


Victoria's 3 Day Plaster LAC - Part 1 (Mon, Tues)

37 min

Last week Victoria got a plaster LAC on Monday and taken off Thursday right before she had to leave. This clip is footage that Victoria got around the house doing her usual routine in the cast. She does her house work as if the cast was medical and doesn't use it at all. Log in now to download this 37 minute clip before it expires!


Victoria Breaks Her Arm, Gets a Plaster LAC - Part 1

17 min

Filmed over the course of her plaster LAC term last week, this is the first part of three. In this clip, Victoria is out back throwing the ball to her dogs when she slips on a wet plastic lid and slams her arm into the deck. She comes home in a plaster LAC in a sling. She does some stuff around the house and then explains to the camera what exactly happened, what the doctor said, and what it's like. Then she decides to facetime a friend and tell them about her cast and how it happened.


Kiara Crutching Clip

2 min

I hesitated to even post this because it's short and not great, but hey why not? Here's Kiara crutching for two minutes.


Jessica Lynn Meets Santa in an LLC & CLC

15 min

In this clip, Jessica is busy decorating for Christmas. She's decorating the tree, sweeping, playing with lights, and going up and down the stairs in her LLC & CLC. But then Santa walks in on her and wonders why she's been so naughty and how she's going to make up for it. This Santa is a real perv and feels her and her casts up before tickling her and bending her over his knee!


Rose's Red SLWC, Walking & Toe Wiggling

5 min

In this five minute clip, the super cute Rose walks all around in her high red SLWC, up and down stairs, and then takes a toe wiggling break while she looks at her phone.


Skylar's Orange/Black DSLC Behind the Scenes Clip

6 min

Here's six minutes of behind the scenes footage of Skylar modeling her Hallween DSLC. It's pretty entertaining and she strips!


DJCasts' Lexxi Red/Blue LLC Clip

3 min

Enjoy this three minute clip of the sexy Lexxi from DJCasts changing clothes and wiggling her casted toes in her red/blue LLC.


Christie's Orange LLC Crutching

5 min

This clip is five minutes of the beautiful Christie crutching in her orange LLC. There's some removal footage she shot at the end that she took for Snapchat.


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC - Day 2

15 min

Victoria wakes up in her plaster LLC the next day and continues decorating for Christmas and has to get on the floor to clean up an ornament that she dropped. At the end of the clip, there's some cast talk while I get some nice shots of her cast and toes.


Bella Pops Bubble Wrap in her DLATS

3 min

Bella was laying on the bed and doing these funny arm movements in her DLATS and I grabbed my camera and said "do that again". She did for a minute and then grabbed some bubble wrap and started popping it.


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC - Day 1

14 min

Victoria did her first LLC term earlier this week. I put it on Monday morning and took it off Wednesday afternoon. The footage in this clip is from Monday. She does chores in the kitchen and then decorates the Christmas tree in the evening.


Bella Cleans a Room in her DLATS

9 min

This clip was actually Bella's idea. A recently vacated office at the studio was full of packaging and dust, so Bella takes a stab at cleaning it in her DLATS.


Bella Attempts to Eat Ice Cream in her DLATS

5 min

Yesterday, when Bella was in a couple burgundy long arm thumb spicas, we stopped by the ice cream parlor and I let the camera roll as she tried to eat her ice cream cone.


Skylar's Hallween DSLC Toe Wiggling

3 min

Pardon my sloppy camera work in this clip, as I was using a strange camera, but enjoy the sexy Skylar wiggling her cute casted toes in her orange and black SLCs.


Jessica Lynn Goes Halloween Shopping in an LLC

6 min

In this clip, Jessica goes Hallween shopping in her LLC. Watch Jessica crutch around shops in this all public clip!


DJCasts' Brittany SLCs Cast Removal

2 min

In this clip, DJCasts' model Brittany films and giggles while her cast is being removed and the second half of the clip is her putting some sigs on her pink SLC.


Jessica Lynn's Halloween LLC Clip

6 min

Jessica Lynn is in a black 90 degree LLC dressed up as a comic book character. In this clip, she just practices crutching around the building, hopping up stairs and occasionally wiggling her casted toes for the camera.


DJCasts' Brittany Pink LLC Cast Talk and Dressing

6 min

DJCasts' sexy model Brittany is in a pink LLC and talks about having her first cast. Then she changes into some sexy lingerie on the bed. Then she crutches down some stairs..


DJCasts' Callie Klein Crutches and Changes Clothes

3 min

In this clip, DJCasts' super cute model Callie Klein crutches around the house and changes into a different outfit.


