"rugby break" By cameron

Part One

Jenny was a very active person. She played many sports including basketball, soccer and football. When her best friend Ashley invited her to go play rugby she thought nothing of it and was excited to try a new sport.

Ashley picked her up early one morning and they headed to the park to play rugby. When they arrived Jenny noticed their were a couple hot guys playing with them and Jenny thought once she got the hang of the game she would try and show off her athletic capabilities.

When the game started Jenny was so confused on what to do and how the game worked. Slowly She figured things out and decided that it was time to get the ball and try to score. She asked for the ball in the huddle. Her teams caption asked if she was sure and reminded her that the game is rough and the other team is hitting pretty hard. Jenny was sure she wanted the ball.

The caption made a perfect play where jenny would be able to score if all went as planned. As the play started everything was going as planned. Finally jenny got the ball and was in almost perfect scoring position. She started to run for the end line but then out of the corner of her eye she spotted two big guys getting ready to sandwich her.

I almost slow-motion she dove for the end line. As she was diving the two guys dove also. In midair both guys hit her legs and their was two an extremely loud snaps. As Jenny floated towards the ground she started to turn her body and try to soften her landing. She hit the ground with her left shoulder and arm. When she hit she heard two more loud pops.

After all the action Jenny tried to get up and celebrate but right when she moved she felt nothing but pain. She rolled onto he back and felt even more pain. She let out a loud and horrifying scream. Everyone ran over to help. When everyone was around somebody asked if they should call an ambulance. Jenny nodded her head but then let out another scream. Many people tried to comfort her but they couldn’t. She was in so much pain.

After about 5 min an ambulance showed up and two paramedics rolled a stretcher out on the field. They asked jenny what hurt. She told the both her legs and her left arm and shoulder. Jenny kept thinking of how much pain she would be in when the paramedics tried to move her. The paramedic explained what he was going to do. He Said he was going to place a splints on both her legs and a splint on her arm. Jenny nodded and the paramedics got to work.

They started with her left leg. They placed the splint right next to her leg and then they slid it under as best they could without moving her leg to much. Her leg wiggled a little and she let out a loud scream. Finally the splint was in place. The paramedics strapped it into position and then moved to the right leg. The right leg was not quiet as painful but still hurt .

Last they moved to her arm. They put the splint in position and slid it under her arm. She let out another scream. They strapped the arm splint into position and then strapped her arm to her stomach “because of her shoulder” said the paramedic.

The paramedics then slid a board under Jenny so they could place her on the stretcher. Jenny let out another scream of pain. Finally jenny was rolled towards the ambulance and loaded up.

During the ambulance ride the Paramedic in the back stuck her with a needle and asked if she would like some pain killers jenny nodded her head and than closed her eyes.

When they arrived at the hospital the pain killers started to kick in and jenny was feeling a little better but everything still hurt. In the hospital they rolled jenny into a room and quickly moved her to a new bed off the stretcher. Jenny moaned because her legs and arms hurt so bad when they moved her.

A nurse then got over jenny’s head and began asking he questions. After what seemed to be a court hearing the nurse said they were going to take jenny for x-rays and then they would go from their.

They wheeled jenny to the x ray room and began to move her in many directions. Every time they moved her she screamed with pain. After about 30 min. of moving and pain they wheeled jenny to a room with a T.V. and a bed with all kinds of things hooked to the top. They put jenny onto the bed and began strapping her legs and arm in the air. Every time they even touched her jenny would wince with pain.

Finally after they had her hooked up they gave her some more pain killers and told her the doctor would be in in a minute with the x-ray results. Before the doctor arrived jenny finally got to thinking. She wandered if and how many bones she had broken and if she was going to ever walk again. She thought of if she would be in a cast or something and how she would get around. She also thought of how foolish she must have looked in front of those hot guys. She started to chuckle but that caused her to moan because of the pain she was in when she moved.

The doctor walked in right after and gave her the results. He said.

“boy did you do a number on yourself. First we will start with your right leg. You broke your foot and ankle in that leg. We will put you in a cast that goes from your toes to just below your knee.

