Jenna's Story

Chapter 1

Jenna Davidson is a beautiful 24 year old young woman who lives on her own in a big house left to her when her parents died. Jenna doesn't have a boyfriend at present and works very hard as a fashion model. She likes living in her big home and is always entertaining friends, and with six bedrooms there is always room for people to stay over. Work is really something Jenna does for pleasure as her parents left her more money than she could ever spend, when they passed away in an aircraft crash a few years ago. Since then Jenna has kept herself busy working and has been trying to dream up ways of making her biggest fantasy come true. Jenna thinks she is unusual, as all she wants more than anything in the world is A Broken Leg. All her life she's wanted to break her leg or arm. Preferably her leg as she has never been in a plaster cast and just the thought of being in a constricting plaster cast drives her wild. When she is alone in bed she imagines she's been in an accident and both of her legs are in full length plaster casts. The confines of the plaster cast drive her crazy, with its soft and warm inner and its rough and supportive exterior.

Jenna does not know why it excites her so much. It just does. Sometimes she even takes a few bandages that she has and wraps them around her leg and foot, leaving just her toes wriggling from the end to make it look like she's wearing a cast. All of her life she has skied, on water and snow and has played all manner of rough sports in the hope of breaking something, although so far she has not even received a sprain. Here she is 24 years later and she still hasn't managed to break anything. Although! She's getting serious now and one way or another she WILL be in plaster SOON.

As Jenna started contemplating ways of breaking her leg, There was a knock at the door. On answering the door Jenna was greeted with a cheery smile from her best friend Alexis. 'Hi Jenna, I was so bored at home I thought I would pay you a visit' Jenna's showed Alexis through to the lounge room and set her down before heading off to get them a cold drink. When she returned they started discussing what they had been doing lately. After telling Jenna what she had been up to Alexis asked What have you been doing lately Jenna. Jenna thought to herself! How can I tell Alexis what I've really been doing, Oh nothing just trying to figure out a way to break my leg! But! She is my best friend and she's always been understanding before, She thought. Besides! I need to talk to someone about it. 'You would never believe what I've been up to Alexis' 'Try Me!' Alexis asked. 'Well, of all things, Jenna continued. I've been trying to dream up ways to break my leg' 'What do you mean Jenna, I don't think I understand, Do you need a holiday from modeling?' Alexis asked. No! It's not like that. It's just that all my life I've wanted to break my arm or leg and get plastered. I don't know why. I've been fascinated with it for as long as I can remember. Besides most of the people I've known have broken something and watching them in their plaster casts looking so helpless drove me wild every time! There was even that time you broke your leg when we were skiing Alexis, I was So jealous when your leg was put in that toe to knee walking cast. You kept your toes painted that gorgeous pink you wore all the time. You had people all over you the whole time your leg was plastered. Everybody wanted to sign your cast. I used to go home crying because I wanted my leg broken so bad. It took me ages to get over it. Jenna concluded, sighing as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

So we are more alike than we think! Alexis started as the main thing we have in common is that we BOTH want to be plastered. I thought I was the only one who felt like this, But for you of all people to feel the same way, My best friend. WOW!! We should do something about it! Alexis said. I already have Jenna replied. I've made an appointment to go indoor climbing tomorrow and I plan to fall and break something. Jenna then went into detail with Alexis on how she was going to break her leg. The more she discussed it the more Alexis liked the idea also. Can I come Too! Alexis asked. You mean to give me moral support? Jenna inquired. Yes, that And I want to break my leg Too! Alexis said. Are you sure Alexis. You're not just doing it so I don't feel lonely are you? No! I really want to break my leg, Remember! I know how good it feels to be plastered, I've been there before and I know about the pain and discomfort!

And I WANT to go through it again, This time with my best friend! Well, All right if you insist and put it that way how can I refuse. Jenna replied. Well, if you don't let me come I will find another way and it may be MORE dangerous replied Alexis. With this decided Jenna called the climbing park and booked Alexis in also. 'Hey Alexis you are lucky they had a cancellation this morning from someone who broke their leg yesterday! It must be an omen Jenna said. Great I cant wait replied Alexis. They discussed everything, How they would fall,Which they practiced repeatedly jumping from the couch. They both decided to try and break their right legs, So they could hopefully have matching casts. They discussed how it would feel, How much it would hurt, And most importantly "What they could wear with their casts" Until Alexis interrupted with, "But What If only one of us breaks our leg?" What do we do then? Do NOT panic Alexis! We HAVE planned it well! If we jump the way we have been practicing, We cant fail Jenna responded. Having made all their plans and deciding it was getting late Jenna walked Alexis out to her car. 'Well only one more sleep to go' Jenna said. 'Oh Jenna I really cant wait and I want you to know. I really DO want to break my leg! Don't think for one minute it will change my opinion of you. If anything I think it will bring us closer together, sharing our biggest fantasy together. I don't think I will be able to sleep I'm REALLY excited' Alexis concluded. 'Well, if I don't let you go we will never have any sleep and I think I'm going to have problems of my own getting to sleep' Jenna said before they wished one other pleasant dreams and giggling at how their dreams would be the same also and saying goodnight.

