The Gift

by Tom

I have no luck at all with men. I keep dating men that remind of a one liner I heard in college. Why do men float better than women? Because they're scum. My mother has been bugging me about looking for my men in places other than bars and after these last few I was finally at the point of taking her advice. Partially because I was hoping she was right and partially just to get her off my back. I actually do have a good relationship with my mother but we do have our differences at times. I finally gave in to her wishes and agreed to look for a kind man instead of a cute butt.

I'm pretty tired of my "career" as a struggling model doing the waitress scene too, but here I am at the studio looking through the job listings again. I knew from word of mouth which jobs to avoid and it seemed like that was all that was available. It turned out to be my lucky day though. The receptionist mentioned a short list of date critical jobs that weren't filled yet and they might be more desperate. She winced when she realized she used the word desperate. I tried not to show that her comment hurt me. I took a look through the list briefly and it looked like the same kind of jobs that decent girls don't do except for one that had a name I had never seen on the list before.

"Can you give me more information about this one." I pointed but she still couldn't make out which one. "The one that says nice legs, feet and toes required."

"Oh, that one. That one seems innocent enough but everyone has said no to it so far."

"Why? What do you have to do?"

"Something about being put in a leg cast for the weekend."

"Really?", I said.


"Well, I am desperate", I said, emphasizing the word "am". "Who do I contact?"

"Here's the phone number and contact." She added a "Good luck" with a big smile on her face.

I just said "Thanks", then left for home to make a phone call.


"Hi, my name is Tina and I'm calling about the modeling job you left at the agency."

"Really? How much did they tell you at the agency?"

"Not much. I read nice legs, feet and toes required." I didn't let on about knowing anything about a cast. I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt and let him explain things. I could just tell by his voice that he wasn't a professional photographer either.

"Uh, well, I have a friend that I wanted to give a special gift to. You would basically be his gift. Oh, there wouldn't be any hanky-panky. It would be more like, um, just be his date for a couple of days."

"I just have to be his date for a couple of days? And he's really into nice legs?"

"Oh yes, very much so."

"And he's into nice feet and toes too?"

"This will probably sound strange, but yes he is."

"I see. So how much would I get paid?"

"Um, there's one more thing."

I tried not to let on but I was pretty sure I knew what was coming up next. "Oh, one more thing? What's that?"

"Oh boy, um, he thinks that women with a leg in a cast is the sexiest thing. So you'll have to have your leg put in a cast."

The receptionist wasn't kidding. But I really was desperate for both money and a modeling job. I tried not to let that show in my voice as I asked, "How much will it pay again?"

"Five hundred dollars. You have to be available from Friday night to Sunday night. Is that enough?"

"Five hundred dollars. I could sure use five hundred bucks. I still had some questions about the leg cast thing though. "Before I accept I would like to meet with you to discuss the weekend and talk about this leg cast thing."

"Can we meet tonight? I'm running out of time to get everything set up."

"Sure. Where should we meet?"

"What's convenient for you?"

"How about your place?"

"My place? Uh, ok. What time?"

He seemed surprised that I suggested his place. I felt pretty sure I would be safe. If he didn't seem surprised then I wouldn't have gone to his place. "How about 7:00?"

"That's great. Thank you very much."

"Your welcome. So where do you live?"

I have to admit that I was nervous. It wasn't exactly what I thought my first modeling job would be like but it sure felt good to have one after trying for so long. I really tried to look my best while maintaining a professional appearance. It wasn't hard to find his place and before long I was knocking on his door. He opened the door, smiled and motioned me inside. He had dressed casually. I felt I made a mistake and had overdressed.

"Please, sit down" as he made a sweeping motion with his hand toward the couch and chair.

I sat in the chair. He had a nice place, perhaps a little sparsely decorated, but it was clean and organized. "Thank you", I said.

"I can understand why you would have questions. I'll try my best to answer them."

"Thank you. Could you explain to me how you want the weekend to go?"

"Ok. You'll go to the library on Main Street at 8:50 p.m. Go right to the ladies room and don't come out until I get you. We close at 9:00 so I won't be that long. I'll just open the door a little and call for you. We'll go up to the magazine section on the second floor. Everyone should be gone except Dan. He's not an employee but I let him stay late since we're friends. I'll go first and point him out to you. You then walk to where he'll be sitting and trip over him. Fake an ankle injury. Make some noise but not too much. I'm sure he'll be to your aid quickly and so will I. You won't be able to walk on it so we'll have to help you out of the library and into my car. I'll offer to take you to the hospital. Tell Dan you'll be ok. He'll probably want to go with us to the hospital but I'll tell him that he got a page from work. He leaves his pager behind the desk so that it won't disturb other people in the library if it goes off. Then we'll go to my place. I'll put your leg in a cast there. You can go home if you want or I'll pay for you to stay in a hotel if you don't want to be seen in a leg cast by your neighbors. I'll call Dan Saturday morning and tell him that I gave my number to you and that you called asking to meet him. You can arrange to meet him wherever you want. Naturally he'll be shocked to find out you broke your ankle and I'm sure he'll feel badly enough about it to do just about anything for you. He would do just about anything for you to keep you around since your leg will be in a cast. In general just let him pamper you all day. Tell him you had a great time and could he show you around town on Sunday. When you're done just come back to my place and we'll take off the cast."

"A couple of questions. Doesn't his pager have a vibrate mode?"

"It does but it's broken, it only beeps now. He just hasn't gotten around to getting a new one yet."

He seemed sincere enough in his answer. I have to admit that sounded a little off as an excuse to keep him going from the "hospital" with us. I was starting to think that it might have been a tip off that these two guys are in cahoots about this and it really isn't the gift what he's making it out to be. Then I would be in trouble but Tim has seemed so sincere the entire time so I'm convinced that he's trustworthy.

"I see. One more question. I'm just wondering, how did you ever find out he finds women in a leg cast sexy?"

I could see Tim starting to blush in a big way.

"Oh boy", he said, with a hint of resignation in his voice. "Dan and I both find women with a leg in a cast sexy. We meet on the internet. Having this common interest and living in the same city made it easy to become friends."

"That's interesting. Really. How come you aren't giving yourself this gift if you find it sexy too?"

"Dan is a lot shier than me. I guess I figured he wouldn't have much of a chance to date a beautiful woman in a leg cast. Plus, he gave me the lead that got me my current job so I owe him in a way."

"That's really nice of you", I said.

"Thanks. I hope he likes my gift. That is if you'll do it?"

Tim sure seemed kind. I'm sure my mother would love him. Now that was a scary thought. I made an agreement with myself that I would try to date a kind guy and see how things went. I was determined to keep that agreement with myself and Tim seemed like a very kind man. These thoughts had been rolling around my head during the last minute of our conversation and I knew it wouldn't help me by saying no to being the gift to his friend.

"Sure. I'll do it."

