The Perfect Couple
Chapter 9

by Randy Atoz


When Ben and Meg got home from work Monday, they were both exhausted but both wanted to examine Meg’s newest cast closer. They didn’t have much time to last night because by the time they took her out of the monstrously large pink fiberglass full body Minerva cast it was already late. Then they applied the LLWC she would wear for a full term of one month and it was already past midnight. They went home and gave Meg a sponge bath, then went to bed. They agreed to save sex for after work the next day so they could get their rest, but it would be hard for them to wait. It turned out that they couldn’t wait and had a quickie in the morning before work. Meg was turned on by being in a cast and Ben simply couldn’t resist his sexy wife, especially when she was wearing a cast for him. Groggily they got dressed and headed to work a half-hour late, but it was okay because they had Meg’s “broken” leg as an excuse.

Meg wore a grey dressy suit with a blazer and a pair of dressy trousers. While Ben and Ed cleaned up the mess from removing the pink FBC and prepared the cast room for her plaster LLWC, Mia helped her cut the left leg off of around a dozen pairs of jeans and dressy pants so that she could wear them with her cast. She might have been able to wear them over the cast, but she adored the way it looked and felt and wanted to show it off as much as possible. Ben and Mia both told them how much they admired her dedication to remaining realistic and Ben was a little turned on seeing her in cutoffs with such a large cast plunging out of it. She said that she liked how it looked too and had been looking forward to trying this sometime. Even though it was very cold outside, the cast covered her whole leg so she wasn’t worried about getting cold.

The cast truly did cover her whole leg and to the delight of the husband and wife casters, was much larger and thicker than it needed to be. It ran from the balls of her feet all the way up to her groin and it couldn’t possibly go any further up. It reached the wrinkle where her thigh ended and her bottom began. Ben applied a few extra layers f plaster to the cast the previous night for appearance, making her thick, muscular thighs look even thicker and more pleasing for him. This also added quite a bit of extra weight to the cast. The foot of the cast was unusually large since it had to contain the cast heel that made it a walking cast. The added height of the heel made it necessary for her knee to be slightly bent so that both legs were an equal height and she could walk. Walking in this cast was no easy task though, with as heavy as it was

in addition to being very bulky, especially considering how high up her leg it went. Meg wouldn’t have it any other way though. When they were finished talking about the cast and further examining it, they headed upstairs for a wonderful hour of sex, forgetting until they had finished how tired they were. They ordered a pizza for delivery and went to bed early.

The next morning they woke up earlier to get to work on time and were more rested with the earlier bedtime the night before. Ben took his shower then gave Meg, who stripped naked while waiting, a sponge bath in the tub with her leg hanging out to keep the plaster dry. He helped her back to the bedroom and helped her get dressed in a black button-up blouse, black blazer, and black skirt that hung to just below her knees. She liked showing off the cast with her cutoff dress pants yesterday, but didn’t want to seem too flashy by wearing similar pants today. She would give her coworkers another day to get used to this cast. On her uncasted foot, Ben helped her put on a high-heeled black pump with a thicker heel so she would be able to balance better, but still have both feet at about the same height. The large built-up foot to accommodate for the walking heel made her walk by swinging her leg slightly to the side when she walked, but when she had on high-heels, she could swing her leg straight forward, which made her day so much easier. Ben dressed and took her downstairs for breakfast, helping her balance and making sure she held the railing at all times. After breakfast, they headed to the car, where they didn’t have the same problems as the previous day. Yesterday morning they had a hard time getting Meg into the car with her long, stiff leg unable to fit easily into the passenger seat. Coming home from Ed and Mia’s house late Sunday Meg just sat in the back seat of their four-door sedan with her newly-casted leg spread across both seats and her back to one of the windows. That was just for a couple blocks and wouldn’t be safe to drive into the city from their house. After about ten minutes of trying, Ben moved the passenger seat as far back as it could go and held Meg’s right hand to balance while she swung her casted left leg into the front passenger-side door and slid her bottom onto the leather seats, then brought her right leg in easily and closed the door. They had made good time getting ready this morning and made it to work when they usually did.

At the office, Meg didn’t get the crowd that gathered yesterday when she swung her casted leg through the door, so she was already planning to wear the dressy cutoffs again the next day. No one had suspected anything other than what Meg had explained- a torn ACL from a slip on the ice- and she went on to say that the doctor told her that her bones were becoming more brittle to help explain casts that she would wear in the future. Meg was so well liked by everyone that they trusted Meg and treated her like her leg was truly injured. It was a good day at work and Meg was glad that she managed the branch of the bank, rather than being a teller so that she could sit down all day because it would be much too hard on her leg- injured or not- to stand in one place for more than a few minutes. The walking cast was not ideal for standing with its hard heel and Meg’s knee locked in a slightly bent orientation. It was a good first week at work in the cast and on Friday after work, she and Ben changed clothes and went out to dinner. Ben had been doing all of the housework so she felt like he deserved a reward. He told her that he didn’t mind the extra cooking and cleaning because she was wearing a cast for him, which was reward enough for him, but they went out anyway.

Meg had Ben help her out of the black pantsuit with white pinstripes she wore to work and into a pair of jeans with one leg and a cute emerald green polo shirt that matched her walking heel. They drove a few minutes to a casual dining restaurant and were seated right away, which made her happy that she wouldn’t have to stand and wait. They were walked to a booth in the corner of the restaurant and Meg sat with her left leg- casted nearly straight from hip to toe- hanging out into the aisle and reaching Ben’s side of the booth. Luckily they were the last table in the row so she would not have to worry about tripping any of the other restaurant patrons. She liked forcing her huge cast into the public eye and getting a few extra glances from the other diners and a lot of attention from the waitress, who sympathetically asked what happened, then went on to tell them about when she had broken a leg skiing and had to wear a fiberglass long leg cast, almost similar to Meg’s, from Valentine’s Day until the beginning of April one year. She was more familiar with one-legged jeans than she cared to be. It was fun for both of them to hear someone else’s story of wearing a cast.

After a good meal they paid and left, then when they got to the car, Meg asked if they could go walk around inside at the mall to show off her cast. If they were inside, she wouldn’t have to worry about slipping on ice and she didn’t mind walking around- she was just very uncomfortable standing in place for too long. Ben told her that it was fine with him if she was up to it and they drove across the street to the mall. It was crowded with holiday shoppers and she got more than a few long looks or second glances from both men and women. She looked stunning in her cast. Her light-colored jeans were tight against her right thigh, flaring out at the ankle but the left leg was missing, below the pocket in the back across to where the two legs met at the groin. She was wearing a very stylish black and white houndstooth wool coat, which came down only past her rear and just past where the cast began. This disguised where the cast truly began, leaving that only to the imagination of the other shoppers. They walked around for more than an hour, just browsing and enjoying each other’s company and the cast Meg was wearing.

Back at home they had another weekend of wonderful sex with Meg in her cast and both of them stimulated at the peak of their sexual fantasy. The weeks flew by and they invited Mia and Ed over for Christmas Eve dinner and to see Meg’s cast on the last day before they removed it. Neither one was ready for it to come off after a wonderful month so they agreed that they would do it again before the winter was over. They decided to use the inspiration from the restaurant waitress and would use a ski trip as their next excuse, but would put her in a different cast next time. Mia chimed in that it sounded good to her and it was set. Valentine’s Day they would have Ed and Mia over for some romantic casting, followed by a term cast for both girls, they couldn’t hardly wait.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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