"CF story" By tom
I got to the Rite Aid with just a few minutes to spare. I hadn't been to this one before so I glanced around quickly looking for the pharmacy. It was the farthest section from the entrance, of course. As I made my way over I glanced down each isle as I passed them. I noticed that there was a clock on the back wall of the pharmacy and it said it was 9:58 p.m. As I walked up to the counter an older woman glanced at her watch as she approached the counter. She smiled, but it definitely seemed to be a forced smile as she said, "How can I help you?"

I slid her my prescription and said I was sorry for getting here at the last instant. I then heard another female voice tell her that she would get that one and that she could go. The older worker told me that the pharmacist would be right with me as she left the counter and headed to the back part of the pharmacy. She left my prescription on the counter. I saw the older lady with her purse now as she walked through a swinging door and headed to the front of the store. As I glanced back toward the clock I saw the pharmacist for the first time as she walked towards me. She was about 5' 6", quite attractive and appeared to be in her thirties or possibly her late twenties. She wore matching pants and blouse and wore black, low healed pumps. As she got closer to the counter I said, "I'm really sorry for getting here so late."

"Oh, that's all right, I'll probably be here until eleven anyway", she said with a smile. I smiled as I thought to myself that the place closes at eleven and here I was rushing around to get here by ten.

I noticed that her smile did seem genuine. I tried to be subtle as I did the standard ring check. Thankfully there wasn't one. I also noticed her name- tag said Jennifer. I watched her as she worked in the back occasionally disappearing behind tall shelves of medicines. She was back with my prescription in just a few minutes. I paid for the medicine with cash and gave her a big smile, said "Thank you" and started to walk towards the front of the store. She gave me a gracious "Your welcome", as I started to walk away.

As I started walking, I noticed a couple of pairs of wooden crutches hanging on the shelf closest to the pharmacy along with other related products like cold packs and the like. I looked a little closer at the pairs of crutches hanging on the shelf. It looked like the packaging of the pair that was behind the front pair had been opened along the top where the arm pads were. "That's strange", I mumbled to myself quietly. I didn't want to be noticed looking at the crutches so I glanced back at the pharmacy to see if Jennifer was still at the counter and she wasn't. I moved the front pair of crutches a little and felt the squishiness of the arm pads of the opened pair of crutches. No plastic packaging in the way, they've been opened all right. "Very strange", I thought to myself. I glanced back to the counter and Jennifer was still not around so I felt relieved she didn't see my interest in the crutches. I decided to go to the bathroom before leaving.

I was only in the bathroom a few minutes. I open the door of the bathroom to leave and noticed it was fairly dark in the short hallway leading to the bathrooms. I started walking slowly down the hallway and was nearly at the end of it when I noticed Jennifer briskly walk from the swinging door of the pharmacy into the isles. I paused in the hallway and thought to myself, "Great, the store does close at ten. I bet this will make a good impression on her - not!" I waited a little bit more as I attempted to gather myself up in anticipation of meeting her again, apologizing profusely for being in the store and hoping I'm not getting her in any trouble by being here after it's closed. I walk somewhat timidly to the end of the hall and turn to look for Jennifer. I saw her only about ten feet from me in front of the isle with the crutches doing something with the crutches. She took the first pair off the rack and set them down, she then took the second pair off the rack and slid them both out of the packaging and then leaned the empty packaging against the first pair of crutches. As I saw this, my mouth instantly dried up and my pulse quickened. Jennifer then took the crutches and put them under her arms. She then placed both hands on the handles of the crutches while simultaneously lifting her right foot off the floor. I was still silently watching as she did a kind of pirouette to her left so she was facing the pharmacy. She started to crutch back to the pharmacy keeping her right foot elevated. She hadn't quite made it back to the swinging door when I finally managed to blurt out, "I'm sorry".

Jennifer froze in place as she finished bringing her crutches forward to balance herself on them. She didn't turn around so I started to walk towards her as I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know that the store was closed. I thought when you said you would be here until eleven that the store closed at eleven." By the time I finished my apology I was right beside her on her left side. She still wasn't looking at me and I thought she was maybe going to blow up at me for being in here. I thought I better say something quick. "I, um, I saw you get the crutches of the shelf over there. I swear, I didn't mean to. I honestly thought the store was still open. Are you alright?"

Jennifer slowly turned to face me. It was rather dark in the main part of the store as most of the lights were off but I think I saw that she seemed to be a bit teary eyed. At first she seemed somber but as she faced me it turned into a weak smile. "I'm not sure what I did but my ankle has been bothering me the last few weeks, especially after I've been standing on it all day at work. That's why, after everyone else is gone, I've been using crutches while I finish up at work." Then she gave me a heart-warming smile and a slight shrug of the shoulders.

I wanted to put my arms around her and give her a big hug to make her feel better but I just said, "Is there anything I can do to help you? Can I help you finish your work?"

I could see the tension leaving her shoulders as her smile widened. "Thanks, but you don't have to do that."

"Please, I would like to help you", hoping desperately not to get rejected.

"Really? You look pretty tall. You probably could help with something."

I'm sure I must have had a huge smile. My mouth wasn't so dry now even though I don't think my pulse was slowing down a bit. I said, "Thanks for letting me help", as I quickly walked the few steps to the swinging door, walked though it into the worker's area and then held it open for her. Jennifer hadn't put her right foot down through our brief conversation. When she saw I was holding the door open for her she resumed crutching toward the swinging door. As she made her way though it she gave me another big smile and said, "Thank you."

"What should I do now?" I asked.

"Follow me", she said.

As I followed Jennifer I watched her crutching technique. She was actually pretty graceful on crutches. I wanted to compliment her crutching abilities so I said, "You're pretty good on crutches. Have you used them before?"

She hesitated then said, "No". After a few more steps she said, "Well, except for the last two weeks. Thursday's are my late night so I used the crutches for the first time two Thursday's ago and last Thursday too."

