"Memorable Memorial Day" By tom

I thought it was a good idea. Karen wasn't so sure. I tried to play it cool so as not to tip my hand; or maybe I should say spill the beans (on myself).

Karen didn't have any other ideas and mine seemed plausible at least. Karen was really wishing she hadn't been given this assignment. Our health center was fairly new to the town and we needed more visibility in the community. She didn't have any ideas. We were already in the phone book but it seemed that the residents were so used to going to the hospital in the next town for medical problems that they just didn't think of going to us yet - so business wasn't what management had hoped.

It was a few more days before Karen spoke to me about my idea to get us more visible to the community. I don't think she came up with anything better than my idea. I tried not to sound to gleeful when she agreed to it but I knew I would be really enjoying this years town parade for reason's only known to me.

I got along with Karen, and she was friendly enough, even though the stresses or the workplace did tend to get to her at times. She was pretty difficult to be around when they did. She's a bit on the chunky side but I could see how she could have been considered cute and maybe even somewhat of a catch in her younger days. I felt like I should ask her if she would be one of the patients even though I kind of hoped she would say no.

I couldn't help but smile as she absolutely refused to participate directly. What a relief! As I said, she was cute in her own way, but her toes... yuck! Really in need of help. She was one of those women who had a super prominent big toe, way out of proportion to her other toes. And she had this freaky thing about her pinky toes. The toenail was like on the side of the toe instead of being on top of it. Amazingly enough she seemed to like wearing open toed shoes and I always thought to myself that her toes were almost enough to make me lose my foot fetish.

I said, "Well Karen, there aren't that many employees here. Who else is going to do it?"

"I already thought of that. My daughter is very pretty and she's loves the limelight. I'm sure she wouldn't mind being one of the 'stars' in the parade."

I had a mental picture of a smaller, younger Karen. Then I thought about Karen's feet and said to myself, "I hope your daughter didn't inherit your feet". After that sobering thought I asked Karen to let me know if she will agree to do it.

Karen smiled, "You don't understand, I already asked her and she already agreed".

"Oh", I said, mildly surprised. "And she knows exactly what's going to happen?"

"Oh yes, she thought it would be cool. She can't wait in fact."

"Great! One down, one to go. Did you have any other daughters willing to give it a go?"

"No, you better ask Judy or Jody.", she said.

Judy was the nurse on duty today. Jody was the receptionist/secretary for the office. I knew Jody much better, got along with her nicely and she was quite pretty. I think she was around 40 but she could have passed as late 20's (my age). She only occasionally wore open toed shoes but I had gotten my glimpses in when she did and I knew she had very nice feet and toes.

I knew I had to ask Jody first. I have to admit I was a little nervous as I explained what we were doing in the town parade. After the explanation I added that it would probably look good on her performance review that she was "a team player". I hoped it really would make a difference but I hadn't mentioned that to Karen yet. She seemed undecided then asked me who else would be doing it?

"We are hoping to get one of the Doc's to show up but that's not really neccessary. And we are going to have a couple or maybe a few patients on the float. Right now, the only patient we have is Karen's daughter."

"Karen's daughter Heather?", Jody asked.

"I don't know her name actually.", I replied.

Jody said, "Just a minute", got up from the lunch table and made her way to Karen's office. She was gone for just a couple of minutes before coming back into the lunch room and sat down next to me. In a kind of low, conspiratorial voice Jody said, "Okay, I'll do it if my son can be there with me. Don't tell Karen or Heather but my son is so smitten by Heather. I'm sure he'll be helpful as long as he gets a chance to be near Heather."

"No problem, I could use a helper. Oh, and thanks for doing this Jody."


The big day had arrived and I was ready. Our float was just a smallish flat bed trailer covered in white sheets to give it that "medical" look. We had put a couple of box springs under a mattress and covered it in white sheets as well. The town always had the Memorial Day parade on the nearest Sunday and tomorrow (Monday) was Memorial Day. This meant that Karen had to open the health center for me, the patients and my helper. She had some work she could do while the parade went on so she wouldn't be participating.

