Chapter 1: Clubs and Confessions

Lucy picked the bottles off the bar and turned to walk back to where her mates were sitting, in a corner next to the dance floor. The primary colors and fruit flavors made these seem more like kids drinks than the potent pre-mixed spirit beverages they really were, which perhaps explained why her gait was just slightly uneven. As she walked she attracted admiring glances, but she was used to this and payed them no attention. Arriving at the corner booth she placed the drinks on the table.
"Last one for me guys!" she said as she tipped the red liquid into her mouth.
"Don't be such a killjoy Lucy" said Gill, "the night's yet young".
"Yeah, I know, but Jo and I are going away tomorrow and we need to get an early start"
"Yeah, we're off to Brighton to check out some clubs, been meaning to do it for ages but never quite got round to it before".
Jo and Lucy were peas from the same pod, and people at the office they worked in often joked that they were sisters separated at birth. They were both dressed alike too, in their 'regulation' clubbing gear - black leather boots, black skirt (short), white top. They both were tall (nearly 6 foot) and had slim figures that turned heads as they walked - you could almost watch the guys look them up and down and grin!
Jo had a flat in town so Lucy was staying the night there to save having to get the last train home. On getting into the living room both girls flopped back onto the couch. After a few minutes (giggling how Dave hadn't taken his eye off Lucy's breasts all night) Jo sat up, peeled her boots off. She started to massage her toes gently through the flesh colored tights.
"Why do we do this to ourselves babe?" she asked rhetorically.
"You know why", Lucy giggled, "You want the men to follow you with their eyes just like I do. Did you see that cute guy at the bar? He tried to touch my butt and make it look like an accident!"
"You let him then?"
"Sure, then I made sure he knew I'd noticed! He went positively beetroot!"
Jo gave her foot one last squeeze and stood up.
"You want a nightcap before we hit the sack"
"One for the road then"
"We gonna go through with this Jo?"
"I don't know, but it'll be fun anyway! I feel all tingly just thinking about it!"
Lucy reflected on a previous night out, another occasion they had ended up back at Jo's for drinks. They had been talking about their fantasies and desires, and Jo (always more confident and outgoing that Lucy) had confessed that she'd always wanted to try a threesome. She hadn't really thought about it before, but as Jo had shared her imaginings she'd warmed to the idea. They agreed there and then that if they were both still single in the summer, they'd go for a weekend away somewhere and give it a go! The plan was to pick up a cute guy in a nightclub and give him the time of his life (ensuring first that there was no chance they'd ever see him again - of course).
As she took the vodka and coke from from her friend, she admired her firm legs and slim ankles. Jo had pale skin that didn't tan well, but it was very smooth and even. More than once since their drunken conversation she had turned a couple of questions over in her head. The first was would she have the bottle to go through with their plan. The other was did she really want a threesome, or just Jo? She'd never reached any firm conclusion on either, but figured this weekend would help to solidify her thoughts. She still had another surprise to spring too.
"You know how you told me about, well, wanting to..." she trailed off
"try a threesome?"
"Yeah, well there's something I've always... it's weird though."
"we've been pals for years Lucy, you can tell me anything."
"you're either going to laugh or think I'm a freak!"
Jo knew that Lucy was less secure than she was, and knew it would be difficult for her to let out something from deep inside.
"Spit it out! I promise I won't laugh or take the piss!"
"well, I want to have my leg in plaster", Lucy cringed, waiting for a reaction.
"you wanna break your leg?"
"no, no, nothing like that!", the relief on Jo's face was palpable, clearly she had limits and this was one of them, "I just want the plaster, from my toes to my thigh. I want to know what it would feel like, you know, to be immobilized"
"Remember when Juile broke her leg last year?"
"The guys were all over... ahh I get you - but how are you going to do that?"
"OK, I'll get to that. Anyway, I really like the way Julie's cast looked. It was so smooth, and hard, and her cute little toes"
"don't tell me you fancy Julie now!?!"
"No! Of course not. But you know how much I like it when guys play with my feet and suck my toes and stuff, and all I could think about was what it would be like to have that while, you know, plastered."
The bad pun finally dispelled any remaining hint of tension in the atmosphere, and the two girls giggled hard. Lucy looked hard at Jo
"OK so I know it's a bit weird, but I can't ignore the desire it's sowed in me to have my leg in plaster, even just once so I know what it's like."
"Babe, I'd help you if I could but...."
"Well you can. I did a little bit of research on the net and discovered that I'm not the only one that feels this way. There are chat-rooms and web sites and stuff. There's even somewhere that sells the stuff you need..."
"Are you serious"
"Come down to the car with me!"
Having taken the plunge and shared her secret, she felt much more confident. She had nothing to lose any more after all! As they reached the tarmac of the car park, Jo was hopping up and down,
"should have put my ruddy boots back on!"
Lucy opened the boot of her car, and inside were some crutches and a box.
"Here, grab these!"
"You steal these from a hospital?"
"of course not, now shut up and take them inside before anyone sees."
Lucy took the box out of the car, and locked it up. She followed Jo back to the house, admiring her long legs for the umpteenth time that day.
"Are you going to show me what's in the box, or are you going to wait until I beg?"
"Getting into this then Jo?"
"Yeah, I guess. I don't think it's that weird anyway, and I did kind of like Julie's cast"
"This here " Lucy said as she lifted a small box from the larger one "is a kit."
"A cast kit?"
"got it in one! Everything you need for a Plaster LLC"
"A what?"
"LLC, Long Leg Cast. Wanna see what I mean, then turn your PC on!"
"In a minute, what's in the kit"
"Basically all you need is stockinet to go next to your skin, padding, and plaster. The rest of the stuff in the big box is a plastic sheet to keep stuff clean, a bowl to wet the plaster, and a saw to take it off!"
"You came prepared then!"
"Well, I wanted to try it out, but I can't do it at home in case someone sees, and I'd kinda like some company. I figured it was the ideal opportunity. You mad at me? We don't have to..."
"No, no, it's cool. Only I thought we were going to try to find a guy..."
"Jo, just thinking about the cast is making me horny, and you know how the guys were with Julie... it'll be a breeze, in fact, I'm more likely to do it casted than otherwise!"
"So, show me a what's it's name then..."
Lucy fired up the PC and managed to find her favorite casting site. She carefully wen straight to the pictures she wanted, of a pretty Hispanic girl in a white fiber LLC....

