by llconme

It was unusually warm for the time of the year and I had not been on a ride for a long time. It was my day off and I decided to pull my motorcycle out of storage a little early and hit the streets. It didn’t take long to wipe it free of the dust that had collected over the winter and as the motor warmed up I put on my Kevlar reinforced jacket, gloves and my helmet. I threw my leg over, sat down and snapped the throttle a few times, the motor revved happily so I squeezed the clutch, stepped down on the shifter and I was on my way. I made my way through town and as I reached the outskirts I was approaching the last intersection before a long stretch of road that I liked to open up the throttle on. The light was red and as I was slowing down, it turned green, I couldn’t resist, squeezed in the clutch, cracked the throttle and release the clutch. The resulting exhaust note was powerful and the front end came up off the ground and I entered the intersection on one wheel, as I did I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a car was still coming through the intersection, I was in deep trouble! I heard the screeching of the tires and loud crash as I felt a tremendous pain engulf my body. My mother had been telling me for years “that bike is going to kill you one day” today I thought she was right.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a bright light and thought for sure that I was dead. I tried to move and could not and this made me believe even more so that I was dead. It was then that the bright light went away and I realized I was strapped to a gurney in the back of an ambulance and the light was from the paramedic checking my eyes. I made it!! The paramedic spoke out and asked me if I knew what happened, I smiled the best I could and said, “yea, I just took my last motorcycle ride”. He responded, “well, it’s the last time you’ll ride that particular bike, but I think your gonna be ok”. He explained to me that I had obvious fractures of my lower left leg and possibly my upper leg. He also told me that I had broken both bones in my left arm. These were just the injuries that he could see, but they would be able to check everything out once we were at the hospital. He also said that if it wasn’t for the protective gear, I would be a lot worse if not dead. I nodded my had the best I could with the neck collar on and closed my eyes and listened to the sirens wail as the ambulance drove on.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I was wheeled into the ER and swarmed by about a dozen people. There were people taking my pulse, blood pressure, cutting off my remaining clothes and asking all kinds of questions about what hurt and what didn’t. Then they informed me that I was going to be taken to have an MRI to determine exactly how bad my injuries were and if there were any they were not obvious to the naked eye. I ask if they could give me something for all the pain I was in and they told me to hold out for a little while longer, they wanted me coherent until the tests were over. It seemed like an eternity when they finally said they had completed all the scans. The doctor confirmed what the paramedic had already told me, fractures in both bones of my left arm, both bones of my lower leg, and yes my upper leg was also broken. She told me that they were going to put me to sleep so they could set the broken bones and when I woke up I would be in recovery and my arm and leg would already be casted. As I started to fade out from the anesthesia, she asked me if I had a favorite color and I said blue.

I don’t know how long I was out, but when I awoke, I was extremely thirsty and extremely sore. It took a few minutes for me to realize what was going on and to remember that I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. Once I was able to focus, I realized that there was a pitcher of water and a glass on a table next to the left of the bed. I looked down at my left arm and saw my fingers sticking out of a blue fiberglass cast that went all the way up to my armpit and held my elbow at a 90-degree angle. I started to remember the doc telling me about my broken bones and even with my body covered by the bed sheet, I could see my foot sticking up which told me that my ankle was also casted at 90 degrees too. I tried to bend my knee and got no movement. I figured that since the doc told me that me upper leg was broken too, the cast had to go up past my knee. I thought to myself, it’s not going to be easy to get around with one leg in a full cast and my arm in a full cast. I closed my eyes again and thought about the day and wondered why I just didn’t leave the motorcycle in storage. After a few minutes of these thoughts, my mind turned back to the need for water and I gathered enough energy to set up. I placed my uncasted arm on the bed and pushed up, but for some strange reason I could not lift my upper body off the bed. I tried this a few times and never managed to do more than exhaust myself. As I lay there breathing heavily from my attempts to get up from the bed, I noticed that my deep breaths felt restricted, that’s when I placed my hand on my chest and felt a strange, hard surface. What the hell was this??? I took my right arm and lifted up the sheet that covered me and saw that same blue fiberglass that covered my arm also extended all the way up to my chest!! I dropped the sheet back down and thought, what the hell did they do to me? Thinking I was dreaming, I lifted the sheet up once more to have another look, sure enough, it was there. I had a cast that went from the base of my toes on my left leg, all the way up to my chest and extended down my right leg to just above the knee. It also had a bar that stretched between both of my legs. I lowered the sheet back down and closed my eyes again. I lay there with my eyes closed testing to see what I could and couldn’t move. It only took me a few minutes to realize that I really couldn’t move a whole lot of my body. That’s when I heard a familiar voice from the other side of the room. It was the doc.