We got in an hour before the parade was to start and I brought Heather, Jody and Jody's son, Frank into the room that I had prepped for today. "Heather, why don't you sit down first." She did. "Ready?", I asked.

"Yep, can't wait to try this."

"Really. Okay then, I'll get started right away. How about our first patient having a broken left ankle?"

"Will I need a cast?", Heather asked.

"I'm afraid so", I replied.

"Ohh, that's too bad", she said in a tone that was decidedly not sincere.

I unlaced Heather's sneaker and slipped it off. Even though she had an ankle sock on I could tell Heather was not only an attractive young woman but she didn't have her mother's feet. I slipped off her ankle sock and tried not to stare at this young beauty's very nice feet and toes. She had soft looking feet and the tips of her toes made a nice, even curve from her pinky toe to her big toe with her big toe being just a touch longer than the toe next to it. "Very nice", I thought to myself as I slipped stockinette over her leg. I rolled a roll and a half of synthetic cast padding next then started with the first roll of light blue fiberglass cast tape. I described what I was doing as I did it as much to keep myself from being distracted by Heather's presence as to inform her what to expect next. After the third roll of fiberglass I pulled the stockinette and padding back over the cast and applied the fourth and final roll of fiberglass to heather's leg.

"Phew, it's really starting to heat up now. Will it get any hotter than this?"

"I doubt it, is it too hot?", I asked.

"No it's not to hot, it feels pretty good actually." Heather then looked down at her casted leg for a moment, "This is so cool." She looked up and noticed us all looking at her and she seemed embarassed momentarily but then smiled broadly and looked back down at her cast.

I looked at Heather for some tell-tale signs of the cast affecting her and sure enough her nipples were noticably enlarged. This wasn't too hard to miss as she was well endowed and was wearing a rather tight t-shirt.

I hadn't paid much attention to Jody or Frank behind me while I was putting Heather's leg in a cast. When I looked behind me they both seemed to be intently watching Heather's reaction to being in a cast for the first time. "Frank", I said, causing him to jump slightly, "why don't you get the taller pair of crutches over there against the wall."

Heather seemed to be beeming as she realized she would get to use crutches as well. I glanced over to Jody and she seemed apprehensive and wide-eyed as she was most likely (and correctly) thinking that she would also be using crutches soon too. Something she no doubt hadn't anticipated happening.

Frank brought the crutches over and I took them. "How tall are you Heather?", I asked.

"Five foot seven", she replied.

I lowered the handles of the underarm crutches a notch and lengthened the crutches a notch as well. "Now, I know that you really aren't injured but try to keep your cast off the ground as much as possible since it isn't completely set yet." She nodded a yes. "Be careful getting down."

Heather slid off the examining table and I handed her the crutches. I looked intently seeing if they were sized right and I decided to extend the crutch length one more notch. That was better. "Try them out", I said, as I handed her the crutches again. Heather crutched around the room for a minute doing quite well for her first time on crutches.

"Frank", I said, surprising him again. I chuckled to myself as he was obviously devoting all his attention to Heather. "Frank, why don't you help Heather out to the float."

"Okay", he said with a grin he couldn't hide.

Jody and I watched Frank and Heather make their way out of the room. As they left I said, "Now Frank, take good care of her." We listened for a minute as Heather clicked along on her crutches and we both tried to make out their conversation as they went down the hall but couldn't.

"Ready Jody?", I asked.

"I doubt it", she replied as she hopped onto the examining table.

"So what happened to me?", she asked with some trepidation.

"Hmmm, it's not a good day for ankles today. You have a broken right ankle."

"So I'll need a cast and I'll have to use crutches?"

"Afraid so", I replied.

Jody breathed in deeply and then exhaled slowly as she shook her head slightly at her disbelief that she was going though with this. As I started to unlace her sneaker she layed down on the table.