I wasn't sure but it seemed like she wanted to change the subject. I thought that maybe she felt embarrassed about getting caught using crutches without seeing a doctor first. Then I thought that she shouldn't feel embarrassed, she looks really good standing there on crutches with her leg held off the floor like that. She asked me to get a few things that were kind of high up on the shelf and I was able to reach without even stretching. She made a comment about me being pretty handy to have around. Getting a compliment from her felt great I have to admit. She kept me fairly busy getting things and moving things for her but I was glad to be doing it and we were able to learn about each other a bit as we worked together. I got a chance to look at the time and I couldn't believe it was 10:50. The time went by so fast. It looked like she didn't have anything left for me to do so I made my best effort to keep the conversation going while she finished up her paperwork at the counter. She looked so good leaning on those crutches, her right foot still not having touched the floor since she started using the crutches over half an hour ago. If only she would slip that shoe off of her right foot I kept wishing.

I could tell she was nearly done and it was getting close to eleven o'clock, the time she said she would probably be at work until. I waited for her as she crutched to the back of the pharmacy and picked up her purse. She had it slung over her shoulder almost as if it were a backpack as she crutched back to the front, as graceful as ever. I was wondering if maybe she was going to stay on crutches after work as well. As she approached I asked, "Would you like to go out on a date?"

She stopped and then looked down. I was thinking she was looking at her right foot. She glanced back up at me for a split second then looked back down again and said, "I can't, I'm so sorry. I can't right now."

I apologized for asking her out and tried to seem as if I didn't mind that she couldn't, or wouldn't, go out on a date with me. I put on a happy face as I held the swinging door for her again. She used the crutches right up until she got to the isle with the empty packaging. She took the crutches from under her arms and slid them back into the empty package and put both sets back on the shelf.

I tried to make small talk as we walked out of the store. I said, "It's interesting that you can't really notice that the pair of crutches you are using are set about three inches longer than the unopened pair when they are on the shelf." I listened intently as she told of a couple of times during the last two weeks when she thought another employee was going to notice them being opened. We went outside together and we both saw that our cars weren't near each other. I had to ask one more question before we went our separate ways though, "Jennifer, does using crutches seem to help your ankle?"

"Oh yes, when I use crutches on Thursday's my ankle doesn't bother me nearly as much at work on Friday's compared to the other days of the week. It's amazing that just an extra hour off it helps so much."

It seemed we must go our separate ways now so I said, "I hope your ankle gets better and it was very nice to meet you Jennifer." She thanked me for all the help I gave her and then we went to our cars and drove off.


I tried not to think about Jennifer too much that week. I wasn't very successful. Last weeks rejection didn't matter to me after a few days. I was determined to make a visit to the Rite Aid next Thursday around 9:55 p.m. I actually got there at around 9:40 and looked at the magazines for a little bit then did some searching for something I hoped to use in the very near future. I found it then waited until about 3 minutes of to go to the pharmacy counter. The older lady was there again. I sure hope Jennifer is there today. "I just got back from a business trip and I left my medicine there. I was wondering if I could get a replacement bottle?"

"Jennifer, you have to help this customer", she called out.

"Okay, I'll be right there. You can go now Denise", Jennifer replied.

I smiled and said, "I heard, I'll wait, thanks."

Jennifer looked as good as I remembered her. She smiled when she saw me. As she got to the counter Denise walked by and explained what happened and Jennifer said she would take care of it right away. We both watched Denise as she walked away. When Denise was out of hearing range I asked, "How was your week?"

"Good thanks, and yours?"

"Okay", I replied. I watched her closely as she walked to get another bottle of my medicine. She was wearing a matching skirt and shirt with the same shoes as last week. Her legs were shapely and looked great in her light tan pantyhose. I looked for a limp but didn't notice any. It was now a minute after ten and I heard a few other employees leaving. I look around to make sure no one else was around and then waited until she neared the counter to ask, "Jennifer, how is your ankle doing?"

She paused a minute then said, "About the same as last week I guess."

"Are you going to need help to finish up your work?" I asked hoping not to sound to anxious.

"I might. Are you offering?"

"Yes, I am." It seemed like minutes but it must have only been a few seconds as she thought about it.

"Hide in the bathroom. I'll knock on the bathroom door when we're the only one's in here."

I quickly pulled out my wallet and paid for the prescription "refill". Then I quietly walked over to the bathroom and went inside. It seemed like time was crawling by as I checked my hair then my watch. I checked my shirt then my watch again finally sitting on the sink counter trying to compose myself and be patient. It was 10:10 before I heard a soft knock, knock on the door. "Jennifer?" I asked quietly. I didn't hear a response so I opened the door and the short hallway was still well lit. I walked out and saw Jennifer, already on crutches, with a grin on her face. The hallway was about twenty feet long and was really only a hallway because of the privacy wall in front of the bathrooms. I walked by her side, but not to close, as she smoothly made her way on crutches, her right foot held off the floor. As we entered the main part of the store I deftly grabbed something off the shelf that I had placed there earlier. I didn't think Jennifer noticed.

It was only another yard to the door to go behind the counter. I swallowed then cleared my throat before speaking, "Jennifer, I thought I might do something that might help your ankle. Do you mind?"

"What is it?" she asked.

I had the ace bandage box in my right hand so I showed it to her trying to look innocent.

Jennifer blushed visibly then looked away for a second. She looked back at me still blushing noticeably. "Do you think it will help?"

I was surprised she reacted so strongly to my suggestion. I thought she might not want to but I pressed on anyway saying, "I think it might. You should try it to find out."

She still seemed embarrassed but crutched a few steps to a chair then sat down with her right leg held out in front of her. I swallowed hard again as my pulse slammed in my chest. I fumbled a bit opening the box then ripped open the plastic covering the ace bandage. Jennifer was still blushing. I thought, "I bet she is self-conscious about her feet."

