The Perfect Couple
Chapter 8

by Randy Atoz


The two weeks dragged by as Ben and Meg were waiting for Thanksgiving to do some casting with their new friends, Ed and Mia. They did not see either of them, but Mia called a few days before and left a message to confirm plans and remind them how excited she was for the long weekend coming up. The morning of Thanksgiving, Meg got dressed up in an orange wool turtleneck and brown corduroys, coordinating her outfit for the holiday in fall colors. She and Ben packed their bags for a few days, even though their hosts, Ed and Mia lived in the same neighborhood. They were invited to stay and, due to the nature of the casting, it was just easier to stay over for a few days.

They arrived early to help prepare dinner, as Mia was in casts and would need help. Ben was very surprised, however, when Mia answered the door on crutches, wearing a black leather miniskirt and a white button-down shirt. She still had the black and white striped LLC on one leg, but they could not see the matching fiberglass corset Ed had applied at their house a few weeks ago. Before he could ask, Mia adjusted her thick plastic frames, but lost her balance on the crutches she had borrowed and fell forward. Luckily, Meg caught her by the midsection halfway down and realized that she had simply hidden her cast beneath the blouse, a clever disguise indeed. The body jacket on her torso from armpits to waist and accentuated her breasts nicely, shaping them and making them seem larger. She invited her guests in and they followed her to the kitchen and helped Ed finish the meal. Mia contently sat and waited, explaining that he had done everything around the house and pampered her the whole two weeks she had been casted. Meg noted that that was another perk of wearing larger casts. That reminded Ed that he had a surprise to show them before they ate.

The group followed Ed to the basement, Mia crutching very slowly behind. She had not yet perfected using crutches while her back was held in perfect posture by the fiberglass body jacket. Their house’s floor plan was very similar to Ben and Meg’s. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, they knew right away what the surprise was. They had copied the perfect couple’s cast room precisely. It was an exact copy, they had all the same casting and bracing materials and everything was in the identical place. The hospital bed looked as if it had already been well used. Mia told Ben and Meg that she had spent her entire time home in traction after Ed bought everything and had it shipped overnight to their house. He sent in the order Saturday morning when he went home from Ben and Meg’s to get a change of clothes and had the whole room set up by Sunday. She brought her laptop downstairs with her and Ed put her in traction so she spent all day enjoying her casts and writing columns for the paper. She had so much time, just laying there in two casts and traction that she had finished columns for the rest of the week and would be able to wear any cast they chose without worrying about work. That explained why, even after two weeks, she still wasn’t that great at crutching.

Everyone headed upstairs and continued the conversation during dinner, mentioning that they were all thankful to have wonderful spouses and another couple to share their fetish with. Talk continued to plans for the weekend. Meg was ready to get into a cast right away, but Mia wanted a break for at least a few hours because her back was so stiff from two weeks of a double velpeau cast and two weeks in the corset she was presently wearing. The agreement was made that Mia’s casts would be removed after dinner and the girls would spend some time together out of the house the next day, hitting the day after Thanksgiving sales and pampering themselves, while the guys prepared for casting and new casts would be applied when the girls got home.

The next morning, Meg and Mia woke excitedly very early and rode in Meg’s car to the mall. Meg wore a black and white wool houndstooth coat, black leather heels, a pair of grey dress pants and a low-cut dressy top. Mia on the other hand was wearing a punkish red and black plaid tank top, a denim skirt and leather jacket. It was freezing out, so she wore knee-high leather lace-up boots to cover her legs and finish the outfit. Together they were quite an unusual looking pair, but surprisingly go along well. They shopped for gifts and clothes all morning, then grabbed a light lunch and got their hair done before returning home. Meg had her long, naturally red hair curled and permed, the way she and Ben both liked it. Mia got her hair trimmed to be right at her jaw line, even shorter than before, and dyed jet-black with a blood-red streak on both sides, just in front of her ears. She told Meg that she had plans for the red but everyone would have to wait and see once they got to the cast room. The guys raced to the door to meet them when they got home and were ready to begin casting. The ladies showed off their new clothes, but kept the presents a secret until Christmas. Meg bought bags and bags of new dress pants for work, jeans, and more skirts than usual. She told Ben that he would find out soon enough what these were for. The shopping trip was Mia’s reward for wearing casts for Ed, but just an added bonus for Meg, who had been yearning for another cast ever since she got her weekend double velpeau removed two weeks ago. Because of this she insisted on going first.

