Happy Birthday

by Joe


It was a beautiful summer day in June. Birds and people were all over the Chicago suburbs. I am a 24 year old guy living with my wife in a nice and quiet town. My name is Vince and hers is Kasie. She is the most important in the world to me. She is beautiful in every way with her blond hair, long legs, passionate eyes, and an excellent ass. Not to mention her inner beauty. I have known Kasie since the days in our old neighborhood and through college. We had always been close in many ways but we didn’t connect until my junior year in college. In May of this year we decided to tie the knot and get married. We have been getting along together great but there’s something about Kasie that has bugged me ever since I’ve known her. She is the shyest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Even when were kids, the only people she would talk to would be her parents, her best friend Dina, and me. I guess I was lucky that my mom and her mom were good friends because they had scheduled for us to play with each other when were eight or nine. When we were in Junior High, I remember when Kasie would have to present her projects to the teacher after school, instead of presenting them to the entire class because she was so afraid of standing up in front of the class. She always told me how she wanted to change but she couldn’t. Frankly, I wanted her to change, but I loved her too much to hold it against her. Well, it was one week before her birthday when I thought of an excellent idea.

“It is an incredible day out,” I said, looking out the window, on an early Saturday morning. I was making Kasie breakfast for her birthday. I couldn’t stop thinking about my present that I was going to give Kasie. As I was putting the finishing touches on my “breakfast surprise,” I noticed it was almost time for Kasie to begin waking up. I was hoping she was going to get up a little early, but that was impossible with all the drinking she did last night. Kasie drinks a lot, but I’m not one to talk so we will leave it at that. As I walked down our small hallway I peaked in the door. As she was starting to wake up, she tried to roll over. Suddenly, I heard her scream, “What is going on? What is happened to me?” Kasie leg was encased in a full leg cast from her hip to her toes. I heard her yell “Vince, help me, hurry.” The cast was hot pink and seemed absolutely huge on her right leg. Seconds later, she noticed a big red bow tied to her cast with a card resting next to it. The cast was lying motionlessly on two pillows on the bed. By her facial expressions, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. An enormous cast with a big red bow tied to the thigh of the cast. “What the hell is going on,” she yelled. “What happened tome?” Quickly, Kasie reached for the white envelope. The card had said:

Happy Birthday Honey,
I know you a very frightened right now but please let me explain. I put this cast on you over night while you were in your drunken sleep. I hope this could help you, because it sure helps me. (I promise I will explain later) For the next six weeks you will wear this big cast because you “Broke your leg.” I hope the cast can draw some attention towards you and allow you to express yourself more. I know this present isn’t really fair so later on today I will take you to the mall in your brand new cast, to go shopping for something you will really love. I hope you will be a good sport about this and still love me.
Love, Vince

P.S. There is a pair of aluminum crutches under our bed. Trust me you will be needing them honey.