"I'm going to take off your shoe, okay?"

Still blushing, but not quite as much now, she nodded yes to me. She lowered her leg but still kept her right foot off the floor. I was feeling very nerved up in anticipation of taking Jennifer's shoe off and wrapping her ankle in the ace bandage. I hope it's not showing. I gently held the heel of Jennifer's shoe with my left hand then very gently pulled it down off her heel. I hesitated for a second to look at Jennifer and when she noticed me she smiled broadly and nodded to me again. I slowly slid her shoe forward until it was off then placed it near the chair she was sitting in. I stared at her foot and toes for a moment. She was wearing sheer toe nylons and she had very cute feet and toes. Even though Jennifer was of slight build her toes weren't skinny or bony. I did really like the looks of her toes though, her second toe looked to be just slightly longer than her big toe which I think is so sexy. She had unpolished toe nails and they were nicely trimmed.

I took the clips off the ace bandage and started wrapping her foot, just below the toes. I took my time wrapping her foot and ankle then finally put the clips in to hold it in place. I had grabbed a four-inch ace bandage off the shelf and it had allowed me good coverage of her foot and ankle. I placed my right hand under her foot and my left hand behind her ankle to let her relax her leg, which she picked up on and did relax her leg letting me support it fully. I asked, "Did I wrap it too tight?"

"I don't think so. It feels snug but actually it feels pretty good.", she said.

"Really? That's good, maybe that's an indication that putting your ankle in an ace bandage will help", I replied.

She smiled. "Help me up onto my crutches?" she asked.

"Certainly", I replied. I slowly moved one hand then the other from under her bandaged foot. She placed held onto one crutch with her left hand while I put one hand under her right arm and held her right hand with mine. It seemed like we had a brief meeting of minds at that moment as we were both smiling broadly. She moved forward to get up and I helped her up. Once standing she placed her hand on my shoulder for balance while I reached down to get her other crutch. I gave it to her and she put it under her arm. She looked so, so very good standing there on crutches with her toes sticking out of her ace bandage.

"So, are you going to get the door for me?", she asked mischievously knowing full well that she was having an effect on me.

"Oh, sorry", I said as I quickly got the door for her and she crutched through and into the pharmacy. I marveled as I watched her, wanting to be with her so badly.

Our time together went very well and the conversation was easy and enjoyable as we continued to get to know each other better. Jennifer didn't have as much for me to do this time so we spent more time talking and I spent more time staring at Jennifer while trying not to be too obvious. I didn't work. Finally she asked, "Are you staring at my foot?"

I hesitated knowing I had been caught. "Yes, I guess I was." I thought she was going to say something to me but she didn't. The silence was getting unbearable and I was probably blushing uncontrollably by now so I might as well just keep talking to break the silence. "I shouldn't have, sorry." Then I smiled at her then shook my head indicating to her that I can't believe I'm going to do this. "It's just that you have really, really cute toes." I'm pretty sure I was blushing quite noticeably by now.

Somehow I thought Jennifer would laugh at me or tell me I was a weirdo but instead she seemed tentative when she asked in a low, soft voice, "Really?"

"I know you'll probably think I'm strange but yes, you have very pretty feet and very cute toes."

"I don't think you're strange at all. I always thought my feet were one of my better features", she said.

I responded quickly, "I think all of your features are very nice", putting special emphasis on the word features.

It seemed like we further connected because of this little bit of conversation. Neither of us said anything for a bit and I just watched Jennifer finish up her paper work. She seemed so comfortable and relaxed being on crutches, it was as if it were a natural thing for her. And those toes, wow. She started putting some things away and I snapped out of my trance like state.

She started toward that swinging door and I opened it for her. She made her way to the chair and sat down. I knelt before her and unclipped the ace bandage and started to unwrap her ankle. "Do you think it helped?" I asked.

"I'm not sure yet but it certainly feels good right now."

"Good", I replied as I continued to remove the ace bandage. Once it was off I tried to re-roll it so I could put it back into the box. Jennifer didn't seem to mind the wait and kept her foot of the floor while I worked at re-rolling the bandage. I slipped it back into the box and smiled at Jennifer.

"Can you put my shoe back on for me?", she asked smiling back at me.

"Sure", I said as I reached for her shoe and tried to be gentle in slipping it back on her foot. I was still kneeling at her feet when she propped her self back up onto her crutches. I got up and moved out of her way as she crutched back to the isle, still determined to keep her foot of the floor until the very end apparently. Finally she did put her right foot down and put everything back in its place on the shelf. I put the opened ace bandage box at the very bottom of the small pile of them and then we started to walk out of the store.

"You wouldn't mind if I stopped by again next Thursday to see how your ankle is doing and if you need any help would you?" I asked. I didn't want to chance a negative answer to a date and besides, I thought to myself, these Thursday nights are far better than any date I've ever been on.

"I think that would be a good idea. Thanks for thinking of me", she said.

"Oh, your welcome", I replied. I parked closer to her this time so we walked together to our cars this time. I was ecstatic as I drove off and we waved each other a goodbye from our cars as we turned to go our separate ways.


I could hardly wait for the next Thursday. I showed up around a quarter of ten again and milled around aimlessly trying to burn off a little time. I kept in viewing distance of the pharmacy and when Denise went to the back of the pharmacy and Jennifer was still at the counter I started for the counter. Jennifer saw me coming and smiling, pointed to the bathroom. I got the hint and made my way to the bathroom. I felt fairly good about myself while I waited since I wasn't feeling so nervous this time, more like happily anxious to begin.

I heard the knock, knock and I went to the door and opened it. I walked out into the hall and saw Jennifer, as nice looking as ever. Today though, she was dressed a little more casually in that she had on one sneaker and her right foot was elevated and bare. She seemed pleased at my reaction as we started to walk down the short hall. "You're still needing to use crutches so I take my idea of using an ace bandage didn't help?" I asked.