Jenna had lots of trouble getting to sleep. She couldn't think of anything other than breaking her leg. Finally she got out her bandages out and wrapped them around her right leg. lying back in bed before exhaustion finally put her to sleep, Still with the mental picture of her leg in its new plaster cast and her toes wriggling away excitedly from the end.

Chapter 2: Jenna and Alexis Put their Plan into Action.

When her alarm clock woke her in the morning Jenna sprang out of bed with excitement and jumped in the shower thinking how different just the simple task of taking a shower would be tomorrow. Perhaps I will just have to have baths whilst my leg is in plaster, Jenna considered. A wave of pleasure went through her at just the thought of being plastered. Jenna finished her shower singing away happily, sounding more like an excited schoolgirl who is about to go on her first date. After finishing her shower Jenna dressed and was ready to go in no time. Thinking to herself "I'm glad I made the booking early as the excitement and tension is killing me." Upon finishing breakfast Jenna dressed in something easy to remove. Her heart was pounding as she put her shoes on. Glancing down at her right foot, Her pretty red toes wriggling with excitement and realizing she would finally get her, Biggest Wish! Her Leg In A PLASTER CAST.

It was almost too hard to believe. What if I break BOTH legs? she thought to herself. Never mind, I will have two plaster casts instead of one she considered. With a broad smile coming over her face at just the thought of this. Jenna headed out the door still beaming and climbed into the taxi she had booked. The traffic was a nightmare and Jenna. Just wanted to get there, She finally arrived at Alexis's and asked the driver to toot his horn to announce her arrival. Alexis looked stunning Jenna thought to herself as Alexis walked to the car in a red miniskirt, her hair flying in the breeze. 'What a beautiful day' Alexis said as she got in the Taxi, It's a pity its not an outdoor park Jenna' 'No its not!' Jenna said. "As they don't have mats, OUCH! That would hurt a lot more!" Jenna concluded, Anyway! Its a nice morning to get PLASTERED, Even if there won't be any alcohol', Alexis whispered into Jenna ear. 'It Certainly Is!' Jenna announced as they took off. The trip to the park was filled with excitement and anticipation, At the thought of the day ahead. The girls whispered quietly in the back, so the driver would not hear them. 'I hope they have colored plaster!' Alexis said. 'I want a Pink one!' 'That would look Great on You' Jenna whispered. 'But I would like a White Cast, I'm not sure why, Perhaps its because it will be my first and White IS the original color! AND It does have its virginal qualities! Don't You think' 'You would look good in ANY color cast Jenna! Your a model. I just hope they have enough plaster left! After they have covered that long leg of Yours' Alexis said with a giggle! 'Your legs, Are pretty long Too Alexis! I think between us they will have trouble, Having enough plaster on hand!' Jenna replied as both girls laughed hysterically at the thought. 'Well Were Here' Jenna announced as they drove through the gates. 'And I suppose, the only way to wish you good luck, Is in the old show biz way! BREAK A LEG Alexis' Jenna said.

'You Too Jenna, And may it not even hurt' The girls headed through the door, And in no time they had prepared and were at the top of the Vertical Beginners Climb, Staring at each other! 'Are you sure this is Going to Work Jenna' Alexis asked. 'DON'T WORRY! If we fall the way we practiced, We'll be FINE! Just remember to lift your left leg as we fall! The way we practiced, So we don't break both our legs,' Jenna replied as she considered the thought of breaking both her legs AGAIN! 'Wow! I just went weak at the knee's' Jenna thought to herself. 'Are you ready Alexis' Jenna asked. 'About as ready as I will ever be' With that the girls held on to each other and hopped off the Pegs! Trying to make it look as natural as possible! Lifting their left legs as they did. It seemed to take an eternity to fall, BUT Finally they landed with a thump in a twisted heap on the mats. People rushed from everywhere, Asking them if they were all right! At first Jenna was not so sure, Her eyes were closed and she thought to herself. "I feel all right!" "I don't think I'm even hurt!" "OUCH" she winced as she tried to untangle herself from Alexis. Who was groaning and clutching her right leg! The pain now shooting through Jenna's right leg, told her she had been successful and her right leg was definitely BROKEN! She opened her eyes and she was looking directly at Alexis who was now sobbing quietly, and obviously in quite a lot of pain. Jenna leaned across and quietly said to Alexis, 'I think our Wish is about to, come true!' 'Yes but I WISH it could hurry up now' Alexis replied. Not long after that the Ambulance arrived. The Medics put their legs in splints and bundled them aboard for the ride to the hospital.