“What the Hell do you think your doing Vince,” she said. “I know its very weird honey, but I think it will be a great experience for you.”. She seemed like she had calmed down a little bit, but didn’t look the least bit impressed. “Vince, I can’t even get up, are you crazy or something,” she said, as she struggled to even sit up. “Where and how do you even know how to make a freaking cast?” “That is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, I said. “Kasie, I have never told anyone about this but I can’t hold it in anymore. I am attracted to women wearing leg casts.” Kasie quickly interrupted, “Let me get this straight, you enjoy seeing girls break their legs and being forced into wearing a cast. You are nuts! Well I am not going to be your little guinea pig a crutch around this stupid cast for you.” So far my plan didn’t seem to be flying as well as I hoped it would, but I knew that she would give in. “Listen Honey, I said. I don’t enjoy girls who break their legs. It’s only the casts I’m interested in!” As I talked to her, I could barely even concentrate because my wife is laying on our bed in a pink full leg cast. I noticed her struggle to get comfortable with the cast on her leg. Frankly, I was enjoying this entire thing. “I bought the material for your cast from an online site, Honey.” “You mean that there is an entire community?” I wasn’t ready to tell her all about it, so just said sort of. “How about you come to the kitchen and enjoy your special breakfast before it turns cold,” I said. “You better get my breakfast for me since I can’t even get up VINCE!” Kasie quickly devoured the eggs and toast I had made her an hour ago. “Kasie, could you at least just think about it,” I said. “I’ll make my decision in a couple minutes about this cast deal ok,” she said as she knocked on the thigh of her big cast. Even the sound of her knocking on her cast was getting me really hot about this entire thing. After she finished eating she said, “I decided that I will go through with this because of all the times that you were there for me.” I couldn’t believe it! I was going to care for my wife and her long leg cast for six weeks. My heart was beating rapidly. “Well, how about you try out your crutches since they are going to be your best friend for the next six weeks,” I said. Finally, I got a tiny smile out of her. “Fine,” she said. I helped her up on her crutches, and watched her try to hop down our hallway. “Oh my God Vince, I’m going to fall. Come here hurry,” she said. The heel of her pink cast rested on our carpeting while I was coming over to assist her. “You are ok babe,” I said reassuring her. “Just take your time, you are handicapped now honey,” I said. “Only one more question for you Vince, she said. If my leg isn’t hurt in any way, why am I wearing a cast? Oh yea, my husband is a psychopath, she said, in her sarcastic voice. “Practice makes perfect honey.”

After about twenty minutes of practicing, Kasie was a pro. “Vince, I look like such a gimp in this cast, she said. What if people know the cast is fake?” “Nobody will think your cast is fake. If a doctor put on your cast he would use the exact same materials I used. Nobody is going to have a clue,” I said. Besides you broke your leg falling down the stairs remember,” I said winking. “OK, you’re right,” she said smiling. I helped Kasie prop her leg on two pillows on our couch. Her toes were painted a dark purple and clashed greatly with her hot pink cast. If there’s one thing I know about Kasie, it is how she likes to take care of herself. From her hair appointments to her monthly pedicures, she has it covered. “Well at least I got my nails done on Thursday for our adventure, right babe.” “Yea sure,” I said. I love the her toes look every day, but her toes sticking out of a cast was almost too good. “Well what do you say we go shopping for your real present at the mall?” I said. Kasie quickly blurted out, “Oh my God, people are going to think I’m a freak. Can I at least invite Dina to go with us?” “Sure, just make sure you tell her about our little story,” I said. I’ve always been a little attracted to Dina. She has long brown hair with blonde highlights and has a killer smile. I also find her very attractive because of all the times she had been in casts for medical reason in high school. I could still picture her in a plaster cast and crutches in high school. The image of Kasie pushing Dina in a wheelchair and a plaster full leg cast will never leave my memory.

Kasie picked up the phone and told Dina to come over quickly because she had an accident. Ten minutes later Dina walked in terrified. “Kasie, what happened to your leg,” she said, with a startled look on her face. “Oh it’s nothing. I fell down the stairs and broke my leg last night. This is the punishment I guess,” she said. Kasie lifted her huge cast off the ground to show Dina that she wasn’t kidding. “Well, if you insist you’re ok, can I sign your cast,” she said. “Sure,” she said, in an excited voice. “This cast is huge huh?” “Hell yeah, it reminds me of those days when I had to wear all those different casts, Dina said. Remember when you used to come over to my house and help me with everything. It almost makes me want to go back to those days, Dina said joking.” Dina wrote a quote on the knee of Kasie big cast. She wrote, “It looks like I can beat you in a race now, Kasie! Get Well!” The comment on Kasie cast reminded me of those days when Kasie and Dina used to be on the track team together. I used to love watching their athletic legs at those track meets. “Well, are you girls ready to shopping,” I said. “Yeah Baby,” Dina said. “I guess,” said Kasie. “Oh, come on Kasie, cheer up,” said Dina. I helped Kasie get up and enjoyed watching her hobble her way to the car.

Getting Kasie into the car was like planning Operation D-Day. I was finally able to situate her in the back seat. I had to get the left part of her body in the car first and then manually put her casted leg in on an angle. It is definitely something worth watching. “This cast is out of control,” Kasie yelled. I even caught Dina chuckle a little bit about the whole process. While we drove to the local mall, I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror at Kasie beautiful cast and toes. She continued wiggling her toes while I took my quick glimpses. Kasie was really teasing me the entire ride. I’m not sure if it was on purpose, but I’m sure as hell hope so.