"Actually, it helped quite a bit. My ankle was fine the entire next day", she said enthusiastically. "I think it would be a good idea if I wore the ace bandage again today."

"Super, I'll go get it. I hope no one bought it", I chuckled.

Jennifer crutched to the chair and sat down with her foot elevated in anticipation of it getting wrapped in the ace bandage again.

I proceeded to wrap her ankle methodically really enjoying the perfect front seat views of her toes. Finishing up I asked, "Not to tight?"

"No, nicely snug feeling to it", and then she held her hand out for me to help her up onto her crutches which I did of course.

We made our way behind the counter and we just chit chatted a little before she began doing any of her work. Jennifer looked so gorgeous today with nothing covering her toes up at all. "Not even nylons today", I thought as my heart raced at the sight of her.

She really didn't have much for me to do today and it even seemed that she was taking her time doing her work as if she was trying to stretch it out. So we talked and enjoyed it. She did have a few things for me to move that were high up on the shelf. I did it gladly of course. When I was done I peeked around the corner to have a secretive look at Jennifer. She was looking at her right foot as she held it out in front of her. She changed its position a few times still intently looking at her own foot. I walked quietly towards her, "Aha, I caught you looking at your own cute toes." We both smiled, as we both knew why I said that.

She laughed. She even has a nice laugh I thought. She smiled at me with a certain look in her eyes. "I was actually noticing that you do such a good job of wrapping my ankle in an ace bandage. How are you so good at it?"

The question surprised me because I knew the real answer and I didn't want to tell her, but I didn't want to lie to her either. I thought for a second more and decided on an almost completely true answer. Trying to sound non chalant about it I said, "Oh, that's because I was thinking about being a cast technician. I have had some practice with ace bandages and other stuff like that."

"Really, that's interesting", she replied. "What would other stuff like that be?"

"Oh, uh, mostly casts", I managed to get out. It seemed like the subjects of casts came about in a fairly relaxed manner unlike every other time I've tried with every other woman. Feeling to be on a roll and probably not thinking things fully though I said, "Yes, in fact if the ace bandage isn't helping enough I could put your leg in a cast." I grimaced as I thought to myself, "I really shouldn't have said that."

"You could do that?" she asked tentatively.

"Oh my goodness, I didn't mean that I think you should or anything like that, especially without seeing a doctor first. But to answer your question, yes I could because I have studied it and still have some casting supplies."

Jennifer seemed truly introspective for a moment. "Well, if wrapping my ankle in an ace bandage helps it does kind of seem like having my leg in a cast would help my ankle a lot more. Doesn't it?"

"It does seem like it", at a loss for anything else to say.

Jennifer looked down at her foot again and I imagined that she was imagining what it would look like with her leg in a cast. "In some ways I would like to try it. You know, to see if helps. But how can we do it without anyone seeing me?"

"We would have to go to another town, or something like that, while your leg is in a cast. It would have to be during a weekend I guess?" I don't know if she detected it but to me my voice seemed a little shaky with excitement. I couldn't believe the conversation took this incredible turn.

"I have weekends off and I could do it this weekend. Are you available this weekend?"

"Sure, of course", I said, trying to not sound too overjoyed but I don't think it worked. I would have canceled anything to have the chance to put Jennifer's leg in a cast.

"I just thought of something! How do we get the cast off of my leg?", she asked with obvious worry in her voice.

"Oh, that's no problem, I have tools for that too. It's part of the casting supplies I have."

"That's a relief. So how do we want to go about this?" she asked and then we started making our plans for the weekend.


I arrived at Jennifer's house at noon as planned. She lived in a somewhat sparsely populated area. She saw me drive in and left her house carrying one suitcase. She was dressed casually with a tee shirt, shorts and sneakers with low cut socks. I popped the trunk, got out of the car and helped her with her suitcase. In no time we were on the road headed south to our destination, a destination that was two hours away. That should be far enough to prevent any unwanted accidental meetings with people we know.

It was a very nice day out and the drive was pleasant and the conversation was easy and varied. Jennifer didn't own any crutches so I thought it would be a good idea if I bought her a pair while we were down here. That way she would have them if she ever needed them and of course she would need them in an hour or so. She stayed in the car enjoying the slight breeze through the car window while I went inside and bought a pair of aluminum crutches for her. Somehow it felt appropriate that the first thing I bought for Jennifer was crutches. She was all smiles when she saw me walking out of the store carrying a new pair of aluminum crutches.

After buying her crutches we went to the motel. Again she stayed in the car while I went inside to get the room key. I moved the car right in front of our room and I briefly looked around to see if anyone was around before going in. We went into the room and checked it out. It was nice enough for the price and one night. I got the suitcases from the car. As I set them down I said, "I'll have to get one more thing out of the car", unable to contain my glee. I still didn't see anyone around so I quickly grabbed the crutches from the back seat and headed inside. Jennifer was sitting down on one of the beds. I asked, "Do you want to start right now?"

"I guess so", she said.

I opened up my suitcase and started to get out the casting supplies and placed them near the end of the bed that she was sitting at. There was three rolls of white fiberglass casting tape, some stockinette I had pre-cut, two rolls of cast padding, scissors and gloves. I took the ice bucket into the bathroom and filled it with hot water, maybe a little too warm I thought as I splashed a little more cold into it. I brought that back out and set it down on the floor at the end of the bed. Jennifer watched me intently as I gathered everything up then asked, "Somehow I thought there would be more stuff."

"I know what you mean but this is all we need", I replied. "Sit at this end corner of bed with your leg hanging over", I said while pointing to the spot. She moved herself and did as I said. I checked the height of her foot off of the floor to see if I would have enough room to work and it looked to me like I would. Tall beds I thought to myself. "Ready?" I asked. Jennifer just nodded a yes.