"Really? Thank you, Thank you." Tim came over to me and took my hand in both of his and said "Thank you", again. When he realized what he had done he then said, "Oh, I'm sorry" and then let go of my hand.

"It's ok. So what should I wear Friday?"

I was right on time. I noticed Tim behind the counter. I walked up to him and asked where the bathrooms were. He did a good job of not letting on to the other worker behind the desk that he knew me. I tried my best to waste time by touching up my makeup and hair. I checked my watch and still had a few minutes so I decided to sit down. I slipped off my left shoe to let my foot breath. I didn't want my soon to be injured foot to be sweaty.

"Tina? Are you there?"

"I'm here. Is it time?"


I slipped my left foot back into my shoe then heard the bathroom door close. I tried not to make too much noise on the tile floor with my heals. I opened the door and it was quite a bit darker than when I went into the bathroom. It looked like only about every fourth light was on. I didn't make any noise on the carpeting. It wouldn't be a problem for us to be sneaky. The stairs didn't have carpeting so I slipped off both of my shoes as Tim watched. I noticed a reaction from him as he watched me slip off my shoes. We went up the stairs quietly and I scurried to the carpeting on the second floor were I slipped my shoes back on.

Tim whispered, "Wait for my signal" as he went on ahead. He spotted Dan and motioned that he was in the third row of magazines. I was nervous. I gave Tim a weak smile as I walked past him. My heart was thumping harder and harder as I got closer and closer to where Dan was reading a magazine. As I peeked around the corner I saw him only a few chairs away. Tim said he usually had his legs stretched out which would make tripping over him very easy but he was sitting normally this time. My heart was pounding heavily and my throat was dry. I hoped this was going to work. I didn't think tripping seemed plausible given the way he was sitting. I didn't think he had noticed me yet as I quickly decided what to do while I walked toward him. With just a couple of steps to go I felt woozy. As I took that final step I placed the heal of my left shoe in the middle of his sneaker and put some weight on it to make sure he would feel it a little then kind of jumped upward and forward while trying to let out what would hopefully sound like a realistic yelp of pain. I tried to land without hurting myself but I felt some rug burn on my left knee. I let out a real whimper as that really smarted. I kept my composure though and just lay there hoping I was believable. I saw Dan spring from his chair and kneel next to me.

"Are you all right?"

I was lying on my left side and I moved my right leg. My left leg was lying on the floor and when I moved it slightly I let out a low moan and reached for my leg.

"Oh crap, I'm sorry. Don't move. Don't move."

Right about then Tim came walking around the corner saying "Is everything ok over here?"

Dan asked, "What hurts?"

I reached further down my leg as I said, "My ankle." I watched as they both knelt over me with genuine concern on both of their faces. Dan was alternating between "Oh shit" and "Oh God" as Tim asked, "Do you think you can walk on it?"

I just shook my head no as I reached for my ankle again.

Tim said, "Can you move your foot?"

Tim had instructed me previously not to move my foot or wiggle my toes so after a second I let out another feigned yelp of pain having never moved my foot. Then I shook my head and said, "No."

Tim then told Dan to slip off my shoe very carefully. Poor Dan was as pale as a ghost by now as he gently slipped the shoe off of my left foot. After he took off my shoe I noticed him hold it with both hands and hold it near his chest while he continued to stare at my ankle. I don't think he even realized what he was doing.

Tim continued issuing commands, "Dan let's help her up onto her feet." Looking at me now he said, "Ma'am, keep your foot off the floor, ok?"

I smiled a little and nodded yes.

I rolled so that I was sitting on my butt while keeping my left foot off of the floor. They both held me under my arms and lifted me into a standing position. I made sure to keep my foot off the floor.

Tim asked, "Do you think you can walk on it?"

"No, I don't think I can."

Dan, still white as a ghost, asked Tim "Do you think we should take her to the hospital?"

I quickly interjected, "No, no, I'll be ok. Just give me a minute."

Tim said, "If you can't walk on it we probably should."

"Please just take me home. Don't take me to the hospital. Please."

Tim looked at me kind of strangely. It was then that I realized that I had just messed up. Hopefully it wouldn't matter too much.

I leaned heavily on Tim, with my left arm around his shoulder and less heavily on Dan since he was shorter than me. We all made our way to the stairs, down the stairs very slowly and then out of the employee entrance. I thanked them both for helping me. Dan apologized profusely as if it were his fault that I was hurt. I made sure to mention that I kind of felt light headed and I didn't think I should drive. Since Dan lives within walking distance to the library he didn't drive so Tim had to drive me back to my place. I made sure to keep my foot off the floor of the car as Tim ran back into the library to close up. Dan stayed by the car not saying a word. Tim got back in a couple of minutes and as we drove off I noticed Dan's head hang as he walked away.

"Are you ok?"

"What do you mean?"

"That was good acting. I was starting to wonder if you really got hurt."

"Oh no, I'm fine. I was thinking. Dan's isn't going to see me until tomorrow. Can you put my leg in a cast tomorrow?"

"I'm sorry, I can't. It won't be dry enough if we don't do it tonight."

"Oh. That's ok. It was just an idea."

"Can you do me a favor?"


"Can you put your shoe back on. I think I'm having heart palpitations."

I smiled a big smile as I slipped my shoe back on. "Sorry", I said, "I forgot that you and Dan are birds of a feather."

"Thank you. That's quite all right."

Part 2

We got to my place and I worked quickly gathering enough clothing for the weekend. After I had gathered everything Tim had mentioned I should have and everything I thought I needed in my suitcase I went back out to Tim's car. We then headed to his house.

Tim carried in my suitcase. Right after we got into his place he suggested that I take off my dress clothes and get into comfortable cloths. He asked that I wear shorts to make it easier to put my cast on. My heart was pounding hard again as I changed my clothes. I knew I was getting closer and closer to having my leg put in a cast and the thought of that made me really nervous. I took my time changing. I was really nervous and felt chilled as I walked out of the bathroom to meet Tim. I noticed that Tim had a couple of boxes next to the couch and some towels and a couple of pillows too. I felt a little light headed as I sat down on the couch. Tim folded one of the pillows and placed it so that part of it was over the arm of the couch. He then took one of the towels and laid it over the pillow.

"Tina, put your leg on the pillow. Make sure your lower leg isn't touching the pillow or the couch."

I had butterflies in my stomach as I positioned myself on the couch then rested my leg over the arm of the couch.

"Scoot up just a little bit more", Tim said.

I scooted up a few inches toward the arm of the couch.

"You look uncomfortable. You can lay down if you want."

"I think I will. Thanks." I can't believe I'm doing this I thought to myself. Right about then Tim slipped something over my leg up to my knee. I swallowed hard.

"Do you want me to describe what I'm doing as I'm doing it?"

"No, that's ok. I'll probably just get more nervous if you do that."

