The Perfect Couple
Chapter 6

by Randy Atoz


While shopping to stock their cast room with a variety of braces, Meg let Ben choose anything he wanted, but he wanted her input too. They purchased his favorite brace, the DeRoyal CTO, a vest with a neck brace attached that formed an “X” around her breasts in front and had straps over her shoulders, connecting to the hard brace on her back. It went up the back of her neck to where there was a ridge on the back of her head and up to her chin in front. The neck brace attached with bars to the front of her vest. They also bought a red Philadelphia collar- the one Meg wore with her hip spica. They liked all of the accessories that were available to partner with the brace. Of course there was the head immobilizer that Ben paired with the collar previously. There were also extenders that went down, below her breasts in front and strapped to the middle of her back and headbands that wrapped from the back of the brace, around her forehead and connected in the back. She could also have her hands immobilized like a hanging sling. They bought every accessory they could, sure they would use them all. The most common hard collar, one that can be seen in public frequently, the Miami J collar was also on the list. This is a white plastic and blue foam brace that was simple and cheap, so why not buy one of these too. Another they found was less common, but something they both thought looked very new and was as versatile as the Philly collar. The Marlin collar was black and white and had several different setups that served a variety of needs. It could be a simple cervical collar, or come up to almost the top of the head in the back. It also came in a Minerva, a CTO, or with a headband. They would have fun with this one. The last one they bought online was the Malibu cervical collar. This was an all white plastic and foam neck brace that ran down a few inches of the wearer’s chest and looked very large because of this. It also had many straps for adjusting and there was something about this that Ben couldn’t put his finger on but he knew he really liked this one. They also bought an extender for the Malibu collar that worked much like the Philly collar’s extender.

Meg wasn’t so sure about wearing the braces to work, but Monday night once the hip spica had been removed while shopping at the grocery store (while she was wearing her Philly collar, of course) they saw soft collar neck braces available for just a few dollars and no prescription. Meg reasoned that if you could buy a neck brace at a grocery store, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to her coworkers for her to wear a brace to work for a while, plus they wouldn’t know what was medically accurate and what wasn’t so they could do pretty much anything they pleased. They would begin tomorrow with their biggest brace and gradually get smaller and smaller for the rest of the month, then in November, Meg would get another cast. It sounded like a great plan to both of them and would work out just fine. Paperwork and office politics just didn’t seem like that big of a deal when they were having this much fun.

The next morning, Meg showered and dressed in a plain colored dressy knit short-sleeved top with grey dress pants and a black pair of flats, then Ben Helped her into the DeRoyal CTO. He fitted the collar snugly around her neck first, then positioned her straps on the middle of both shoulders. He snapped the shoulder straps onto the front and back plates and adjusted the waist straps and connected front to back. He made a few final adjustments, positioning her breasts comfortably on both sides f the “X” the front plate made on her chest. All at once Meg could no longer move anything above her waist other than her arms. This was even more restrictive than she would have thought. Ben helped her into a blazer, needing to do most of the work for her. He buttoned it in front so the brace did not appear to unusually large to their coworkers. This would be interesting to see how much- or how little- Meg could actually do on her own in the CTO. It turned out that it was less, rather than more. It began with the stairs down from their bedroom. Meg had a hard time balancing when she walked and knew she was right to pick flats for today. Then, she needed quite a lot of help to just get into the car and at work it got even worse for her. She was lucky she sat in a rotating office chair with wheels because not only was she unable to turn her body without the whole chair, it was extremely hard to sit or stand on her own. Once she was sitting, she would roll around the office just to save time. That wasn’t even the worst of it. Getting ready took extra long this morning, so they got there after everyone else had arrived and were swarmed by everyone at once, crowding them with questions and not giving them enough space. They had fabricated a story on the way over about the cast shoes from her DSLWCs had aggravated her spine so she would be wearing neck and back braces. Everyone believed her, but all of the attention at the same time was overwhelming. Once they got home and enjoyed the brace in bed, they removed it and fitted her with a smaller brace, agreeing that they would save anything with an extender or chest and back plates for at home. The brace they chose next was a Marlin cervical collar with a headband. This was still not a small brace. It was quite restrictive, especially with the headband on, but did not interfere with her work. She was not able to wear her turtlenecks when she had neck braces on but the braces mimicked the feeling and she was even more satisfying since they restricted her movement and despite being soft on the inside and comfortable to wear, just rubbing the hard outer casing of the braces she wore turned her on. They had her wear this for three days followed by the Malibu collar without the extender. The series of straps and fasteners was complicated to fit onto Meg perfectly, but she looked great in it wearing it for three days just like the Marlin collar. She would wear scoop-neck sweaters and button up blouses to show off how far down her chest the brace went in addition to having an added excuse to expose her wonderful cleavage. This was another step down for her, being the least restrictive so far and the week and a half concluded with three days in the red Philly collar they had used previously with the head immobilizer, they of course left that piece at home. The last day of October her brace came off and they were both okay with that. They agreed that braces were a lot of fun, but they would just have her wear them to work occasionally and wear them at home either by themselves or with casts. They were a lot of fun, but if they were going to do a term in anything it would be what they loved most, beautiful sexy fiberglass or plaster casts.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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