The Freshman

by "the yeti"

He was late again, and this time it might prove costly. It was only three weeks into the first semester at Simsbury College, and Joey would be late for a group presentation in his economics class. His freshman year had flown by, and he had gotten the stellar grades his parents had come to expect from their above average son. His second year had started pretty much the same as the first: uneventful. Boring, actually. Classes were to be harder than the last years, be he knew that it wouldn’t be a problem. School had always been the easy part. Joey had been near the top of his class every year, but never cared who was number one and who was number eight. It would be just another year gone by.

As Joey sprinted around the corner near the elevator in the general classroom building, he never saw her coming. She didn’t see him either. The two collided in Hollywood fashion, with books and papers flying all over the hallway. Joey jumped to his feet as soon as he could find them, and then rushed to pick up the poor girl he had just flattened. She was pretty, very pretty in fact. The kind that Joey wished would just say hello when he smiled their way. She looked up at Joey with a slight grin on her face, and said sheepishly “I’ve got to be more careful in these dangerous hallways.”

His face as red as it had ever been, Joey extended a hand to help her to her feet. “I’m Joey,” he said, “and I am so sorry. I never even saw you coming.” Joey dreaded the next few seconds. He recognized her as Melissa Adams, the school’s prize recruit on the women’s soccer team. Her refusal of his apology could mean the end of the minimal social activity he enjoyed.

“Awe hell, no biggie, right?” said Melissa. “I got you pretty good myself” she said with a wink. “I’m Melissa, Melissa Adams. You’re Joey?”

“J-Joey. I’m Joey Thomas,” He stuttered as he helped pick up the papers lying all around.

“Well J-Joey, it’s nice meeting you, although we should probably start with a handshake next time,” she replied.

He had just flattened one of the most popular girls in the freshman class, and she was extending her hand in friendship. Joey could feel the sweat beads on his forehead, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he froze altogether. Make it good and get out, he thought to himself.

“Umm, yea, a handshake would be good. Listen, I…”

“Sorry to run off, but I’m late for practice,” she interrupted. “But listen, I have a game tomorrow afternoon at three, and I’d really like to see you there. Will you come?”

“Tomorrow… three… Yea! I can be there at three.”

“Then it’s settled, see you at three!” said Melissa as she ran off down the hall toward the exit.

Joey took little time to absorb what had just happened, and continued his mad dash to the classroom where his teammates were awaiting his arrival. He didn’t even notice the minimal blood coming from his lower lip until the professor mentioned it. “Mr. Thomas,” said professor Maxwell Dean, “you’re late and bleeding. Don’t let the former happen again,” he said with a dark undertone. Joey finished the presentation; minus the two note cards he had forgotten to pick up after the crash. And once again, another A. Man was he good at this stuff.

The rest of the day had gone like clockwork, just like all the rest. Lunch with one of his buds from the dorms last year, followed by yet another lecture from Dr. Victor Carlotti, a self proclaimed expert at what seemed to be an endless array of subjects. He was very knowledgeable, but most students brought along a comfy sweatshirt for a pillow, just in case. Carlotti never seemed to care. Joey returned home to his little apartment on the south side of campus around 6pm, just in time to order a pizza and drink the last of the 12 pack of Bud he had bought over the weekend. Afterward, a check of the empty void that was his e-mail box. Finally, a three-pager on the first five chapters of his Marketing Strategies course would round off yet another Tuesday night at Simsbury.

Tuesday nights at Simsbury were the same as Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Everyone got dressed up and went out. The three local bars were pretty easy on ID’s, making it almost impossible for someone not to get in. Joey had dreamed about going out with everyone else his freshman year, but had found himself far too shy to even attempt to hang out with the in crowd. His roommate, a hermit by choice, was no help either. His efforts to get a fake ID were in vain, as anyone without connections just wasn’t able to get a decent ID. So, Joey spent his freshman year with his nose in his books, and never got to see what a social life was really like.

This year had changed for the better. Joey was 21 now, and he had made friends with a couple of the guys on the hockey team who lived in the apartment next door. They had taken him to the bar a few times now, and had introduced him to many of the other players. Joey was making friends fairly quickly, and found himself one of the few outsiders allowed into the world of the athletes. College was supposed to be big enough that there weren’t any real “popular” groups, but it was clear that the athletes were considered in a class of their own.