“You ok back there gimpy,” Dina said. “Shut up, I’m handicapped so you better be giving me the attention I deserve Missy,” Kasie said. “How long do they got you in the cast Kasie,” Dina said. “From what I understand, six weeks, ” she said. “Damn,” Dina yelled. As Kasie hobbled into the mall, I already noticed people looking at Kasie as if she was crazy. Kasie insisted that she would use her crutches as opposed to using a wheelchair. I knew that would change after a few hours. “You know what I want for my birthday right Vince,” Kasie said. “Let me guess, CLOTHES,” I said. “You got it buddy,” she said.

At the mall

We started walking slowly down the mall. We literally walked about 100 yards before Kasie needed to take a break on one of the benches. Frankly, I don’t blame her. Getting around in a cast that size must be really difficult so I didn’t want to rush her. I also did make her cast go as high as possible on her long leg so I’ll cut her some slack. “Man, all these people keep steering at your cast Kasie,” Dina said. “I know, am I the only girl they’ve ever seen with a broken leg,” Kasie said, in a believable voice. Kasie looked so cute lifting her leg to express her point. “Maybe the BIGGEST cast they’ve ever seen, Dina joked. “Shut up!” “You poor thing. Things will get better, I promise,” Dina said. “Hey Kasie, you should give them something to enjoy if all they are going to do is steer at your cast,” I said. “For example, wiggle your toes,” I said. “Your right,” she said. A few seconds later, a teenage guy was looking at Kasie cast, so she treated him by wiggling her toes and waving. I started laughing because he must have thought Kasie was a maniac waving at him. “Hey guys, I was wondering if you wanted to still come to that party,” Dina said. I knew that Kasie would never back down from a party, even if she was wearing a full leg cast. “We’ll be there,” Kasie said enthusiastically. “You should wear something really hot for the party to get the guys really going Kasie,” Dina said. “You know what, you’re right, Kasie said. I couldn’t believe this, my wife is in a full leg cast, and I actually think she’s beginning to like it.

The first store we went to was some women’s clothing store. I basically just waited at the register for the bill. One thing that really turned me on was watching Dina help Kasie get into a miniskirt. It was a sight that couldn’t have been missed. I kept on seeing Kasie pink foot stick out, as Dina was her try on various skirts in the dressing room. After a half hour of trying on clothes, Kasie chose a black dress. The dress looked very tight and high up on her legs. It had to have been above mid-thigh. I was surprised that I still couldn’t see the top of her huge cast. “How do I look honey,” she said. “You look absolutely fabulous Kasie,” I said. She was standing there, propped on her crutches in cast and miniskirt. Her breasts were in perfect form, and really seemed to “stick out” of her dress. “What’s the damage,” I asked the cashier. “That will be $150 sir,” she said. “Wow, I should be spending my money at Victoria’s Secret,” I joked. “Well, I hope to make a stop there on the way out honey,” Kasie said. “No problem babe,” I said in an excited tone. “By the way, what happened to your leg?” “Oh I fell down my stairs and broke it yesterday,” Kasie said. “Looks like you did quite a number on it huh.” “I guess so,” she said smiling. I noticed Kasie wiggle her dark purple toes in her cast.

