Stacy and Macy

by slclover

It was a hot sunny summer somewhere in England. The trees were green and the people out in the city were wearing some rather revelling clothing. The majority of people in the city on this day were students from the local university. It had been nearly a week and the students had just started their courses. A guy called Mark was studying computers and when shown to his room he inquired why he was the only person in a three-bedroom apartment. His tutor told him "Oh you will be sharing the room with two girls, I know it’s uncommon but we had nowhere else to put them" Mark replied "That’s OK when are they due and why are they late"? His tutor replied " Some time today we hope" "Oh and the reason why they are late is some disagreement with their old school but its all sorted now".
Later that afternoon Mark was in his room listening to some music while surfing the Internet for some pictures. At last he found just the right picture to printout. He went into the kitchen and started making himself a cup of coffee; he poured the coffee and sat at his desk watching the picture printout. The picture was about three-quarters complete and he was thinking, almost fantasizing over the picture, he was fantasizing so much he hardly realized the knock on the door.
He grabbed the printout, screwed it up and threw it at the bin by the side of his bed (little did he realize that he had missed and it had gone under the one of bed). He opened the door to see the two most beautiful young women he had ever seen, the one on the left (Stacey) was about 5’5" with long brown hair, brown eyes, round breasts and smooth legs, she was also wearing open toed shoes with blue painted toes. The one on the right (Macey) was about 5’7" had shoulder length blond hair, sea blue eyes a see thorough white top could a skirt and sandals with red toenails.
Mark opened the door and said, "You must be my house mates right"? They both said yes so Mark invited them in. "Sit-down" he said and offered the girls a drink. They both accepted his offer and he went to make the drinks.
After the drink he established that they had traveled from Bath. They ordered a pizza ate it and went to bed. Mark lay in bed thinking how lucky he was sharing his house with two lovely people.
About three weeks had passed and Macey said, "its about time we did some tidying up is anyone going to help me"? Mark replied "I have to go out right now and do the shopping but I well help when I come back" Stacey said "I haven’t got to go out I will stay and help". Mark left to do the shopping and the two girls started to tidy up. They had finished their side of the room and they both agreed to tidy up Mark’s side as he was shopping. All went well until the vacuum made a funny noise (something had blocked the hose). They managed after a few minutes to relive the blockage and a piece of screwed up paper fell out. Both girls decided to undo the piece of paper and see what was on it. On it was the picture that Mark was printing out when they arrived. It was a picture of a girl sitting down wearing a Long Leg Cast. Both girls said it "it looks like he has the same fetish as us", just as they said that Mark came back so Stacey put the paper in her pocket and both kept quiet about their find.
That night Mark could hear the two girls whispering but he thought no more about it and went to sleep. The two girls decided not to say a word to him about it as they had got a plan.
Three months later and it was the Christmas holiday Mark had arranged to stay at the girl’s house in Bath until a couple of days before Christmas and then travel home to his family.
The girls left a day before Mark they said, "We have to tidy up before you come and stay". This was an excuse for the two girls to have a day on their own.
They got home at around 1:00 and as soon as they had walked into the house that were already thinking about putting their little plan into action. On the train they had decided who was to be casted first and Stacey had won she was going to be casted first. Both girls had had a fetish for feet, toes and plaster casts for as long as they could remember and the thought of just meeting someone like that with the same fetish exited them greatly.
Stacey went into the bedroom and stared laying out some old newspaper while Macey went into the wardrobe to fetch the suitcase with the materials in. Both girls could not help wondering what Marks face would be like to see Stacey in a LLC. Both Stacey and Macey were now greatly exited, Stacey was so exited she was almost wet. They always started of by giving the foot and leg to be casted a gentle massage.
After the massage Macey slowly and carefully started to apply the stockinet starting at her toes pulling it up past her ankle and up her smooth leg until she reached her knee, then on higher until it was touching the underside of her firm bottom. After she had applied the stockinet Stacey said, "I can almost feel the cast" to which Macey, replied, "Of course it should be me who is being casted".
Stacey now went and sat on the edge of the bed, with Macey sitting on a stool in front on her. Now it was time to apply the cast padding, Macey took Stacey’s foot and gently laid it on her lap rubbing Stacey’s leg and saying, "I am so exited". Macey put the padding around Stacey’s ankle twice to secure it. From her ankle she took the padding around her ankle and across to the beginning of Stacey’s toes then in a "figure of eight" method covered all of Stacey’s foot being careful not to bunch the padding up. After the foot was covered Macey started to wrap the leg going up until she reached the top of Stacey’s thigh. Stacey stated shaking with excitement and now could not wait for the plaster to be applied. Macey took the plaster bandage and once again started at the ankle. She made one complete turn to secure the end of bandage around Stacey’s foot. Macey then made sure the foot was completely covered and then started to cover the leg. Stacey let out a scream of joy as a little of the dissolved plaster ran between her toes. As Macey started up Stacey’s leg Macey was hoping that it was her being casted for the holiday and not Stacey.