Joey had never been a lady’s man either. In fact, he often froze solid while talking to a pretty girl. His looks were average at best, and his self-confidence was never a strong point. The guys had introduced him to a number of girls at the bar, but they were all in awe of the players, and only paid Joey a token hello. As far as he could remember, Joey hadn’t recorded a successful date since early in high school. He had almost given up hope of finding a girlfriend here at Simsbury, when his mind slowly drifted back to his collision earlier that day.

“Melissa Adams,” he thought out loud. “What a pretty name.”

Of course, she had only been in too much of a hurry to yell, hadn’t she? Joey thought it best that he not think too much about her, as she was clearly out of his league. “Still,” he thought again, “what the hell…” Then, he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Joey made sure that he was on time to class. In fact, he was on time throughout the day. Three o’clock rolled around, and he found himself slowly walking across campus toward the soccer fields. He grabbed a seat on the bleachers near a couple of the guys on the hockey team, and then checked the scoreboard to catch up on the first few minutes that he had missed. Although it was zeros when he arrived, Simsbury eventually buried their division II opponent 6-1. His heroine scored one and helped on two others. A very productive day for the freshman standout. After shaking hands like the good sports they were, the Mustangs all walked to the sidelines to greet family and friends. A few of the girls giggled and whispered as they neared the three hockey players, and Joey decided that it was time to make his exit. He turned from the small group that was forming to his left, and found himself face to face with Melissa.

“Hey you!” she said, giving him a playful squirt from her water bottle. “I didn’t see you up in the stands, just get here?”

“I was hiding behind those guys,” said Joey, pointing toward the captain of the hockey team and his friends.

“Oh, didn’t want anybody to know you were here huh?”

“Well, I uh, you know. Just grabbed a seat…”

“Uh huh, sure you did. Hey, I’m really glad to see you made it. I’m on my way to shower off, but maybe I’ll see you at Buster’s tomorrow night?”

“Sure,” said Joey, the nerves beginning to tighten through his body.

“You’d better not be late again.” Melissa faked a right toward his stomach, and then walked away toward two other girls who were also going to the locker room.

He stood and stared for a moment, trying to believe that it was finally happening. She had walked right past the guys on the team and talked to HIM. She had walked back by them, again only tossing a smile and a wave in their direction. Joey finally came to, and noted that he was staring off into nowhere, and the guys were closing in fast. Dave Marcus, the fastest center playing on any D-I team, was the first to comment.

“Attaboy, there Joey! See, just have to be patient and it will all come in time.”

The smartest sentence Dave had spoken in his three years at Simsbury.

Joey walked back to his apartment with the three amigos, joking about women and sex and beer. Joey had thought about what it would feel like to be one of the guys, and now he knew. And it felt really good.

Thursdays were a pain in Joey’s ass. He had class until three in the afternoon, and then he went to help out at the computer lab. The work/study position was only for his resume, as he didn’t need the money or the experience dealing with the computer illiterate at his school. His father was CEO of some big national bank, but Joey could have cared less. It was never about the money, and only a few times a year did his father show him the same. Still, he loved his father and his mother, something he found many of his peers afraid or reluctant to admit.

Joey had driven the 18 miles to the nearest mall that afternoon, and with the help of his friend tom, picked out a decent shirt to wear to the bar. He hated the idea of anything more then his usual shorts or jeans and a t-shirt, but the guys had pointed out how everyone was dressed up to go out, and why not him?

At a little passes ten, Joey and eight of the guys from the team met up at the payphone outside the apartment complex, and then piled into three separate vehicles, one of those being Joey’s Explorer Sport. Buster’s was the local hangout for any of the school’s athletes, and the others who could get in on a given night. It was within walking distance from the campus, but everyone who wasn’t a freshman came by car. Cover at the door was $3, but Joey walked by the bouncer and right into the bar. As did the rest of the team. “One of the guys,” he thought to himself. Inside, the bar was fairly clean, but the odors of cigarettes and stale beer from many years past gave Buster’s it’s own unique aroma. They had arrived right on time, as the majority of those who would be let in were already there. In the far corner, near the dead, or at least dying jukebox, was a table housing half of the women’s soccer team. Closer to the edge of the table was Melissa, dressed like a million dollars. Two million thought Joey, as he made his way to the pool tables where the rest of the team was camped for the night.

