The Perfect Couple
Chapter 2

by Randy Atoz


They stocked their new house with all the casting supplies they wanted. The house was huge and they had plenty of money. After cluttering the closets in their room after moving the casting supplies in after the movers had left, they decided to move it all to a “casting room” of their own. They decided on the room between the rec room and laundry room in the basement. The room was larger than a bedroom and no one knew it was there or how big it was. They decided to keep the door closed and locked at all times and just say it was “for storage.” They stocked it full with a hospital bed, traction devices (all up to date, of course,) cast saws, crutches, a wheelchair, neck and back braces, casting tape in every color and plenty of padding and stockinet.

By the time they had returned from their honeymoon, Meg had been out of her LAC for about as long as she had worn it- nine weeks and was getting “the itch.” She was just dying to feel the same sensation she had felt before and offered Ben a second honeymoon of sorts. He was also ready to see her in a cast again but didn’t want to be the one to initiate their first recreational casting adventure. She approached him about him and they were both excited and started right away. This was just after breakfast, so they showered- together- and hurried to the finished basement and unlocked the door. Ben suggested DSLC’s with walking shoes. He loved big casts and combinations, but wanted to start her out small out of consideration to her. She said she loved the feeling of the cast on her arm last time and wanted to feel it on the other as well. They could save the DSLC’s for another time. Ben expected another LAC, but she continued, saying she saw a larger cast online that she was interested in. She had Ben’s attention immediately and said she wanted a shoulder spica cast… but on both arms… AND including her neck. This would have actually been called a Risser double shoulder spica, but to Meg it was a turtleneck sweater cast. She wanted it to be heavy like her LAC, maybe even more so, and requested that Ben use plaster.

They put a sheet of plastic on the ground and over the stool Meg would sit on. She got completely naked except for her push-up bra, giving Ben the excuse that she wanted her breasts to be well supported and look large for him, rather than being saggy or pressed against her body by the cast. Ben covered her entire upper body except for her head with stockinet and began with the cast padding. He began at her waist with a wide roll and worked his way up to, and including, her neck, being careful to protect the shape of her breasts using a figure eight method. He then used a medium width roll to cover both arms. She was holding two broomsticks to hold the proper form. Both arms were bent at a ninety degree angle and were held at shoulder level. This was hard for her to maintain, but Ben assured her that he would use support bars and the cast would relieve the stress once it dried. Meg trusted him and they proceeded. Once he got to her wrists he got the narrowest roll of padding they had and wrapped her thumb then all four fingers on both hands, she loved the feeling already and couldn’t wait for him to get to the plaster. He repeated the same process as with the padding; start at the waist, work your way up and cover the neck, then cover the arms and hands one at a time. Ben had never made or been in a cast before, but had seen it done so many times on the internet, he was comfortable with it. As promised, when he finished covering the top half of Meg in plaster, he used two sections of wooden dowel rod covered in plaster to serve as the support bars. They both ran from her sides, around the pelvic bone at her waist to her forearms, close to her elbows. Once the cast had dried, Ben helped Meg stand up and make her way to the hospital bed. They had both been turned on for hours since they began talking about doing a cast today. Meg was exhausted and sore from sitting down and holding the broomsticks, but it was worth it and she could just lie there and enjoy herself anyway. Ben gave her remarkable sex over and over for the better part of two hours until he simply rolled over and fell asleep for what turned out to be about an hour. Meg followed suit, not having much choice with Ben sleeping on top of her, though she would not have been able to sit up anyway. They woke up together famished and ordered a pizza for delivery. Meg wanted to sit up in bed, so Ben propped her up on pillows after lifting her heavy upper body by bending at the waist. He dressed and went upstairs to get the pizza and drinks and brought them back down to the casting room. He assisted Meg in eating and drinking because she could not do anything for herself with her waist up in a body cast. She liked the feeling though. She enjoyed the sensation of the thick, heavy cast holding her body and liked doing something that meant this much to Ben which, frankly, turned them both on more then she could have ever imagined. It didn’t hurt that Ben pampered her constantly while she was in the cast. She could do nothing for herself and Ben did everything she could have asked of him. They made love, though they were both running out of energy, one last time and went to sleep.

In the morning, Meg told Ben how much she enjoyed everything about the cast, which turned him on and he had sex with her before she could finish talking. When he did let her finish, she said the cast was too difficult to sleep in since she could not make herself comfortable. Immediately he offered to take it off, being concerned for his wife. She told him to calm down and cleverly said with a wink that they wouldn’t need to sleep until tonight. She wanted to keep it on during the day to experience it longer, then have Ben remove it before they went to sleep. He helped Meg use the toilet, have breakfast, and put in a pair of jeans and sandals. She asked what he wanted to do today, and he replied whatever would make her happy, which was funny because they both knew that having her in the cast made them both happy enough. She just wanted to spend time with him so, being sexually satisfied for now, they went for a drive. He helped her into the back seat, the only place she would fit, and buckled her in. The windows of their car were tinted, so no one would recognize her in her huge cast. She was willing to wear a recreational cast in public and even lie to her friends and her dad, but would prefer to work up to it and begin with smaller, more believable casts. They saw scenery for the afternoon, then returned home. Ben cooked a romantic dinner for them, then fed it to Meg. This put them both in the mood, so they had sex one last time with her in the cast, then removed it. This was a sad time for both of them but they agreed it was right. They saved the cast to remind them of two of the best days they had ever had. Ben used a Sharpie marker to sign and date the cast for sentimental reasons, then let Meg do the same. Truthfully, from time to time, Meg would let Ben put the two halves around her torso and they would have sex remembering their first recreational adventure. As soon as she was out of the cast she gave Ben a huge hug they told each other how much they meant to the other and kissed, just like their wedding kiss. After the I love you’s Meg told Ben that she wanted to feel a cast her again soon and that she would wear casts for longer in the future if he wanted. They chose to give it a week or two, but they both had ideas of what cast to do next.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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