Chapter 2: Innocence and Immobility

The girls had been surfing for nearly half an hour when Jo slugged back the last of her drink.
"Time for action - you want that plaster or not"
"Now? Are we sober enough?"
"I'm less likely to chicken out now - lets do it!"
"so how..."
"you fill that bowl with water, just tepid. I'll put the dust sheet out. I've read stuff on the net about how o I'll try to explain as we go along".
Lucy went through to the living room and spread the plastic sheet over the end of the settee and out onto the floor. After taking off her boots she stood, and with her back to the kitchen door she pulled her skirt up and put her fingers inside the top of her tights. She saw Jo's shadow across the kitchen door as she pulled them down and stepped out of them.
"sorry, nurse Jo, but that isn't within the dress code"
"Well, you're gonna put a cast on me you don't want to get all dirty, you should have a uniform!"
"dressing up?"
"Nah, just an old lab coat!"
"Hold on a sec then"
Jo put the lab oat over the back of a chair and reached round behind her. Lucy heard the sound of a zipper, when Jo's skirt dropped to the floor. She was wearing high legged white knickers, visible through and above her tights and Lucy struggled to keep her mind on the task in hand. When Jo lifted her top over her head revealing a lacy strapless bra, Lucy had to hold herself down in her seat. Jo's nipples were clearly visible through the fabric,and to Lucy they looked enticing and delicious. She realized she was gawping at Jo, who put the white lab coat on slowly.
"Never seen a girl before?"
"Sorry Jo, I was miles away!"
"Not looking at me then?"
"not really..."
"Well I'm offended! You're gonna have to get used to seeing me naked before our little adventure anyway."
"Yeah, OK so I was admiring your figure. More jealousy than lust though!"
"Hey babe, you've got a fantastic figure yourself, and I don't believe for a moment that you're jealous... So how do we start?"
Lucy lay back on the couch an gently lifted her right leg in the air.
"See that stockinet - the coarse weave stuff? That goes on first. No, right up, you need spare at the top and the bottom. Further!"
Lucy felt Jo's fingers brush against her crotch as she pulled the stockinet up, and felt her excitement become even more real as the warmth in her belly intensified.
"Now", she said hoarsely, "The rolls in the paper wrapper are padding. Use the small ones around my foot and ankle, and work up my leg. Make sure there's plenty at the joints where I have bony bits!"
Jo latched on pretty quickly an in no time her leg was well padded and ready for more. Ready for the main course, the big feature.
"You all right?"
"Just excited, scared... yeah, I'm fine really."
"So how does this work?", she said looking at the little green printed sachets.
"This is the tricky bit. You open the packets once at a time and dip the roll inside in the water. Give it a quick squeeze until the bubble stop coming out."
"and then I wrap it sorta like the padding?"
"Yeah, exactly. Tow things though. You have to keep smoothing it on as we got, and before you do the last layer you turn the stockinet at the end back down over..."
"Ahhh, I wondered what they did at the ends, cool! Anything else?"
"I guess we need to get the leg position right, but you saw the pictures..."
Jo opened the first packet, and took out the roll of plaster. Once it was properly wet she took the first turn around Lucy's trembling ankle.
"It's really, like, slimy!"
"Smooth it in - it'll set solid!"
She wrapped down towards the toes, then back, and soon the whole roll was gone. She smoothed and sculpted the wet plaster against Lucy's leg.
"Wow, that feels so good!"
"Is the patient enjoying herself then!"
"Oh god yeah, but keep going!"
Soon all the plaster was gone, and Jo was smoothing out the surface of the setting plaster.
"I never thought I'd say this, but I think I wish that was my leg..."
"You know it could be. Next time."
"What does it feel like?"
"It feels warm on my leg, and it's starting to feel hard!"
"Well don't move! You don't want to weaken it by making it move while it dries do you!"
"Nope. You got a spare cushion? If I put it under the plastic sheet I can rest my leg. I'd love to help you tidy up but..."
"Yeah, I know, you're too plastered!"