Joey couldn’t decide the right approach for the evening, and almost left the bar when his nerves got the best of him. He just couldn’t go talk to her. Not in front of half of her team at least. He excused himself to the bathroom, and tried to regain what little composure he had brought with him. After all, he hadn’t ever had a girl approach him before. On his way back to the table, Joey decided it was his turn to get a pitcher of beer for everyone. He approached the bar and ordered, and as he turned to head back to the tables, he was again face to face with Melissa.

“Avoiding me again, are we?”


“No, uh, not at all. I was just gonna come see you,” He managed.

Melissa and Joey managed to find a seat at an empty booth halfway between her teammates and the pool tables, and began a conversation of introductions and small talk. Joey was the whiz kid with the best grades. Melissa had the athletic talent, but needed to study for her A’s. Joey was in awe of Melissa. She seemed to have it all, and yet she was here with him, and not with the rest of her team. The two closed Buster’s down, and Joey gave Melissa a ride back to her dorm. They exchanged numbers, and agreed that they were both interested in seeing one another again. Soon.

Joey drove back to his apartment wearing a smile he hadn’t seen in quite some time. For the first time since he had come to college, he was excited to be there. And he couldn’t wait to see her again.

Joey and Melissa made it a habit to be together. He had never had a girlfriend before, but Melissa was certainly everything he had hoped for. They spent the next month with Joey helping with her studies, and Melissa teaching Joey how to stop her deadly shot with the soccer ball. It didn’t look as though Joey was ever going to learn. Joey made it to every one of her home games, and even made the four-hour drive to the closest away game of the season. With eight games remaining, the lady Mustangs were a team playing like champions. On a Saturday afternoon, though, the season would change for the worse.

Melissa was streaking down the left side of the field when she collided with the opposing team’s biggest player, a 5’11” defensive all star that hit her like a linebacker. Melissa went down hard, and immediately grabbed for her ankle. Joey wanted to run to her, but he knew that the athletic trainer was far more qualified. After just a few minutes, they loaded her into a golf cart and drove her to the ambulance that was waiting at the edge of the field. The ambulance was standard procedure, but Joey was worried more then ever. He asked to ride with her, but the paramedic told him that he was not allowed. He would have to drive to Huntington Memorial himself.

Risking all kinds of traffic tickets, Joey made the 20 minute drive in less than 15. Melissa had been taken to an exam room where she was being evaluated. As soon as the nurse could, she would let him back to see her. Her parents lived almost three hours north, and had been contacted. They would make the drive down that night, but it would take more than three hours to make the trip. Joey paced for what seemed to be an eternity, and was finally let back to see her.

Melissa was propped up on an exam table with her leg wrapped up in what seemed to be miles of bandages. The doctor returned about the same time, and began his explanation. Her left leg was most likely broken just above the ankle joint, a bone called the tibia. Excess swelling made it difficult to properly read the ex-ray, but it didn’t look like she would require surgery. She would probably heal fairly quickly if she followed directions carefully. “Lucky” said the doctor, but Melissa didn’t feel lucky in the least. She would be in this makeshift brace for two days, or until the swelling had subsided. From there she would be in a cast for as few as 6 weeks, and as long as 10. After that, she would begin rehab. The doctor said that if she followed procedures correctly, she might be able to return for the spring season, four months off. The doctor gave the prescription papers to Joey, and then gave Melissa a few brief instructions for the next two days. He left his pager number in case of emergency, and then excused himself. Just a few minutes later, another nurse came in with a pair of underarm crutches to fit to Melissa’s frame. She was offered crutching lessons, but declined due to a few adventures on them when she was younger.

All the time, Joey sat quietly on the small stool across from the table. He had always wondered how he would react to this situation. A girl, his girl, with her leg in bandages and her only mobility a pair of crutches. Soon, a cast. He would do his best to hide his excitement, much of which was already suppressed by his worry for the best thing in his life. The pain in her eyes, knowing she would miss the rest of the season, was enough to make him forget his feelings for the time being.