"Don't want to watch?", I asked.

"No, not really", she said, trying to get comfortable.

I slipped off Jody's sock and admired her feet for several seconds before proceeding with making the cast. Wow, she has such nice feet too. Her toes were a bit slimmer than Heather's and a bit longer as well with her big toe just a bit shorter than the toe next to it. Her feet were somewhat more "veiny" than Heather's but still nice looking and well kept. One more long stare at that foot before slipping the stockinette over her leg I thought to myself.

The casting process went quickly and smoothly. I again described what I was doing as much to keep me focused as to inform Jody. After another roll and a half of cast padding and four rolls of four inch white fiberglass casting tape Jody's leg was immobilized in a short leg cast. "It's all done, did you want to take a look at it?", I asked.

Jody sat up and looked over the edge of the examining table at her newly casted leg. She gave me such a "how could you do this to me?" look with an extra emphasis because of her "puppy dog eyes" and slightly pouting lips. It would have melted my heart if I wasn't so excited about getting Jody into a leg cast.

I could hear the chemical reaction going on so I knew the cast was warming up for her. "Is the cast getting to warm for you?", I asked.

"No, Heather was right, this does feel really... umm... interesting."

I tried to see if I could see any outward signs of excitement from the warmth or the cast's immobilizing effect. Jody's shirt wasn't as tight fitting as Heather's but I did think I see some reaction to the cast in her breasts. Somehow that made me feel closer to Jody as I studied her reactions to being in a cast for her first time.

I got the other pair of aluminium crutches. Jody slid off the examination table keeping her cast well off the floor. I gave Jody the crutches and she put them under her arms. They were also a little too short so I adjusted them a notch in length and then she was all set to use her crutches. She said she hadn't ever used crutches before and she was awkward in taking her first few steps.

"Don't hold your cast out so far in front of you." When I said that she stopped for a few seconds. I went over to her and positioned her cast so that the casted foot was about even with her uncasted foot. "Try to keep your cast in that postition and see how you do."

Jody crutched around for another minute. "Yah, that helps. I think I'm getting the hang of this."

"Great, let's head outside to the float then."

I was overly gracious in getting the doors for her as she carefully made her way on crutches.

As we got outside we saw Karen attaching small signs to the side of our "float". We saw a smaller child sitting on the bed with her mom dressed as a nurse. We also saw Frank hoovering nearby Heather as she talked with several members of school band. She did seem to be soaking up the attention being paid to her. Watching them more closely it was obvious that the conversation was centering around Heather's cast and crutches.

Karen then gathered us all together. Heather and I have to leave at 1:30 at the latest. That's half an hour after the parade is supposed to be finished. Don't be late. Heather's generally happy disposition changed at Karen's demand and she got a determined look on her face. I have to admit, I thought, "Karen, can't you leave the "I'm the boss attitude" out of this, sheesh." After a moment we all gathered onto our paltry float. Frank helped Heather sit on the driver's side of the float while I helped Jody sit up on the passenger side of the float then I got in the driver's side of my truck.

We waited for more than ten minutes before we really even got started. We were the next to last attraction in the parade. Only the marching band was after us. It all seemed to go quite well with Frank throwing candy to the smaller children as he saw them and Heather showing off her cast and crutches - especially to people she knew. Once she got off the float while we were stopped and crutched over to a few of her friends along the side of the road. I glanced behind me and saw that the conversation again was about her cast and her being on crutches. Frank helped her back onto the float again and off we went, at three miles an hour.

Jody even got into the cavorting with the people on the side of the road. The band had stopped playing for a minute so Jody got off the float and crutched over to the side of the road and talked with some of her neighbors. The band started playing again and we started moving again. It was a few minutes later that I heard some knocking on the glass behind me. It was Frank.

"Where's my mom", he shouted over the marching bands drumming. I quickly glanced over my right shoulder to find that Jody wasn't on the float. I looked back at him with a worried look, "I don't know. She must have got off. I doubt she fell off. I'm sure she's okay." I was worried though.