"It'll be ok. You'll see."

"Uh huh." I was still nervous and feeling slightly light headed.

Tim wrapped my leg snugly from just below my toes to a little below my knee. Then he dunked what must have been a roll of casting material into the water for a few seconds. After a few more seconds I could tell he started to wrap it around my foot starting just below my toes again. As he started wrapping my leg I instinctively closed my eyes even though I wasn't watching what he was doing. He moved my foot and told me to hold my foot in this position until he was done. I mumbled an ok. The first roll went around my foot and ankle and all the way up my leg to just below my knee and then started back down my leg. There was another roll of cast stuff being dunked then more wrapping of my leg. The second started at the bottom of my calf and went down around my ankle and foot several times then started back up my calf. Tim touched my toes slightly as he removed the light fabric from covering my toes. When he touched my toes I felt a tingle run right through me. He pulled the light fabric off my knee as well. Then there was another dunk and then more wrapping of my leg. I was still lying down and now I couldn't really tell what was going on with my leg since I couldn't feel what he was doing through the layers he had already wrapped around my leg. My leg was starting to feel a little heavy and getting heavier. There was also this slight warming sensation that actually kind of relaxed my nerves somewhat. I could hear another dunk and there was some more wrapping of my leg. I could feel my leg being tugged on a bit so I figured Tim's doing this one tighter than the others. I hear one more dunk into the water then some gentle splashing. I opened my eyes and noticed Tim drying his hands on a small hand towel.

"Is it done?" I was barely audible because my mouth was so dry.

"It still has to dry so don't move yet."


"Do you want to watch some TV to pass some time?"


Tim got the remote and turned on the TV. He started flipping through the channels slowly. "Just tell me when you find something you want to watch." We ended up back where we started. "How about a movie?", has asked.

"That would be great. What do you have?"

He opened up a couple of cabinets that were both filled with VCR tapes all stacked neatly.

I said, "Tim, you really need to get out more."

"I know", he said with a smile. "Do you see anything you like?"

"Yes, how about M. I. B. A friend of mine saw it and she said she loved it."

"Ok. I'll get it going."

As he turned on the VCR and put the tape in I asked, "Can I sit up yet?"

"It would be pretty uncomfortable trying to watch a movie like that wouldn't it. Just a sec." He started the movie then came over to the couch. "Lift up your leg and I'll put the pillow on the coffee table then you can rest your leg there. Ok?" He saw me nod a yes. He put his hand under my cast and helped me hold it in the air as he moved the pillow. He guided my leg gently onto the pillow while I changed to a sitting position.

This was the first time I saw my leg in its cast. I could actually feel the blood leave my head as I looked at my freshly casted leg. It looked just like a real cast like I had really broken my ankle. "Tim. It looks so real."

"It's a real cast. Just like the kind you would get in the hospital if you really broke your ankle. Do you want me to fast forward through the previews?"

I just stared at my cast and my toes sticking out of the cast and mumbled a yes.

"Tina, the movie's starting."

"I feel kind of cold. Can you get me a blanket?" At that question Tim paused the movie and went into what I assumed was his bedroom. While he was gone I looked intently at my new leg cast again. It was one of the newer kinds of cast. It was a very pretty shade of light blue. Tim came back with a bigger blanket than I expected. Maybe that's all he had. Tim opened up the blanket halfway and placed it around me. He moved the part of the blanket that was touching my cast off of the cast. He started toward the chair and unpaused the VCR.



"Why don't you sit next to me while we watch the movie."

"Ok", he said with a smile on his face.

I lifted the blanket on my left side so he could sit next to me. We were still just a few inches apart so I slid to my left until our arms touched and my left thigh touched his right thigh. Then I took the blanket and put it around both of us. I snuggled into him a little more as the movie continued and he seemed to relax more and more the longer we stayed in physical contact. By the time the movie was over we were holding hands and I was resting my head on his shoulder. I believe we both felt content. It was almost 11:00 p.m. so we were both pretty tired by the time it finished.

"Um, did you want me to leave you at a hotel for the night?"

"No. I'll be fine right here. If that's ok with you?"

"Sure. Let me help you get situated."

I laid down on the couch as Tim put a pillow under my head and a pillow under my cast. He took the blanket and unfolded it all the way then covered me up with it, except for my cast. "Thanks, it feels great to be tucked in."

"Your welcome. Good night."

"Good night Tim." Then the lights went out.

I thought my leg being in a cast might make it hard to sleep but I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly. I woke to the smell of breakfast cooking. It smelled like scrambled eggs and toast. I also felt the inability to move my lower left leg. I opened my eyes, sat up and stared at my leg cast again. I tried to move my foot but there was just no way. The inability to move my foot felt kind of strange but my foot felt surprisingly comfortable in the cast. The cast had lost the sheen that it had last night so I guessed it was dry. I reached down to touch my cast. It had a very interesting texture. It was funny but I don't think I had ever felt a cast before.

"How does it feel?"

I must have been really concentrating on my cast because I never heard him say anything.

"Tina? Does your leg feel ok?"

"I guess so. I can't move it though."

"Of course not, it's in a cast. Are you hungry?"

"Yes, very. It smells good too. By the way, what time is it?"

"About 8:30. Oh, I forgot to do something last night", Tim said as he walked from the kitchen into the living room.

"What's that?", I asked.

"I have to check your circulation."

"How do you do that?"

"I'll squeeze the ends of your toes a little and then make sure that the color comes back to them quickly enough. That'll tell us if your circulation is ok."

"My toes?"

"What's wrong? Are you ticklish?", he said with a smile.

"No, not exactly."

"Do you mind?", he said as he gently moved my right leg out of the way and sat down next to my cast.

"Oh no. Please do." As he gently squeezed my big toe a shiver went right through me. He waited a couple of seconds before gently squeezing a second toe. I felt a rush of warmth and my breathing got a little deeper. "Keep in control", I told myself. I hoped he didn't notice my reaction to him touching my toes as he checked them all one at a time. After he was done he held on to them all for a moment and then gave them a playful squeeze. I'm sure my heart skipped a beat at that very moment. I'm sure he noticed by now that I was breathing deeper too.

He got up and headed towards the kitchen again and said, "By the way, you should look on the floor next to the couch."

I probably looked puzzled so I rolled onto my right side and looked down not knowing what to expect. "Crutches?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, maybe I forgot to mention it. Your cast isn't a walking cast. You'll have to use crutches to get around."

I got out from under the blanket and picked up my crutches using them to help myself onto my right foot. I had never used crutches before but I had the general idea already. I made my way towards Tim on the crutches and asked him if it was ok if I used his bathroom. He said, "Of course", and I slowly made my way down the hall on my crutches. The blood must have started flowing into my toes now that I was standing up because my toes started to feel tingly. I used the bathroom when I changed my clothes last night but I still really had to go this morning and I felt much better as I crutched my way back towards the kitchen.