Melissa’s coach had now arrived, and checked up on her before heading home. Joey helped her into his explorer, and then padded her leg with the three pillows he had “borrowed” from the hospital. They wouldn’t be missed, he assumed. He drove her back to the dorms where she lived, and did his best to make the trip to her room as painless as possible. She had sobbed on the way home, but was quiet now, not showing any pain to the three people remaining in the lobby. The elevator to the fourth floor was quick, and she effortlessly crutched to her room just a few doors down the hall. Joey helped her into a warm sweatshirt, and then padded her bed with the borrowed pillows to make her as comfortable as possible. He held her hand as she slowly drifted to sleep, and then a seat on the couch. Her parents would arrive soon, and so he would stay with her until they got there. Melissa was a trooper, and he knew she would get through this ok. He would have to make sure he did as well.

Part 2

The next morning, Joey woke up early and brought four cups of coffee from the cafeteria downstairs. When he returned, Melissa was awake and sitting up in bed. She declined the coffee, though, as her stomach wasn’t yet up to much of anything. Both her mom and dad thanked him and continued to plan for their return to the city. “I guess I’ve screwed things up bad this time, haven’t I?” she said with a frown.

“Don’t you worry,” said Joey. “I’m going to make sure the next few weeks go as easy as possible for you. “I’ll tell work I’ll be out for a while, and I’ll make arrangements to be there for ya when you need me.”

“I’m not dying!” she said, “only temporarily incapacitated.” “Besides, it’s not the first time I’ve been broken in battle.”

Melissa went on to explain about her sophomore year in prep school. She had been back peddling across the midfield line when she and an opponent had collided hard. Her right ankle had twisted quite drastically, but thankfully nothing had broken.

“I’m damn fast on those sticks, but I certainly am going to have to get used to the sidelines again.” “I’m afraid I might be needing a few new clothes, too. This leg isn’t going to fit into any of my jeans like this!”

Joey couldn’t believe just how tough this girl was, though the pain meds were obviously having some effect, as she didn’t seem to be in any visible pain. Joey got her a bottle of water from the vending machine and then he left for his apartment for a shower and some cooling down time too. All this didn’t seem real, but he knew that keeping his cool was a must.

Joey showered quickly, and then called over to her dorm room to see if she was ready for anything to eat. Pizza sounded mutually good, so a stop at Dominos before heading to the dorm room was in order. He made a quick stop at Blockbuster for a few movies as well. Her parents had already left for home, to make sure that Melissa’s younger sister Karen hadn’t thrown a party in the short time they had been gone. He had talked to her parents by phone before they left that morning, reassuring them that if she needed them, he would make sure she called.

The two spent the day watching an ancient Mel Gibson flick, and then on to the old standby for a laugh, Happy Gilmore. Dinner was a couple takeout salads from the campus kitchen, and then a game of Monopoly. She kicked his ass. Again. The next day was pretty much the same, as Melissa didn’t want to venture out into the little campus just yet. By this time, word had spread of the accident, and many visitors had come by with cards or balloons. Melissa enjoyed the company, but could have done without the helmet ceremoniously presented to her by a few of her teammates. Joey knew she was already thinking about a way to get even. She had called and scheduled an appointment for 1:30 the following day, to once again see the doctor about her small predicament.

Joey left class fifteen minutes early, to make sure he got her to the doctor a little early. His anxieties were running at an all time high, and he brought a shirt to change into before they left. He blamed the sweat on his shirt on the run between class and her room. She didn’t seem to notice. Her mind was wandering toward the inevitable, the next month and a half or more as a gimp, something that frustrated her more than anything.

The drive was quick, and the usual hour plus waiting period was only ten minutes. The small office had its share of traffic, but was quiet today. The doctor there handled most of Simsbury’s injuries, with the excepting of those needing surgery. Melissa was wheeled back into the exam room, and finally managed to convince the nurse to let Joey back with her. The new x-rays showed a clean break that would not require surgery, a big relief to everyone in the room. The doctor then began explaining that he felt it would be necessary to put her into a long leg cast, which was one that went up over her knee. Melissa groaned loudly. The doctor continued that movement of her knee could cause the break to move out of alignment, making the healing process that much longer. This cast would only be for the first three or four weeks though, and after that a new cast would only go as high as her knee. This was much worse than she expected, and Joey felt her grip on his hand begin to tighten. The doctor made a few quick notes, and then excused himself and the nurse to prepare a room to apply the cast.

Joey’s heart was racing, and he thought maybe he should have brought one more shirt. Melissa looked up at him and said; “well, shit. I guess this makes it a hell of a lot harder, doesn’t it?” He knew she sensed something was wrong with him, but before she could ask, the nurse returned to wheel her into the next room. Joey was more than happy to accompany her, at her request, of course.

