The Perfect Couple
Chapter 10

by Randy Atoz


It had finally come, the day before Valentine’s Day and the “ski trip” that Meg and Ben had taken a vacation from work for. Mia had her columns done through the weekend and Ed cancelled all of his appointments. In the evening, Mia and Ed packed up a few outfits and some casting supplies and drove a few streets to the perfect couple’s house. When they arrived, Ben led them down the basement to start the casting right away. Meg was heavily bandaged and in traction. Both wrists were wrapped and her right leg had elastic bandages from her groin to her toes with a splint and padding underneath. They had been “playing” downstairs since they woke up this morning and Meg had already selected the casts that she planned to wear. Since her excuse was skiing, she knew that the wrists had to be involved, assuming that someone who fell would attempt to catch themselves when they fell and break their wrists. Her left arm, the one she actually did break, would be casted as a LAC, citing the former injury as her reason for the larger cast. The right arm, her writing hand would have a SAC, leaving her mobile and independent enough to do almost everything she would need by herself. These were the casts that she would wear for a full four to six week term and would be applied on the last day before returning to work after the leg cast had been removed. That cast would be on her leg in traction- the opposite leg from the one she wore the LLWC on before Christmas. It would get a CLC but only for the weekend, she did not want to be too restrained to enjoy lovemaking on this romantic holiday. Mia was impressed that she had decided what she wanted ahead of time, but admitted that she had also made plans as to the cast she would wear.

The cast she chose- or truthfully a cast and a brace- would be a CTO brace, which was a vest connected to a neck brace to immobilize the entire spine, covered by a shoulder spica cast on her left hand, since, like meg, she was also right-handed. After announcing the cast, she committed herself to wear it for six weeks. The men were surprised and pleased at her creativity and she told them that Meg’s enthusiasm for large casts and the way Ed treated her in them helped determine her decision. Meg was enjoying her Ace bandages and traction so Meg would get to be casted first.

She stripped most of her clothes off, but to give Ed a sexy Valentine’s Day weekend, she would dress partially like a burlesque dancer and wear the cast and brace for him, it would be a perfect fantasy weekend for Ed. Mia fit the look perfectly with pale white skin, arms covered in tattoos, short dyed-black hair and thick black plastic frames on her glasses. She had on black eye makeup and blood-red lipstick, perfect for the ensemble, and completed it with a pair of black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt, but nothing else. Ed fitted her for the CTO first, placing the brace on her neck, with her chin a little higher than straight ahead to feel more restricting. Next, he clipped the front to the back on the sides and fit it to her body by strapping it tight against her stomach and chest. He left only enough room for her to breathe comfortably, then got out the stockinet for the cast. Before he began doing this, Mia felt the restrictions of the brace and asked for a mirror to look at herself before Ed started with the padding. Ben ran and got one, since Ed was busy and Meg was still in traction. The hard, grey brace formed an “X” around her breasts and forced them outward. She was completely stiff from the hips up except for her arms, one of which would be just as immobile shortly. Her eyes pointed straight forward and she had to turn her whole body to look to either side. Due to the angle of her neck, she looked slightly up at all times, but her chin was the only reason for this, her back was not arched at all, it was stiff as a board and she had no way to lean over or even bend at her hips, other than to sit down. She was finally satisfied with looking in the mirror and the casting could begin.

Ed put wide stockinet over her brace to cover her torso from under her right armpit to on top of the brace on her left shoulder. To show off her tattoos, the right arm would be the one left out of the shoulder spica cast. Medium width stockinet covered that arm past her elbow and a small piece covered her hand, wrist, and forearm. With this large of a cast they would not bother with fingers or her thumb to save time. He then wrapped her, careful not to be too tight over the brace, and not to flatten her breasts against her body. Both girls picked red casts for the romantic holiday, so Ed began wrapping away at her waist where the brace began and moved his way up her body. The widest tape Ben had went towards her SS, covering her whole midsection and left shoulder with the wide tape, and he switched to a medium width to cover her arm. The cast made a diagonal line across her chest and covered both breasts, with the brace shooting upward from the opening. Plenty of the hard plastic brace was visible; the left shoulder strap and its clip, as well as about a quarter of the “X” in addition to all of the neck portion. She bent her elbow so that her forearm pointed forward and her palm faced the ground. Her shoulder was held in place by Ben, while Ed wrapped and was about 45 degrees from vertical, halfway between straight out and flat against her body. Ed finished the ends of the cast, tucking the stockinet under and covering it with the red tape that matched her lipstick and the remaining colored streak in her hair. He helped Mia make her way upstairs to the guest bedroom to begin their fun so Meg could have her bandages removed and real casts applied.