I managed to sit down at the table without looking too clumsy and Tim brought us breakfast right after I got situated. We both ate without saying much except an occasional "yum" or "good" about the food. I watched Tim wash the dishes. After watching him for a minute or two I decided that he had pretty cute butt. After some small talk and some suggestions concerning Dan's date I got dressed up for my up and coming date with Dan. I would have rather stayed right here with Tim though.

"How do I look?", I said as I swung my casted leg to the left and then to the right.

"Wow! And I mean wow!"

I was probably beaming that he was so impressed. "Thank you Tim."

While I had gotten dressed Tim had called Dan and told him that I had called him and that I wanted to see him. The library seemed an appropriate place to meet Dan because my car was still there. So off we went to the library. Tim dropped me off a block away from the library so that we wouldn't be seen together by Dan. I had to crutch the rest of the way to the library. To say that I felt self conscious about being in public in a leg cast and crutches would be a slight understatement. I made it there without too much of a problem but it was pretty tiring using crutches to walk a block to the library. Once I was there I realized he might be in the magazine section on the second floor again. I wasn't looking forward to trying to make it up the stairs on crutches. Fortunately Dan saw me while I was on the first floor. The poor guy. We never let on that my leg was in a cast and he was totally surprised to see my leg in a cast. He managed to ask if my ankle was broken and I told him it was. It definitely had an effect on him so I'm sure Tim wasn't kidding about him finding women in my predicament sexy. I found it difficult to keep the small talk going with Dan. He did seem quite shy. Eventually we left the library and I asked if we could go to a movie together. He almost fell over when I asked him. At least we wouldn't have to talk during the movie. I suggested we take my car since it was still parked nearby. By the time the movie was over I was starting to get hungry again. We went to a pizza place that Dan frequented for lunch. It wasn't that crowded and the pizza was really quite good. I'll have to remember this place. The conversation was strained again. We had a booth and my left leg was on the inside so I figured I would give Dan a treat. I told him I needed to elevate my leg and I placed it right next to him in plain view with my toes pointing right at him. I then asked if he would massage my toes for me. I thought he was going to choke. I braced myself for my toes being touched. I have to admit I did react somewhat but it wasn't quite what I thought it would be. I think Dan thought it was all he thought it would be. He sucked down his soda like I've never seen it done before. After I thought he couldn't take any more I thanked him for massaging my toes and asked to go. I dropped him off at his place, which was very near the library. We went our separate ways and I drove back to Tim's place.

I couldn’t find a place to park right in front of Tim's place and getting out of the car and onto my crutches wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I made my way on crutches to Tim's place. I guess it wasn't really all that far. For some reason I didn't feel self-conscious about being in a cast and on crutches as I made my way past some people on my way to Tim's. I knocked on Tim's door again. I hope he's here I thought to myself. Finally the door opened. Tim was all smiles as he saw me. He asked, "How did it go?"

"Ok, it was kind of hard to keep a conversation going with him though."

"Well, it was a success. He called me as soon as he got home he was so excited about what happened. I was still talking to him when you knocked in fact. I think you just made his year."

"Great, I'm glad he enjoyed it. Your gift was a success."

"Thanks to you. You've been perfect. Thank you."

I continued crutching my way over to the couch as we talked. I sat down and asked Tim to sit down too. He sat too close to me so I moved away from him a couple of feet then lifted my casted leg and placed it in his lap. "I need to elevate my leg. Would you do me a favor and massage my toes for me?"

He just looked down at my toes and ever so gently started rubbing the tops of my toes with his thumb while cradling the underside of my toes with his fingers. I couldn't control myself as I felt my nipples getting erect and I exhaled deeply while letting out a soft "hmmm". My back arched slightly too as I tried to regain my composure. Then Tim started doing it with both hands at the same time. I felt like I was melting as I slowly laid down on the couch. "Hmmm, that feels good Tim."



"I have something to tell you."

"Go ahead Tina."

I was breathing somewhat easier now as I started, "I want to thank you for being so honest about what you find so sexy. You really are brave to tell your deepest desires to a total stranger. I mean that sincerely too. You're a very kind man so I feel safe telling you what I'm about to tell you. My mother used to always ask my father to massage her feet and toes. I always noticed how she liked it so much." Right about then Tim's ran his index finger between my big toe and my "index" toe and I noticed my internal reactions again. I had to wet my lips before continuing to talk. "Like I said, she really liked it a lot. Maybe that's why I have always had really sensitive toes and love to have my feet and toes massaged so much."

"Are you serious?"

"Please Tim, yes I am. And I think they're even more sensitive than ever because my toes feel so defenseless and exposed sticking out of this cast."

There was a long moment of silence then Tim ran his fingers along the tips of my toes and I couldn't help but hum softly again.

"We seem to be a nearly perfect match."

"I guess so. Tim, I know you said I was supposed to be a gift for Dan on Sunday too, but he seems pretty happy about today. Can I be your gift tomorrow? I would really like that."

Tim's eyes got really big and he stopped caressing my toes for a few seconds. I was starting to think that maybe he was in shock.

"Really?", he finally got out.

"Really, I want to do this for you. And for me too. And please don't pay me for doing this either. I don't feel right about it. Ok?"

"Ok." After a long pause Tim asked, "What should we do?"

"Do you have any wine?"


"Get us each a glass of wine. Actually, you better bring the whole bottle just in case. And then you can do my toes again."

Tim had a huge, silly grin from ear to ear. I probably had a big silly grin myself. Tim lifted my cast off of his lap and really surprised me by nibbling at my toes. That just drove me wild and sent shivers up my back and neck and down my arms and right leg. As he put my cast down on the couch I said "Don't be gone long Tim."


Part 3

Tim came back with a bottle of red wine and poured us each a glass. Put my leg back on Tim's lap and Tim started to gently caress my toes with his left hand while simultaneously sipping his wine with his right. I leaned back against the arm of the chair, closed my eyes and reveled in the dual sensations of Tim caressing my toes and the very good tasting wine. I wasn't sure how long it had been but when I had finished my glass Tim was quick to offer to fill it up again. I agreed and Tim filled his again even though he wasn't quite finished his first glass.

"Tim, this is so good", I said.

"It's a New York wine actually."

"No kidding, I didn't even know they made wine in New York".

We both were quiet again as we enjoyed the wine and I enjoyed my massage. I started to feel the effects of the wine as I finished my second glass. I noticed Tim was again about three quarters done his glass again when he asked if I wanted another. I felt like I should say no. I didn't want to seem like a lush but I said yes anyway. He filled my glass and finished off the bottle by refilling his glass as well. The wine and the massage were really starting to affect me. Tim seemed content to just keep doing my toes. I was enjoying it immensely. I finished my third glass of wine and placed it on the coffee table. I noticed Tim was only half done his but he put his next to mine anyway.