Chapter 3: Friendship and Flirtation

Jo gathered up the wrappers from the padding and plaster bandage and took them through to the kitchen. As she came back through the living room door, she stopped to look at the scene in front of her. She wouldn't have believed it if you'd told her a few hours earlier! Lucy was lying back on the couch with her eyes closed and her arms behind her head. Her top had ridden up exposing her flat belly, smooth and evenly tanned. The skirt was also still pushed up , and her left leg hungover the side of the couch, her firm thigh giving way to a shapely calf, her red painted toenails the only break in the even brown of her silky skin. Her toes were all that was still visible of her right foot, and the nail polish there was speckled with flecks of white plaster. Jo turned and grabbed a cloth from the worktop.
"Mmmmmm.... that's fantastic", Lucy murmered as Jo gently cleaned the plaster off her toes. Jo ran her hand along the surface of the cast.
"It's so hard, and smooth..."
Jo's fingers passed the top of the cast and continued up the tanned flesh. There wasn't far to go, only about an inch, before she felt her fingers touch Lucy's panties. She stopped. Lucy didn't stir, although Jo thought she heard her breathing change. 'Sod it!' she thought, 'we're gonna share a sexual experience tomorrow anyway'. Her fingers slid gently across Lucy's crotch, and felt her friends wetness through the fabric. Lucy moaned gently as Jo's fingers deftly flicked the crotch of her knickers to one side...
Jo had had one or two experiences in her past, but she'd never touched a girl intimately before, or even seen another this close to. Lucy's thatch was neatly trimmed (anticipating the good weather and the beach...) and her lips were visibly moist. Jo steeled herself and ran her finger up the inviting slit. The feel of the wetness aroused her, and immediately she knew that she was getting horny too. She craved for attention herself, and hoped her turn would come.
She leaned in and kissed the exposed flesh above the cast, relishing the feel of the soft stockinet and the hard plaster against her face. Lucy stirred.
"You mustn't move, it's not dry yet!"
"Nor am I..."
Nervously, and oh so gently, Jo slid her tongue into the bottom of Lucy's slit, and ran it slowly up until she could feel the bud of Lucy's clitoris throbbing on her tongue. She started flicking it gently, breathing in the warm aroma and tasting the tang of Lucy's arousal. She could feel the tension build in her friends body for a few seconds. Lucy's shuddered, and thrust herself into her friends mouth as she came. She let out a low moan which lasted for nearly a minute, before it turned into a sigh as she finally relaxed back into the couch.
"Jo, that was fucking amazing." she murmered gently.
"I wanted you", Jo replied moving sloe to her ear. "seeing you in plaster just made me sooooo horny"
Jo kissed Lucy gently on the lips and moved to stand up, but as she withdrew Lucy pulled her back.
"I want to taste me on you" she said, initiating a passionate kiss.
As they kissed, Jo realised that she couldn't wait any more. She pulled open the lab coat, and thrust her hand down the front of her tights and between her legs. She found her own wetness and before she even managed to work up a rhythm she came. Her orgasm was the opposite of Lucy's, it was short and acute. She screamed out and squeezed Lucy's hand so hard that Lucy thought she might need another cast soon!
"Hey bitch, I wanted to do that!" Lucy grinned.
"God I couldn't stop myself" said Jo apologetically. "I was so hot I just had to come or I would have exploded".
"You did a pretty good job of exploding anyway!" Lucy murmered sleepily.

Chapter 4: Bacon and Bagels

As the fingers of the morning sun slowly reached across Lucy's tanned features, she wondered for a moment where she was. She could hear a thumping in her head (from the breezers probably) and some noises in the kitchen. Jo's couch saves the day she thought as she sat up. Only she didn't, her leg wouldn't bend... The cast, she really had a cast. She pulled the blanket off and dropped it on the floor in her haste to see Jo's creation. It was truly a thing of beauty to her, smooth an white. She wiggled her brown toes and watched the sunlight glint off the red nails.
"Oh so you finally woke then sleepy head!" Jo taunted
"Yes, just getting my bearings." Lucy replied as it hit her. She'd had sex with Jo. No, A dream, that's it. A dream.
"Um, look. About last night".
"aha?", Lucy knew there was fear in her eyes, knew that Jo was going to reject her, knew that she'd never get the chance...
"I'm sorry if I came on a bit strong. I was a bit loosened by alcohol, and I've always admired your figure. You in that cast was just too much for me."
"Hey, it's OK. Truth be told I've always admired you too, maybe even fancied you. I don't know, I'm really confused. It was amazing though..."
They looked at each other in the sunlight, Lucy still reclining on the sofa in her disarranged clothes and Jo standing in her dressing gown, her blonde hair hanging damply beside her face. They both grinned.
"How about we go and enjoy are weekend. I could still do with some male attention!"
"Sounds like a plan to me, but I need a favour first..?"
"what's that"
"Get me my crutches from the hall!"
"Here we go, I hope you've been practising"
"sure I have, don't want to break anything do I!"
"You want breakfast? I'm just grilling some bacon and I have some bagels"
"Great, I'll be back in a minute!".
Jo watched as Lucy awkwardly swung herself round and stood up. Gingerly, she crutched towards the bathroom, the tan on her good leg contrasting the pure white of the plaster encasing the other from her toes to the top of her thigh.
"I'm gonna have to try that sometime." Jo said softly to herself as she turned back to the kitchen.
The practicalities of having breakfast and packing the car occupied them for the next half hour, until finally they were ready to leave.
"All right, I may have carried everything else to the car but I'm not carrying you" Jo joked as they headed for the door. She held it open as Lucy crutched out towards the car, then ran ahead to open that too.
"You gonna fit in the front?"
"I'll try, I prefer to see where I'm going. Here, hold these."
Jo took the wooden crutches from her friend and put them in the back. As she did so Lucy collapsed into the front seat.
"You OK?"
"Yes, just slightly less graceful than usual!"
Jo put on the stereo and they hit the motorway, destination Brighton.