At last the whole of Stacey’s leg was covered in plaster from the beginning of her toes to just a few inches from the top of her thigh; Stacey was already beginning to feel how restricted her leg and ankle was. As the plaster was drying Macey smoothed the cast up and down and said to Stacey "It looks as good as the real thing, he’ll never know the difference". Macey told Stacey to lie still for an hour or so until the plaster was set then disappeared into the kitchen to start the evening meal.
It was now getting late and the plaster was completely dry on the outside so Macey decided to clean away the little dribbles of plaster from on top and underneath Stacey’s toes before they went to bed. As Stacey gently lowered her leg to the floor she could feel the carpet gently rubbing on the tips of her toes, Macey handed her the crutches and Stacey got up. As she crutched along the hall she was getting exited with the feeling of her leg being immobilized, her leg swinging back and forth and the air rushing though her toes. Both girls went to bed and Macey helped Stacey get her leg into the bed. After Stacey had been in bed for a few minutes Macey knocked on the door, "As a treat" Macey said, "I have brought you a pillow to put under your leg to ease the pain". Stacey smiled and said, "I cannot wait for tomorrow his face will be such a picture".
Both girls awoke to the sound of the telephone it was Mark and he was at the Station he said, "Which is the best way from the station"? Macey replied "Oh just get a taxi I need some help around here". "Oh why is that" inquired Mark Macey said Never mind I will tell you when you arrive.
Now Macey was in a rush to get ready before Mark arrived Stacey shouted "what about me I want to look sexy" Macey replied you have just broken your leg, besides he will be more turned on by you and your cast that he would be if I was to stand naked in front of him!
Within 10 minutes Mark was knocking at the door Stacey was laying on the sofa with a huge pillow under her "broken" leg, her crutches resting by the side of her. Macey opened the door and took Mark’s bags she also asked how the journey was. As they walked up the hall Mark was telling Macey about the journey, he was in the middle of the sentence when he stopped and ran into the living room. He had spotted Stacey lying on the sofa. He rushed over and said what have you done? Stacey explained that as she walked into the house she had slipped on some post that had been left behind the door. "Broke my leg just below the knee, the doctor said I could be in plaster for up to two month," shouted Stacey. The only thing on Mark’s mind now was Stacey and HER plaster Macey may well have not been there as he was paying her no attention.
After the excitement of it all they sat down to have a snack. All the way though the meal Mark talked to Stacey about how she broke her leg and how much pain she was in, (while casted both girls liked to act as if they were in pain).
Mark helped Macey wash up and told Stacey "to go and rest". The washing up was now complete, and all three of them were sitting down in the living room. Macey asked Mark to go and get her a drink of water, so off he went. While out of the room Macey told Stacey "when he gets back act as if you are in a touch of pain and see what he dose". Mark came back and handed Macey the drink Stacey waited until he turned around and then let out a little “ouch’". Sure enough just as the two girls expected he turned to her and held her hand and said, "what’s wrong”? Where dose it hurt"? Stacey replied it’s my leg it’s a nit painful =. Mark sat down on the sofa and gently lifted Stacey’s stiff casted leg onto his lap. He took her toes and started to massage them for her Stacey said, "oh thanks you’re so nice, it really helps the pain". On the way up to bed both girls decided to tell him the truth in the morning, they did not know how he would react to them telling them.
The next morning Mark knocked in Stacey’s door and handed her a drink. He sat down on the bed and asked her "are you all right getting out of bed"? Stacey was so exited and felt to sexy wearing the LLC she replied, “the cast is quite heavy would you mind helping me out of bed"? "Of course I will," replied Mark. He gently put her leg down and handed her the crutches. As she got up she flinched but this time she wasn’t faking it she really did have a pain it was the cramp. Mark took her leg and gave her toes a rub, and after a minute she felt much better.
At breakfast Macey and Stacey with her leg propped on a stool discussed how they were going to tell him. They both plucked up the courage to tell him over breakfast. "Mark" Macey said, "Both Stacey and I have something to tell you". We haven’t been 100% true with you. "What do you mean?" says Mark. Stacey leg is not broken it’s a fetish that we both share… and we know that you do too.
After a long chat all three of them agreed that it must have been fate that bought them together. After Christmas Mark said I feel that we will have a lot of fun ...