"Tim?" I said

"Yes", he said with a grin.

"I am so ready".

"Ready… for what?"

"Ready for, well, you know".

Tim was wide eyed again. I just smiled. I took my leg off his lap and got my crutches. As I steadied my self on my crutches Tim stood up next to me. I took one small step towards him with my crutches then put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him closer to me then kissed him on the lips. It wasn't a long passionate kiss. It was just long enough to see if it would be good and it was.

"Tim, I want to". I paused for second then asked, "Do you want to?"

Tim didn't speak but his nodding head gave me the yes response I was hoping for. My hand was still resting on his shoulder so I gave him a gentle push away from me to say to him okay then, let's get going. He backed up still facing me. As the space between us increased I took short, almost sideways steps on my crutches since there wasn't a lot of room between the couch and the coffee table. When I got out into the open I was able to use my crutches normally. Tim waited for me to get by him a little and then he put his hand on the small of my back as I crutched towards his bedroom. I stopped at his door, which was closed. With both hands still holding onto my crutches I thought I would let Tim do the gentlemanly thing and get the door for me. He did of course but not before letting his hand slide down the rest of my back and along my butt. I was still very ready and that certainly helped me along. I went through the door to his bedroom even though it was fairly dark. He quickly clicked the lights on to his bedroom as he followed close behind me. The lights seemed very bright at first then I noticed them getting dimmer and dimmer. For half a second I thought that there was something wrong with me but then I realized he had a dimmer switch and he was adjusting the lighting to a very romantic setting. I continued crutching to the foot of his bed and then turned around to face him. He was still standing near the light controls so I motioned him to come to me. He did. I held his arm, then his hand in mine and then placed his hand near my top button on my blouse. He got the hint and started to unbutton me. I just looked at him as he concentrated on undressing me. My blouse was completely undone so I took one crutch from under my arm and held it in my other hand so that Tim could slip my blouse off my shoulder. I then switched positions with my crutches so that my other arm was free and I let my blouse slide off my arm to the floor. We both looked down at my blouse and noticed that it didn't completely reach the floor, part of it had snagged on my crutch. I gave my crutch a quick shake but it stayed. I looked back up at Tim.

"Move closer to me and take my bra off".

Tim obliged and reached around me to the back of my bra. As he reached I leaned forward on my crutches and kissed him again. I kept kissing him while he fumbled a little trying to get my bra unhooked. After he unhooked it he let it relax slowly so as not to snap me. I stopped the kiss, leaned back and moved my arms and crutches away from me for a second to let my bra fall to the floor. I watched with satisfaction as I noticed Tim stare at my exposed breasts. It seemed certain that casts and toes weren't the only thing he found sexy.

"Now unbutton my skirt".

As he did I was feeling it more and more. They were unbuttoned completely but stayed on my hips so I moved them past my hips and they fell as far as the top of my cast. I just said, "Tim" and he knelt before me and guided my casted leg with one hand and maneuvered my skirt with the other until it slipped past my cast and toes and laid on the floor around my right foot. I took a short step backwards, all the way to the foot of his bed, and as I took a short step forward I slipped out of my dress shoe on my right foot all in one motion. I was now completely naked except for my panties, leg cast and crutches. Tim was still on his knees before me so I reached for the arms of his shirt and started to pull up. Tim cooperated by raising his arms to allow me to take his shirt off. I let if fall and told him to stand up. I moved forward on my crutches a little and unbuttoned his pants and then unzipped them.

"With me being on crutches I won't be able to get them off you Tim. You'll have to do the rest."

He took a few step back then took his shoes and socks off then slipped out of his pants and took a couple of steps and got really close to me. "Tina, you look so gorgeous." Then he leaned forward and we kissed again. It was longer and more passionate this time. I reached up to put my arms around his neck and my crutches fell out from under my arms to the floor. Tim put both of his arms around me and drew me in closer. While we were still kissing Tim then stood up straight and in the process lifted me right off the floor by several inches. He then took a couple of steps until I was at the foot of the bed. I could sense Tim was starting to assert himself and it felt good. I released my arms from his shoulders and neck and leaned back. Tim gently lowered me to the bed. I moved towards the pillows while Tim slipped his under ware off. I hurriedly tried to remove my own panties but I had some problems getting them past my cast. Somehow I think Tim found that appealing. Once my panties were off I dropped them near the bed. I watched Tim get on the bed and come closer and closer to me. His chest and shoulders seemed to be bigger now for some reason. I felt secure and sure of my self and my desires as Tim moved over me eclipsing the lights in the room. He hovered over me for a few seconds so I ran my fingers through his chest hairs. As he got closer and closer I moved my hands from his chest to his back and then we pressed together.

When I woke Tim was gone. I just lay there, only half covered by the blankets, and savored last night. I could hear Tim coming now. I smiled and thought to myself, "how like Tim", when I saw that he was bringing me breakfast in bed. I leaned my pillow on the headboard to be like a backrest and then sat up in bed. Tim placed the tray on my lap then walked around to the other side of the bed and picked up his pillow. He walked back around the bed with the pillow and stopped near the foot of the bed. He uncovered my cast and then put the pillow under my cast. I ate slowly as I watched him do all of this. Then he knelt beside the bed near my cast and started to gingerly run his fingers over my toes. Now it was my turn to nearly choke.

"You know you are making it really hard for me to eat!" I said.

Tim looked at me with a smile but didn't stop. "Should I stop?" he finally asked?

"No, don't you dare stop. You know I love this."

"I know, I know, I was just kidding."


"You know what?" he asked.

""What", I said with some uncertainty in my voice.

"I love doing this for you. I really feel good making you feel good."

I had a great feeling of relief when he said that. Right about then he started doing a light circular motion on my toenails, one toe at a time. It felt exquisite. He had done this last night but very briefly. I stopped eating for a minute, closed my eyes and soaked up these new sensations. The phone rang and I jumped making a jingle of noise from silverware being jostled on the tray on my lap. My eyes were wide open now. Tim stopped doing my toes and got the phone. I didn't know exactly what was going on but I could tell he wasn't pleased.

"Is something a matter?" I asked, after he hung up.

"Yes. I have to go into work. I can't believe it. Actually, I can believe it. This guy Mike, he always seems to be late for work or missing work completely, especially when it's inconvenient for him."

"I'm sorry. Should I go home?"

"Don't be ridiculous. Please stay and make yourself at home. I should only be gone a few hours."

"Okay, I will then. Thanks Tim." I continued to nibble at my breakfast while Tim hurriedly undressed then redressed into appropriate work clothes. I enjoyed the view. After he finished dressing he rearranged some stuff in his a closet for a few seconds then apparently found what he was looking for. He looked at me with a kind of sad look.

"You'll have to use this if you want to take a bath or shower." He handed it to me and I started to look at it.

"A cast protector?"