“I only need one more thing to complete my outfit all right honey?” “Sure,” I said. “Ok then, Dina lets head to the shoe store,” Kasie said. I already knew that this would definitely be fun. Vince, is it ok if I can use a wheelchair now. My arm are really starting to hurt.” “You’re such a wimp Kasie, Dina joked. I quickly picked up a wheelchair from the customer service desk. I started to push Kasie to the shoe store, but I realized that if Dina pushed Kasie it would really turn me on. It was so good it seemed like a dream. Kasie wiggled her toes playfully while Dina and Kasie chatted. In the store, I decided to watch a little closer than the last store. I noticed the shoe employee getting very excited while he helped her try on many different high heels. He kept on picking up the heel of her cast and saying stupid “pickup” lines. He said, “I wish I could be helping you out in other ways.” He also said, “you have really cute feet, you know.” This quickly stopped when he realized I was her husband. Kasie chose a pair of 3 inch black stiletto heels. At the desk, a very old looking lady helped us pay for Kasie shoes. “I’m sorry I can’t sell you one shoe dear,” the cashier said. “I know right,” Kasie said. “You shouldn’t even be out of bed in a cast that big.” “Well, I don’t think you know how it feels do you?” I noticed that Kasie was getting very into this whole role playing game. Dina and I helped Kasie out of the store before her little disagreement went too far.

At the house

“So I’ll pick you guys up at 7:00,” Dina said. “Alrighty then,” I said. “Make sure you wear your special outfit Kasie,” Dina yelled as she drove off. I will finally get a chance to be alone with Kasie and her pink cast for a little while I thought. We sat on the couch together while I stroked her cast, and gave her toes a massage. The cast felt so hard and rigid. The feeling of the cold fiberglass on her leg was nothing else in the world. “I’ve noticed that my cast has gotten you really excited today,” Kasie blurted out. “Oh yeah baby,” I said. “Well, I’ll make sure you really have fun after the party tonight,” Kasie said. She pointed to the Victoria’s Secret bag by the door. “What’s in there,” I asked. “It’s a surprise,” she said while wiggling her toes. I was very excited now. “So, did you see all those people looking at me today at the mall Vince?” “Yes, That’s what I was trying to tell you earlier, a lot of men have the same fetish as I do Kasie,” I said. “No offense Vince, but I think having an attraction to casts is kind of weird, she said. How could a cast even turn a guy on?” “I’m not really sure, I said. I guess it’s more the image that does. I like seeing girls having to be waited on hand and foot. It turns me on when a girl can’t even walk because a huge cast is setting her back. I know it’s weird honey, but try to give it chance.” I really couldn’t believe I was telling her this.

“So, are you enjoying all the attention you are getting Kasie, because I sure am,” I said. “It’s really weird, I’m enjoying it and all, but don’t you think it’s a little much,” she said. “Not at all,” I said laughing. “Ok, how about that the soccer mom at the shoe store. The woman who told me that my cast is the biggest she had ever seen,” she said. “ Kasie, come on, full leg casts are a little extreme, but they are used to treat serious injuries in medical world everyday. She should have had enough common sense to know that,” I said. “Shouldn’t I be riding I in a wheelchair then,” she joked. “You got it honey, if you want to ride in a wheelchair again, I will get one for you, I said laughing. Personally, I didn’t care which one she wanted to use, because I get turned on following chicks on crutches or pushing them in wheelchairs. “The outfit I am going to wear tonight is going to be wild,” Kasie said suddenly. “You earned it with all the crutching you did in that full leg cast of yours, I said. By the way, you should start getting ready because Dina going to be here in a half hour.” I couldn’t wait until I could see Kasie in her miniskirt again. Kasie began hobbling into are room to get changed. “Do you need any help getting ready honey?” I hope she needs help, I thought to myself. “No, I’m a big girl Vince, no cast is going to hold me back,” Kasie said. “Ok honey,” I said frustrated. I decided to flip on the TV when I heard a scream followed by a loud crash. I sprinted into our room. Kasie was lying on her back with one crutch resting on her head, one on her stomach, and her casted foot resting one foot away from me. It was something definitely worth seeing. “Oh my God honey, are you all right?” “I’m ok, she said laughing. Hey, I’d like to see you get around in a full leg cast all day, you IDIOT. Ok,ok, I take that back, I’m a big girl who’s going to need a lot of help, she said laughing.” A couple minutes later, Kasie strapped on a red bra and matching panties. (Which I needed to help her with a lot) “Lets tackle this dress,” I said. I grabbed the tight dress and helped her pull it up her long legs and into the right position. Next, I helped her strap on one high heel on her right foot. “It’s kind of funny that you only need one shoe, I said. “Yeah, really funny” “Damn Kasie, how the hell are you going crutch with a 3 inch heel on?” “Three words Vince, PRAY FOR ME,” she said. Well, I guess I’d better be careful, because you don’t want to be pushing me around in a wheelchair with both of my legs in full leg casts,” she said. “Are you sure about that,” I said. “Shut up!”

