The Perfect Couple
Chapter 4

by Randy Atoz


The perfect couple, Ben and Meg were in their last weekend before heading back to work the first week of September. They were lying in bed relaxing and taking it easy on Friday morning. Ben threw out the idea of Meg wearing just one more cast before heading back to work. The answer was obvious. She would love to, but she didn’t want to be a tease and take it off in just two days. That’s when Meg came up with an idea, what if they did a term cast and told everyone that they were real. They had been off of work so long that they could remove the cast any time because no one knew when they were applied. It was the perfect plan. They had to keep it a little believable though, these were people they both worked with and they didn’t want anyone to know their secret. Meg used her hands quite a lot at work for paperwork and that kind of thing, so an arm cast was out- at least this time. They did a LLC last time, plus a smaller cast would be more believable, so they decided on a SLWC, in white so it seemed like something their coworkers would accept as medically accurate. Walking heels aren’t common outside of the casting community, so they would use a blue canvas cast shoe. They turned Ben on anyway and were by far his favorite type of walking shoe, but he just couldn’t put his finger on why. Then once this was established, they both gave the other a look like ‘what the hell’ and blurted out in unison, “how about two?”

If they were going to do this, they were going to do this right. It might work out even easier for Meg. Doing a lot of standing in one place would be hard with a SLWC on one foot and a high heel on the other. They just needed an excuse or a story to tell everyone. That’s it…the heels! They can make up a story that Meg broke both of her ankles over their vacation when the pair high-heeled shoes she was wearing broke, causing her to roll both ankles at the same time, breaking both of them. This was purely fabrication, of course, but it just might work. The other bank employees had no reason not to believe her, everyone loved Meg and would take her word as law. It didn’t hurt either that she was their boss. They planned to have her wear the casts through the month in an attempt to remain unsuspicious.

They hurried through breakfast together, excited to begin their casting, then began what was turning into a routine for the newlyweds. Meg would take a long, satisfying shower, as it would be her last without casts for a month. Meanwhile, Ben prepared the cast room in the basement. He unlocked the door, got out all of the necessary supplies and prepared the room. It was a good thing he bought two of the blue canvas walking shoes, which he did specifically for a situation like this. Meg arrived shortly after Ben finished, naked as usual, just waiting for him in the doorway playing with her huge, gorgeous breasts. He loved his beautiful redhead wife. They were great together, whether they were casting or not. They got along great, they had a sex life that satisfied both of them and was only enhanced by casting, one of many interests they shared. They loved doing things together and casting was their favorite. She sat on the corner of the bed, which was covered by a plastic sheet. Ben began immediately covering both legs past her knees and hanging over her toes with stockinet and began padding her right leg at the toes working up toward her knee. The cast would stop about a half inch below her kneecap so she was not bothered by rubbing or limited in her range of motion. He, as usual considered making it extra thick, but wanted the casts to be light for her to try to walk in for a month and used the normal amount of padding and fiberglass. He worked quickly in his excitement, toes to knee, knee to toes, making sure the ankle was at a comfortable angle and one she would be able to easily walk in. He finished her right leg and began her left, repeating everything exactly as before and working just as quickly. Meg was loving every minute of this, not even worrying about going to work or wearing these in public. It turned her on more than words could explain, both herself and Ben actually, and that’s all that mattered at that moment in time. Lost in her thoughts, Ben was finished before she knew it. That meant they would continue their routine, she would lay on the plastic sheet on the bed and let her casts dry while Ben cleaned up and by the time they were finished, they could have fun and enjoy her casts.

Ben finished and Meg, still naked, was waiting for him. He hopped into bed and began right away. They had wonderful sex and Ben periodically rubbed her rough, hard casts to stimulate himself further. She was, in a way, also stimulated by seeing him rubbing her legs but not being able to feel it. She told him all about the new casts even though he was the one who applied them. Just hearing those words come out of her mouth was incredible. They finished and Ben left to prepare lunch for both of them and grab her some clothes. While she waited naked on the hospital bed that they had in the cast room and just had sex on, Meg rubbed her casts, just admiring how she looked in them and how they looked on her. They were very comfortable for her to wear and soft against her calves and feet, but she was always amazed how hard and rough they were on the outside. They sounded hollow when she knocked on them and were so stiff and rigid she was not able to move any portion of her feet below where her toes poked out of the cast, couldn’t rotate her ankle at all and had a hard time flexing the muscle in her calves. She had great legs. They were slightly larger than other women’s, but muscular and toned, not flabby. She was comfortable with her appearance, only helped by continuous, but genuine compliments from her husband. She really appreciated that he treated her well, whether she was doing something for him or not, but gave her anything she wanted when she was in a cast. Once more lost in her thoughts and sexually stimulated by rubbing the casts and feeling the inside with her fingers, the time flew by. Ben returned with sandwiches, drinks and clothes for her. He helped her into a pair of panties and Bermuda shorts, the denim ones that are in style and hugged her thighs- muscular and toned just like her calves. They really complimented her body type and they both loved the way they showed off her legs. That was followed by a thickly padded pushup bra and a tight, feminine polo shirt to show off her breasts. Ben showed her how to put on the cast shoes and they had their lunch.

After lunch, they went shopping, picking out a few new outfits for her to wear to work. They found a cute, but professional skirt and blazer suits, showing off her casts since the skirt ended about where the casts began. They also found dress trousers with a wide hem that came down so far that the only parts of her casts that showed were the walking shoes. She would wear these for the first few days so not to make a scene and keep a low profile. Not all pants hid her casts, luckily for the couple. Her tight flare jeans were wide enough, tapering out past the knee that she could wear them over her casts on cold days or when she could not wear shorts and only came down to her ankles, showing off both walking shoes and casted feet.

Going back to work went off without a hitch, she had to tell quite a few lies and spent most of her first week telling stories, but would not let anyone sign her casts, citing that it looked unprofessional for someone in her position at the bank, but the real reason was that both of them loved a clean cast. She went to work in her sexy dress clothes every day she was in casts. Ben could hardly wait until they got home from work so they could have sex. Her tailored pants and other dress clothes were not slutty but really got Ben going and Meg could never go more than a few days without wearing her turtlenecks, easily her favorite piece of clothing. No one suspected anything and they made it the whole month, what a rush for both of them. Meg just loved the feel of those casts. She loved everything about them as well as how they turned on Ben and led to great sex. A month in hard fiberglass was enough to quench both of their appetites so they removed them, but after a few weeks Meg began longing for that feeling again, not the attention so much but he wanted a cast. Needed a cast.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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