I untied her right sneaker then pulled the laces out a bit to make it easier to slip off her sneaker. As I took off her sneaker and looked at her foot I thought to myself, "Man, her feet and toes even look great with a sock on." I then took off her sock. As her foot was exposed to the air she wiggled her foot and toes around for a few seconds. I got the stockinette and started pulling over her foot and up her leg. It was close to the right length but I decided to trim a little more off so that it just went past her toes. I then gently held her foot and positioned it at about a right angle. "Try to hold your foot in this position, okay?"

"I'll try", she replied.

I started to wrap her foot in the cast padding by starting at the base of her toes and moving up her leg. "Nervous?" I asked.

She let out a nervous sounding chuckle then said, "I wasn't nervous all day until you just started to actually put my leg the cast. Phew, now I am nervous."

I continued with the cast padding finishing the first roll. "Don't be nervous", I replied as I started the second roll of cast padding. "You're pretty good on crutches and you'll still look beautiful even with your leg in a cast."

"Thanks, I'm glad you think so." She did seem to relax a bit and leaned back on her elbows as I continued.

I cut open the first roll of casting tape, dunked it in the water that was still too warm and started at the base of the toes working my way up. I had four inch rolls so the first roll made it all the way up her leg then back down to her ankle. I did the same exact thing with the second roll. I then flipped the excess stockinette and cast padding down from near her knee and then flipped up the excess covering her toes. Right about then she said, "My leg is getting warm."

"I should have mentioned that, sorry. When the cast starts setting it'll get warm for a while." By now I had started the third and final roll of fiberglass. I started from the top this time and worked my way down to her toes then back up to about mid leg. I could still hear the cast setting so I figured it would still be warm but I asked anyway, "Is it still warm?"

"Yes, very", she said with some nervousness.

"I should tell you that having a cast put on can affect some people in different ways. Some get sleepy while others find the whole experience rather sensual." I paused for a few seconds and asked, "Still warm?"

"Yes, it's getting even warmer too."

"I'm not sure if this will help but I'm going to try something."

She nodded her head yes and then went from leaning back on her elbows to completely lying down.

"Try not to move your leg", I said as I knelt in front of her cast and started to gently blow on her toes. Her toes flinched and as she reacted with a soft moan. I continued to gently blow while occasionally separating her toes slightly and blowing in between them. I was tremendously excited to be touching and manipulating her toes and being so close to her toes. I was very seriously tempted to start kissing them. I resisted even though it continued to be obvious that the cast setting and my blowing on her toes was affecting her. "Is that helping?" I asked.

"Uh huh", she whispered. I continued and as I did she said, speaking softly, "Well if you mean is it helping to cool off my leg, then no. If you mean is it helping to be even more sensual then yes, definitely." Then she let out another low moan.

As the cast started cooling Jennifer's breathing slowed and became more relaxed. I stopped blowing on her toes and stood up. "Do you want to take a look at your new cast?" She held out her hand. I sat down next to her and slid one hand under her back and held her other hand and helped her up. She leaned forward and stared at her leg. I looked with her.

She must have tried to move her foot in the cast but only her toes wiggled a little bit. She looked at me, her eyes glistening with forming tears and stated, "I can't move my foot at all."

I moved my arm around her and gave her a gentle squeeze. As I did she leaned her head on my shoulder. I said, "Don't worry, you'll be fine, and I'll be here to help you with whatever you need."

"I'm sorry for falling apart on you like this", as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

"It's okay, having a cast put on can be an emotional experience", I tried to reassure her.

She looked at me again, smiling, "Or a sensual experience." She put her head back on my shoulder again and laughed softly. She put her arm around me and leaned more heavily upon me. We were both silent for a while enjoying each other's embrace when Jennifer spoke again. "Umm, How long does the sensual part of this usually last?"

"I don't know. I'm sure it varies from person to person and depends on the reason", I replied, trying to sound knowledgeable.

"What other kind of reasons would it happen? Besides the warmth of the cast, because I know about that one now."

She seemed more than a little embarrassed when she admitted that the cast application affected her so I said, "There's no reason to be embarrassed, that one affects lots of people. There are lots of other reasons for it to happen as well. For example, you seemed to like it when I blew on your toes so it might be that being outside in a light wind could bring on sensual feelings for you."

"I have to admit I liked that", she said as she held me a little tighter at that moment.

"There are more reasons too. Some find using crutches can bring on certain feelings, like feeling secure or feeling helpless, if you like that, or feeling more feminine, maybe because of needing help while on crutches. Did you experience any of that when you used crutches?"

"I think I did, sometimes."

"These are things that can happen at anytime so if it does happen to you don't worry about it or feel weird or ashamed about it happening. If it's happening you might as well try to enjoy it."

She looked as if she were the cat that caught the canary when she said, "I am."

"Good", I said as we still held each other. After another minute I said, "I should probably adjust your crutches." So I got them and did my best guess on the settings. Jennifer watched with anticipation as I got her crutches ready for her. I helped her stand up as she took the crutches under her arms. They were set a little to short so she sat down and I readjusted them. I helped her up again and she said, "Perfect."

I smiled and said, "Well, go ahead and try out your new cast and crutches." Jennifer proceeded to crutch around the room. God does she look great with her leg in a cast. When she turned around to crutch back towards me I couldn't help but stare at her sexy toes sticking out of her cast. I think I have to sit down, I thought to myself. I did and so did Jennifer too.

"You look really good on crutches, oops, uh, I mean you are really good on crutches, the cast doesn't seem to bother you at all."

Jennifer was smiling, "I heard that", as she gave me a quick squeeze of my hand. "I notice the difference having my leg in a cast though. Before, when I was using crutches, I kind of had to make a conscious effort to make sure I didn't use my foot. Now that my leg is in a cast it's even more of a strong feeling that I shouldn't use my leg at all. It's not even a temptation to try to use my right leg now."

"Sounds like you're ready to do anything and go anywhere. You wouldn't mind if I went outside to get something from the vending machine?"