The parade ended and it was slow going back to the health center as the parade pretty well jammed up traffic as it went though town. We finally got to the health center at 1:20 though. Everyone got off the float and Karen gave some thanks to the mother and child before they left.

As Karen approached Heather, Frank and I, I could see Heather's resolve stiffen. A verbal cat-fight broke out as Heather refused to leave with her mother. "I'm eighteen! I'm almost graduated from high school and I can take care of myself for two days! I'm not going! It's boring there!" Frank and I retreated to the sidelines while Heather and her mom did their thing. I have to admit that Heather was attractive, but now she seemed a lot more like the teenager she actually still was.

After several minutes of this Karen finally disengaged from Heather and asked me, "How long does it take to take of a cast?"

"Oh, probably about ten minutes or so", I said.

Karen looked at Heather and said, "Well congratulations, it looks like you get your way this time. You can stay." Heather seemed very pleased at this. After she said this Karen walked to the door we entered in the morning and locked it. "It's 1:28 and I'm leaving. I'm sorry but I have to lock up", she seemed to say that to all of us. Talking directly at Heather now she said, "Don't have any friends over. I'll be calling Dianne to make sure you don't. And don't go anywhere." Karen let out a "hmmmph" then said, "I guess I don't have to worry to much about that considering your "condition"." Karen then got in her car and left.

Heather seemed genuinely stunned that her mother actually left and she was still on crutches with her leg in a cast. Frank and I were both surprised as well. Heather slowly crutched over to me, "Can you still take my cast off if you can't get inside?"

I replied very seriously, "I'm afraid not."

"I'm going to have to wear this cast until tomorrow then?", she asked sheepishly?

"No... I'm afraid you'll have to keep your cast until Tuesday. Monday is Memorial Day and the health center is still closed."

Frank started laughing histerically at this point and both Heather and I wondered why he wasn't being more considerate of Heather's predicament.

"My mom is gonna be pissed!", he exclaimed while still laughing loudly.

I caught me breath for second, "Oh shit!"

It was another half hour before someone dropped Jody off at the health center. We were all sitting down on the steps as she made her way over to us. How to say this I thought to myself.

Jody get out of a car and crutched over to us saying, "I'm sorry I'm so late, I got off the float and didn't realize that it had moved so far, so instead of trying to catch up to you on these crutches I had a friend drive me here after the parade was over. The traffic was so bottled up it took forever to get here."

Frank spoke up at she got closer, "So how do like being on crutches mom?"

"It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be", Jody answered.

"Good thing", Frank said chuckling.

Jody knew something was up but didn't know yet just what it was.

I was glad Frank broke the ice a bit with his mom. "Jody", I said, "Karen had to leave to... uh, out of town. We can't get into the building."

Jody was looking at us like she wasn't fully comprehending what this meant.

I continued, "We won't be able to get into the building until Tuesday morning and that means I... umm... I won't be able to take your cast off until then."

"You are just pulling my leg right?", she said.

Heather chimed in, "No, really, I have to keep my cast until Tuesday too", as she patted her cast with her left hand.

I think I saw Jody turn a shade or two paler when she realized we were serious. "What am I going to do?", she said quietly.

Frank chimed in again, "Mom, we can still go to the beach and have our cookout." Jody looked puzzled by his comment and then Frank looked at Heather, "Would you like to go to the beach with us tomorrow?"

Jody immediately got it, "Oh yes Heather, you have to come with us. Besides, I don't want to be the only one with a cast at the beach."

Heather thought about it for a second probably weighing that option with maybe going nowhere or nowhere very far because of being in a cast. "Sure, if you don't mind."

"Oh, it's no problem at all, we would like you to be there."

"Okay then", she said smiling.

"Mom, with both of you being on crutches at the same time, I don't think I'll be able to help you both. Maybe you should ask Tim if he wants to come too."

"Oh I don't want to impose. You probably already have plans", Jody said.

