The Big One

Greetings fellow cast lovers.

This is a fictional story about a woman who doesn’t take life too seriously.
She seems to get away with everything with her carefree attitude…
Although, she wasn’t a bad person, she had gotten into the habit of telling ‘little white lies’ to suit her own particular schedule and needs.
She finally told one that might cost her a relationship and a job.

This story is rather long... I apologize for that.
Rather than write and send in chapters every other week or so, I thought I’d just get the whole thing finished at once so a person could read it, interrupted from beginning to end.

Anyway, here it is... I hope someone out there enjoys it.

The Big One

by the Unknown Writer

“Book One”

“Good morning, sunshine. How’s your head?” I got no response. I turned to look as she began rubbing her head and mumbling incoherently.

I said, “You know, I was worried last night. You guys were out late!”

“I’m sorry… uh… I guess I lost track of time… uh … sorry for not calling.”

“Did you have fun?”

She managed the beginning of a smile for just a moment, and said “yes, we did.”

This time she put more effort and volume to her words. “Holy shit, I feel like crap! I’m getting too old for this kind of shit.”

Holding her head, she slowly rolled over and pushed herself up to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She didn’t say a word, but must have been somewhat pleased that the floor wasn’t spinning beneath her. She then carefully stepped down on to the floor, and made a pathetically slow pace to the bathroom. As she walked away, it struck me funny… she was holding her head, kind of scratching here and there, and grumbling to herself…like a man will sometimes do.

You see, my wife had gone out the night before with a good friend of hers for dinner and a few too many drinks. That’s something that she doesn’t do very often. Her friend, Sarah, is still single and goes out on a regular basis. When they go out together I think she tries to keep up with her… especially with the drinking.

After the bathroom door had clicked shut, I threw on some clothes and headed downstairs.

After about an hour or so, my wife made her way downstairs, too. I had saved some coffee for her, and poured her a fresh cup as she approached me.

“Thank you”, she said with a small smile.

I was surprised. She really didn’t look all that bad. Morning’s dress consisted of a beige tee shirt, her favorite cut-off, white sweat pant shorts, and bare feet with the dark red toenail polish I had applied for her yesterday before she went out. The shower left her smelling fresh and clean, and she looked somewhat ready to start the day, despite her massive hangover.

She declined my offer to make breakfast for her, and plopped down on the couch with her coffee to watch a little mind-numbing late morning television. She kind of slumped back into the cushions, and hung her feet off the edge of the coffee table by her toes… one of her favorite TV-watching positions. And, one of mine, too… you see, I had a foot fetish and she knew it.

“I need to catch up on some yard work”, I said, “I’ll be outside for a while, okay?”

I received a nod, and headed outside.

After about an hour and a half, I returned to find her in the same position as when I left. She turned her head towards me as I walked in.

“Feeling any better?”

“Yes, a little bit. At least I don’t feel like throwing up anymore. Could I take you up on that breakfast offer now? Just some toast?”

“You got it. Do you need any more coffee? How about some water? You’re probably dehydrated from all the booze.”

“Water sounds great… a big glass with some ice?”

As I was walking towards her with her toast and water, the phone rang.

She made a futile effort to stand, but I said, “don’t get up, I’ll get it”.

I set down her plate, and hurried back toward the phone before the answering machine got it.


“Hey dude, how’s the wife?”

“She’s making progress. She’s actually been showered, and is trying to choke down some food right now. How do you feel? You know you guys had me worried last night.”

“Oh, I feel fine. I’m a pro. Can I talk to her please?”

“Hang on…
honey, it’s Sarah…”, I said, and handed her the phone.

I didn’t pay too much attention to their conversation, but my wife was starting to sound pretty good. As I was reaching into the ‘fridge for a beer, I said softly to nobody in particular, “it’s got to be noon right now somewhere”. I shut the door, and heard from over on the couch, “oh…uh… hang on…”. I looked up towards the TV, and saw my wife get up and head into the office. She then shut the door behind her. “Strange”, I thought.

I was standing there in the kitchen sipping my fresh beer, and staring at the talk show she had been watching before the phone rang. About ten minutes later, the office door opened, and she walked into the kitchen behind me to put the phone back on its base.
“Top secret conversation?”, I joked.

“Uh… not really, just talking about last night.”

I could tell that she was holding something back, but did not pursue the matter.

I grabbed another beer, and without a word, headed out to get the back yard mowed.
Returning from my work, I sought out another beer, and sat down on one of the bar stools. The bathroom door opened and my wife appeared with a smile. She then began to putter around in the kitchen - doing some dishes and picking up here and there.

“Honey?”, she said.


“Uh… Sarah needs a favor”, she said, not making eye contact.

“What now?”

