The Perfect Couple
Chapter 5

by Randy Atoz


They were both ready for a long weekend by the time Columbus Day rolled around. Everyone knows that it is always on a Monday and banks are closed on that day. It would give them three free days to do a cast. Meg was ready for a break. When she got back to work after the whole summer off, she had mountains of paperwork to get caught up on. She was so completely swamped with work the only good part of the whole month of September was wearing her DSLWC’s. Once the calendar flipped to October, the casts had to be removed for the sake of hiding their secret from co-workers. Ben loved how Meg had taken such an interest in his fetish. She was now as interested in being in a cast as he was in seeing her in a cast. He personally did not prefer to be in the casts because it was much more enjoyable to have his beautiful wife wearing casts just for him to enjoy. Though the casts were off, the paperwork did not stop at work and she now felt overwhelmed and like she had nothing to enjoy or look forward to. Ben wanted her to have a weekend just to rest, relax and enjoy herself stress-free. The best way to please both of them as well as let Meg relax in bed was a huge fiberglass cast.

Casting began after work on Friday. They went out and had drinks and dinner, then hurried home and headed straight for the basement, where Ben unlocked the door to the cast room and Meg threw off her clothes, ready for her cast. Ben offered that they could do a cast over the weekend on Wednesday and that’s all she could think about since then. Both put a lot of thought into what kind of huge, immobilizing cast she would wear and arrived on a “one and a half” hip spica. They would have given her a full body cast, but decided that this was restrictive enough, especially since she would only be in it for a few days. She did not know but Ben would also have her wear a neck brace so she could not even lift her head off of the pillow of the hospital bed in their private cast room. She could keep the neck brace on when she returned to work, as no one would question their beloved boss, the kind, quiet Meg. That’s how they knew her and she wanted to keep this area of her personality in the locked room of the basement. The cast would be fiberglass because they didn’t want to take the time to bother with messy plaster if it wasn’t a term cast. It would be purple, a nice feminine color and something that surprisingly, not as many women chose as pink. The cast would cover her breasts and go all the way up to her armpits. They remembered how huge her already large breasts looked when they covered them with plaster for the Minerva-DSS cast they did as their first recreational casting adventure. That had been their largest cast up until now. Meg stood in the center of the room so she could be casted without lying and having to be rolled from side to side or have it be difficult to wrap under where she was laying. Ben used several separate pieces of stockinet to cover all of her body that he would be casting. He covered her entire right leg from past her toes to her groin with the stockinet and covered her left leg from past her kneecap to the same place. A very wide piece was used for her torso from her armpits past her waist, where it was taped to the stockinet on her legs. Meg thought it was a little funny looking, which it was, but Ben assured her that it would come out just as well as their other casts. Beginning at her armpits, He wrapped her with padding, using twice as much as was needed for her breasts, just to make them larger in the cast. He progressed downward to her ankles covering all but her foot with padding. She stood on her left foot to have the right one wrapped when all the other padding was applied so he could also cover this foot. They would cast it once everything else was done and she could be laid down to dry. She was anxious to be casted and wanted Ben to hurry, but he did not want there to be any uncomfortable wrinkles if she would wear this for three whole days. Taping from her thickly padded breasts moving toward her waist, Ben used a very wide roll of purple tape. Rather than putting on one layer at a time on the whole cast, he finished the torso, folded down and covered the stockinet at her armpits, then knelt down and started at her thighs. He did her left leg first, connecting the torso around her hips and then down to just above where her kneecap began and again folded up the stockinet, finished it so it looked cleaned up and moved on to the right leg. This was the leg that would go all the way. He used the fiberglass tape and again started at her waist, connecting this leg to the torso as well and went all the way to her ankle. She had to stand as still as possible during all of this so that her back and legs would be in line when she laid down and would not be in any discomfort. The tape had begun to dry, so they had to work quickly. He gave her a bear hug and carried her, about one and a half times her original weight to the bed and laid her down delicately, so not to bend the cast and have it dry with wrinkles or bends at the joints. It was hard for her to stand in place that long, especially with her legs even wider than shoulder width apart. She complied though, knowing this was the only way Ben would be able to have sex with her and neither of them would stand to go a weekend without sex, especially not with Meg in casts. Ben was very careful, Meg noticed, to leave plenty of padding near her groin region and did not use as much tape around the opening, most likely both for her comfort as well as his, since he would be the one rubbing up against it for three days. He casted her foot after she laid down with her foot hanging off of the bed so it would be a quick process. It was at 90 degrees so she could stand if needed, but the point of the long weekend was to stay in bed and not move. To strengthen the cast, Ben got a three foot dowel rod and ran it from just above her knee on her left leg to her calf on the right leg. He covered the entire thing in matching purple tape and wrapped the ends to her legs.

This purple tape was beautiful on her. It was a dark color, but very sexy, especially in the large quantity that they used. It contrasted in a magnificent way with the white of the padding and the stockinet, making each color stand out against the other. The purple made the white look like the brightest, cleanest, most perfect white one had ever laid eyes on. The purple was made to look even darker by the white of the cast and the sheets Meg was laying on seemed to shine in the light, reflecting small portions of the overhead fluorescence in a wonderful way that danced on the cast and sparkled all over. As soon as the cast was completely dry and Ben had cleaned the room, he stood her up one more time for a surprise, the last time she would be on her feet until Monday night. Ben had not told her of his plans for neck braces this weekend or wearing them to work on Tuesday. She quickly agreed and he fitted her with one of the many neck braces he had purchased during their late spring online shopping spree. For this long weekend, when immobility was key, but she could not wear anything including her chest or back because of the cast, Ben selected a red Philadelphia collar with a head immobilizer. This was a common brace, pretty standard to see online or in public, but the immobilizer was what really stood out to Meg. It consisted of two curved white plastic pieces, one to surround her face and the other for the back of her head. It was like nothing she had seen before. She would not be able to move her neck up or down, side to side, or any part of her face. She knew she didn’t have to wear it if she didn’t want to, but if Ben picked it, she knew she’d like it. She did wear turtleneck sweaters religiously, you know. She thought she would probably like the feeling… and she did. She was unable to move anything but her arms once Ben fitted her for the brace so it fit snugly, comfortable to wear, but tight enough to be restrictive.

Now fully immobile, and very horny, Meg was ready for a weekend of sex, relaxation and no stress. The sex began right away, with Ben hammering at her powerfully, knowing he could not hurt her in her giant cast and she loved it. He eventually slowed down to the normal pace and kissed her lovingly, thanking her for all she was doing for him. Though difficult to talk with the brace and head immobilizer, she thanked him for putting her in this wonderful cast and introducing her to neck bracing as well as thanking him in advance for what was shaping up to be the most incredible weekend she could imagine. She spent the weekend immobile with Ben worshipping her every minute. He treated her like she was in a spa, rolling her over and rubbing her shoulders and upper back and painting her finger and toe nails. He took great care of her, feeding her and staying with her most of all day unless she wanted to be alone for a quiet nap, but don’t think that sex wasn’t a large part of their plan for stress relief. How could Ben resist her in that big of a cast, moreover, she was noticeably more turned on when she was barely able to move. This lasted until late Monday afternoon, when the decided to take her out of the cast, but they would save it for Meg as a reminder of a great time and how well her husband treated her. They also discussed the premise of having her wear neck braces to work for a week or so, faking a “nagging injury” that would also allow them to have her wear braces for a day here and there when she “experienced discomfort,” or more realistically, wanted to feel the restricting braces and turn on her husband.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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