"I think I might get something too."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I don't know, it depends on what's there." She thought for a second, "I guess that means I'll have to go with you."

"I guess so, will this be your first time out in public in a cast?" I asked.

"Yes", she replied.

I helped her up again. I do so like doing that. I got the door for her and she deftly negotiated the one small step to go outside. The vending machine was just a few doors down. We didn't notice anyone else around except a few cars driving by the motel. Neither of us saw much of anything that we wanted but I bought candy bar anyway and split it in half. We both ate our halves outside enjoying the nice weather for a few minutes afterwards. As we went back towards the room I heard her mumble, "Oh boy, I'm in trouble."

I looked at her quizzically, "Why would that be?"

"The breeze", she said.

"The breeze?" I said, not understanding. A few seconds later, "Oh, the breeze. Is it affecting you?"

"Yes, quite", she said.

"Maybe we should stop for a minute so you can enjoy the breeze some more?"

"Um, no, I don't think that's a good idea right now."

"Okay", then I smiled.

We went back inside and watched a little television but mostly talked for the next couple of hours until it was time for dinner. When it was time to go I helped her onto her crutches again. Before we went outside I asked, "Are you kind of nervous about being in public with your leg in a cast?"

She nodded yes then said, "Kind of nervous, but also kind of excited in a way."

"Me too", I added.

When we arrived at the restaurant I helped Jennifer out of the car and got her crutches for her. She seemed to be beaming as she crutched though the restaurant, each of us noticing the number of people noticing her. Dinner was good and the conversation was nice. After we finished eating but before dessert I asked how her leg was doing. She said it felt kind of different so I said she should elevate it. I reached under table and asked her to lift her leg, which she did. I crossed my feet and set her cast in between my knees making sure not to jam her toes into the bottom of the table. I could feel her relax her leg as she sensed I was supporting it.

We continued to chat until the waiter came by again. "Will you be having desserts tonight?" he asked. We had talked about desserts during dinner and we both wanted to try something. When he started telling us about the desserts I started to gently caress Jennifer's toes under the table. I saw her eye's get bigger as she looked at me. "Ma'am?" he asked.

Jennifer seemed flustered, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" Realizing that I affected her, I stopped caressing her toes while he talked this time.

She made her order and I made mine right after. After the waiter left I said quietly, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to distract you like that."

"You surprised me", she said. Blushing a little she asked, "It might be a few minutes before we get our desserts. Did you want to continue were you left off?"

I noticed her blushing so I said, "Only if you want me to", in effect putting the ball back in her court.

Blushing a little more now, "Please do, it felt good", she admitted.

It excited me to be able to make her feel good, especially because I was doing something like caressing her toes.

The desserts were good and Jennifer seemed more than happy as crutched through the restaurant getting glances from most of the people we passed. We decided to drive around to see the town and the sights after dinner while there was still daylight. Everything is so relaxed when I'm with Jennifer. Well, not everything is relaxed while I'm with her as I tried to adjust myself without her noticing.

We saw the sights until it got dark then headed back to the motel. We didn't get back until around 9:00. I put my hand lightly on the small of Jennifer's back as she crutched along smoothly. Once inside I said, "I had such a great time with you today Jennifer."

"And I with you", she replied taking on hand off her crutch and holding my hand. Before she let go I moved right in front of her, looked into her eyes, leaned forward, closed my eyes then kissed her lightly on the lips. She put her arms around me and kissed me back harder and then we were both kissing passionately. I had no idea how long we kissed but knew it wasn't long enough for me. As we separated I noticed Jennifer was teary eyed again. Not sure what I did or what to say, I finally said I had to use the bathroom. I was only in the bathroom a few minutes as I used the toilette and tried to regroup. When I stepped back out into the room I was stunned to see Jennifer sitting on end of the bed sobbing silently with tears streaming down her face.

"My God, what did I do? I'm sorry, whatever it is", I pleaded.

"It's not you, it's me", tears still running down both cheeks.

"I don't understand, you haven't done anything wrong."

Jennifer moved her right hand off of her left and showed me her hand with a wedding band on her ring finger. I stood back, shocked for a moment. "You're married?" I asked with unbelief.

Jennifer was starting to regain her composure. "I am, still, sort of. We are getting a divorce. He cheated on me. I never cheated on him." Her voice rose in indignation. "It's not finalized yet though", she said, her voice softening now. "I really want tonight to continue forward but until the divorce is final I want to be able to say I was never with another man while I was married just in case it comes up in court. I'm so sorry."

I rushed back to her side and put my arm around her, "I understand completely. It's not a problem. We can just go to sleep in our separate beds tonight and still have fun together like we did today though, right?"

"I'm counting on it", as a faint smile broke thought the tears.


We both slept soundly that night. In separate beds. I woke before Jennifer. It didn't look like Jennifer moved at all last night because her cast was still propped up on the two pillows I placed under it last night. I stared at her toes for a while, marveling at how sexy they looked sticking out of her cast. I finally got up and took a shower. Jennifer was up by the time I was done. She wanted to take a shower. I explained about getting the cast wet and she seemed very disappointed until I mentioned the cast protector I brought along. She brightened at being able to take a shower and I slipped the cast protector on her leg while she stood on her crutches. "Be careful taking your shower", I warned as she went into the bathroom.

"I will", she replied.

Her shower was uneventful and she crutched out after a good long while. She had already removed the cast protector. I was dressed already and I went into the bathroom to allow Jennifer to get dressed in private. I snickered to myself as I thought, "How come I'm in the bathroom so much when I'm with Jennifer?" It didn't matter to me. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me by far.

After she was dressed we decided to each breakfast right next door to the motel. It looked like a real dive but it was just a couple hundred feet away. Easy walking distance. If you aren't on crutches that is. Jennifer insisted on crutching over. As we were on the way Jennifer asked, "I know this is personal but do you have a foot fetish?"

I had to clear my throat before answering. "Uh", I smiled weakly, "I kinda do."