The room wasn’t much different than the last, but had supplies all over. The nurse offered Joey a seat, and then began prepping what looked to Joey like a long, thin white sock. The doctor came in, and together they began forming the cast on her leg. He explained that the fiberglass material was lighter than the plaster cast she had had in high school, and would dry quicker too. She was offered her choice of colors, white or white. The cast took shape in front of Joey’s eyes, but he made sure not to stare too long. She wouldn’t notice, would she?

The finished product looked like something from a textbook. The doctor was meticulous about every square inch, and made sure that he didn’t leave any area uneven. It was bent at a slight angle, just enough for her to keep it off the ground when she was upright. The cast left her toes peeking out the end, and went just about halfway up her thigh. Perfect.

Melissa constantly wiggled her toes now, she knew that that little game had driven Joey crazy since their first date. She caught him watching, and made sure his face was red enough to stop a car. How fun, she thought. Once the cast was dry, the nurse returned with a small cast care booklet, and an order form for some space aged looking bag that would keep the cast dry in the shower. The nurse recommended she get one, as wet casts were not much fun. She also offered a paper with a company that would rent a wheelchair at a discount. Melissa declined, saying that she would get by with crutches. Paperwork was finalized, and then she took a few practice laps around the office with her crutches, just to be sure. It was awkward with her leg in front of her body, instead of her foot held behind her like last time. Oh well, she though. I’ll get by. Everyone watched, even from behind the desk. The two loaded into the Explorer once again, and began the drive back, this time with a stop at a Dairy Mart for some ice cream.

The trip home wasn’t nearly as quiet as the first, with the exception of short pauses for ice cream. Melissa whined about having to go to her classes tomorrow, but eventually decided that she would skip them in favor of a trip to the mall for some new clothing. Fall was in full swing, and it would be too cold to cross campus in shorts. Their arrival went mostly unnoticed, as most of campus was in the cafeteria. They made their way to her room and ordered Chinese takeout, and then Joey left again to go pick it up.

After dinner, Melissa ordered one of the cast covers for the shower, and made sure it was shipped express overnight delivery. After all, it had been days since her last shower. They sat across from one another on the couch, with her leg on the pillow he had placed on his lap. They talked about quizzes and lousy professors, and Joey hoped she couldn’t read his mind. He would tell her someday about his little tick, bit didn’t think now was appropriate. When her eyes were heavy, he carried her across the small room to her bed. He propped her leg up on the pillows, and then cuddled up next to her. She was his dream, wasn’t she?

The next morning, Joey had breakfast bagels from the local shop waiting when she woke up. He had gotten up early and gone home to shower and change, and then stopped for grub on the way to her place. They ate and watched a little SportsCenter, and then he helped her into a clean sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. It was chilly out, but she would have to make do for today. He brought her a shoe and sock from the closet, and then with his favorite cap on her head (she had successfully stolen it, and so it was now hers, so she said), the two headed out for the mall.
They arrived shortly after ten that morning, but the mall was still slightly crowded. Joey dropped her off right in front, and then parked. He ran to her side, and the two began their latest shopping adventure. Just inside the doors, Joey asked Melissa if she wanted to wait on the bench while he went to customer service and got her a wheel chair.

“Are you kidding me?” she said. “All this junk food I’ve been eating, I need the exercise.”

He thought for sure she was kidding, but she wasn’t. She insisted that without her daily run, she needed some new form of exercise. This would have to do, she said.

Their first stop was Lady Footlocker, for a new pair of Nikes. Hers were worn out pretty well, and better support would make it just a little easier. The look on the shoe salesman’s face was priceless when she sat and asked him to fit a new size five. Joey glanced his way, and the two seemed to know what the other was thinking. His face was red throughout the showing, but he managed to find a shoe that she liked very well. Her lap around the store to make sure it was the right one drew many glances from the hallways outside the store, but nothing like she got walking through the corridors.

She crutched effortlessly through the mall, and into their next stop, Abercrombie and Fitch. Most of their cute little pants that normally accented her nearly flawless figure wouldn’t fit for a while now, so she made her way to a rack of wind pants on the far wall. Joey got down three different pair, red, white, and black. She tried on the first pair with a big of struggle in the compact fitting room, and decided that the other two would fit the same. The cashier, a girl of no more than 20, asked a few questions while her credit card was processed, and then the two went off to the food court for some lemonade.