I could tell she was actually starting to blush about something. “Well… you know her old boyfriend, Greg? “


“He’s been calling her again.”

“I thought they were through quite a while ago.”

“Well, it’s long story, but basically he wants to get back together, and now she does, too… but he doesn’t know that yet… anyway, here’s the thing. The last time he called her was about two weeks ago. He invited her on a water skiing trip with some of his friends. But… she had already agreed to spend a few days with a different guy - an old friend from college. They were going to go site-seeing along the coast, stay in a few motels along the way, eat at some great restaurants, etc, etc. She didn’t have a romantic interest in this guy, they were just friends, but didn’t want Greg to know about him just the same. She felt it might complicate things if she decided to get back together with him someday - which she hoped would be some day soon. Follow me so far?”

“Chicks”, I thought, “so complicated”.

“Follow me?”, she blurted.

“Uh, yeah, is there an end to this story?”, I said teasingly.

“When Greg had called her that time three weeks ago…” Now my wife was starting to blush again. “She made up the lamest excuse…uh, she told him that she had recently hurt her leg, and there was no way that she could water-ski, let alone get around much.”

Now I was trying to hold back a blush. My fetish was not confined to just feet. I also had a thing for bandages, casts, and crutches - and my wife knew it. That’s probably why she blushed before…

She proceeded with the story. “I don’t know exactly how their conversation went, but, with his questions and her making shit up on the fly, she ended up telling him she had been put in a cast for a while for a broken bone in her foot. Brilliant, huh? I guess he then asked if he could come see her, and if he could help in any way. She obviously declined the offer… something about going to stay with her mother for a few weeks - something like that. I think I’m forgetting some of the details… you get the picture, though, right?”

“Okay… so, what’s the problem? Or, I should say, what’s the favor?”

“Well, like I said, she had decided a while back to try to get back together with Greg… and it would seem that he is still interested also. You see, he called her yesterday afternoon before we went out. They had a great conversation on the phone. I guess somewhere towards the beginning, he had asked her out, for this Friday night…forgetting about what she had told him about her leg, she said something like, ‘yes, I would love it’, and continued talking…”

“Oh the tangled webs we weave…”, I said shaking my head. “I’m still not sure what she wants you to do, though”.

She smiled and continued, “Somewhere later on in the conversation, he asked how her foot was feeling. She said she completely froze, and her heart started beating heavily. She’d forgotten about that. What a surprise, huh? The kicker is that she really wants to make things work with him, and doesn’t want to start it out with a lie. That was one of the things that broke them up last time. Greg wasn’t big on being lied to, and she has a bad habit of just making shit up when she needs an excuse. No matter how harmless it may seem to her, they are nothing but lies to everybody else. Anyway, I guess she regained her composure and told him her foot was feeling a little better. Greg is a pretty smart guy and would most likely think it strange for a person with a broken foot two weeks ago to be walking around just fine. Right? He asked her how much longer she would have to wear the cast. She said a while longer. You know, she likes that phrase… not too precise - not too vague. Come to think of it, I think she’s used that one on me before. Little bitch! ”

“I don’t blame Greg. I don’t think I’d like being lied to either”, I said. My wife shook her head in agreement.

“So, anyway, today’s Wednesday, her date is this Friday. Basically she asked me to ask you if you could put a cast on her leg tomorrow.”


I was becoming a little flush again. “Did you tell her about our cast fantasy stuff?!”, I said sternly. “I thought that was just personal stuff between you and I? Have you told anybody else?” Yes, I was feeling flush, but this time from anger. “We have always agreed not to talk about our sex life with other people - especially our fantasy stuff! And…”

She cut me off before I really got worked up and said, “I didn’t! Well, not really. Just listen…”

I raised my eyebrows and nodded for her to continue.

“Last night we had had a few drinks already before she brought up Greg. She told me the whole story. She ended it with the thought of having to explain to him how she lied to him yet again, and how she was going to eat shit when she sees him on Friday - probably lose him for good this time.”

“How about just postponing the date for a couple of weeks?”, I questioned.

“Yes, she thought of that, but she wanted to see him before that and didn’t want to make up another lie for not seeing him.”

“Chicks!” I said aloud shaking my head. “She could tell him that her foot had miraculously heeled - quicker than the doctor had originally thought… how about that?”

“He’d never buy that…just listen. Last night she asked, half drunk and jokingly, if I knew anyone who could put her foot in a cast? Apparently, I made some kind of gesture that made her curious. She asked me if I actually did and then pressed the issue. I know I shouldn’t have told her, but I blame it on the booze and bad timing on my part. So… yes. I told her that you knew how to do it.”

I started to speak, but was cut off again.