Chapter 5: Services and Smiles

"30 miles to go, but I need to stop and stretch my legs".
Jo broke that silence that they'd sustained almost since leaving. They had the stereo on loud, and each was lost in their own thoughts. Once or twice, Jo's hand had reached down and gently touched the cast, feeling it's cool rigidity. Then their eyes would meet and they would smile at each other warmly, intimately.
"Cool, could you grab a sandwich for me while you're out?" Lucy asked as they entered the parking area at the service station.
"Get it yourself!"
"But in this? I can't! Someone will..?"
"See? Sure, and if it's a guy they'll probably get a hard on the size of Canary Wharf!"
"But it's not real!"
Jo knocked on the cast. "seems pretty real to me!".
Jo was right, Lucy looked stunning. She was wearing a red top that exposed an inch or so of her trim middle, and stretched tightly over her breasts. Her cleavage was clearly visible for anyone who looked that far up to see, but not many would get that far. Her short, grey shorts concealed even the very top of her enormous cast, and her tanned red toes protruded enticingly at the other end. On her un-casted foot she wore a simple, high heeled sandal. "You'll break your bloody neck on that" Jo had complained, but Lucy knew that it emphasised the elegant lines of her good leg. Actually, it helped keep the cast off the ground too!
She climbed carefully from the car and mounted her crutches once more. They were becoming increasingly familiar to her, but right now she applied all her concentration to her movements. She didn't want to even consider what anyone might be thinking about her right now. She waited in the shop while Jo and watched as Jo headed towards to the bathroom. Jo wore black slip on shoes that showed just the ends of her toes, revealing blue nail polish contrasting with her pale skin. A grey skirt dropped to her ankles, but as she walked the slit at the back revealed the smooth flesh of her legs. A white blouse of thin material finished off her outfit, and hugged the shape of her breasts. Lucy could see that she was not wearing a bra, something she could get away with because although her breasts were large they were also very firm. Lucy wondered if she was wearing any underwear at all...
"Can I help you?"
Her reverie was broken by the guy standing beside her.
"No, thanks though! I'm just waiting for my friend"
"Sorry, I just thought that, well, you'd have difficulty carrying stuff"
"That's for sure. Carrying me is enough just now thank you very much"
"Am I allowed to ask what happened?"
"Well, uh..."
"Sorry, I didn't mean to pry, just being nosey!", he laughed nervously.
"that's OK, it's just embarrassing that's all. I tripped on some stairs and I was wearing high heels. I twisted my leg and one of the bones snapped just below my knee. Now I'm stuck in this" she gestured towards the cast "for 6 weeks, and probably a shorter one after that."
Lucy was privately kicking herself. In the past she'd thought lots about what story she would use to explain a cast, but somehow she'd been totally unprepared. In the chatroom, everyone had warned her that the first rule was to come up with a story and stick to it, to be confident with it. Oops.
"Man, that's tough luck. You're not still wearing one of the culprit shoes are you?". He looked keenly at her feet, so she wiggled her casted toes provocatively.
"No, I just find it easier to keep my cast off of the ground with a little bit of a heel."
"I see. Must be tough to paint your nails when you can't bend you leg, but you did a pretty good job"
"Actually I did that" Jo interjected as she arrived back, smiling at the stranger.
"Oh, hi. Well, I was just keeping your friend company while she waited for you, nice meeting you both".
He hurried off and Jo looked at Lucy in mock annoyance,
"Hey, how am I going to get any attention from the guys with you in that thing, they're all over you like flies"
"well, that serves our purpose just as well doesn't it" Lucy giggled
"I suppose..."
"Hell, it'll be the first time I got all the attention, and if you feel tat bad I'll make it up to you by giving you all the attention you need!". Lucy winked, and hoped she hadn't pushed her friend too far.
"I'll probably hold you to that", Jo laughed, "even if I get all the male attention, your offer sounds like fun!".
Lucy crutched smoothly over to to the fridge and started looking at the sandwiches. She felt Jo come up behind her, and for a moment she tensed up as she felt her friends hands snake around her waist. She felt Jo's breath on her ear, and just the slightest touch of a kiss.
"Last night was brilliant, and I want to do it again, I really fancy you Lucy and I have for ages. I just didn't realise it."
Lucy wanted to turn round and hug her, to hold her and kiss her passionately.
"Oh god Jo, and to think I was worried you'd catch me admiring you sometime!"
"I still want this threesome though, I want you and I want cock - but I don't care much what's attached to it!"
"Well, if you're right we're gonna get the choice of Brighton's finest!"
"Oh, I guarantee I'm right. Tell you what though, next time I'm having a cast!"
"Don't tell me I've corrupted you into trying it as well..."
"Yeah, definitely. You look really hot and your toes sticking out the end are just begging to be kissed. I want that to be my toes. All of them. Both legs."
"Easy tiger, one step at a time. I'll be crutching right behind you every step though"
"Damn, I want to be behind you so I can watch you swing your cast, or even better walking towards you so I can see your tits bounce too"
"Stop it Jo, you're making me so hot you're going to have to push me in the fridge to cool me down!"
Jo kissed Lucy's ear gently once more, then let go and grabbed a couple of packets of sandwiches. As she walked to the checkout, she could see a couple of guys busily not looking at her. She wondered how they felt when they saw a tall blonde with her arms around a gorgeous brunette in a massive cast, kissing her ear. As she reached the cash desk she found out. One of the guys was making a poor job of trying to hide his excitement behind a newspaper!