-Ding Dong- “Hey, Vince get the door would you,” Kasie said. “What’s up Dina,” I said, as I let her in. Dina was wearing a pair of short shorts and a red tank top. “Here comes Miss. Center of Attention,” Dina joked. Kasie was crutching to the front door slowing with her pink cast dragging slowly behind. She looked absolutely smashing. “Hey gimpy, you look a prostitute out of work and on a medical leave,” Dina joked. “Very funny, I’m a woman on a mission tonight remember,” Kasie said. I really didn’t care that Kasie was going to tease some of the guys at the party, because this isn’t something that happens everyday.

At the party

We arrived at the party fifteen minutes later. To my surprise, it looked like a lot of fun. There was a dance area, food area, and places to sit down. I already knew where Kasie was designated to sit for the night. The moment that everyone saw Kasie, their mouths dropped about six feet. I even heard some guy in the back say, “Damn, what happened to that chick.” Kasie quickly received all the attention she needed when the hostess made her a special place on the couch and elevated her leg on some pillows. Within five minutes, there were about fifteen people surrounding Kasie. They were all asking her the same question. It was, “Can I sign your cast.” I know she was enjoying all of this. The hostess even brought a small box with markers in it. I noticed Kasie’s toes playing with the bottom of her aluminum crutches. After the famous signing, Kasie hot pink cast was full of signatures and drawings. On the lower part of the cast, someone had drawn a bone cracking and the word OUCH next to it. I thought the coolest quote was on the bottom of the foot area, of her cast. It read: “Kasie feet smell really bad, too bad she will never see this message with a full leg cast.”

“Vince, can you get me another drink please, she said. Don’t worry I’m not going to be driving home. I promise,” she joked. About an hour later Kasie was wasted. She was trying to dance in a full leg cast. It looked hilarious. Her dance consisted of her lifting her crutches up and down, while taped her toes on the floor. The night was going great, until our little problem. From what I understood, one of the girls at the party was frustrated because of all the attention Kasie was getting from the guys. Therefore, some woman did something that I would have never imagined. While Kasie was poised on her crutches, the woman pulled Kasie crutches out from beneath her. Her cast caused her to loose her balance and fall on her face. “What the hell is your problem you BITCH,” Kasie yelled. I could tell that it must have really hurt because tears were beginning to form on her face. “How about you try dancing now you slut,” the woman yelled. At that moment, Dina tackled the woman and started pulling he hair. Now I get to witness a classic chick fight. It was funny watching Kasie trying to help Dina beat up this girl, because a person can only do so much fighting, if they can’t walk. Everything was sort of resolved in fifteen minutes. We decided to leave because of the incident. I suppose that the woman was really drunk, so I left it at that. While I was carrying Kasie out of the house, she fell asleep in my arms.

Back at the house

I put Kasie in bed as soon as we got home. When I got into bed with her I felt her cast rubbing against my legs. I really wish I could be screwing her right now, I thought. I fell asleep holding her big cast in my arms.

The next morning, Kasie seemed back to normal. I was in the kitchen making breakfast while Kasie was waking up. Kasie crutched slowly in the kitchen, wearing a robe. “How about I keep my promise honey,” she said seductively. Before I knew it, she took of her robe revealing her exotic lingerie. She was wearing a tight black nightie that revealed her breasts a lot. On her good leg she was wearing a fishnet stocking and a 4 inch open-toed stiletto heel. She was still poised on her crutches gazing into my eyes. “Come get me tiger,” she said softly. I grabbed her and threw her onto the couch. I started rubbing her cast from her thigh to her cute toes. It felt so hard and sexy. “Come on baby, give it to me,” she said. I grabbed her cast with my arm and started making love on our living room floor. The only thing I could think about was how this was only the second day of the six weeks, of Kasie and her huge cast.


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