The Perfect Couple
Chapter 3

by Randy Atoz


Meg felt bad she only kept the DSS/Minerva cast on for two days and was excited to try some of the nice new things that they had stocked their cast room with, but hadn’t had a chance to “play” with. She and Ben jokingly called them their toys. Meg was ready for a new cast about two weeks after her last one. She told Ben her feelings first thing in the morning one day and that this would probably be their last for the summer before they both had to return to work. Meg promised him that she would stay in the cast longer the next adventure they tried, so it was decided that the cast wouldn’t be quite as big and she would wear it for between one and two weeks.

They had a hanging traction setup Ben insisted on and, she was curious about using it. The setup had a bar running lengthwise above the bed, about a foot above Meg’s head when she sat up as tall as she could. The bar had supports at the head and the foot of the bed and a weighted pulley running from the support at the foot of the bed, up to the overhead bar and down to the sling that the cast hung on, which was surprisingly welcoming to Meg. It was soft and covered in sheepskin, with elastic loops that connected the pad to what looked like a metal coat hanger tied to the rope. Ben knew that Meg had been wanting to be in another cast and feel the rush once more and was ready to wait on her hand and casted foot for as long as she wanted to be in that erotic dream fiberglass cast. A long leg cast was perfect. She could use the traction but didn’t need to the whole time. Meg didn’t want to be confined to bed for the duration of her time in the cast, so they decided she would spend three days in traction, and the rest using crutches or a wheelchair. This made a slight bend necessary, which worked well. Once in the traction, her lower leg would be parallel to the bed and her thigh would be at a diagonal when looking at her from the side. The bend would allow her to sit in the wheelchair, or any chair for that matter, and use crutches without dragging her foot.

She wore the DSS/Minerva in the car before, but really never out in public. That was a thrill Ben wanted to experience with her, so he chose a bright yellow casting tape for a cast that no one could ignore. Meg hoped that it would not draw too much attention to her, but didn’t mind a little sympathy from strangers for a fake injury and knew how much it meant to Ben, so she agreed. They began casting right after breakfast. She showered and shaved her legs, then remained naked once she had dried off and headed straight to the cast room. During her shower, Ben prepared the room in the basement. He assembled the traction apparatus, put down a drop cloth, got out all of the supplies, and just as he finished, his gorgeous redhead beauty showed up to the doorway in all her glory, massaging her huge breasts and enticing Ben, as if the cast wouldn’t have done enough. She sat on a stool covered in plastic and bent her knee just the right angle for the traction to be perfect. He began with the stockinet and padding, applying the normal amount for her comfort despite the feeling she loved of being in an extra thick cast and the extra appeal to Ben. They understood it would be a lot lighter to crutch in and not quite as hot to wear in August. Then he began with the fiberglass tape, working his way from her toes to the wrinkle between her thigh and where her butt began. This was an extremely high LLC, and they both loved it. If it couldn’t be extra thick, it could be extra long.

As soon as he had finished wrapping, Ben helped Meg hop to the edge of the bed to sit with her leg hanging off the side until it dried. Ben cleaned up while they waited and when he finished he instructed her to lay on her back with her casted right leg in the air. He slid her into the correct position on the bed and hung her leg in its sling. He adjusted the weight until it hung just right, then hurried into bed with his still naked wife to make love. This was a little difficult and they had to be careful, but by that night they had gotten the hang of it. They loved being naked around the house together when they had these recreational cast adventures, as they mostly stayed in the cast room and finished basement where no one could see them. By nighttime however Meg became chilled and leaned up so Ben could help her slip one of his baggy XXL t-shirts over her head and helped her put her arms through the sleeves. She then lifted her butt, so they could pull the shirt down all the way. There was no need for underwear, but she wanted to at least stay warm.

They went on like this for two more days, Ben waiting on helpless Meg and giving her everything she could ask for, all while making love many times a day. The third night before bed, Ben slowly lowered the rope in the pulley by gradually removing the weight. When the cast was resting on the bed, he took her leg out of the sling and she sat up. The first thing she wanted to do was go to the bathroom in the toilet, not a bedpan, and without Ben’s help. This was the way she had become used to the past three days and two nights. She decided she wanted to start with the wheelchair, then use crutches in a couple days to be a little medically realistic. Ben wheeled the chair over and helped her to sit down then she rolled out of the room in a hurry, shouting that she’d call him if she needed. It was a good thing Ben had chosen to make the downstairs bathroom handicapped accessible after all.

Meg spent two days in a wheelchair with her cast, mostly around the house because she said she had the guts to pull off a cast and crutches in public, just not a cast and wheelchair. They kept having great sex, but she was wearing clothes during the day now that it was easier to dress. She didn’t care for the chair as much as she thought and in the morning of day six, she was ready to be fitted for a pair of crutches. They had both aluminum and wooden crutches and she shoes the aluminum this time, but it was a hard choice, as she liked both kinds. Ben helped her size them and, though it was her first time on crutches, she was quite mobile and not clumsy at all- citing that she had seen people on crutches at the bank for years. Today they would go out and show her off. They selected a tight yellow tank top to match the cast and a pair of cutoff jean shorts that ended just at the bottom of her butt so when they stopped, the cast began. Other days she was in the cast, she wore skirt to show off the cast, which turned out to be extremely easy to crutch in. Her business attire turned on Ben a lot and she felt good about herself wearing it, but they were on vacation and Ben gave her a reprieve, letting her wear more comfortable skirts and tank tops. She was less embarrassed to be in public than she thought she’d be and Ben was very supportive. He didn’t push the limits too much, keeping in mind this was her first time publicking. They lived near a big city, which helped. They didn’t go to many of the places they normally do and didn’t run into anyone they knew, which was a huge confidence booster for Meg.

After ten days, they took off the LLC. It was a great adventure. They each did a lot for each other, but he loves seeing her in casts and she loved being in casts, so neither minded at all. They would head back to work soon, but after all the fun they had, Meg hinted maybe they could do a term cast next time. We’ll see…

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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