The Perfect Couple
Chapter 1

by Randy Atoz


This is the first in a series of installments about a caster and his wife. Almost all casting will be recreational, as I am not turned on to pain or actual injuries. There is not as much about casting in the first chapter because I wanted to introduce you to the characters and there is a med cast, but other chapters are much more descriptive and I know that you will enjoy them.

Ben was just beginning his senior year in college. This was the fall and he would be graduating in the spring. He was going to be an accountant, and really didn’t have an interesting life. One of his favorite things to do was to run into Megan, a teller at his local bank. She was in her mid-twenties, a redhead with curly hair, usually in a ponytail. She was tall for a girl, about Ben’s height, and he was average for a guy. She was about average weight, maybe a few pounds heavier. She did not have much extra weight on her butt or stomach at all, but had very large breasts and thicker thighs and upper arms. She dressed well, very professionally, sometimes in very feminine business suits, often with skirts. She wore turtlenecks more often than other outfits, in fact most days she was wearing a thick, tight turtleneck. They accentuated her breasts and arms making them look even bigger and more attractive. Ben would go on to find out that it was because she liked the sensation of being held, like a constant hug the whole day. She and Ben talked a fair amount at his trips to the bank, enough to know each other well. This had been going on since he began college three years ago, and she had just started at the bank being a new college graduate. They really hadn’t gotten past small talk until the end of last year. Megan thought she wasn’t attractive enough for him and Ben thought she wouldn’t be interested in him, being younger and shy. He finally got the courage to ask her out and Meg excitedly accepted. They began to hit it off immediately. They would date some on the weekends and talk on the phone at night. They told each other how much they meant to each other and how attracted they both actually were to the other. This had gone on for half the year. Meg asked Ben to meet her father (her mother had passed away) and it turned out that this was the president of the entire bank! Meg had a ton of money and her family was the reason why she was working at the bank, but never let on. Her father told her that if she found a guy who was interested in her for her and not for his money, she should marry him. Ben had no idea all along and a date was set for this summer. He and Ben got along great and Ben was to have a job with the company when he graduated. Everything was going great.

Ben went home for a long weekend late in the winter when Meg had the accident. She was closing the heavy door to the vault at the bank one night when she wanted to put one more thing in and tried to stop the door, but her hand slipped and, to make a long story short, broke her lower arm about three inches below the elbow. She was put into a long arm cast that ran all the way into her armpit, as high as it could go, while still allowing her to move her shoulder. It was a dark green fiberglass cast and she would have to wear it for about six weeks. After that time, she would have to be in a short arm cast for another three weeks. Ben rushed back to see his fiancée, genuinely concerned about her health. After the pain subsided a few days later, Ben told Meg how very attracted he was to her in a cast. This had never come up before, but Ben had a cast fetish. He loved seeing women in casts and neck or back braces and frequented Cast Central Links and the Recortho forum. Meg respected his honesty and, surprisingly was okay with the fetish as long as she could participate. To her, the feeling of the cast now that there was no longer pain was even better than that of a sweater and she loved it. She offered to wear other casts for him in the future and he was elated by the prospect. They made love that night and it was the most enjoyable sex they had both ever experienced. Both were turned on to each other and both were turned on to Meg’s LAC. It was now the spring so she could wear sleeveless turtlenecks with her cast. With as thick as the cast was, she could not wear it under sleeves and she loved showing it off for Ben as well as its constant rigidity. Due to the nature of her break, the cast was applied much thicker than was normally done for a LAC. It was, therefore, nearly twice as heavy as another LAC would be. She had nothing to compare it to because she had never been in a cast before. She has been curious, however, because of how common of a thing it is to wear a cast. It was comfortable to her, soft on the inside and not too tight, but tight enough to remind her that it was present on her arm for a month and a half; a constant reminder of the cast that she loved. The next nine weeks were wonderful for both Meg and Ben with her in her LAC, followed by an orange SAC, matching her hair. The wedding was set for the early summer and both knew they would have fun with a vacation from work (it helps to know the boss) until fall. They both had ideas for casts and combinations and would have a whole, brand new house- a gift from dad- to themselves for a few months.


Copyright Randy Atoz 2009


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