Tracey Wiggles Her Toes and Smokes

4 min

DJCasts' hot model Tracey wiggles her casted toes, smokes a cigarette, and talks about her LLC in this great, four minute clip!


Victoria's Uber LLC Ride

20 min

Victoria is not your average chatty passenger. Imagine you're a "rideshare" driver and when you pull up to get your next passenger, it's Victoria in a one week old LLC. She's really has a lot to say about what it's like, but you can't see much of it because of her sock and long pants.

Weeks later, she's your passenger again and the cast is covered in signatures and about ready to come off. This time she's happy to see you again and eager to pick up the conversation where it left off. She's not shy about propping her cast up wherever she wants either. You're her favorite rideshare driver and so you get invited to follow her inside and sign her cast!

Could you stay on the road?


Jessica Lynn LLC Toe Wiggling

3 min

Jessica wiggles her casted toes in her LLC and mentions how she likes the sound of her nails running down it. Then she slips off her other shoe and shows off all her toes together. Long story short, this clip is hot folks!


Jessica Lynn Practices Crutching

7 min

In this clip, Jessica learns how to crutch and practices in the studio. Then we head outside for some more crutching. In one shot, she crutches up to the camera and wigglies her toes.


Natalie Walks on Her Hinged LLWC

3 Min

Natalie decides she wants to try walking on her hinged LLWC, so she and her friend adjust her hinges. She walks around and then attempts walking up the stairs.


Lina Props Her Legs Up and Wiggles Her Toes

3 Min

Lina very carefully places her LLC up on the arm of the couch and wiggles her toes. Then she takes off her shoe and props both feet up.


Victoria Breaks Her Leg and Gets an LLC

21 Min

Victoria is back and in this clip she breaks her leg. She wakes up in the morning and heads down the stairs but slips on some junk mail her sister left on a step. Next thing you know, she's in an LLC and telling you what it's like. Then she crutches upstairs to pick out some socks from her collection to wear over it. Finally, she heads out for some crutching. Stay tuned, there's more of this story to come!


Natalie and Friend Sign Her Arm and Leg Casts

5 Min

In this clip, Natalie tries to sign her casts with her LACs and her friend draws some roses on her LLWC.


Lina Crutches in her LLC and high heel

7 Min

Lina's had an SLC before, so she's spent time on crutches. In this clip, she carefully crutches around in her LLC and high heel and I get some nice close-up shots.


Natalie Crutches in her Hinged LLWC & DLAC

5 Min

Natalie doesn't like the scary elevator in this building so her friend helps her down the stairs and follows her as she crutches.


Lina LLC Application Footage

7 Min

Here's some application footage of Lina's LLC. I mounted a couple of action cams so I could film her leg getting casted and her face talking.


Natalie Changes Outfits in her Hinged LLWC/DLAC

4 Min

Yeah, it's a little repetitive, but I love hearing Natalie's sweet voice calling for her friend. Natalie has her friend help her change outfits.


Natalie Tries Painting Her Nails in DLAC

7 Min

Natalie tries to paint her toe nails and fingernails with her DLACs on, but runs into problems and calls her friend for help.


Natalie Gets Help Eating Pizza in DLAC

5 Min

Natalie has trouble eating pizza and drinking with her LACs until her friend comes to help her out.

Savannah's LLC Sock Tease & Crutching (7 Min) - 08/26/16


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Morgan's Blue SLC (12 Min) - 06/9/16


Emma's LLC (8 Min) - 05/31/16


Hailey's LLC & Haley's SLC (21 Min) - 05/21/16


Kate's SLWC (6 Min) - 04/23/16


Angel's LLC (18 Min) - 04/19/16


Skylar's LLC (4 Min) - 04/12/16


Michelle's Public LLC (27 Min) - 03/28/16


Fay's Three Day Plaster SLC (7 Min) - 03/18/16


Fay's Orange LLC (19 Min) - 03/03/16


Victoria's Jan '16 Plaster SLC, Day 5 (17 Min) - 02/19/16


Victoria's Jan '16 Plaster SLC, Day 4 (17 Min) - 02/16/16


Victoria's Jan '16 Plaster SLC, Day 3 (15 Min) - 02/15/16


Victoria's Jan '16 Plaster SLC, Day 2 (20 Min) - 02/13/16


Victoria's Jan '16 Plaster SLC, Day 1 (12 Min) - 02/12/16


Fay's Faux Term LLC, Weeks 1 & 6 (20 Min) - 02/09/16


Angel's Holiday DLLC & DLAC (59 Min) - 01/25/16


Fay's LLC (7 Min) - 01/14/16


Taylor's 3 Day Plaster SLC (45 Min) - 01/11/16


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