So, how do you feel, she asked? Well, I’m really sore, really thirsty, and I can’t reach the water. She smiled and said, oh yes let me get that for you. As she walked from the door towards the small table, I couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was. She was about 5’6”, maybe 125 lbs. long black hair and looked to be Asian. She poured a glass of water and handed it to me. As I tried to drink the water, some of it ran down my chin, because I couldn’t lift my upper body off the bed. She giggled a little and reached her hand out to take the glass. We have never had the chance to formerly introduce ourselves she said, I’m Dr. Lee, I took care of you when you were brought into the ER. I’m Mark, Mark Johnson, I said. I guess we could call you Mark Johnson & Johnson as she started laughing. I looked at her with a puzzled look. I’m sorry Johnson & Johnson are the people who make the fiberglass that we made your casts with. I smiled and said, that’s ok, I appreciate a little good humor as much as the next guy, but I’ve been wondering about these casts, especially this one, as I took my right hand and knocked on the cast that cover my lower body. Yes, she said, I figured you would be asking about that, it’s probably a little more than you expected. Uhh, it’s a lot more than I expected, why does a cast for a broken leg go up so high and why does it go down my other leg I asked? Well the cast that is on your lower body is called a hip spica and the reason that we had to put you in that type of cast was because of the location of the break in your femur, that’s the bone in your upper leg. The break was so close to your hip, that we couldn’t take any chances of letting the bones move around. The reason that it goes down your other leg, well, that’s my doing. You see, I am a little old fashioned and overcautious. What do you mean I asked? Well, most doctors would have opted to do surgery and place a stainless steel plate on the bones and screw it back together, I opted for the hip spica cast because it doesn’t require surgery and I opted to have it extend down your other leg and include the spreader bar to make sure that there was no movement at all. Six months from now you’ll thank me. What!!!! I have to be in this for 6 months? Can you still do surgery, please? Calm down she said, the reason that I said you’ll thank me is because in six months you’ll be completely healed and you will not have any scars from the surgery, you’ll only be in the hip spica for 2 months. After that, we should be able to remove it and put you in a regular full leg cast. What about my arm I asked? We will just have to monitor the progress on that, the breaks were pretty bad, but the bones lined up nicely. You were very lucky Mark, things could have been a lot worse for you. I guess your right, but it just doesn’t seem that way right now. She smiled and said, your going to be fine, just be patient and trust me, you’ll enjoy yourself more than you think possible. I’ll stop and see you later. As she walked away, she stopped at the door and looked back, if you need anything, just press the button on the table, someone will come and check on you. Thanks I said as she walked away. I closed my eyes again and thought about my predicament, I lifted my casted left arm and tried to flex my elbow and wrist, nothing happened. I lowered it back down and it made a thud as it came in contact with the cast that covered my chest. I thought to myself, this is going to be a long couple of months, how could I enjoy it. A few minutes later I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of voices in the room. I opened my eyes and noticed several people in the room, one of them was Dr. Lee. How are you feeling today she asked? I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Dr. Lee turned to the nurse and told her to get me another dose of pain medication. She then told me that I would probably feel pretty bad for a couple of days but she did not want to overdue the pain medication because she was always afraid that patients would become dependent upon it. Remember she said, I am a little old fashioned. Yes, I remember I said, as I knocked on my hip spica with my hand. She smiled and said, for someone who was through such a traumatic experience you are still in pretty good spirits. The nurse came back into the room with a couple of small pills and a glass of water. You might want to help Mr. Johnson with that, he has a bit of a drinking problem. Ha ha, I replied, as the nurse pulled up on the back of my head so I could swallow the water. Dr. Lee then told me that the nurse would be taking me to the x-ray dept because they wanted to get some more films to make sure that all the bones stayed in their proper places during the casting process. I’m Kelly the nurse said, nice to meet you. I’m Mark, I replied, nothing personal, but I wish I never had to have met you. Well, under these circumstances anyway. She laughed and said, I understand, but we are going to take good care of you here, trust me. Nurse Kelly? Just Kelly she said. Ok, Kelly, I have a slight problem. What is it she asked? I have to use the bathroom. Not a problem she said. Maybe not for you, you can walk I said. She reached under the bed and pulled out a urinal, here you go, think you can manage? Guess I’ll have to I said. I’ll be back in a few minutes to take you down to x-ray. As she walked away I noticed that she was wearing a knee brace that went from her ankle to up under her nursing uniform. It was a padded steel brace that was held on with large Velcro straps and was hinged at the knee. I also noticed that Kelly had great legs and her body was very toned and muscular looking. It wasn’t long before I was finished and Kelly had returned to the room. Ready, she asked? Let’s go I said.