"It's no imposition at all and actually I don't have any plans but I wouldn't want to impose on your plans", I replied.

"No, it's no imposition, it would be helpful if you were there. I don't think I'll be able chaparone these two being on crutches", she said, regaining her color somewhat.

"Thanks, I would like to go", I replied.

We all chatted a bit and made our plans for tomorrow. Frank got to drive Jody's car since her right leg was in a cast. That made him happy and her nervous since he had only recently got his permit. I told him that when he drops off Heather at her house that he should be a gentleman and help her inside. He agreed with a big smile. Then I reminded Heather that she should not get her cast wet. We both helped Jody and Heather into Jody's car and then I went home for the day.


Memorial Day turned out to be as nice as Sunday. I showed up just a few minutes early and Frank was just carrying the last bag of the food out to Jody's car. Jody then made her way onto the porch on her crutches. It looked like her crutching technique had already improved from just the one day of use. She obviously had prettied herself up for the cookout and it showed. I glanced down at her cast and was very, very pleased to see toes sticking out of the cast. I was hoping for that. I offered to help her down the few steps and she accepted my offer.

It wasn't far to Heather's and Frank hurriedly got out of the car when we arrived. Heather wasn't quite ready so it took a couple of minutes before she showed up. I have to admit she is quite attractive. If it was possible, I think she was wearing an even tighter t-shirt than yesterday. She crutched fluidly to the car with Frank keeping a watchful eye on her progress. I was glad to see that Heather was also going open toed on her casted leg today.

We arrived and turned a few heads as two of the four of us were in casts and on crutches. I bet that got people wondering just what happened. There weren't too many people there surprisingly enough since it was ideal weather. We didn't have too much trouble finding a picnic table not too far away but still far enough away from others to feel like we had some privacy.

The guys cooked the burger's and hotdogs while the girls chatted. I noted that only occassionally was the chatting about being in a leg cast or about having to use crutches. The food was fine and the conversation was better. Heather and Frank seemed to be getting along nicely and Jody and I were also hitting it off, or at least I thought and hoped we were. During this conversation I heard Heather make a comment about her toes being puffy. That got me thinking as a physician's assistant again and I said I should do a circulation check. Heather had no idea what I was talking about. I said, "It's nothing really, anyone can do it. In fact, Frank, why don't you do it."

"I don't know how?", he said.

"It easy, all you have to do is squeeze the end of Heather's toes one at a time. Not too hard though but hard enough so you see the color turn a little yellowish and then let go. If Heather's circulation is good then the normal color should return quickly."

Heather was looking quite sheepish at this point but she lifted her leg and placed her cast across Franks lap. Frank did her big toe then released commenting that the color returned to normal in less than a second.

"That's good, keep going", I said.

Heather was looking more flushed with each toe being done. By the time Frank was done 15 seconds later Heather's face was noticeably redder and her ears were practically bright red. Frank, perhaps unintentionally, perhap not, then lightly held Heather's toes for a moment. Heather almost immediately said upon Frank's touching her toes, "Frank, help me up onto my crutches."

"Okay", he replied, letting Heather take her leg off of his lap then helping her up onto her crutches.

"Let's take a walk", Heather said. So they both headed away from the picnic table.

After a minute Jody said with a smile, "Did you see Heather's reaction to Frank touching her toes?"

"Yes, she seemed quite self-conscious about it, didn't she."

"Yah, I guess she did", Jody said, still watching Frank and Heather walk further from us.

"I'm sure you won't be so self-conscious while I touch your toes", I said with a devious smile.

"Oh, you don't have to do that, my leg feels fine."

As she said that I motioned for her to put her casted leg on my lap.

"And, and, my toes feel perfectly fine too", she continued.

I started to reach for her cast to lift it up if needed. She slowly moved her leg to my hands and I guided her cast onto my lap.

"I'm really surprised that the cast is really comfortable", Jody continued.