Part 2

The Trios 1st ‘adventure’

After finding out that all three house mates were casters, they wasted no time in gathering all the casting materials they needed.

The night before they had decided that Macy was to have a term cast over New Year, and as she was going to be miles away from her friends and family she begged mark and Stacy to put her in a thick, heavy plaster LLC.

They all woke early, as they were all to exited to sleep, Mark told the two girls that he was just going out to fetch a plastic sheet to put on the floor as not to cover the house with plaster drops. After mark had left the two girls proceeded to talk about the cast that Macy was going to have, Stacy told her that she could not wait to see her friend in the cast. Macy playfully picked up her crutches and crutched down the hall to the stairs, placing them against the wall he announces to Stacy that she was going for a shower.

After about 5 minutes Stacy could not get the thought of what Macy will look like in her LLC out of her head, she slid her hand down her skirt and into her panties to discover she was very wet. Stacy was now extremely horny, and without a second thought ran up to the bathroom.

Stacy knocked on the door, but did not wait to be invited in. She sauntered into the bathroom, locked the door behind her, and slowly peeled back the shower curtain to reveal Macy’s naked, soaking wet body in front of her. Macy grabbed Stacy and pulled her into the shower. Macy tore off her clothes and threw them out of the shower, leaving Stacy standing in just her stockings.

They start kissing passionately and Macy makes her way down from Stacy’s lips to her breasts, kissing, licking and sucking on her hard nipples. Macy rolls off Stacy’s stocking and starts to lick her wet toes, before sucking them slowly into her mouth; she watches Stacy’s fingers open her wet pussy, before sliding her fingers inside of herself.

Macy grabs Stacy’s hand and takes it out of her pussy, licking Stacy’s wet finger dry, she loves the sweet taste of her juices. Taking Stacy’s leg, she places it on the side of the bath, opening her pussy wider, before sliding her tongue up and down her pussy, teasing her clit between her tongue and feeling Stacy getting wetter.

The two girls then lay down in the bath, and Macy continues to lick her pussy harder and faster as the screams get louder and louder, until Stacy explodes in the most powerful orgasm she has ever had, Macy sticks her tongue inside Stacy, and feels her pussy contracting around her tongue as they both relax in the bottom of the shower, letting the water fall down over them.

The two get dry and dressed, and wait downstairs for Mark to arrive home, deciding to keep there little shower fun to them selves for a while anyway.

Mark returned home about 10 minutes later, and to his surprise the 2 girls had got the plaster, water, stockinet and padding ready for him so they would not have to waste any time.

Macy took her seat on a stool in the kitchen, Stacy was in charge of the plaster and cutting the stockinet and Mark was to apply the cast.

Macy was wearing a low cut top, exposing her tits, and a pair of black panties, bare feet, and no skirt or trousers. Mark asked her one final time “are you ready” to which Macy replied, “you bet ya”.