The x-ray department was on the far side of the hospital, so it took about 10 minutes to for Kelly to wheel my bed there. It seemed as if every time we rounded a corner or passed by a door, someone would ask her how the leg was. She answered all the questions the same, it’s getting better slowly but surely. We finally arrived at the x-ray department and there were a couple of orderlies there to move me from my bed to the x-ray table. Thanks guys, Kelly said, I’ll call you when I am ready to move him back. That was weird I said. What do you mean? It was weird to be picked up and have most of my body feel as if it were completely solid. I think it is a really cool feeling she said. What are you talking about I asked? This is when she started to tell me about how she injured her leg. It seems she was roller-blading one day and one of her skates got stuck in a hole and she dislocated her knee and tore her ACL. She told me that Dr. Lee had to do surgery to repair the ligament and then placed her in a full leg cast for 3 weeks, which was replaced by the brace that she has been wearing for the past month. The pain was intense she said, but I really enjoyed the whole cast thing. Really, I asked? Yep, I thought the cast was really comfortable and I found its restrictiveness to be a turn on. Not to mention the fact that I practically had to beat the guys off with a stick. I even asked Dr. Lee to use this particular brace when she removed the cast because it has a hinge that can be locked to keep my knee from bending. I like to lock it in place when I go home in the evenings. I’m gonna miss it when it comes off in a few more weeks. Wow, I said. I’m sorry she said, you probably think that I am some kind of weirdo now. Not really I said, I like a little “kink” myself, but I just never considered a cast to be a form of bondage or anything like that. I guess if you think about it, people would be a lot more likely to question someone walking around in handcuffs as opposed to someone wearing a cast. Cool, Kelly said, it’s good that you see it that way, I have a feeling that we are going to get along great. Well, I guess we better get these x-rays taken. As she walked behind the protective wall I watched her braced leg move back and forth and I began to feel my manhood swell. Maybe Dr. Lee was right, somehow I might actually enjoy this, I definitely enjoyed looking at Kelly! A couple of buzzing sounds later, Kelly emerged from behind the control room and told me that it would take a few minutes to develop the x-rays. Don’t go anywhere she said, I’ll be right back as she pinched my toes sticking out of the cast. I don’t think you should be too concerned about that I said, besides I couldn’t get away if I tried. It wasn’t long and Kelly returned saying that she had some good news. What, it’s all been a mistake and I don’t have a single broken bone, I joked. She laughed and said no, I’m no expert, but it looks like everything stayed where it should be. We’ll get you and these x-rays back to your room and let Dr. Lee take a look at them. Besides, I hear that you have some people here to see you. Kelly returned me to my room and Dr. Lee confirmed what Kelly suspected, all was well and I was on the road to recovery. Well, I am going to go check on some other patients, but I’ll stop and see you before I leave. I’ll send your visitors in on my way out. Thanks Dr. Lee, I’ll see you later.