Chapter 6: Loungers and Liquids

The sun beat down strongly as Jo pulled the car smoothly to a halt in car-park behind the hotel. The girls had booked on the internet a couple of days previously, and had got a room in the Hilton Metropole on the seafront for only slightly more than the price of a B&B, something to do with the cancellation of a block booking. Jo had transferred all of their stuff into one giant, wheeled suitcase as she knew she'd be the only one doing any carrying. They made their way into the luxurious reception area and went up to the main desk.
"Good afternoon ladies, how can I help you?"
"We have a room booked, a twin, in the name of Carlyle." Jo said, turning and winking at Lucy. "My friend had an accident the other day so we thought we'd get out of town to cheer her up!"
"Oh I see. Look, we don't have any twin rooms with a sea view, but I do have one suite. Since it would give your friend a little more room to manoeuvre", she smiled sympathetically, "I'll upgrade your reservation."
"Why thanks you, that's very considerate. We thought we were lucky to get a room at all in the height of summer." Lucy replied.
"Yes, we had a conference that booked most of the hotel cancel on us at short notice, something to do with a speaker being ill", the clerk explained. "Everyone is just assuming we'll be booked up, so we've not managed to fill all of the rooms."
Jo dragged the large suitcase behind her as they headed for the lift.
"Wow", Lucy burbled happily, "I hardly ever stay in hotels this nice, and to get a whole suite to ourselves will be just brilliant."
"Yeah, looks like this will really be a weekend to remember!"
They room was right opposite the lift on the 8th floor. The building was old, Jo thought probably a hangover from the Victorian heyday of the resort. When they opened the door the living room beyond was filled with sunlight. The windows were all ajar, and the mesh screen curtains streamed inwards in the refreshing breeze.
"Look, the middle one's a door" said Lucy, crutching enthusiastically in that direction. She struggled to get it open until Jo came over to help. They stepped out onto a balcony, with a couple of sun loungers and some deck chairs on it. The English channel was as blue as either girl had ever seen the sea, and little patches of white whipped up by the breeze glistened in the sunlight.
"This is the life!", Jo sighed happily, settling into one of the chairs. Lucy had already seated herself on one of the loungers. "All I need now is a Gin and Tonic!"
"This hotel seems to have thought of everything..." Jo reached over and opened a waterproof plastic case attached to the wall. "Hello,is that room service?... Yes... Room 532... Two gin and tonics please, ice and lemon... Yes just let yourself in, we're on the balcony."
"How cool is that"
"pretty cool. Hey Lucy, that cast is almost too bright to look at with the sun reflecting off it. And you're going to tan unevenly!"
"Well at least I tan!" Lucy retorted wickedly.
"Maybe I'll have to see what I can do!". Jo stood, and stepped out of her slip-ons. The tiled floor felt deliciously cool under her bare feet as she started to unbutton her blouse. Lucy watched raptly at the garment fell open revealing Jo's pert breasts, nipples dark against her creamy skin. She slipped the blouse off her shoulders and undid the zip at the side of her long skirt. Lucy was wrong. As the skirt fell around Jo's ankles, it became apparent that she was, after all, wearing underwear. But not by much. She work a pale blue thong, decent but no more. As she turned to sit on the longer next to Lucy, her smooth white buttocks appeared unfettered by clothing, and Lucy felt more than just the heat of the sun. She reached out her hand and stroked Jo's thigh as she stretched her legs out in front of her.
"don't do that!"
"why not? Your skin looks so smooth and inviting."
"yeah, but you're going to get me all turned on, and room service will be here in a minute"
"Well you're putting on quite a show already", Lucy giggled, "and maybe the waiter will be tall, dark and handsome!".
"Sorry, no such luck!". The girls turned in surprise, and saw the girl in the balcony door. She was compact but she had a powerful figure and pronounced breasts. She wore the flat shoes, black skirt and tights and white to that is the universal uniform of waiting staff, and she was only about 18.
"Here we are, two gin and tonics!".
Lucy smiled back "well, it sure will go well with the sunshine. You live in Brighton?"
"Yeah, with my parents. I go to university in the autumn but I'm working here to earn some hard cash for a holiday first."
"Do you know where a good place for a night out would be? We were just planning on wandering along the seafront looking for the best party atmosphere but I'm kinda restricted on the wandering front just now!"
"Well, there are one or two good clubs that play real dance music, but most of them are cheesy tourist traps..."
"Well, I'm a cheesy tourist, but a high class one", Jo grinned, "is there anywhere between the two?", and they all laughed in the sunshine.
"Well, there is a club called The Zap that does a night called Casino on Saturdays, that's pretty good. Sorta charty dance music with some classic 70's and 80's mixed in. I go there sometimes..."