"That's good", I replied. "Often the toes are much more sensitive sticking out of a cast. Just warning you", I said, as I squeezed her big toe for a second then released. Jody's circulation was fine but I continued to do the other's as casually as I could.

We both heard giggling so we looked to see Frank and Heather laying in the grass with Frank either holding or tickling Heather's toes. They both seemed to enjoying themselves and were oblivious to their surrundings.

"So was it worth it?", I asked.

"What do you mean?", Jody asked back.

"Having your leg in a cast so that your son would have a chance to be with Heather", I said.

She smiled as she watched Frank and Heather together. "Yes it was. I should say it is worth it!", she said, really emphasizing the word "is".

We both watched them for a while more before Jody asked," How about for you, was it worth it?"

"Okay, my turn. What do you mean?", I asked.

"Was it worth it for you to put me in a cast just to get a chance to hold onto my toes?", she said with a devilish smile.

I hadn't even realized that I was gently rubbing her toes but I reflexively stopped as soon as she mentioned it.

"I didn't mean that you should stop. Keep going", Jody said.

I started to gently rub her toes again and when she noticed my rising level of embarrassment she contined. "I've always noticed you sneaking glances at Karen's feet and sometimes some of the patients. I assume you have a thing for feet. Am I right?"

"You are", I replied, feeling my level of embarrassment continue to rise. As I replied I changed to a slightly more firm stroking of Jody's toes and started to do each of them individually.

"So you like Karen's feet?", Jody asked.

"Actually, no. I don't", I replied honestly.

"Why do you keep looking at them then?"

"I don't know. I guess it's a habit to look to some degree. In some ways it's almost a morbid kind of interest because she has really ugly feet actually."

"Hmmm, that feels good. So how about mine? Are they ugly?", Jody asked.

"No, your's are very nice. Nice toes especially", I replied.

"Thanks", she said, smiling again.

Jody noticed Frank helping Heather back up onto her crutches so she said I should stop and then she rested her cast back down on the ground. Neither of us noticed if Frank or Heather noticed our little toe session or not. We both hoped not as they approached the picnic table. They didn't mention anything and we all talked and nibbled on the leftovers for another hour or so before deciding to head back.


I arrived at the normal time for work the next day. Jody was already there talking with Sarah, another of the nurses that would rotate through the office. Jody looked great all dressed smartly for work, leaning on her crutches and resting her cast and exposed toes on her left foot as she chatted. I walked over to them and waited for a break in the conversation. "Ready to have your cast taken off?" As I asked I was recalling my last fantasy where she wanted to keep wearing it longer.

"Oh yes, I'm ready for it to be off", she replied.

I tried not to seem to disappointed at her answer. It was only natural of course to want to be back to normal for most people. Of course I was very professional in the cast removal process. After it was off I asked if Jody wanted to keep the cast as a momento.

"I think I would", she said, "Can we keep it in here until the end of the day?"

"I think that would be okay."

"Thanks", she replied. As she was about to leave she said, "Oh, and your little secret is safe with me."

"Thank you", I replied, glad that I hadn't let her know the full story regarding toes and my desire to see them sticking out of a leg cast.

I continued doing my work duties for a while more before stopping by Karen's office to see if she was in yet. I was surprised to find that she was. "Is Heather here?", I asked.

"No, she had to go to school."

"You made her go to school with her leg in the cast?", I asked incredulously.

"Yes, she can't afford to miss any more school. My husband will be dropping her off at around four o'clock."

"Hmm, okay. Well let me know when she arrives so I'll be ready for her and we can get her right in."

"Will do", Karen replied while she concentrated on her paper work.

Karen can be a real hard-ass I thought to myself. Well, I hope Heather made the best of her situation at school today.

Heather was dropped off prompty at 4:00 pm and Jody had her go right in. I met her and lead her to the room to have her cast removed. After she sat down I asked, "How was school today? Being in a cast and all."

"Good, getting around on cutches was a little tiring but I got to get out of all my classes early because of it. And I got a lot of signatures on my cast too!", Heather said with a broadening grin.