Chapter 3: Two Broken Legs, Two Plaster Casts and
Three months of Heaven for Jenna and Alexis.

Jenna was finding it hard to contain her excitement! It was funny. Even though she was in a lot of pain! The excitement she felt at finally going to get plastered. Outweighed any discomfort! Jenna was a little worried she was being too obvious! Until one of the Medics Told her to relax It was only shock setting in. Upon arriving at the hospital, They caused Havoc! Until the Doctors agreed to treat them together. They did NOT want to be split up as they needed each other for support. Convinced It was the ONLY way they could treat them, the Doctors agreed and they were BOTH wheeled off to X-ray.

After what seemed to be an eternity later, The two girls were talking like excited schoolgirls in their room. When the doctor walked through the door. 'WELL I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT' he started ' You Both have multiple fractures to your RIGHT LEGS' and when we put the two X-rays together, They look identical! Its Amazing. I've been a doctor for over 35 years and I've NEVER seen anything like THIS! Anyway The long and short of it is! Were taking both of you to have your legs put in full length plaster casts! After a week or two, We will put a walking rubber on the bottom! SO You can hobble along without Crutches! And at around 6 Weeks, we will change them for toe to knee casts. And I'm afraid that with the amount of fractures to the bottom of your legs, You Will have to wear these for at LEAST another 6 weeks!' 'So I'm Sorry! But in short, You will both be in plaster for at least 16 weeks!'

Jenna found it hard to hide her smile and turned away, As if in pain. So she could compose herself! " OH WELL" "If it has to happen, There's not much we can do about it now!" Alexis said trying not to smile. In No time, They were in the Plaster Room, And both of their right legs were being put into full length White Plaster Casts from their thighs to their toes. Much to Alexis's dismay! She really wanted a pink cast but they are waiting on their order of colors to come in! The girls were told they could go home when their casts were dry and were left in their room to wait! "Well I thought I would never get plastered, But at last I am!" Jenna said gesturing to her plastered right leg propped up on the pillows. "You look Gorgeous Jenna, You are so well tanned the White Plaster really stands out on you!" And your pretty red toes look great! Wriggling from the bottom of your cast!" Alexis noted. "You don't look to bad, Yourself Alexis" "You must have the longest and most delicate toes I have ever seen!" "They look so cute in that rough bold plaster" Jenna replied. The girls continued to chat quietly, not being able to discuss anything other than their plastered legs until the doctor came in and checked their casts. Seeing they were dry enough. He fitted them both out with crutches. He made an appointment for them for their first checkup and told them they were free to go. They arrived back at Jenna's house by taxi and hobbled inside, Threw down their crutches and plonked down on the couches. Both of them exhausted after their trying day. "Well how are you feeling now Alexis" Jenna inquired. "I think EVERY part of me is sore, Except for my leg!" YES! We took a pretty heavy knock when we fell I am only just starting to feel better myself! I must say one thing Alexis! I'm starving, how about if we hobble out to the kitchen and get something to eat?" Jenna asked. That's a great idea" "Then we can go straight to bed!" Alexis replied They hobbled into the kitchen, with Alexis complaining all the way about how much she hated using crutches! Well don't worry Alexis, Remember the doctor said we could have walking rubbers on our casts soon! Jenna responded. I cant wait, And besides, It drives men crazy when they see you hobbling on your plaster cast, As they always seem to be staring at your toes as you hobble along!" Alexis commented. I can understand that would happen to you Alexis. As I've said you must have the prettiest toes I've EVER seen and they look even daintier wriggling from the bottom of that plastered leg of yours!" Jenna announced.

Chapter Four: Jenna asks Alexis to stay and Alexis
starts falling for her Plastered Princess.