When Joey returned to the bench where they had parked the numerous bags piling up, as well as Melissa, he found that he wasn’t the only guy in the place looking right at her. A couple of guys had stopped at the railing above and were admiring, and a few others were straining for one last look as they walked by. She seemed to have picked up on the little scene, and when Joey sat down, she hauled her leg up onto his lap for the world to see.

His initial thought was that she had caught on, and that he was busted. “Seems as though I’m drawing a little attention here,” was her only remark as she grinned with the straw between her teeth. He was speechless, but managed a smile that undoubtedly was as transparent as the store window across the way.

They sat and people watched for a while, and then continued on to a couple more stores. She successfully landed a baggy pair of jeans that her leg fit through, and then grabbed a few things at the department store makeup counter, as she always did. As they were leaving, she stopped and turned toward the sporting goods store. “I’ll should get something to cover my toes, right?” Then a wiggle. Joey liked her in socks as much as without, so he volunteered to run in and grab something for her.
He went back toward the shoe section, where he found a wall of socks big enough to cover a billboard. After some fast searching, he found a few rows of oversized socks. Joey grabbed a pair of wool hiking socks, a pair of ski socks that looked pretty warm, and two pairs of plain white cotton socks that could be worn on warmer days if she wanted. They were all fairly thick, just the way he liked them. He paid the cashier, who offered a strange look but nothing more, and then made his way to the parking lot with the eight bags that she had piled up.

The drive home was cheerful, as the two sang along with the new Dave Matthews CD that he had bought her. They hauled the bags up to her room, but it took a while to get there, as numerous students stopped to question how she was doing. Melissa didn’t seem to mind all the attention she was getting, but seemed annoyed that she couldn’t get to her room. The two ordered in again, and then Joey helped her with her calculus. They finished the night with a little Ben and Jerry’s, and then Joey returned home to his apartment to finish the work he had let build up over the last few days. What a day, he thought, as he climbed into bed. He finally let his mind wander into the fantasy that was unfolding before his eyes. What a day indeed.

The following morning, Joey was at Melissa’s room early to help her to class. The sun was out and it was fairly warm, so she sported a pair of shorts with her Simsbury Soccer sweatshirt. “Might as well take advantage of it, while its warm, right?” He arrived to the room with her right on time, and then rushed off to his first class. He wouldn’t see her until her last class at three, and he hoped her day would go well. When he finally met up with her outside room 102a, she seemed irritated about something. Joey asked what was wrong.

Her day had gone pretty rough, and she was tired of being asked all the questions. Joey told her that he would make her feel better with a trip to her favorite restaurant, a little Thai place a few blocks away. They went back to her room and finished what little homework they had for the night, and then he left to get ready. When he returned, she was dressed in the jeans she had been able to get into, and was wearing a short red tank top, one that fit her very well. It was one of his favorites for sure. Her little toes looked so cute sticking out like they were, but her feet were always cold, and he knew it would make her uncomfortable. He asked if she wanted to cover them, but she declined with a smile. “Maybe after dinner we can do a movie, and I’ll probably be cold then. I’ll bring something in my purse. “But lets get going, I’m hungry!” Melissa grabbed one of the cotton socks and stuffed it into her purse, and then put on her coat. The two set off for their first evening of fun since the accident.

They arrived in style, or at least as close as they could. Once they were seated, Melissa lifted her leg into his lap. With a little wiggle, she had him for the night. They ate and ate, and then ate some more. Joey made sure he paid attention to those little toes sticking up at him, but kept his excitement under control. Her foot was still sore, so he made sure not to touch too hard. They finished and paid the bill, and then made their way back to the explorer. Their movie started at 9:00, and they were there just as the previews were finishing. They found a seat on the aisle for her to stretch out her leg, and then enjoyed the latest flick from Michael Douglas, Traffic.

The next morning, Joey again met her early on. She had decided to wear a pair of the new wind pants she bought, hopefully to avoid some of the annoying questions from her classmates. Her day went a little better this time, and then he joined her for the men’s lacrosse game that afternoon. She grabbed a sweatshirt before she left, and then Joey helped her stretch one of the cotton socks over her cast. Damn did she look good, and he made sure to mention that. The game was a blowout, and the whole athletic clique met at Tony’s Pizza after the game. She spent the night in his arms, and caught up on the intimacy they had missed all week.