All four headed down to the cast room to begin. Meg was becoming a little jealous of all the attention Mia had been getting with her creative casts and outgoing style, so she planned to outdo her in a way that she and Ben would not soon forget. She loved big casts, being restrained by their rigidity, feeling the firm hold they had on the body despite their soft texture inside. She also loved the way Ben adored her in a large cast, the way he waited on her every need and the way that he satisfied her sexually. She would wear her biggest cast yet for three days, then change to another cast to wear full-term to return to work on Monday. This would be her first term cast since September. First things first, the big cast. She wowed everyone by demanding a hot pink fiberglass full body Minerva cast. It would cover her whole body except for her head, fingers, toes and groin area so that she could still go to the bathroom and have sex. She wanted the brightest, most flashy color possible to draw attention to her and nothing but hot pink would do. Ben was so happy with his wife he began to kiss her passionately right in front of Ed and Mia, but she pushed him off playfully telling him to put her in the cast already, she wanted this as much as him.

Ben decided to begin with her upper half, then have her lay down on the hospital bed with her legs hanging off to finish the cast. She stood on the plastic sheet that Ben and Ed had laid out earlier in the day and got naked so that Ben cover her whole body in stockinet and padding, then they would begin to wrap. After a few weeks of knowing their new friends and her day out with Mia, she felt comfortable bearing it all in front of them. Ben used the widest stockinet for her torso and neck first, then ran medium pieces up each arm to her shoulder and taped it to the stockinet on her torso, he cut out holes for her thumbs and left a few inches hang past her fingers so that he could finish it properly. He did the same for both legs, all the way to her groin, taping to the torso and leaving a few inches past her toes. While she still could, she stood on one foot with Mia’s help to balance and Ben wrapped padding from the balls of her feet up to her knees, then switched feet. After that Mia took her spot again to sit and watch the show with Ed. Ben continued with the padding from her knees to her groin, carefully leaving ample room uncovered, then the torso, padding her chest to make her large breasts seem even larger, the arms and neck completed the padding and they were ready for the cast tape. Before they began, he took a bit of extra time to ensure that the neck portion of the cast would be comfortable. He put her chin at a comfortable angle and ensured she was looking straight forward. Enough padding was used so that they would be very safe removing the cast on Sunday and it was about the thickness of her favorite clothing item, the turtleneck sweater. The cast would start here and work his way down to her knees and they would lay her down to wrap her ankles and feet. He wrapped around her neck and both of them got goose bumps at the same time, this cast would be one of the best ever. When he had gotten down to her shoulders, he folded down the stockinet and finished with one more layer of tape. He then wrapped both arms and would then join them to the torso. Her arms would be slightly bent at the elbows with her hands forward and her elbows about eight inches away from her body. He started wrapping at the hands and worked his way up the arm, then moved to the next. With both arms complete, her chest and torso were wrapped, using a figure-eight around her breasts to make them stick out even more and joined the arms to her midsection at the shoulders. About the time they got to the waist, Meg was instructed to spread her legs apart as far as she would like them for a few days. She made sure that she was comfortable and also left enough room that they would be able to have sex easily all weekend. They applied the spreader bar to her claves, just above her ankles and would finish her lower legs later, but could not have them move until they got her laying down. Now, careful not to tape over any of the areas he left uncovered, he worked like an artist around her groin and buttocks, wrapping her hips to hold her legs spread at the angle she desired. After spending a lot of time carefully casting her hips and groin, Ben wrapped her thighs down to just above her knees and asked Ed to help lift and carry his heavily casted wife to the hospital bed. At that point, they left her legs hanging off the edge of the bed so that he could properly cast them, then he finished at her feet, tucking the stockinet over the opening for her toes on each foot and finished the huge, bright, beautiful cast.