A few moments after Dr. Lee left the room, the door flew open and I heard “hey crash, how’s it going?” It was a couple of friends from work, Matt and Jeff and my roommate Michelle. Hey roomy, you gonna live asked Michelle. Yep, looks that way, so I guess your gonna have to wait a while longer before you can claim ownership of my home theater system. I don’t want it that bad she said. Thanks I appreciate that. So, when you going to be able to leave Jeff asked. I don’t know, I haven’t even thought of asking Dr. Lee how long I was going to be here. Was that your doctor that just left here Matt asked? Yes I said, why? She’s hot Matt said, your one lucky patient. You think, I asked. Hey you got hit by a car and only got a broken arm, broken leg and a hotty for a doctor. I had a broken leg once Jeff said, it wasn’t that bad, but it looks like you won’t be able to use crutches because of your arm. I laughed a little and said, you want to see the kicker? What you mean they asked? Check this out as I pulled the covers off my lower body with my uncasted arm. Oh my god!!!! They all said in unison. I thought you only broke your leg and arm, what’s with the hip spica Michelle asked? Hip what, Matt and Jeff chimed in. Hip spica I said, that’s what this cast on my lower body is called. Dr. Lee said that the break in my upper leg was really close to my hip socket and she didn’t want to take any chances on it moving. So I have to spend the next couple of months in this cast and then they will put a regular cast that only comes to the top of my leg. Wow, two months not being able to move or do anything on your own, that’s gonna suck. Yea, but you guys are going to help me out, right??? They laughed and said, Michelle’s your roommate, she’s the one that is going to have to deal with this. Thanks a lot guys. Yea, thanks a lot Michelle quipped, you guys a really good friends. We’re just kidding they said, we will do whatever it takes to help you out. Thanks guys I said, and Matt if you want to borrow my motorcycle this weekend, feel free!! Gee thanks a lot, I thought you were never going to let me borrow it. Hey, whatever you do, don’t put a scratch on it I mused. Another hour of meaningless chitchat went on and everyone signed my cast and decided they should be going. We’ll stop back and see ya soon buddy. Yea , catch ya later roomy. Hey Michelle, come back here for a minute I said. Ok guys, I’ll meet you at the car as Matt and Jeff exited the room. Michelle turned back towards, what’s up she asked. I was just curious, how did you know what the hip spica cast was? Huh she stammered, what are you talking about? How did you know that this was called a hip spica cast I repeated. Michelle reddened and said, I don’t know, I must have red about it at one point or something. Why, she asked. Just curious. Think you are going to be able to deal with this situation once they send me home? I’m sure we’ll manage, I’ll see you soon. Ok, come back and see me soon. She waved bye as she walked out the door. I sat there for a few minutes wondering how Michelle knew so quickly what a hip spica was and why she turned so red when I questioned her about it. Just then, Kelly poked her head in the door, you hungry sport? I’m starved, you gonna take me out for dinner I asked? No, but I can see about having the cafeteria bring you up some lunch. Great I said, but no green Jell-O! Ok, I’ll see what I can do. About 10 minutes went by and an orderly came into the room with a tray of food. As he turned to give me my food his jaw dropped. Wow, that’s the biggest cast I have ever seen!!! I had forgotten to put the cover back over me and left my huge cast exposed. Yes, it’s the biggest one I have ever seen too, unfortunately I’m in it. Guess you should have paid that lone shark back he joked. That’s funny I said, mind if I use that. Sounds a lot better than saying I was riding a wheelie on a motorcycle and got hit by a car. I always wanted a bike he said, but ever since I started working here last summer, I have changed my mind big time. Now I want a tank so I can be safe on the roads. Yea, I don’t think that I will be riding again any time soon, if ever. You wanna sign the cast I asked. Sure, he said. He signed it, “keep both wheels on the ground Mr. Kinevil, Justin” Justin eh, Mark Johnson, nice to meet you. Like wise he said, enjoy your lunch. Thanks, see ya later.

I had eaten my lunch and Justin had already returned to take my tray away. I was basically left alone, so I decided I would turn on the TV for some company. It wasn’t long before I realized why I didn’t watch daytime television, it sucked! Soap opera’s and talk shows. I finally decided on Jerry Springer, which was featuring “guys who wanted to be girls and were now lesbians”. Anyway, it was long before I got bored. I had noticed that the pain medication was working pretty well, so I decided to really test my latest fashion statement. I started with my right foot. I could rotate my ankle freely and wiggle my toes. As for the knee, I could flex it a little, but because the upper part of that leg was held stationary against the bed, I couldn’t get much movement out of it. On the left leg I could wiggle my toes, ankle was solid, knee was solid, no movement at all. I tried squeezing my legs together but it wasn’t happening. Again, I tried to set up but could only get my shoulders off the bed and I couldn’t flex my upper body from side to side at all either. As far as my arm goes, I found out how much help it was going to be when I was eating my lunch…..NONE!!! I wasn’t going to be much use to myself or anyone else for that matter. I had to admit thought, Kelly was right, the casts were actually comfortable. I didn’t feel any excessive pressure at any one spot and they fit better than any clothes that I owned. Oh shit, what am I going to do about clothes when I get out of here? How am I going to get dressed or get food or do any of the things that a person that can get out bed can do? I started to panic and reached for the button on the table and pressed it. A few seconds later, Kelly walked through the door, what’s wrong, do you need the doctor. Not really, I just started thinking about my situation and started to panic. Kelly smiled, yes I understand, you will be very dependent upon friends and family once you leave here, but don’t worry, I’m sure they will not mind helping you out. Well, none of my family lives in the area and all my friends are friends from work, they have jobs that they have to go to. Well, it is possible to get in home nursing care she said, we’ll have to see if that is something that your insurance will cover. Kelly was already sitting on the edge of the bed, what I had not noticed or felt was that she was rubbing her fingers along my casted leg. I didn’t really respond to the insurance comment and Kelly that’s when Kelly realized I was watching her play with the texture of the cast. Oh, I’m sorry she said! I just really like the way it feels and…I interrupted her and told her there was no need to get embarrassed, I didn’t mind. I was just exploring the cast myself and was thinking about how restrictive and yet comfortable it was when I panicked and pushed the button. I just don’t know if I will think this way for the next couple of months. Kelly smiled an evil little grin and said, it’ll go by quickly and I am sure that I can help you think of some ways to kill the time. Well she said, since I am here, I need to draw some blood for the lab so they can run a few tests, make sure that everything is looks ok. Go for it. Kelly was an expert with the needle and I hardly felt it go in and before I knew it she was done and she placed a band-aid over the puncture mark. Ok, she said I have to get this over to the lab, I’ll talk to you later. Bye I said as I again watched her braced leg move back and forth. She has great legs I thought to myself.