Mark takes the Stockinet and slowly put it on, placing it up her right leg slowly. He pulls it up slowly teasing the tips of her cute sexy toes. He stops about 2 inches below her bum, and kisses his way down her leg. Stacy hands him the 1st roll of padding, and he lovingly, and carefully applies it to her foot and ankle. The 2nd roll start from her ankle, going up her slim slender well toned leg to just below her knee. Bending her knee and ankle into the correct position and propping her leg up on a stool, mark applies the 3rd roll this time going higher. Both himself and Stacy continue to do that until Macy’s leg in covered from toes to almost her pussy in 2 layers of padding.

After pulling on a pair of gloves Stacy immerses her 1st roll of plaster into the cool water, letting the bandage soak up the water before squeezing it, and handing it to Mark, Mark then gently applies this to her ankle.

After 3 - 5 minutes Macy’s leg was covered in the 1st layer of plaster, Mark stopped and asked her how thick she wanted the cast, to which she replied “ I want it thick, but I want the medical look”. “OK” said Mark and he commences with the 2nd layer.

After 15 minutes the 3rd and final layer was on, and Macy could feel the heat that the cast was giving off. As Mark and Stacy were cleaning the place up they could not help but notice how wet Macy had got.

Now 35 minutes had passed and Mark gave Macy the crutches so she could go and rest on the sofa, while her cast set further. Slowly Mark helped Macy lower her leg to the floor, and supported her while she placed the crutches securely under her arms. Up she got, and slowly she crutched into the living room, sitting herself down on the end of the sofa, she waited as Mark placed a pillow on the seat, after he had plumped the pillow up she raised her sexy leg and placed it down, letting out a little sigh of pleasure as she does.

Some 3 hours had past now and the cast was setting nicely, Stacy was out shopping and Mark was making lunch for himself and Macy. They sat down and ate lunch, all the time Macy was wiggling her sexy blue painted toes in front of Mark hoping that he would notice them. Notice them he did, in fact not only did he notice that she had the most perfect toes in the world, he also noticed that her black panties were as wet as ever, that her nipples were showing hard though her top, and that the erection he had in his trousers was huge and hard.

Macy placed her plate on the table next to her, and looked over at Mark. “Mark” she announced, “Could you do me a favor”? “What’s that” mark replied, “could you rub my toes please they itch” She looked over in her ‘sexy’ look. “Of course I will” he replied and without another second passing he was up and sitting at the bottom of the sofa with her heavy cast resting on his leg, and her perfect little toes in his hands.

After a few seconds of rubbing, she asked Mark if he thought the cast was drying well. Mark placed his hand flat on the cast and rubbed it up her knee and her thigh. Her hand pounced onto his, as he said, “I am glad my cast is drying so well, but not everything is to dry around here” as he started nudging his hand higher up her leg towards her now soaking pussy. Sliding her other hand into her panties she slid her finger over her pussy, before removing it. Mark lent over and sucked her pussy juice covered finger into his mouth, “she tastes so good” he thought to himself. Within seconds her panties were off her good leg and Mark was sliding them off over her casted leg.

Teasing the ends of her toes with his tongue, he slowly works his way up her cast, stroking and holding it in his hands; Macy’s fingers teasing the ends of her hard erect nipples.

Opening her legs wider Mark teases her wet pussy with his tongue, his fingers teasing the top of her cast and bottom of her pussy, as he sucks her clit.

She undoes his trousers, to see a huge bulge in his boxer shorts, slowly pulling them down, Macy soon finds out that its not only her cast that is big and hard. She takes his hard throbbing cock and slowly starts to suck on it, teasing the end of cock.

After a few minutes of this, he places her leg back up on the pillow, and slowly slides himself into her warm, soaking pussy, fucking her slowly to begin with then harder and harder, until eventually they both cum.

In the evening they decided to have a meal in so that they could talk about how much they enjoyed Macy’s cast, and so that Macy could get used to it. It was still a bit to damp to be trusted outside, but they all agreed that by the next evening it would be dry enough for them to eat out, and to have lots more fun…

© SLClover 2002

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