Having agreed stay Alexis rang her mother. Firstly to let her know Jenna and herself had been in an accident and both had a broken leg! (Not again her mother thought). Secondly to find out if her sister Rachel could bring a suitcase of clothes over as she would like to stay at Jenna's place until they got better, so they could help each other out. Her mother thought this was a wonderful idea as she knew Jenna lived on her own, and she also knew how much Alexis seemed to enjoy Jenna's company. Her mother said she would send Rachel over with a suitcase as soon as possible. Her mother also told her that if they needed anything at all! Day or Night, They should ring and she would be straight over. Thanking her mother Alexis hung up the phone and said. All right that's organized. Its Party Time! The only Party I'm going to tonight is a Slumber Party! Jenna replied Well its not a bad Idea, Considering the day we have had!" Alexis announced as she hobbled to the couch. How about if we watch a little TV before we go to bed" she concluded. Okay Jenna replied as she hobbled over to the couch and sat down next to Alexis. I cant believe I'm finally plastered Jenna said as she watched her toes wriggle excitedly from their new home. Well! I will make you believe. Alexis said as she lifted Jenna's plastered leg and started to tickle her toes. This started Jenna laughing and she was beginning to have trouble catching her breath, When Alexis lifted her leg a little higher and began to gently kiss and caress Jenna's toes. The laughing stopped so quickly Alexis thought she had done something wrong and gently put Jenna's leg back down in her lap. Oh No Don't Stop Jenna said. I'm sorry I thought I had startled you when you stopped laughing so quickly! Alexis replied. Well you did - But I cant believe how good it feels! Please Keep Going! Jenna asked. Alexis could not believe her ears, Jenna loved it! Without hesitation she carefully picked up Jenna's leg and resumed caressing her toes. Jenna was enjoying this and Alexis wondered what would happen if she sucked on Jenna's toes. Finding it impossible to control herself any longer and with her breathing becoming more and more erratic. She took a deep breath and gently placed her mouth around Jenna's big toe and began to suck gently. Immediately Jenna began to moan loudly and wiggle on the couch. This was all Alexis needed to know to keep her going. She sucked and stroked Jenna's toes with her tongue. Which drove Jenna wild as she now grabbed her crotch and was moaning louder than ever. Alexis knew that if she kept going Jenna would soon reach an orgasm. With this in mind she began to suck and kiss any part of Jenna's toes and foot that was not covered in plaster. Jenna went wild, Now moaning uncontrollably, she dug her backside even further into the couch and lifted her other foot onto the top of the couch for leverage. Seeing the opportunity Alexis began to stroke Jenna's good leg and thigh as she worked feverishly on the little red warning flags that by now found it impossible to keep still in her mouth. Alexis found herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm by the moment and by now both girl's were moaning loudly. The crescendo continued until both girl's arched back in simultaneous and multiple orgasm's. Both girls lay back on the couch, Now whimpering like lost puppies and trying to get their breath back. OH Alexis, That was the MOST wonderful orgasm I have ever had. And to think it took a woman to do it for me! I'm Amazed Jenna said. I am glad you enjoyed it so much. Alexis replied Her heart still pounding like a schoolgirl's as she fought to regain her breath and emotions. Jenna looks so beautiful she thought to herself. She now has a radiant glow about her and her toes moving instinctively as each wave of pleasure went through her. Making Alexis orgasm over and over again. The girl's sat quietly for a while, Gently stroking each other toes as they wiggled from the bottom of their plaster casts. Slowly regaining their breath and their composure.

Now! We haven't discussed sleeping arrangements yet! Jenna began "I was going to offer you one of the spare rooms, But after that I was wondering if you would like to share my room with me? Would I, I would love to! Alexis said unable and not caring that she could not contain her excitement. Well now that's settled, I will go and make us a hot chocolate to take to bed. Jenna said as she got off the couch and grabbed her crutches. Alexis watched Jenna hobble out of the room, Still unable to take her eyes off Jenna's beautiful toes as they dangled elegantly from her cast. Wriggling with every step she took. With Jenna out of the room Alexis had time to reflect. How lucky am I to know Jenna, I've been dying to break my leg again since the last time. But I have never had the courage to do anything about it on my own. It all seemed like a dream, Breaking their legs, Getting plastered and now staying with Jenna in her house. In HER room even.

Alexis could not believe how the day had panned out. I'm just glad to have a friend like Jenna! she thought to herself. I'm Back! Jenna said as she hobbled through the doorway. And the Hot Chocolates are waiting in my room. Alexis did not need to be asked twice. Right! Lets Go! Alexis said as she grabbed her crutches and headed for Jenna's room. When she arrived, There was soft music playing and the covers had been turned down. There was even a pillow each for them at the bottom of the bed for them to rest their plastered legs on. They helped each other change, Which led to a fresh round of tickling and laughing. It would have been very amusing for anyone else to watch. Two beautiful women, Both with their right legs in thigh to toe plaster casts, Trying to help each other change. After much laughter and fun they were finally ready for bed.


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