The Trip

by anon


The girls and I had rented cabins in Tennessee mountain country to do some horseback riding and hiking. The skies were clear and sunny as we moved our gear into the cabin and settled in. We got changed into our riding clothes and set out to find our mounts. We were greeted at the stable by a very handsome and friendly young man named Jess. I had not done very much riding before so I was a litle apprehensive about the horses. Jess assured me he would be with me the whole time. I felt more at ease. We started out with some wide open trails, trotting along a beautiful ridge.After an hour or so of riding my two girlfriends decided to take a rougher trail and go back to the lake to try to meet some men.I really didnt want to go the rough way back so Jess said he and I would go back the way we came.About halfway back the skies started getting black and the wind picked up. My horse started getting very nervous and dancing around. I was so scared, when up in the air he went and threw my off. I rolled several yards down a hill. In pain and crying I tried to stand and found I could not. My ankle was screaming. Jess quickly found me and carried me back up the hill. The storm picked up violently. "Theres an old cabin near here" Jess said. He sat me on his horse and caught mine. He led the horses over a couple of hills and there was a small cabin in the trees. Once settled inside I noticed the cabin looked quite lived in and very comfortable. I asked if it was used often. "only by me and some of my personal guests" was his reply. He took my boot off and looked over my ankle." It looks sprained or possibly broken " he said. I cried again. The mearest town with a hospital was 60 miles away and the storm was getting worse. "What am I going to do?" I cried. Jess assured me all would be well, he said he was also trained for emergency medical care. He brought out some wraps and boxes of supplies. He asked if I would like to get out of my wet clothes and dry off. I couldnt wait! Jess helped me out of my wet jeans and wet tshirt (I never wear a bra or panties) he looked a little shocked at this. Then he brought me a big warm robe. Snuggled on his couch, he built me a fire in the fireplace. He then went to the saddlebags and got our beer , it was still cold thank heavens. I elevated my foot on a stool and Jess said we really should stabilize it until we can get to a doctor. He began dragging out his supplies as I sipped the beer. I asked how he happened to have such a good supply on hand and he replied" One must be ready for anything out here inthe mountains" He massaged my foot feeling for breaks and swelling. It felt so good. His touch was warm and tender. I have never had a broken bone before so I didnt know what to expect. He was so gentle with me that nothing seemed to hurt. Jess wrapped and casted my ankle and as he did his breathing seemed to get more heavy almost panting. I was so lost in the feeling of the soft cast I seemed to be floating. What a feeling! When he had finished I told him I didnt know casting could feel so good. His eyes seemed to be glazed and dark. He leaned in ad kissed my nose. I turned and kissed his cheek. My hands ran across his smooth chest. His started rubbing my thigh. Wow, what a sensation. As we continued to explore each others bodies the storm raged on outside. Lightning flashed in the windows and lit the room up. In each flash I could see the dark hunger in his eyes. We massaged and kissed, he gently cupped my breasts. I reached for his zipper and waited while he undressed infront of me. His boxers came down and I gasped at the size of his penis. It was huge and rock hard. I felt faint. As he carried me to the bed I knew this would be the most amazing vacation ever. He lay me gently on the mattress and spread my legs as he stood at the edge of the bed. As he started to penetrate me I thought I wouldnt be able to take it, thought I would split apart as he slowly pushed his huge organ inside me. As he started to slowly move in and out I felt it to the top of my head down to my toes. Oh my God I had never had sex like this before.My ankle was throbbing and my insides were screaming for release. Jess picked up my buttocks and lifted them in the air in front of him. He thrust deeper and deeper til I thought I would come apart. The pain and the pleasure were almost too much to bear. I felt myself so close to the edge and he stopped. I gasped and waited. He just stood back watching me, running his hand up and down my casted ankle. I asked for him to please get me off, I was going crazy. He continued to rub. I could feel the smoothness of the fibers against my skin. It was like silk. I was concentrating on that sensation not knowing what to expect next. He lifted my foot and ankle, lightly kissing my toes, licking between them,sucking on them. I have never felt anything like it! Then just as a roar of thunder and flash of lightning crossed the room he plunged back into my waiting vagina. I screamed in pleasure and pain. I came immediately, throbbing on his huge peins. He thrust and pumped until I cried in pleasure. I saw his eys darken and he clenched my ass cheeks with a fierce grip almost bruising me with his finger tips. He drove and drove deeper and deeper. I came again and again. Finally he let out a yell and thrust so hard he slid me across the bed. I felt the hot cum shoot through my vagina like lava. We lay together for a long time just breathing and resting. I had never experienced anything like it. Jess brought me water and cloths and bathed me. He tucked me into bed and curled up, spooning me against him.

The morning brought clear skies so we proceeded back to the main camp and planned a trip to the hospital. My girlfriends were beside themselves with worry for me. When they saw the casted ankle they hurried and packed to rush me off for x-rays. I kissed Jess on the cheek and told him good-bye. He watched as I hobbled to the truck. My vacation was shortened by an accident but next year it will be no accident that I come back to this camp.

Copyright Anon 2004


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