Chapter 7 - Food and Frolicks

"Hey, you be careful wid dat, girl!" the cabbie smirked, "dat ting look hard enuf to damage ma wheels".
Lucy turned and glared at him.
"Christ Jo, I though I loved the attention this thing got me but he was a real creep."
"Yeah, but we're not exactly dressed to avoid attention!".
The girls had spent nearly and our at the hotel preparing for their big night out. Lucy had decided to wear a black dress, which sat low on her tanned chest and hung only an inch or two over the top of the cast. "that way as I crutch people can see how far up it goes" she'd grinned. Her hair was freshly washed ad sat just above her shoulders, full around her face. Her even tan meant that the only makeup she needed was some lipstick, the same shade as her red nail varnish. He blue eyes sparkled, and matching the small sapphires in her silver set ear studs. Her 'good' foot was steeply angled on a black sandal with a three inch heel. At the front had just two small straps which crossed just above her toes, and a single strap above her ankle secured the back. Even bright red nail polish and shiny black leather couldn't detract from the glow of her golden skin though. Her right foot hung encased by gleaming plaster, the brown toes offering delicious contrast. A broad silver toe-ring, lent by Jo, graced her middle toe.
Jo's preparations had been even more thorough. She had gone into the shower while Lucy still sat in the sun. No showering in that cast! As the refreshing water flowed over her, she had dreamily replayed the previous evening in her head. She leaned back against the cool tiling, and closed her eyes. She tried to imagine how it would feel to be in a cast like Lucy's. Or even two. She formed a picture of herself with both legs plastered nearly to the crotch. She was sitting in a wheelchair with them stretched out in front of her admiring her wiggling toes. The bathroom window banged gently in the breeze, and brought her snapping back to reality. Her fantasy had started to turn her on, and she considered returning to it... No. The sexual tension building inside her should be stored and cherished for later in the evening, not released solitarily.
Her hair had dried quickly in the warm air as she had helped Lucy to dress. Lucy had wanted to go without underwear altogether, but that was crazy, will the awkward manoeuvres her cast forced her into! Lucy looked simply gorgeous in her dress, but Jo was determined to compete for a little male attention. From the suitcase she selected a blue bikini top (the partner to her thong) that almost matched her nail varnish, and a short white skirt that would sit tight over her bum! She also took out a pair of black stocking, the sort that are thicker at the top, but not lacy. She pulled the stockings up slowly, and enjoying the feel of the silky fabric on her legs. Next, she put on the same high-heeled black leather boots she'd worn the night before. She looked in the mirror. Her hair hung down in front of her shoulders, stopping just short of her naked breasts. A well trimmed thatch proved she was a natural blonde, and the creaminess of her thighs gave way to her stockings just an inch below her crotch - skirt she was going to wear it was just as well!
The waiter in the restaurant was well over 6ft and broad shouldered, built for power. H lead the girls to a table in the window.
"This table OK ladies? You can catch the last of the sun!"
"Sure, but that's not why you're seating us here is it?" said Lucy, looking at the four place settings on the table.
"Hey, ladies, no offence! It's good marketing to put your most beautiful customers in the window though!"
"I tell you what, I might not notice that you're been undressing me with your eyes and trying to work out if I have a bra on if you distract us with some complementary champagne!"
He flushed bright red, "I'll see what I can do then..."
"What did you do that for", Jo said angrily, "He's really cute. Looks powerful to, I thought he could probably handle the both of us..."
"Calm Jo, I'm just having a little fun. I know what I'm doing."
"Oh yeah?"
"Look, you sit next to the window, and I'll sit here..."
"Here we are ladies: chilled, crisp and fizzy.". He poured two goblets of the champagne and Lucy and Jo toasted each other. As he turned to leave the table Lucy asked
"Could you do me a favour?"
"My leg is throbbing a little, would you help me to put my foot on the chair across the table?". He leant down under the far side of the table from Lucy, and she felt her foot being lifted and set very gently on the chair.
"That better?"
"Much, or at least it will be when the throbbing dies a little" Lucy grimaced.
"You want me to help the circulation in your toes" Jo asked, catching on.
"Ooooh, that's lovely" Lucy cooed, as the waiter stood transfixed, not knowing where to look. Jo's pale hands with blue painted nails were massaging Lucy's brown toes, and the shape the cast swelled over her ankle and disappeared under the table. The rival attraction was that as Jo leaned to perform this massage, her bikini top gaped just slightly at the top and he was sure he could see her nipples.
"I'm Lucy by the way." She held her hand out. He snapped out of his trance and returned the gesture and Lucy could feel his pulse racing as they shook. "Dave" he said, "and I'm enchanted to meet you."
"and I'm Jo. we're from St Ives, but we thought we'd come for a weekend on the town to cheer her up!"
"You're very brave to go on holiday on crutches!" he smiled, and with a nervous look in his eyes "how did it happen?"
"Oh, I had these heels on and I slipped on some stairs. I don't really know what happened but I twisted my leg really badly and as it turned out, I broke it just below the knee"
"You've not learned from the experience though I see"
"Well, I figure with this damned plaster I need all the help I can get to look sexy, and heel always help on that score, anyway it helps keep my cast off the ground". She winked at Jo. "Besides, before I have much more to drink I hope to find a big strong man who will ensure I don't fall again! Can we see the menu now please?"
"Lucy you absolute tart! I've never seen anything like it, you're usually way quieter than I am for a start!"
"Well, you said it, he's well hot. And he adores us, and my cast doesn't seem to put him off..."
"Put him off?!? I thought he was going to explode when you asked him to help put your foot up."
"Told you I know what I'm doing - I've been watching you in action for years!". They laughed, and as their eyes met, smiled knowingly at each other.

