The Perfect Couple
Chapter 7

by Randy Atoz


Meg was at work one Friday during the middle of November, about half a month after she and Ben had experimented with neck braces. They were fun, but she preferred them with a cast to enhance the experience, but she sometimes wore one to bed at night as a treat for Ben that they could take off in a couple hours, not a couple days or even weeks. That day she saw from her office a woman having quite a bit of trouble at one of the counters. This woman was in a variation of a velpeau cast, similar to a shoulder spica. This was the kind Ben had told her about one day that casted the torso from the waist up, along with one arm- just like a shoulder spica- but the casted arm was held against the patient’s side with the hand unrestricted from the wrist out. She had seen one of these online before, but this woman had both arms held tightly against her sides with both hands sticking out, but she was really struggling. The cast was plaster, typical for velpeau casts, but would someone really be put into a double velpeau cast?

As soon as Meg got to the counter to help the casted woman, since the teller couldn’t leave her drawer, the woman introduced herself as Mia, she was tall and just above average weight, just like Meg. In fact they were almost exactly the same size and body type. There were two glaring differences between them. The most obvious was that Mia had jet-black shoulder-length hair, contrasting with Meg’s curly naturally fiery red hair down to the middle of her back. The other was that Mia was wearing thick black-framed plastic women’s glasses-the kind in style nowadays. She was also wearing a pair of black flare jeans, someone had obviously helped her get these on this morning and helped her go to the bathroom, why was she at the bank by herself? Immediately after introducing herself, Mia answered the question that was on everyone’s mind by telling them that no, she was not injured and yes, someone was on their way in to help her. Her husband, Ed dropped her off at the door and was parking the car. Meg played dumb to hide her fetish and asked, if she wasn’t hurt why was she in a cast? As she explained to the other workers at the bank, Meg imagined what it would be like to be in a cast like that and, becoming jealous of Mia, began thinking that maybe she and Ben could become friends with this new casting couple and was excited that there were other people like them living nearby. Her husband entered the bank to a wave of questions from all the women at the bank, which gave Meg a chance to pull the casted woman, about her age she guessed, to the side and briefly tell her that she and her husband were casters too.

With the crowd distracted by her husband and then forgetting about Mia for a few minutes while he completed his transaction, the two women snuck into Meg’s office to chat. Now, with more of a chance to look Meg noticed that Mia’s arms weren’t across her body. Like with most velpeau casts, but rather at her sides so she wouldn’t cross her arms under the cast. Mia explained that this was so she could still work in the cast. This setup left both of her arms slightly bent at the elbows and her hands escaping the cast about shoulder-width apart, with the palms down. She was a columnist for the local newspaper and simply wrote a column a day at home and e-mailed it in by the deadline, this left her and her husband time to play with casts and neck braces, with no co-workers seeing her since she hadn’t been to the office in months and when she did need to go, they would simply remove her casts. Her husband was a real-estate agent, working from home on his own schedule, leaving only when he needed to meet with potential homebuyers. They did very well for themselves and had a very large house near Ben and Meg. They agreed to meet for dinner that night. Ben would be so surprised and Meg thought that she would like this new friendship too.

After work, Meg told Ben not to drive straight home that they had reservations with another couple for dinner at a restaurant. They were already wearing casual clothes, since it was Friday; Ben was dressed in a polo shirt and khakis. Meg was wearing a pair of dark denim trouser jeans, the kind she wore to hide her DSLWC’s: tight hip-huggers that showed off her thighs and were loose at the feet. She had on her favorite shirt today, a cream-colored thick, wool turtleneck sweater that reminded them both of her Risser/DSS cast. It was the same color, just as thick and covered the same areas, waist to arms, covering just the bottom inch of her jaw line and chin. Ben, assuming that this was another of Meg’s business meeting dinners groaned, but Meg convinced him that he would like this surprise, but she wasn’t telling. Originally she was a little jealous of Mia and didn’t want Ben to be turned on to another woman, but she knew him well enough to know he was faithful and preferred seeing (and sleeping with) Meg in a cast more than any other woman and she would be there with him the whole time anyway. Arriving at the restaurant and seeing what his surprise was, Ben felt confused and a little guilty, but Meg reassured him that it was okay and she would do that for him any time he wanted, so there was no reason to feel guilty, she knew he wouldn’t cheat.