"Yes. You can't get your cast wet, it'll keep your cast dry while you bathe yourself."

"Oh", I said. "Are there any instructions on how to use it?"

"Let me put it on you."

He didn't seem impatient, just hurried. It covered my cast and knee then he wrapped it fairly tightly around my leg just above my knee.

"This is different", I said.

"Honestly, I'm not a big fan of them. They distort the view of your toes and cast but they are a necessity to keep from ruining a cast because of moisture."

"And we don't want that do we."

"No we don't", replied Tim in a matter of fact manner.

"Well, you should be all set for now." He then leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Wait! One more for the road." When he leaned over this time I put my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. As he stood back up I gave his shirt a little tug to give him a subtle hint that I didn't want him to go.

He again mentioned that I should feel completely at home as he left the bedroom and then the house. I thought about what I should do as I finished my breakfast. I didn't feel really all that comfortable about being in his house without him here. As I finished my last bite I got an idea.

The first order business was that shower. I left the tray on the nightstand and got my crutches off the floor and made my way to the bathroom. Getting into the tub was tricky on crutches but I managed. The shower felt great so I took a long one. I dried off thoroughly, even the cast protector, then crutched back to the bedroom to get dressed. The first thing to do was take off the cast protector. It felt like it was cutting off the circulation to my leg a little. I felt my cast and then my toes. They were both dry so I guess the cast protector worked. I brought more clothes than Tim suggested. It was a good thing. I was going to wear one of my head turning outfits. The kind you wear when you're looking to get picked up at a bar. I'm not really sure you can call it an outfit. I was going to wear shorts and a kind of tight fitting shirt, one that would show some of my abdomen and really accentuate my breasts. I decided on no bra and just one sneaker with an ankle sock. Definitely nothing over my cast since Tim likes toes. I have been finding that I like the feeling of my toes exposed so that if I was ever really injured my leg and needed a cast I doubt I would wear anything over it anyway.

I was dressed and ready to go but I decided to check my hair and makeup once more before going. As I looked at myself in the mirror I came to the realization that it didn't seem strange to have crutches under my arms or at least not as much as it did yesterday morning anyway. I suppose I could get used to them. On that thought I left the bathroom and Tim's house making sure the door was locked. I crutched to my car enjoying the warming morning temperature and the slight breeze. Getting my crutches and myself into my smallish car was again a challenge. I hope nobody was watching. I got my seat belt on and drove off.

Luckily I found a spot right in front of the Library. I got out of the car easier than I got into it and got myself onto my crutches. I wasn't very sure of myself making it up the few stairs so I decided to take the handicapped ramp. It felt funny doing that. To think that if someone saw me they would say that I was handicapped, even if only temporarily. Thank goodness for automatic doors too. I noticed Tim behind the desk but I didn't think he noticed me yet. My nipples started to enlarge and press against my shirt as I got closer to him and I actually felt a little nervous since I didn't know how this was going to go. Tim and the other worker were still distracted by what they were doing so I just waited for them to notice me. They both turned around at the same time and I got a satisfying look from both of them. I didn't give either of them a chance to say anything.

I looked straight at Tim and said, "Excuse me. I broke my ankle a couple of days ago and I was hoping someone could help me find some information about fractures and cast care. Could you help me?"

Tim cleared his throat, then said, "I can certainly try to help you find information." Tim talked as he walked around the desk, "I'm not sure how much information we would have on that subject matter", sounding very professional.

When Tim was at the furthest point from the other male worker he muttered, "Lucky bastard."

I heard him and smiled. I took a small step forward on my crutches and said, "Thank you." Then I took a few backward steps away from the desk. I wasn't sure exactly why I did that. Maybe to let him see all of me, cast and all.

Tim was now standing next to me. "I'll bet that type of information can be found I the nursing section. Follow me."

Tim headed straight for the stairs so I crutched along behind him. As we got closer I said, "I just broke my ankle two days ago so I'm not really that sure of myself on stairs yet with these crutches. Will you be able to help me up the stairs?"

"Of course, just tell me what I should do to help."

"Thanks, I really appreciate that."

We both stopped at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at them as if it were a treacherous mountain to be climbed. I did a sideways step on my crutches to get near the handrail. "Why don't you take my crutches." I slipped them from under my arms, handed them to Tim then held on to the handrail with my right hand. "Put them in your left hand." He did. "Move a little closer so I can put my arm around you." We were both grinning as he moved closer but no one could see that. I reached my left arm around him and he put his right arm around me a little above my waist. "Let me put me hand up a little higher on the rail. Okay, now you just step up to the next step and you'll just carry me along with you. Ready?"

"Yes, are you?"

"Yes, thanks."

Tim stepped up one step and it worked like a charm. I was on the first step with very little effort. Tim then stated, "Only twenty three to go."

I said very quietly, "We'll be to the top to soon for me."

I repositioned my hand for our next step and then Tim took his next step up the stairs. He whispered back to me, "We'll have to go slow then won't we."

"Very", I said, giving his shoulder a squeeze.

On about the sixth step I glanced back and noticed the other fellow staring at us. When he noticed I had looked back he quickly shifted his attention to his work. I thought I would look again in a few steps to see if he was staring again. When I looked back again he was looking at us again. He didn't look away this time. Maybe because there was only a couple of steps before the landing half way up the stairs and it turned out of sight from the desk. I didn't mind him looking I guess. It felt pretty good actually even though I wouldn't be interested in him at all. Luckily the handrail was continuous from the first flight of stairs to the landing and finally to the second flight of stairs. Tim took short steps for me so I could keep up with him with my right hand on the handrail. It worked out nicely and I commented, "You make a great crutch."

Tim blushed. I hadn't noticed but someone started walking down the stairs just as I said that.

As she passed us she said, "I bet he does."

I blushed myself. I hope it wasn't that noticeable.

After a few steps navigating the landing and a few more steps up the stairs Tim hesitated for a moment then looked behind us. "That was the library director."

"I didn't get you in trouble did I?"

"Oh no, I'm sure not. She'll probably ask me about it or maybe kid me about it but I'm sure I'm not in trouble."

"Phew", I said.

After a few more steps he stopped for a second. "Actually, I think she likes me."

I made a quiet hissing sound like a cat and said, "Competition!"

"Oh, I don't think so."

She seemed attractive but possibly in her forties so I said, "To old for you?"

Tim said, "No, she has ugly toes."

I laughed. Perhaps too loudly for a library.

"Mine aren't ugly are they?"

"Absolutely not", Tim whispered. "You have very nice toes. No, make that, you have very sexy toes."

"You're just saying that."

Tim continued to respond in a whisper. "No I'm not. You are so beautiful and you really do have sexy, sexy toes."