Chapter 8: Desserts and Dates

"Any desserts then ladies?"
"Well...", Lucy looked meaningfully at Dave's crotch. "Not just now..."
"OK, I'll get you the bill. Do you have plans for the evening?"
"You're a little forward aren't you!"
"No, I just meant that if you needed any advice on where to go..."
"Well, we've alreafy been told that 'The Zap' is the place to be, that sound like good advice to you?"
"Yeah, top night there on Saturdays, might by tricky getting Lucy down the stairs at the door though!"
"Oh, I'm getting pretty good on these sticks" Lucy piped up, running her hands along the smooth wood of her crutches affectionately.
"She really is you know" Jo agreed.
"So Dave, you ever go to that place?"
"It has been known..." Dave left the question, or was it an invitation, hanging in the air. No-one wanted to be the first to commit, to ask a definite question or answe one, to lay themself open. Jo finally broke the stalemate. She leaned forward so Dave could enjoy her ample cleavage, creamy against the blue of her bikini top. Looking up at him with wide eyes she said
"Well, let me give you some advice, Dave", her voice suddenly low and husky, "be there tonight, and buy us another bottle of champage."
The invitation was now in the open and yet the meaning was, at least thinly, concealed.
"I'll see you there! You can take that to the bank"
"I tell you what", Lucy was also looking up at him, her tanned cleavage in contrast, "I may even need you to help me get back up those staurs you mentionned". The silk in her voice was matched only by the sheen of her hair. Dave gulped.
"Well, I'm sure I could do..."
"In fact, I'm not sure I can get my foot off tat chair right now..."
Dave needed no second bidding. In seconds his hands cupped the whit smoothness of her leg and atarted lowering it gently towards the floor. As he did, lucy statred to turn in her seat ready to stand. Dave couldn't help catching a glimpse of her firm, tanned thigh above the cast. His breathing deepened.
"Come on Jo" Lucy said as she mounted her crutches. Dave watched as they left, transfixed by Lucys cast and tanned leg, and Jo's stockinged legs disappearing into black leather. Jo gave her butt an extra hard wiggle as thay turned the corner.
"God that was fun" Lucy giggled in the street, her words punctuated by little pauses each time her weight shifted onto her crutches. "Now I know why you're such a tease, it's such a buzz!"
"Leave the next one to me" Jo grinned, "I have an idea".
The bouncers were standing talking when they arrived, the club quiet since it was still early. Jo asked Lucy how she felt about being carried down the stairs, bu the only reply she got was a large grin.
"Hellp boys" Jo said, and the doormen looked up, startled. Their eyes drank Jo in, standing with her weight on one leg, the other at ninety degrees with her knee sticking out, showing the expanse of her stockinged thigh.. One of them started a wolf whistle before his mate gave him a shove.
"I think we may need a little help". The word 'we' had alerted the transfixed guys to the presence of another. They tore their collective gaze from Jo's enticing breasts and exposed midriff, expecting to turn back immediately. The whistler's jaw dropped in unconcealed amazement. Lucy looked appealingly at them from her big, brown eyes, as they gazed in delight at another object of such startling beauty.
"Anything we can do..."
"Well, my friend doesn't like the look of those stairs on crutches, I wonder if one of you could help her down.
"I'll do better than that, I'll carry her" said one "if she wants..." his words tailed off.
"Thank you so much, I really don't want to break anything else"
The bouncer who had spokenwent round behind Lucy, and put his arm unde hers and around her shoulders. As Lucy passed her crutches to another, he swet his other arm under her legs, smiling as he felt the cool hardness of the plaster on his arm.
"No trouble!" he said as they descended.
"Oooohh...." Jo cooed, making big doe eyes, "I'm jealous..."
The invitationwas unmistakable and pulling his jaw finally back into place the whistler picked her up in the same way. He enjoyed the feel of the nylon and leather on one arm, and warm soft flesh on the other. Jo relaxed into his grip, leaning back and in the process pulling her already short skirt even higher. Her smooth skin became visible above the tops of her stockings, and moments later she felt his hardness against her thinly covered buttocks. As he set her down, she ran her hand along his length and looked him in the eye.
"You'd go to the bathroom I think" Jo purred, "before you exlplode."
He hurried off, just as Lucy was set down in a booth right next to the dancefloor. Her assistant just couldn't take his eyes off her cast.
"Tough luck that, I hope you still manage to have a good night though!"
"Oh, I expect I will." Lucy smiled, crossing her tanned length, leaving two matching sets of toes next to each other, one scantily supported by the strappy shoe, the other encased in gleaming plaster.
The club filled up slowly, and both girls attracted lots of interested looks from the lads. They sat sipping on breezers, waiting for the action to hot up. Once, a couple of local lads who clearly fancied their chances came to the raised booth and leaned on the table. They insisted on buying shots of peach schnapps to drink together. The girls joined in, but refused a second and eventually the boys drifted off.
"You know if there had just been one of them..." Lucy said with a raised eyebrow.
"I rather think that Dave will show up." said Jo, "and he's my first choice for the..."
"Evening once again ladies", Dave cut Jo off mid sentence..
Jo blushed, hi Dave. Here, you sit and keep Lucy company while I go to the bar to buy you a drink. Least I can do after you didn't call the police..."
"What?". Dave looked alarmed.
"Do you always let customers leave without paying the bill?" Jo grinned "what you drinking?"
"Oh shit! he said, I'll have to sort that on Monday! Make mine a lager!"
He watched Jo walking away.
"She only wiggles her ass like that at people she really likes" Lucy offered.
Dave started to blush.
"Why don't you take your mind off that my massaging my toes, they get all tingly after a while."
Dave sat opposite her and lifted her casted foot into his lap, and started squeezing her toes gently. She raised her other foot and unbluckled the ankle strap. She placed the sole of her foot against the knee in her cast, leaving her thighs wide and her white knickers clear agains her tanned flesh. She slid her foot along the length of the cast, making and keeping eye contact with Dave as the did. As her foot reached the end of the plaster, the throbbing of the disco beat and the throbbing of Daves rigid member against her sole became one. Her head went back and her eyes closed, "and I only do this to people I really like" she said as she stroked him with her slim, tanned foot.
Confusion filled Daves face as Jo returned. He'd been caught...
"What a waste" Jo said "he's going to cum in his pants at this rate!"
She moves Lucys casted foot to one side, and Dave leaned over and kissed it's wiggling toes passionately, taking them right into his mouth. Jo reacked down and undid his fly. She stood astride pulled out hi member, lowering herself gently onto it. All the while, he was flicking his tongue against Lucy's toes. Lucy, the shy one, the girl who's first real orgasm had been the night before with Jo's tongue on her, came first. Her head back, her eyes closed che shuddered through her climax. It couldn't have been more intense if Dave had been working on her clit thather than her toes! Dave watched her, felt her toes tense in his mouth, and as Jo rocked back and forth on his cock he exploded inside her. She grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth to her, feeling his warmth exploding in her belly. She reached down and felt the smooth plaster on Lucy's leg, and feeling him convluse inside her she came. Like the night before it was explosive but brief - for a second she thought she'd bitten clean through Daves tongue. She settled onto him, and kissed him more gently for a second before pulling away. Making sure that in their dark corner Dave and no-one else could see, she ran her fingers along herself, gathering her and Dave's wetness on them. She looked at Dave, himself now lying back with one hand on the cast, and drew her fingers to her mouth, licking them clean one at a time.
"Can't have that dribbling down my thighs now can I", she smiled and winked at Dave. She turned to Lucy and kissed her full on the mouth.
"You taste dirty" Lucy whispered, and grinned at Dave. He felt her gaze and opened his eye, re-arranging himself as he did so. "but I don't feel nearly dirty enough. I still need to be fucked."
Daves eyes nearly popped out of his head "Lets get out of here" he stammered. "Your hotel?"