About an hour later Dr. Lee came in to see how I was doing. Not to bad all things considered I said. She noticed the band-aid on my arm and asked if I was in such pain that they gave me a shot for it. No, I said, Kelly had just drawn some blood for the lab. Ok she replied. Well I am getting ready to leave for the day but I will be back tomorrow. I getting pretty tired, guess I might get some rest. Good, she said. See, one day of recovery already over, it will go fast. Thanks Dr. Lee, see you tomorrow. Dr. Lee left the room closing the door behind her. I turned my focus back towards the television and soon drifted off to sleep.

I’m not sure what time it was, but I was awakened by a soft whisper in my ear, wake up sport. It was Kelly. Huh, what’s wrong I said. Shhhh, nothing she said. I just didn’t get to day goodbye earlier and I am going to be off for the weekend. Oh, ok have a good weekend. Kelly was rubbing on the cast again. You don’t understand she said. I couldn’t go all weekend with leaving you here to enjoy this nice big cast by yourself. That’s when I felt Kelly’s hand slip from the cast to the open area at my crotch. She slowly rubbed my cock until I formed an erection, which didn’t take long. That’s when she stepped back away from the bed and dropped her nursing uniform to the ground exposing her beautifully tanned body covered only by a white sports bra a thong and the knee brace. I hope you don’t mind she said, as she pulled the bra over her head exposing her ample breasts. Uhh, I guess not I said. Was she crazy, she was gorgeous and stripping her clothes off in front of me, I didn’t mind at all. Good she said as she lowered her thong to the floor leaving only the brace on her leg. She lifted up the covers and looked down at my erection, my you are more into this than I thought you would be. At that point she hopped up onto the bed straddling me, I was in shock. She smiled and said, you know the blood sample earlier? Yes. That was for my own personal use, I wanted to make sure that this was going to be safe. Kelly lowered her breast towards my face and I immediately went for her nipples, they were hard and I could tell that they needed attention. I licked and sucked on them gently for a short period before I took one between my teeth and gave it s gentle pinch. I head Kelly moan softly so I continued. As I playfully tortured her nipples she had her hand behind her and was stroking my erection to the point that I thought it was as hard as the cast that covered my body. This went on for a few minutes when she lifted her head and said she couldn’t take it any more, I need to feel you inside me she said. I couldn’t believe that this was happening, I was in the hospital wearing multiple casts and was being seduced by a beautiful nurse, this could be a Springer episode. All of the sudden, Kelly let out a light shriek and seconds later she slumped forward. As she slumped forward I saw Dr. Lee standing behind her hold a needle in her hand. My eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped. Dr. Lee I said in a confused and embarrassed voice, what are you doing her? Don’t worry Mike, nothing bad is going to happen. Kelly has told me about this fantasy that she has had and when I didn’t order any blood work and she took blood from you, I had an idea that she was going to try and act it out tonight. I just had to make sure that it didn’t happen because of hospital regulation. What did you do to her I asked. I just gave her a little shot to knock her out for a couple of hours, she’ll be ok. What’s going to happen now? Well, she’ll probably be sorry that she decided too act on her fantasy. Don’t get her in trouble, please Dr. Lee. I have to handle this my way Mike as she pulled Kelly’s limp body onto a gurney was setting next to my bed. That on the other hand, you are going to have to take care of your self for now. What, I asked? Dr. Lee then glanced toward my erection. I’ll have to let Kelly now what she missed out on. Dr. Lee placed a sheet over Kelly’s limp body and said see you in the morning as she wheeled Kelly out of the room. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was shocked and still highly aroused, I had no choice but to finish what Kelly had already started and then I drifted off to sleep.


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