Part 4

He seemed so sincere saying these wonderful things to me. I'm sure he meant them, which made me tingle with excitement. I wasn't going to even try to hide my excitement about his sweet words or the feelings from him helping me up the stairs. By now my nipples were fully erect and noticeably pushing on my shirt. I was starting to think that maybe I should have worn a bra. I wasn't expecting to be so affected. It felt like this whole idea was backfiring on me. Here I am trying to tease Tim at work and I'm turning into a puddle of wax in his arms.

"Tim, thank you so much." He looked at me and I'm sure he noticed that I was starting to get a little teary eyed. He gave me a reassuring squeeze then took another step up the stairs. We were both silent as we slowly took the last few steps to the second floor.

When we reached the second floor I said, "I knew it would be over to quick."

Tim replied, "It was. I guess you'll be needing these back?"

I gave Tim a smile and accepted my crutches. "Where to now boss?"

"Just a little bit further, follow me."

We got to the nursing section and he pulled a few books off the shelf for me and laid them on a table nearby. There were wooden chairs around the table of course but Tim proceeded to reposition two more comfortable looking chairs not at the table. They faced away from each other and he made them face each other with a little bit more than a foot of space between them. It looked like Tim was done so I made my way to the chairs and did a sideways crutch step to get in between the chairs. I maneuvered my crutches into my left hand then I leaned them against the chair facing me then I sat down in the other chair.

"Rest your casted leg on the other chair."

"Oh, of course. Good idea Tim."

I lifted my cast and laid it on the other chair. I was actually very comfortable right at that moment. Tim brought the five nursing books over to me and set them on the chair right next to my cast with the bindings facing me. Somehow it struck me funny and I chuckled a little.

Tim asked, "What's so funny?"

"It's just a Kodak moment I guess. I can just imagine a picture of my foot in it's cast next to a stack of nursing books. It seems so appropriate somehow."

"Ha, that would be a great picture. Well, I should get back to work but I'll be right back to check up on you, okay?"

"Sure, thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it."

"You're welcome. See you in a bit."

"Okay. Bye." Tim walked away so I took the top nursing book off the pile and started glancing through it. It was thick so I went to the index after a few minutes of browsing to look up casts. Sure enough, casts were in the index so I went to those pages and started to read them. It seemed like only a few minutes had gone by before I saw a flash. I thought it came from behind me. I thought I heard my name so I turned around and I got flashed right in the eyes.

"Tim, what are you doing?"

"Every so often we take candid pictures of our patrons using the library and post them on the bulletin board."


"Yes, really."

"You are not going to put my picture on the bulletin board. Are you?"

"I was hoping to. Please"

I shook my head with resignation, "Why can't I say no to you."

"Thank you. Would you mind if I took a couple more later?"

"I guess not."

"Great, I'll see you in an hour or so then."

"Okay, no more sneak pictures though."

Tim smiled broadly, "Alright."

Tim left again so I tried to get myself back into reading mode. I picked up where I left off and continued reading the chapter. I wouldn't have thought so before this weekend but now that my leg is in a cast and Tim is into casts it seemed like an interesting subject to me. I soaked up a lot of information about cast application and cast care as well as information about fractures during that hour and I only got to read three of the five books. I knew it must have been interesting because I usually have such a problem with day dreaming when I read. I didn't today. Well, I did allow myself to daydream once. In one of the books there was a picture of a woman with her leg in a cast in a wheel chair. It looked like she was listening to the attractive male nurse talk to her. Somehow I didn't think he was a doctor. They were both smiling and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I imagined that perhaps they were passing subtle innuendoes of their attraction to each other. I pictured myself in her place in the picture, except she had her right leg in a cast and I have my left leg in a cast. Tim is in place of the male nurse and he is discussing what things not to do in a cast and how to take care of the cast. I let my imagination run wild with different scenarios. In one I'm the injured athlete whose career is now over due to a broken ankle. The male nurse Tim comforts me in my pain and despair. In another, I'm an exotic dancer with a broken ankle and the Doctor, named Tim, can't resist my temptations. I wasn't sure how long I imagined these little scenes but I drifted back to thinking about the two in the picture. I wondered how she got hurt. Then I wondered if it was a staged picture. Maybe she was just a model. Then I wondered what she thought about having her leg in a cast without it being injured in any way. Did she experience the same sensations as me?

"Hi Tina."

I was startled by Tim's voice. "Hi", I said. "Has it been a hour already?"

"Almost. I thought I would take a few more "candid" pictures of you using the library, if you don't mind that is."

"No, I don't mind. Besides, it'll be my first modeling job."

"I thought I would take a picture or two of you walking on your crutches and get one of you using the computer search station."

"Okay", I said then got my crutches. I did my little sidestep maneuver from between the chairs then asked Tim, "What I should do next?"

"Umm, walk over to those shelves. Let me get ready first though."

I said "Okay" as Tim walked near the shelf. He motioned for me to come, so I did, trying to be as graceful on my crutches as I could. I didn't have to try to put on a happy face for the pictures. Being the center of Tim's attention brightened up my mood nicely. He snapped a picture, and then another, until I got very near to the shelf, then he took one more picture.

"Boy, I sure hope these come out."

"Should we do it again? To make sure you get a good one."

"Ya, let's do that."

I turned around and crutched back to near the chairs and then asked, "Is this good?"

"Perfect, do it again."

I was noticing my natural reaction to being the center of Tim's attention. I just hope my excitement isn't too obvious in the pictures. I tried not to concentrate on my nipples as I crutched toward the shelf again. Tim snapped a few pictures again on my way back to the shelf.

"That was great. Let's go over to one of the computers and I'll take a couple of you there."

There was only one computer in plain sight so we both headed to that one. I leaned my crutches against the wall then sat down in front of the computer. "What should I do?"

"Move your cast to the left. It's in the shadow of the desk."

"Is that enough?"

"Yes. Umm, just go ahead and type something and I'll take a picture of you typing."

I clattered away at the keyboard for a few seconds before Tim took a picture.

He walked over to me. "That was the last picture in the roll. I'll have to get them developed I guess." I was attempting to slide the chair back as Tim asked, "So what did you searched for?"

I had hoped he would be interested in what I typed. "Take a look."

"Let's do lunch together", he read out loud. "Okay, where would you like to go?"

"I don't know this part of town so much. That pizza place that Dan and I went to had great pizza. You don't think Dan would be there would he? He said he goes there a lot."

"Oh, I doubt it. I think he usually is watching sports about now. Are you sure you want to go there again? Pizza two days in a row?"

"I could eat pizza seven days a week."

"Pizza it is then."