"I noticed that. You look like you got as many signatures in one day as some people get the whole time they are in a cast."

"It was pretty cool getting all those signatures. I bet a lot of people will be surprised when I'm not in a cast tomorrow", she said as she hopped onto the examination table still grinning.

"I bet you're right", I replied.

"I should check your circulation first just to make sure everything is okay. Lift your casted leg onto the table for me", I said watching for a reaction from Heather. I started to gently squeeze the end of her big toe. "So what did you think of being in a cast?", I asked diverting my attention from her toes.

"It was pretty cool!", Heather replied, obviously affected by my touching her toes.

I then lightly held her toes for a few seconds before saying, "It seems to me that your toes are very sensitive. Are they?"

Heather just nodded a yes then swallowed hard.

I gently stroked her toes, trying to make sure it seemed I was doing it absent mindedly. "Well, it's pretty normal for your toes to be extra sensitive sticking out of a cast", I said as I gave her toes a final playful squeeze before letting go of them.

"So you're graduating from high school this year. Are you going to college next year?"

"Yes, just the local community college though.", she replied somewhat dejectedly.

"I went there too", I said, smiling. "That's where I got interested in the medical field. Do you have a major in mind?"

"No, nothing yet."

"You should consider the medical field. There are lots of jobs and I get the feeling that it would be a natural fit for you."

"Really, you think so?"

"Yes, I do", I replied. There was a short period of silence before I said, "I'm not sure if we will be doing the same thing next year but if we are would you want to be in a leg cast again?", I asked.

"Yah! I'd like to try it again", she said, starting to regain her composure.

"Maybe we'll be able to put your leg in a long leg cast next time. You know, from your toes to mid-thigh.", I suggested.

"Really? I think I would like to try that!", Heather replied.

"I'll be sure to keep you in mind", I said loudly as I turned on the cast saw.

There was a pause as Heather continued to watch the cast removal. Then she said loudly, "I would really have to use crutches then, wouldn't I?"

"Yes, you wouldn't be able to move your foot or your knee in a long leg cast", I replied still talking rather loudly.

I was finally finished with the cast saw and started to cut the cast padding and stockinette. Once it was fully cut I slipped the top half of the cast off Heather's leg and then lifted her leg out of the bottom half of the cast.

"Oww! Oh, my ankle is really stiff", Heather winced.

"Hmm, that does happen with a cast", I replied. "Do you think you can walk on it?"

Heather tenderly placed her foot on the floor then hesitated. "I don't think I can", she said with a worried look on her face. "I think I'll have to keep using the crutches for a little longer until my ankle loosens up."

"Just a minute", I said, fully suspecting her ankle wasn't as stiff or as weak as she was wanting me to think it was. I got an ace bandage and wrapped her foot and ankle. "Now try to walk on it again."

She took some awkward steps then turned around and hopped back to the examination table. She looked at me expectantly.

"Well, it does look like you should probably use crutches a while more until your ankle loosens up." I noticed Heather brighten noticeably when I said that. "Now make sure you try to put some pressure on your left foot now and then to help loosen it up." I handed Heather her crutches. "Since you need to use crutches I'll make a note of this visit as an official doctor's visit. That means you'll get to keep the crutches and ace bandage, so don't try to return them", I said with a smile.

"Really?", Heather asked surprised but enthusiastically.

"Yes, really", I replied suspecting that she had really hoped somehow to keep them.

"Oh, I almost forgot to ask. Do you want to keep your cast as a momento? Jody did, hers is in the corner."

"Oh yes", she said as she hopped of the examination table and placed her crutches under her arms.

"Okay, I'll put it over there for now", I said. "Let's go see your mom now so I can let her know that you'll need to be on crutches for a little while longer."

She smiled at that comment and started crutching to her mom's office, her left foot held off the floor enjoying the experience of being on crutches.


Literally, the fastest shipping I've had from any company!