Ed and Mia clapped their approval and offered to leave them alone with the hospital bed for the night and they would cast Mia the next day, she needed to stretch her back anyway. Now that they were alone, Ben resumed kissing his wife and they thanked each other for this incredible cast. Meg was wet and horny simply from having the cast on and being alone finally. Ben was erect and the hardest he could ever remember being and he immediately stripped off and jumped into bed with her. He gave her incredible sex and she was even more aroused as he went, reaching orgasm but not being able to move or do anything but moan her approval and kiss her lover. Aroused, he kept this up for hours and they slept late the next day. Their hosts understood their desire for privacy and waited until Ben finally arose from the basement well into the afternoon after making love to his wife in her giant body cast more after they woke up.

After seeing Ben, they made some food that he could feed to Meg and followed him down to the cast room to admire his handiwork and put Mia in her casts. They had what felt like an hour of questions for her about what it felt to be in the cast, then when she and Mia were alone, they whispered and giggled about all the details of the sex. She loved talking about her experiences with casts, especially while she was still wearing it.

Mia finally revealed why she had the red streak added to her all-black hair, she would wear two short leg walking casts, just like Meg had before. One would be black and the other red, to match her hair. Everyone gave her credit for her unique use of solor. Ed applied them very quickly, especially compared to how long it took to make Meg’s huge pink cast, and gave her two black canvas walking shoes with white foam soles. She would be a lot more mobile in these casts, which she appreciated after the last two casts she was in. Ed warned that they would have to take them off after this weekend because she was beginning to lose muscle tone from being casted so long, particularly the time laid up in traction. She agreed that it would probably be best and they should wait at least a month or two before their next adventure, which made her even more envious of Meg when she told everyone that she planned to do a term cast when she returned to work on Monday, but until then she would enjoy the body cast she was wearing. And enjoy it she did. The way it encapsulated her entire body, from neck to toes and both arms was wonderful, she enjoyed it immensely, and the sex continued to be fantastic for both of them. What was best for her during sex was the feeling of orgasm, but not being able to move any part of her body in the slightest. Typically quiet in bed, she moaned and shrieked more than ever, but her hosts understood. They were upstairs doing the same thing, only with smaller casts. Inevitably, boredom and stiffness set in by the end of the third day, when it had to be removed anyway.

Free from her body cast, that she and Ben elected to keep as a souvenir after its lengthy removal process, she was ready for her next cast. That cast would be a white plaster long leg walking cast, with her leg nearly straight and aided by a walking heel. This was one of her favorites and she was waiting for the winter to wear it. The medical reason for this cast is often a torn ACL, so he excuse would be a slip on ice that caused an injury to her knee and, thus, the cast. It was a perfect story and it revealed to everyone why she had bought all new pants on her shopping trip. She had packed lots of older pairs of jeans and dress pants in her suitcase and with Mia’s help cut the left leg off of each pair. Despite the cold weather of late November, she wanted to show off this cast and had the perfect way to do it. She would also wear more matching blazer and skirt sets to show off her cast and walk comfortably in it. A walking heel would be medically accurate for the injury as well as being a lot safer on ice than using crutches- that was for sure -and she didn’t want to actually be injured.

Ben began with the cast at her groin and worked his way down to her foot, bending her knee ever so slightly and applying much more heavy plaster to the foot area than most casts to hold the green rubber heel in place. It really turned him on to see a thickly plastered foot and the walking heel was the perfect excuse to do so. The heavier cast also made it harder for Meg to walk in her cast, an added challenge she appreciated. The perfect couple left Ed and Mia’s and thanked them for a wonderful weekend and reminded them that the next time they would be hosting the casting at their house. Meg loved her new cast and loved showing up to work the next day in a smart grey business pantsuit with one leg cut off and a huge, heavy white plaster cast sticking out. She loved the feeling of the cast and the attention she got for it from coworkers, and most of all Ben. This would be a fun month and this year she had something she didn’t want to unwrap for Christmas- her casted left leg.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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