We made our way to the stairs and neither of us had to say a thing. I put my arm around Tim and he took my crutches for me. He would step down first then I would adjust my right hand on the handrail then kind of ease myself onto the lower stair. Going down the stairs seemed to take more effort than going up them. We took our time going down the stairs, both of us enjoying it immensely. We made our plans for lunch as we made our way down the stairs. There was no one that I saw on the second floor but there were still a few people on the first floor so we assumed our roles of not knowing each other. I noticed the library director behind the desk so I spoke up louder than I normally would have, "Thank you so much. You have been so helpful in finding me those books. Thank you for all of your help." With those final words I crutched to the automatic doors then outside. I made my way down the handicapped ramp without a second thought about taking it and then headed to my car. I glanced inside so see Tim, the library director, the other worker and a male patron all watching me crutch to my car. I thought with some satisfaction, "Being on crutches and in a cast sure does draw attention to you."

I drove back to Tim's place. He wasn't there yet of course so I just waited in my car. I only listened to a couple of songs before he arrived. I got out of the car with the least amount of difficulty yet and crutched towards Tim's place ahead of Tim. I thought he would probably catch up with me and he did. He unlocked the door and we went inside. I waited in the living room while he changed into casual clothes. While he was changing I asked, "Should I change my clothes too Tim?"

"Just a second", Tim replied, sounding a little muffled.

I was still standing on my crutches as Tim exited his room still in the process of slipping his T-shirt over his head. He stopped a few feet in front of me then unabashedly undressed me from head to my toes with his eyes. He paused, took a deep breath then said with a smile, "I don't think so Tina."

I smiled inwardly with his complimentary undressing of me. It felt so good to know that someone thought you looked sexy.

"You look absolutely stunning."

He then took a couple steps toward me then hugged me tightly. Tim wrapped his arms around my arms and squeezed me, which made my crutches draw in close to my sides. I had a moment of off balance feeling without the support of my crutches. After a second I regained my composure enough to start to enjoy Tim's hug. He was holding me so tightly and because I had gripped onto my crutches much tighter when I felt like I was loosing my balance I wasn't even able to let go of my crutches to hug Tim back. I rested my head on his shoulder as he continued to hug me tightly. It was a very nice, very long hug. When he let go of me I quickly tried to get my crutches firmly underneath me. I felt relieved when I was solidly balanced on my crutches again.

We had a pleasant conversation on our way to the pizza place.

I didn't think I would be remembered by anyone in the pizza place but almost as soon as we walked in the owner said to me, "Back so soon. And with another guy I see."

I might have been embarrassed at what he said except that Tim knew the whole story of course. The owner didn't know the story though so I thought I would explain it to him. "Oh yes, these two guys really helped me out a lot. The guy I was with yesterday, I tripped over him in the library Friday night. That's how I broke my ankle. And this guy here took me to the hospital."

The owner grunted an acknowledgment seemingly disappointed that he didn't stir up any trouble with his statement. Then he asked if we wanted a booth or a table and we both said a booth.

While we waited I suggested to Tim that I should elevate my leg. He got the hint so he lifted my cast with one of his feet and then held it in between his legs. I couldn't move my leg because of my cast and now I couldn't move my casted leg because of the way Tim was holding it. My left leg was immobilized and I squirmed in my seat a little as I realized how vulnerable my toes were. The more I thought about my toes being caressed by Tim the more it affected me. I wanted him to do my toes but for some reason he was making me wait. The anticipation was getting to me and I'm sure he knew from my occasional squirming in my seat and my enlarged nipples that I wanted him to. The waiter arrived and asked me what I wanted to drink. Just as I was about to answer Tim ran his finger tips across the tips of my toes. I completely lost my train of thought at that moment. Then I blushed in embarrassment even though the waiter couldn't have seen Tim lightly caressing my toes underneath the table. I finally managed to get out "Pepsi, please." Tim had a wicked grin the whole time since I was so obviously affected by what he was doing to me. Tim continued doing my toes as we ordered and I continued to enjoy the sensations I was experiencing. Tim in general did my toes the entire time we were eating. Sometimes just holding them with his left hand while eating with his right. Sometimes softly caressing them, which was really affecting me. The pizza was really good again and we had a fun time together. We talked and joked about various things, even though at times I had problems concentrating on the conversation thanks to Tim. But mostly we got to know each other better, which was nice. By the time we were ready to go my head was swimming from my excitement level thanks to the nearly continuous fondling of my toes Tim gave me while we were eating. I was very ready again as we went back to Tim's place. It wasn't very far to Tim's but I did want to ask Tim something before we got to his place.



"Tell me the truth. Do you really like doing my toes? Or are you just doing it because I like it?"

"To tell you the truth Tina", he then paused for a second or two, "I love doing it for you. And it really does something for me too. I love doing it for me too. So I guess it is both. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, it's just me being insecure."

"You shouldn't be. You have no reason to be."

I smiled then rested my arm on Tim's seat so that I could rest my hand on his shoulder. I idly ran my fingers through the hair on the back of his head. "Tim, I'm ready again. Are you?"

Tim cleared his throat, "I am ready too."

We smiled at each other and we were both silent the rest of the way to Tim's. When we arrived at his place Tim told me to stay right there for a second. He then got my crutches out of the back seat and then got the door for me. I like it when he does that. As I crutched toward the front door I kept glancing around to see if anyone was watching us. For some reason it felt like we should be sneaky. I guess it was because we were about to make love at two o'clock in the afternoon. I could tell Tim was anxious to get inside too because he fumbled with his keys trying to unlock the front door. As soon as we got inside and closed the door we both turned to each other and kissed passionately. After our kiss we both went right to his bedroom. Tim started to undress so I watched. When he was completely naked I asked him to help me undress. First he helped me get my tight fitting shirt off. Then he helped himself to my breasts, holding them in his hands at first, then kissing them and finally using his tongue on my very enlarged nipples. I moistened considerably through all of the foreplay. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts while he was doing this but couldn't get them off standing there on my crutches. He kissed my stomach while he pulled my shorts down. He guided my cast through the one leg opening and left the shorts around my other foot on the floor. Then he did the same thing with my panties before standing up. I took a couple of steps on my crutches to the end of his bed and laid my crutches on the floor as I sat down on the end of the bed. I lifted my right foot up and he moved toward me, knelt down and started to untie my sneaker. He removed my sneaker, then my sock then kissed the top of my foot several times. "I shouldn't neglect this foot should I?", he said. I moaned a soft "no" then he kissed to tops of my toes and I moaned softly again. He gently let my right foot down then lifted my cast up. My anticipation rose as the only thing he could do would be to kiss the toes of my casted leg. He did and it felt exquisite. Even though I was barely able to think through all this passion it occurred to me that it felt even better to have the toes of my casted leg kissed than the toes of my other leg. The cast definitely enhances the sensations of my toes. Right after Tim stopped kissing the toes of my casted leg I slid back on his bed and laid down waiting for him. He got on the bed and approached me on his hands and knees. His voice was deeper as he asked, "Do you want to try something different?" I didn't respond right away so he then said, "I really think you'll like it a lot. And so will I."

I nodded yes enthusiastically even though I didn't have any idea what he had in mind.


Literally, the fastest shipping I've had from any company!