Mia introduced herself to Ben right away, apologizing for not standing up and they all laughed, breaking the tension in the group. Ben and Ed struck it off talking about casts, sports and other common subjects while the ladies continued their conversation from earlier in the day. Meg told her that she wore casts for fun too including her favorite, the Risser/DSS, LLC in and out of traction, DSLWC’s, one and a half hip spica, and neck braces. The men were now excited to hear their wives talk about casts and were listening to Mia take her turn. She revealed that she and Ed used motorcycle accidents as their most common excuse, since both of them ride and her favorite casts were black fiberglass. She liked to be a biker chick, and said she was heavily tattooed but they were covered up so she could hide them when she needed to look respectable for work. She offered to show them off when she was out of her cast. Sometimes when she doesn’t have to submit columns for the paper they would cast her hands, including a weekend a few months ago when she was off of work for three days and Ed put her into DLATFS, double long arm, thumb and finger spica casts. That was three days with everything from her armpits down to the tips of her fingers and thumbs in black fiberglass. The fingers were bent at ninety degrees from the hand, with the thumbs resting on top of the fingers, but casted separately. Other casts she had been in were usually short casts like SLC’s because, unlike Meg, she liked the feeling of being slightly immobilized. Ed liked seeing his wife in any cast, so he was understanding of her preferences and put her in a good mixture of all sizes of casts.

When they had finished dinner, which took a long time since Ed had to feed Mia every bite, while trying to eat his meal, Ben and Meg invited their new friends back to their house for drinks and a tour of the cast room. They would be the first people to see what the room in the basement was really for. On the way home, Meg asked Ben if he would cast her for the weekend in a cast like Mia’s so that both of them could enjoy it for two days before they had to return on Monday. Ben offered that they could do it while Ed and Mia were there so they could coach him how to apply this very unique cast. She agreed, but only if she could keep her bra on under the cast, not only to push up her breasts, but she felt a little uncomfortable showing off her breasts to people she had just met that day. Ben of course agreed, he rarely did anything Meg didn’t want, especially since she was doing something for him- though she definitely enjoyed it too.

Ed and Mia followed the perfect couple home from the restaurant and came inside for a tour of the house, highlighted by a peek inside the cast room. Their guests were amazed and jealous; Mia immediately complained that she didn’t even have anything to sit on when they casted, just a tarp on the floor next to the utility sink. The cast room was a bit of a spectacle, it had a real hospital bed with a traction apparatus that could easily be attached. They had cases and cases of stockinet, padding, plaster and fiberglass rolls in every color. They had the newest, most expensive cast saw and shelves lined with cast shoes, neck braces, crutches (in both wooden and aluminum) and a wheelchair. It was at this time Meg asked Ben if he was ready to cast her. They asked Ed if he would give them a few tips, which he agreed to and said they could begin right away. Mia, in shock by what a nice casting area they had, asked if she could have a new cast too. She had been in the double velpeau for two weeks already and was becoming stiff and sore, but had an interesting idea for the new cast. It was decided that Meg would be casted first so they could use Mia’s cast as a guide, then Mia could have her cast removed and take her turn next. It was becoming later by that point and Meg suggested that her guests could stay for the night after the casting, even though they lived in the same neighborhood. This was a real treat for Mia, who had been eying the traction setup all night, Meg guessed what she had in mind and offered that they could sleep in the hospital bed.