The weekend finally came, and they decided to spend it in her parents’ cabin in the mountains. She wouldn’t be much good on the bike trails or even for a hike, but it would be fun just to sit and cuddle and hang out. They packed warm clothes and a cooler full of goodies, and made the two hour drive to the cabin. Joey hadn’t been to the cabin yet, but had heard her talk of it many tines. It was three bedrooms and built of logs, and looked every day as old as it supposedly was. He helped her inside, and then carried their bags into the cabin. Once they settled in, he grabbed a blanket and the two made their way onto the porch and onto the old wooden swing that hung there. He held her tightly, wanting every moment to last as long as possible.

They were more alone than ever, yet as close as two people can be. She felt that she could trust him with anything, and hoped she could count on him for the same. It was here she began to tell a few of her secrets. Her family was quite well off, but he had never imagined just how much wealth one family could amass. Her prep school days had been at a girls only school, and it had made her hungry for the real world. She had dated a few guys there at Simsbury, but hadn’t liked any one of them. She had seen Joey on campus twice before, but had been to shy to approach him by herself. It must have been fate that they collided in the hallway that day.

He told her about his days as a kid, growing up in a small city where the only thing that kept him busy was petty little crimes. Eventually, he wound up in a detention facility for two weeks. A man named Perkins had turned his life around, and from his 15th birthday on, he had kept up with his grades and his activities, and had earned his way into the prestigious little college. His mother had left when he was young, and he and his father had done what they could with what they had.

Hours passed, and the two learned as much as they could about each other. She couldn’t help but notice his eyes jump every time her toes wiggled beneath the ski sock she had over her casted foot. She remembered her first time on crutches, the summer after her sophomore year in prep school. The guys at the mall had all stared. The guys everywhere seemed to be noticing her even more than usual. Her few sprains over the next two years had returned the same results. She remembered a conversation she had with her roommate early on the school year. Her roommate was pretty much a nymph, and was into just about everything one could do with sex. A partner of hers had had some kind of a “cast” fetish, and had found it interesting and was more than happy to oblige him. Melissa had dismissed it as just another story, but now wondered if Joey might have a bit of the same in him. She wiggled even more, and felt his reaction as quickly as she noticed it in his eyes.

“Very interesting,” she said out loud. “You seem to be very interested in me lately. Does it have anything to do with this?” She wiggled again.

His eyes grew as large as saucers, and his complexion was as red as the blanket that covered them. Sweat began to build on his forehead, and for a moment he couldn’t speak. She helped him along. “It’s ok, sweetie. I’m not upset at all, I’d just like to understand.”

He told her as much as he could, pausing every so often to catch his breath. He had been interested in casts for as long as he could remember. When he was little, he was always the patient so he would be the one wrapped and bandaged. He found no interest in pain, and in fact, it had nearly killed him to watch her lay on the field in pain. He had hid this from the rest of the world, and had done so from he for fear he would lose his first love. No, he had never worn a cast, but there were people who wore them in private, just to experience the feeling. Some even ventured out into public.

She was quiet only for a moment, and then lightly kissed him on the cheek. “If that’s how you tick, then that’s fine with me. Maybe we can try that whole recreational thing sometime, but I think I’m ok with the one I’m stuck in for now!” she chuckled. “Besides, I like the attention. Next time we’ll do it without the whole pain thing.” They sat quietly for a few minutes, and then made their way into the cabin.

After a light dinner, they watched Ghost on the big screen in the living room. She had placed her leg again in his lap, and he made no effort to hide his excitement. The movie seemed to disappear as they got closer to one another, and after the awkward pause of positioning her leg, the two shared their first time with each other.

The rest of the weekend was filled with much of the same, as the two explored each other mentally and physically. Joey continued to explain bits and pieces of his fetish, and she grew ever more interested. She had even agreed that after her leg had healed, she would be more than happy to oblige his further curiosities.

She finished the semester with straight A’s as always, and finally got the last of her casts off. It took some serious PT to get her back into shape for the spring season, but the crutches had given her an increased upper body strength to rival any on her team. She would go on to lead the league in scoring, and returned to her status as one of the best in the game. Joey continued to excel in the harder classes, and enjoyed his status among the university’s elite. Many a weekend was spent at that cabin in the mountains, but that’s another chapter…


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