"Kinda?" she looked at me.

"Well, I do have a fetish, but it's for toes."

"I thought it was something like that."

"Does this mean you don't want us to meet any more?" Darn it, I think I'm getting kind of teary eyed now, I hope she doesn't notice.

"Are you kidding? Of course not, I just wanted to make sure that if I'm getting all excited because of my toes being exposed all the time because of my cast that you're getting something out of it too."

I stopped her and hugged her saying, "You know that I am, very much am." I let her go and said, "God, you are so beautiful." After a second I said, "I shouldn't have done that, should I?"

"It was no problem", as we resumed heading to the diner.

"There is one thing about my toes fetish, it's actually not a fetish unless it's an inanimate object. Because toes and feet aren't inanimate it wouldn't technically be called a fetish. It's called a partialism because of my intense interest in a certain part of the female anatomy." I couldn't believe I was so relaxed telling her this.

"Really, I didn't know that there a difference", she seemed genuinely interested.

We got to the diner and went in and had a breakfast that was too greasy, but it was food anyway. We both were quieter than yesterday. Maybe we were both still taking everything in from yesterday and this morning. When we got to the room Jennifer wanted to stay outside for a while to enjoy the breeze. We both smiled and laughed together and then hugged. It was getting close to 9:30 so I finally suggested we go inside so I could remove her cast. The cast saw was very loud and I could tell Jennifer was somewhat intimidated by it but the cast came off cleanly with no problems.

We packed up our suitcases. Jennifer decided that she could keep the crutches at her house, especially since she might need to use them occasionally, but that the cast would be impossible to explain away if it was found. I told her I would get rid of the cast when I got home. During the trip back home, we decided it would be best if I didn't see her until the divorce was final. It hurt, but I understood why and agreed. Fortunately, her soon to be ex-husband wasn't around when we arrived at her house. He wasn't supposed to be back in town until Tuesday. Jennifer thanked me for a great time and carried her suitcase, purse and crutches to her house and waved good bye as she went inside. I drove off wishing I wasn't.


I wanted to see Jennifer all week but especially as Thursday approached. Of course I wouldn't go to the pharmacy out of respect for her wishes but I still wanted too. Feeling down as I got home from work Thursday night I checked my messages. "Hi, it's Jennifer. I'm alone at work. I just wanted to say thank you again for putting my leg in a cast. My ankle has felt fine all week. It seems that your suggestion was a good one. I also wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you. Thanks again, Bye."

Wow, that call made my day, my week. It helped me through but also made me want Jennifer all that much more.


I didn't get another call from Jennifer for almost a full three weeks. I came back from work on Wednesday to a message again. It was Jennifer, "Hello, this is Jennifer from the Rite Aid pharmacy, it's very, VERY important that you come in Thursday for your refill on your prescription. Thank you." That was it? That seemed a little impersonal. Actually, it seemed a lot impersonal. I started worrying that things have gone badly somehow. I should have called to let her know I was thinking of her even though she said I shouldn't contact her. I hope I haven't blown it. Darn. Time slowed to a crawl after that, a torturous crawl.


I went to the Rite Aid for 9:00 p.m. this time. I guess because I was expecting bad news from Jennifer. I walked slowly back to the pharmacy. Denise was there. "I got a call that I should come in about my refill."

"Do you have your prescription?" she asked.

"Uh, no, I forgot it, I've had a lot on my mind today."

"That's okay, I'll get the pharmacist. It'll probably be a minute", she said with a smile.

I was very nervous about seeing Jennifer again, especially thinking it was going to be bad news. Then I saw her come from behind one of the tall shelves. She was on crutches! Her right ankle wrapped in an ace bandage. I'm sure my jaw literally dropped. I literally couldn't speak. Jennifer was glowing knowing the effect she was having on me. She spoke first, "There's a little confusion about your prescription. Did you lose your first prescription?"

"Yes", I said, barely able to talk.

"Oh, well that explains everything. Thanks. Denise, I think I'm going to leave work early today. My ankle is really hurting me. Could you get my purse for me? Thanks"

I managed to get out, "What happened?"

"I'll tell you later, stick around for a minute."

"Thanks Denise. Sir, could you carry my purse out to my car for me?"

Still stunned and wide-eyed I said, "Sure". Denise looked at Jennifer as she gave me her purse as if to say, "are you sure?"

Denise got the door for Jennifer as she crutched towards me. "Thank you, follow me." I walked besides her carrying her purse not knowing what to say. As we got outside, she said, "I'm must have sprained my brain too. I was driven in to work by a girl friend this morning. I don't even have my car. Would you be able to drive me home?"

"Yes, of course." I helped her into my car and put her aluminum crutches in my back seat. As we drove off I asked again, "What happened?"

"You got my first message right?" I nodded yes. "Well, my ankle was fine for about two weeks after that, in fact, I thought it was completely better because of you putting my leg in a cast. It started hurting again after that though. I thought it might have been tension related to my divorce. Anyway, yesterday I was walking back to my car after getting the divorce finalized and I heard something snap. I thought it was my high heal at first but then my ankle really started hurting and I had to hop the last few feet to my car. I had to drive home with my left foot."

"My goodness, have you seen the doctor yet?" I interrupted.

"Yes, I got x-rays this morning. I won't get the results until Monday they said. I don't know how bad it is but I know it will feel a lot better if you put my leg in a cast again. Could you do that for me, please?"

"I don't know, what if I made it worse."

"Please, I'm sure it will help, it helped a lot last time. Please...?"

"Okay, okay, when do you want me to do it?" I asked.

"Tonight would be good", she winced, hoping it wasn't asking too much.

I found a convenient place to turn around and headed to my house. I hurriedly got everything required for making a cast and put it all in a plastic grocery bag. As we drove back to Jennifer's she described what had transpired in court and how her now ex-husband had pretty much gotten raked over the coals. We arrived at Jennifer's house 20 minutes later. I had always enjoyed helping Jennifer out while she was on crutches and I still did enjoy helper her out now but I had a certain amount of sadness in me because of her injury.