Ben first removed the Ace bandages from both of Meg’s arms, then helped lower her leg from the hanging traction. She unwound the soft elastic from her right leg, then removed the padded splint underneath and by the time she finished, Ben had the supplies ready for the CLC. He slid the stockinet up her leg to her groin, but did not cover her foot. Ben wrapped the padding over the leg from her ankle upwards and covered it with tape matching Mia’s SS cast. Her knee was slightly bent and she planned to wear a shoe with her cast and walk without the help of crutches. The cast took next to no time to apply because without the foot or ankle included, there was very little other than wrapping straight up and down her leg. They finished so quickly, in fact, that they decided on another identical red CLC for the left leg. Her toenails were painted red to match the cast tape and she bought skimpy red lace lingerie earlier in the week. They made their way upstairs- Meg walked, but with her legs as stiff as they were, had to wobble from side to side just to swing one leg to the next step and repeat for the full flight. Ben walked behind her to make sure she didn’t fall, but they had a good laugh about this the whole time. Once they made it to the bedroom, they had a romantic and sexy night, just like their friends down the hall. The clean white of the stockinet contrasting with the red of the tape really appealed to Ben as he began rubbing her rough casted calves up to her thighs, where he snuck his fingers into the tight, padded edge of her cast, then pushed her casts apart from her and held them flat on the bed, holding her down and plunging his penis into her. It was wonderful for both of them and a rare treat for Meg to see an aggressive side of Ben for a change. Afterwards, he dropped the façade and kissed her lovingly, then they fell to sleep.

The next day, Ben helped Meg downstairs and let her sit long ways on the couch with her feet elevated on pillows. Before long, Mia came downstairs with Ed, but was dressed for the day, since she had no intentions of even trying to shower in such a large cast. Ed had used a washcloth to clean her face and legs and dressed her in a pair of sneakers and black skinny jeans, but no clothes above the waist to show off her cast and neck brace. Meg warned her she might get cold, but with only her arm exposed, and the rest of her heavily casted or braced, she assumed she’d be fine. Their guests were both surprised by her two casts, expecting only one, but understood why when they found out how fast they were applied. The girls compared casts, while the guys listened intently on their conversation. Mia thought that her brace was a little too tight for her to be comfortable, but she would tolerate it for two more days because there was no way to loosen it without removing the cast and they had a great time last night. Meg commented that she was not as restrained as she usually preferred to be in a cast, with her knees as the only joint that was held rigid. After breakfast, Ben helped Meg freshen up and get dressed in a pair of red flat dressy shoes, a black knee-length pencil skirt and left the room for a minute to use the bathroom prior to dressing himself. Since Meg had full use of her arms, surely she could select a shirt and put it on… right? What neither of them had thought of, Meg had to swing her legs to walk and the pencil skirt limited how far forward they could go. After shuffling her feet a few steps, she tried to take a normal pace and lost her balance, falling on the bed. She giggled at what happened and Ben removed her skirt, then helped her into a red v-neck dress, matching her casts and shoes, as well as allowing her to swing her casted legs.

Their guests laughed when they shared the story of what the loud boom upstairs was. The group decided to go out for the day to see what reactions they got in their casts and have a nice dinner. They piled into Ed’s SUV and let Meg sit in the front passenger seat with her casted legs extended forward. Mia had to sit in the back seat, turned to the side because her casted arm stuck out from her body and she couldn’t wedge herself into the door without hitting the front seat. It was a humorous predicament that the girls enjoyed. Ben brought a wheelchair for Meg so that she could sit with her legs extended and ride around the mall. Mia would walk, but needed help because her visibility was very poor due to the neck brace. After an hour and quite a few stares and questions-that they gave fabricated answers to- they went to a restaurant for a good dinner. Mia got most of the attention that day in a larger, more unusual, and more serious-looking cast and Meg got an idea.

Never one to be outdone, especially not by the size of a cast or the degree of immobilization, Meg whispered to Ben that she would wear a halo brace for the day tomorrow and surprise Mia. They had done this before, using pieces of foam rubber on the ends of the bolts to hold the halo against her head, but without the pain or unnecessary and dangerous work of using screws into her skull. It looked great nonetheless. She wore her red hair with tight curls in a ponytail, being the only way the metal ring would fit properly. Her ponytail was lifted up and tossed over the ring, making the brace look like it was meant for her. This was applied that night after Mia and Ed went to bed. Meg was excited to show it to Mia and brag, but while she waited until morning, she let Ben have his way with her, having to lay flat on the bed and spread her beautiful, casted legs.

She was right, Mia truly was surprised in the morning, hurrying over to Meg and using her uncasted hand to feel the four cool metal bars, examine the halo around her head and the soft sheepskin of her vest. It was a wonderful brace, with a large hard white plastic vest with padding on the inside of the vest that projected her breasts forward and immobilized her more than any other brace could. Mia admitted that she had been outdone and Meg kindly offered to her that she could borrow it sometime. Ed mentioned that he could incorporate one into a cast for her someday, just like with her shoulder spica and CTO. The girls wore their casts and braces around the house for the day and had sex with their husbands for hours in the evening before the casts were removed and term casts were applied.

Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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