Chapter 9: Cords and Casts

Dave disappeared into the bathroom, Lucy having told him to freshen himself up. Jo flopped back spreadeagled on the double bed in the larger of their suites two bedrooms.
"That gives me an idea" Lucy said, returning to the living room. "Don't move a muscle".
She returned about a minute later, with the sound of running water stull issuing from the bathroom. She had 4 curtain tie-back cords in one hand, held arkwardly over the crutch handle. She stopped in the doorway. Jo was in the same position as before, but not naked except for her stockings and boots. Between her legs her blonde pubes still glistened from her earlier encounter, and her lips were plump and inviting. Her firm breasts had retained their shape beautifullly without underwear, emphasising the flatness of her stomach.
Jo lay still, her breathing fast and loud in the stillness of the room, aad Lucy crutched arkwardly to each corner of the bed, and tied Jo's ands and feet securely but gently to the corners of the bed. She leant over and kissed Jo gently on the neck and ears for a few seconds before returning to the foot of the bed. Carefully she lowered herself onto the bed, so her face was in Jo's crotch, the rich, moist aroma starting her own arousal. She srarted to kiss Jo's inner thighs, to feel the smoothness of her stockinged leg, and the firmness of the leather boots.
When Dave entered the room he was still dripping and wearing only a towel around his waist. He saw Jo, was tensed against the cords restraining her at the corners of the bed. He saw Lucy with her face buried in Jo's crotch, her dress pulling up over her behind. Lucy's white panties and cast contrasted with her smooth dark skin, and her legs were slightly apart, her casted foot sticking in the air because of the bent knee. Jo was starting to moan gently as Dave dropped his towel to the ground, and moved over to the bed. He took Lucy's cast in one hand, and her slender, tanned ankle in the other and spread her legs wide apart. He knelt on the bed behind her and nuzzled her panties with hiw hardness, feeling her moisture on his end even through the fabric. Roughly, he grabbed the side of her panties over her casted leg and yanked the weam apart. He did the same at the other side, then threw the shredded underwear aside and pushed her dress up still further. As he entered her, he snaked on hand round over her belly to pound her clitoris as he thrust his length into her repeatedly.
This time Jo gave way first, screaming and bucking her hips, forcing her cliit against Lucy's tongue. Lucy almost suffocated, then her with her first deep breath after Jo relaxed, she started to shudder. As she did, she gripped Dave tighter and tighter inside her, muscles she never knew she had squeezing up and down his length. Finally, he let go and thrust so deep inside her she thought she would pass out. The shuddering intensified, and she moaned as Dave exploded in her, time and time again.

The following Monday at work, Lucy was alread sitting at her desk when Jo arrived. They looked at each other and exchanged a secret smile. Both suspected the best was yet to come.


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