I waited in the living room while Jennifer changed into shorts and a more comfortable shirt for the casting process. I heard her say she was ready so I walked into her bedroom. She was in shorts with a tight nightshirt on and she looked very alluring. I looked down and both feet were bare, her right foot held off the floor. I saw her ace bandage a distance away in a clump. "Well, are you going to come in?" she asked.

I brought my bag of supplies with me which included four white fiberglass rolls this time and the other necessary supplies like stockinette, cast padding and gloves. I knelt down next to her right leg and started applying the cast. I was both nervous and excited and it was a constant struggle to keep calm and do a good job on the cast. I tried to take extra time in making the cast to make sure it was my best ever. I used all four rolls this time and the cast looked very medical, I thought to myself. I was already noticing Jennifer's positive reaction to having her leg put in a cast. "I guess I don't need to remind you that having a cast put on can be a somewhat sensual experience?" I asked.

Obviously effected, she replied, "Actually, I was counting on it." She was still taking in the experience when she asked, "Is the cast done?"

"Yes", I replied.

"Phew, it's warm, aren't you going to blow on my toes to help me out?"

I leaned close to her cast and started gently blowing on her toes. She reacted audibly. I caressed the tips of her toes as I continued blowing gently. I stopped for a moment, taking in the close up view of her very sexy toes sticking out of her cast. I leaned further and starting kissing the tops of her toes. I heard her moan softly, "Mmmm, are you kissing my toes?"

"Uh huh", I replied with a deep voice. "Should I stop?"

"Don't you dare. Not yet anyway."

I continued kissing, caressing and blowing on Jennifer's toes for several minutes and she enjoyed it very much. "My toes feel so good. Why don't you come up here and make the rest of me feel that good?"

I stopped immediately, as I got up I ran the length of my hand across her the tips of her toes to let her know that I really liked doing her toes for her. As I got up I was surprised to see she was now topless. She was gorgeous. She slid herself towards the pillows and I saw her hesitate and stare at her cast as it came into her view for the first time. She seemed to have a very satisfied look on her face as she then looked at me and said, "I think we need to get naked."

We did.


I woke up late and bright light was shining through the edges of the window shades. Jennifer lay beside me. I kissed her on the forehead and then the cheek. I didn't mean to wake her but I did. She smiled and we kissed each other. We unabashedly talked about last night and just how good it was. After a while in each other's embrace I said I should shower.

After getting out of the shower, drying off and getting dressed I entered the bedroom but Jennifer wasn't there. I then went into the living room to see Jennifer standing on her crutches at her telephone. I started walking over to her when she turned around and faced me. It looked like she was crying. I rushed over and asked, "What's wrong?"

"The doctor's office just called", she said as another tear formed then ran down her cheek. She pressed the play button then took a step forward on her crutches, put her arms around me and buried her head in my chest. The message was very muffled and it sounded a little like it could have been made by Jennifer but I couldn't tell for certain. I didn't think much about it as the message started playing. "Hello Jennifer, this is Kathy from Doctor Smith's office calling with your x-ray results. It appears that you did have a prior stress fracture in the ankle that has now partially fractured. It's not serious enough to warrant an operation or anything like that but you will need to come into the office to have your leg put in a cast. Come by today, anytime and we'll definitely fit you in." I squeezed her tightly as the message played but especially when I found out her ankle was broken.

Jennifer took her head from my chest and wiped tears off of her cheek. "I'm sorry for falling apart like that. I guess I was just surprised that it is actually broken. After all, it's just a broken ankle."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. I think I better take this cast off and let the doctor put another on your leg."

"But this one feels so good. Uh, I mean, my ankle really feels better with this one. Why should I get another one?"

"Because I'm not a doctor", I exclaimed.

"Please don't take it off. I know, I know, I'll go to the doctor's office with this cast and tell them I already saw my doctor and he put my leg in this cast. I'll ask them if it's good enough or will they need to put another one one my leg. That'll be safe, won't it?"

"I guess...", I said feeling very apprehensive.

Jennifer hugged me. "Good, Let's have breakfast then", she said. It was nice to see her smiling again.

It was tough to leave her to go to work. I wanted to stay and take care of her but really couldn't. The workday went by so slowly. I wondered about how the doctor's appointment went as I drove back to Jennifer's. Would she be in another cast? Probably, I thought to myself. Actually, in a way, I would be relieved if she was. I knocked then opened the door to let myself in. Jennifer was crutching towards me with a big smile. She was wearing a short skirt and matching blouse with one sneaker and white ankle sock and a white cast on her right leg. Man, she looked completely gorgeous. And her toes look so good sticking out of that cast! I'm sure I was smiling broadly when I saw her. I asked, "Did the doctor have to put you in another cast?"

She crutched right up to me and hugged me. "Nope", she said happily, "they said it was perfectly fine." We hugged again, longer this time. "I feel so silly about this morning when I found out about my ankle being broken", she said as she lightly felt my chest. "I must have totally forgot about what you said about the sensual feeling I might experience because of being in a cast and on crutches", she continued looking into my eyes.

"Have you?", I asked, feeling my breathing deepen with her close presence.

"Ohhh my, it's been everything about it. Being dependant on using crutches, the immobilization of my leg because of the cast, my leg feeling so comfortable and protected because of the cast. My toes being exposes all the time because of the cast, mmm, very sensual feelings all day long", she said wrapping her arms around my neck. "I don't think I'll have any problems coping with a broken ankle as long as you are here to help. You'll be staying with me to help me, won't you?"

"Of course Jennifer. You must know I would love to stay with you and help you and I will", I said.

"Good. Now what I really want you to do is to do my toes again, just like last night, because that feels so good and I'm so ready to make love with you and because I'm so in love with you."


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