Your left leg is a little worse, you broke your ankle and both bones in your leg right below your knee. We will put that leg in a cast that goes from your toes to below your hip. After it heals a little we will put on a cast like the one that will be on your right leg.

Your left arm is the worst. You broke the bone right above the elbow and you broke you shoulder. We are going to put you in a cast that goes form your knuckles to your shoulder and then will cover part of your stomach and chest. Now do you have any questions.

The First thing she asked was how was she going to move around. The doctor told her he would give her an electric wheel chair. She then asked when they were going to put all these casts on and when she would be able to go home.

The doctor replied well we are going to put you in the casts in the morning. We will probably send you home with one of your friends that afternoon.

The doctor left the room and said see you in the morning. Jenny let out a big sigh and tried to take a nap. She couldn’t fall asleep. Having her legs and arm in the air was not exactly the most comfortable position.

After about an hour Ashley walked in. right when she did in she said how sorry she was. Ashley told her how everybody reacted at the rugby field. She said a couple of guys gave her their number to give to jenny so she could call if she needed anything.

Ashley asked jenny to stay at her place until she was able to live on her own and get around her house. Jenny said she would be glad too and that she would hope not to be their long.

Ashley said her goodbyes and said she would stop by tomorrow afternoon. Jenny lied around the rest of the day just thinking about what being in a cast would be like. Even though it sounded horrible she was kind of excited to be in them. Jenny tried to go to sleep for the rest of the day but it was nearly imposable. She was so uncomfortable with her legs and arm in the air that she got no real sleep.

In the morning The doctor walked in and said” you ready for some casts. They moved jenny onto another bed. When they did jenny screamed from even more pain. They wheeled her to the casting room and told her they were going to put her to sleep for the cast application.

They placed jenny on a table and placed a mask over her face. The nurse asked jenny to say the ABC’s when jenny hit about j she passed out cold.

When jenny woke up she felt very drowsy and still tired. For a minute she thought she was at home and going to get up to take a shower. She then caught a glimpse of her arm encased in a purple fiberglass. A rush of everything that had happened came into her mind and she remembered she just had casts put on.

Jenny lifted her head and saw what had been doing. Her arm was placed in a cast that put her arm straight up in the air when she was lying down. The cast went across her chest and down just below her bellybutton . She couldn’t help but notice how defined her breasts looked covered in fiberglass.

Jenny lifted her head to look at her legs. Both her legs were suspended in the air. Her longer cast was blue and looked gorgeous. She liked the way her knee looked and the way her toes came out of the end. Her smaller cast was also blue. It looked nice as well.

Jenny began exploring her casts. She tried to move her arm and shoulder, no luck. She tried to bend her knee, no luck. She thought to herself boy this is like being in concrete. After a while the doctor walked in and told her what was going to happen.

She would be in the arm cast for about 8 weeks. Her Short leg cast would be on for only three weeks. When she comes in to get it off they would change her long leg cast to a shorter one with a walking heel. The doctor also told her that they were going to discharge her that day if she had someone to take care of her for a while.

Jenny told the doctor that Ashley would be stopping by and she could live with her for a while. The doctor then shook jenny’s good hand and said well I well see you in about 3 weeks call if you have any questions or problems.

Jenny sat and watched T.V. until Ashley showed up. When she did a nurse brought in a electric wheel chair and said this is yours for the next couple of weeks. When jenny got up everything started to hurt once again. She moaned from the pain. When she sat in the chair she almost passed out. The nurse told her that the pain was from blood going through the broken bones. The nurse lifted Jenny’s long leg cast onto a nice elevated foot rest and then place her other cast on a lowered foot rest.

The nurse showed jenny how to operate the chair and jenny was ready to go. Jenny stirred toward the exit. She thought to herself how silly she must look with her arm sticking almost right out in front of her. She steered out towards Ashley’s truck. When they got there Ashley helped jenny in and put the wheel chair in the back of the truck.

To be continued...


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