Meg took her turtleneck off, but left her bra on and Ben got out all the supplies Ed said that he would need. She sat on the edge of the hospital bed, which was covered in plastic. Mia was sitting comfortably in the wheelchair, which everyone thought was funny since she had no way to wheel herself around with her hands in front of her and her arms casted to her body. Ben slid their widest stockinet over her torso, with holes cut out of the tube for both arms; this looked a bit like a tank top, with straps over her shoulders. Pieces of stockinet were slid over both arms from her wrists to her shoulders. Ed instructed Ben to wrap her in padding, her torso from the waist up and her arms separately. Ben made this very thick, to Megs liking. Mia asked her why she liked such large, heavy casts- which she answered with the explanation she gave Ben when they were new to casting a half year ago. She liked the feeling of security it gave her and that it felt like a constant hug over the whole casted area. The immobility also was a turn on for her, comparable to bondage in her opinion. After finishing with the padding, they got the rolls of plaster out. They would use plaster because Meg wanted a heavier cast and wanted it to be just like Mia’s. It was also much easier to mold, which was important for an unusual cast like this. Just like with the padding, Ben wrapped Meg’s torso, then wrapped both arms (bent at ninety degree angles) from the wrist up separately, then stuck them to her body with her hands facing out, shoulder width apart and her palms down. A few more rolls of plaster were used to hold the arms to the body and the cast was completed by finishing the stockinet on the ends and smoothing out the plaster all around.

While Meg sat and let her cast dry, thrilled by the prospects of a weekend in a restricting cast, Mia got ready for her turn. First, they carefully removed her old cast by cutting her arms out, then cutting the body jacket off of her body. Ben watched closely so he could remove Meg’s cast Sunday night. With her cast off, everyone was able to see just how many tattoos she really did have. On her left arm above her elbow, she had one large tattoo, with a lot of color: black, red, blue and green in a swirl design. Her right arm was covered in ink from her wrist to the ball of her shoulder with small, intricate individual tattoos- also in color- making one beautiful mural effect. She also had a few on her back, one on her lower back just above her waist, and one on each shoulder blade.

Ed excitedly asked Mia what she had in mind for her next cast and she replied, inspired by Meg’s stories of large casts, that she wanted two casts. The first would be a body jacket, covering from her waist to her armpits- a cast she could easily hide under clothes if necessary, or choose not to wear any shirt at all around the house- and the second would be a long leg cast, which she wanted to be in traction tonight. Ed was thrilled. He insisted that he would reimburse their gracious hosts for the materials they used, though Ben expressed no concern on the matter. He and Meg just enjoyed being able to share their casting experiences with another couple.

Meg and Ben said that they could have the cast room to themselves tonight and returned to their bedroom to explore the limits of Meg’s new cast. They had a wonderful time in bed and knew that it would be a great weekend. They slept in the next morning since they had stayed up late the night before. At about noon, they heard a car outside and saw that Ed was just pulling in the driveway. Wondering why, they got dressed and went downstairs. Meg needed only a pair of jeans, since her cast covered her from the waist up to the base of her neck and she couldn’t have worn a shirt if she wanted to. Ben gladly helped her after he had put a t-shirt and jeans on himself and they met Ed at the stairs to the basement. He thanked them for a wonderful night last night and gave them a check for the casting material used. He explained that he went home to get clothes for himself and Mia and had picked up lunch for all of them while he was out.

Curious to see Mia’s casts, Meg and Ben followed Ed downstairs, where she was laying in the hospital bed with a huge smile and her leg in the hanging traction sling. She was also wearing a black thong and her fiberglass corset. They must have had as good of a night as Ben and Meg. Both of her casts were white fiberglass with black fiberglass stripes made with 3” tape so there was a great black and white striped pattern on her matching casts. It was really creative and the casts came out very well. Mia said that she was glad she tried bigger casts and that the traction setup was really fun. In fact, after last night they planned to put in a cast room just like Ben and Meg’s in their basement at home and they would play hosts next time. They made plans to meet for Thanksgiving dinner in two weeks at Ed and Mia’s to take her out of her casts and eat, maybe they would put both ladies in new casts too. Ed helped Mia dress in a black and white plaid skirt, matching her casts and they borrowed a pair of aluminum crutches, promising to give them back when they saw them next. They made their way to their car after lunch and went home. Ben asked if Meg was ready to head upstairs to the bedroom again, which was exactly what she had in mind. They had a great weekend and were sad to take off the cast Sunday night, but they did have Thanksgiving to look forward to and new friends to share their fetish with. It was a great weekend.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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