“Hang on… I didn’t tell her the truth. I told her that before you were certain on your career, you considered orthopedics and took a couple courses on it in college. I told her you might even remember how to apply a cast… yeah, like I’m going to tell her that it’s a weird thing you have, and that we’ve adapted it into our love making… I don’t think so honeybunch. I thought my story sounded pretty good, too”.

Now she was looking a little upset at me.

“Okay, fine”, I said, “now what?”

“After I told her about your college classes, she got pretty excited… like there might be a way out of her hole after all. She then started begging me to ask you to do it. A couple more drinks had come and gone, and I conceded. I told her I’d ask. There. That’s it. That wasn’t too painful after all, was it?!”

“Wow”, I exclaimed. “I’m not sure. Give me a minute.” After a very long pause, I said, “What the hell, go ahead and call her…but, I want to talk to her when you’re done, okay?”

“Sure”, she said with a smile. She must have been pleased with my response because, as she was dialing, she looked up at me with her sexy eyes and said, “and you can do me tonight for practice if you want…”

Chapter 2

Since my wife and I hadn’t done any casting for about ten months, this was indeed going to be a treat for me. I was fine with that for the most part. The waiting I mean. Rather than press the issue and try to do some casting every week or every month, we’d fallen into a once or twice a year type routine. Yes, more would be nice, but now when we do it, it’s something extra special. I think she enjoys “giving” me that treat from time to time, but wouldn’t like it so much on a regular basis. We actually started out that way in the beginning. Shortly after I broke the news to her, we casted quite often. At first, she was really into it. She’d act out the part with enthusiasm and actually seemed to enjoy this new twist in our sex lives. It didn’t last long, though. I think she started to resent the fact that I wanted her in a cast so often for sex. After all, she was just doing this for me as a favor, and preferred our normal sexual habits by far. I read the signs and quickly backed off. I did not want to mess up a good thing, possibly forever. So, once again, when we do get to do some casting, she’s really into it and excited about it, which makes it that much better for me!

My wife spent a few minutes on the phone with Sarah giggling and carrying on when she said, “oh, he wants to talk to you… hang on”. She handed me the phone.

“What’s happening woman? I heard you’ve been telling little white lies again…”

“Yeah, I’m an idiot. One of these days I’ll learn.”

“Uh huh, we’ll see about that.”

“I can’t believe you know how to put a cast on. Do you still remember? What a trip. Just like at the doctor’s?”

“Yep, I think I can still do it”.

“This is so cool! Can you fix me up tomorrow? What do I need to bring? How much will it cost for all the stuff?”

“Yeah, tomorrow is good, but it will have to be in the morning. I have to go to work around noon.”

“Oh, Okay…”

“I’ll get the stuff for the cast, and you can pay me back, okay?” I happened to have enough supplies up in my closet, but she’d most likely think it strange if I told her that I already had the stuff.

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll borrow a pair of crutches from a friend. Just give them back after your little adventure is over.” The friend I referred to was actually me. Well, my wife. We’ve got a pair of crutches for her up in the attic for our occasional cast flings.

“Oh yeah… crutches… sheesh… I’ve never used them before… I forgot about that”.

“Is your Mustang a stick or automatic?”

“Ummm… what? I’m sorry.”

“Is your Mustang a stick or automatic?” This time I asked slowly.

“Automatic, why?”

“Cool, then we’ll do your left leg so you can still drive.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

“Okay, how about tomorrow morning at nine? Does that work for you?”

“Yeah… uh… I guess I’ll take tomorrow and Friday off from work… okay, do I need to bring anything.”

“No, just wear shorts and some kind of shoes that will be easy to crutch around in.”

“What the hell am I getting into here? I’m a fucking idiot… Later. Hey, say bye to the wifey for me.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

My wife was listening in to the conversation. “That’s nice of you to help her out. She’s so lucky sometimes… she always manages to make things work out… somehow. I could never live like that. You know, she was shittin’ Ding Dongs last night. Oh, by the way, even though I’m happy that it’s going to work out for her, I’m not sure I like the idea of you doing that with another woman. That is kind of our special little secret… kind of personal.”

“Don’t worry. It’s only special with you. It wouldn’t be the same with anyone else.” I reassured her with a hug. I think I was secretly trying to convince myself, too. I had never put a cast on another woman, and wasn’t exactly sure how it would make me feel. Oh well, looks like it’s a go for tomorrow. We’ll find out soon enough.

The day progressed without further discussion of Sarah and dinnertime approached…

“So, you still want to get in some practice tonight?”
My wife kind of blurted out as we were watching TV on the couch together.

“Of course. I think a little practice never hurts”, I said with a smile.

Still watching TV, she slowly slid her right foot down my leg and into my crotch. She then began to gently massage and rub with her bare foot and toes through my jeans. I reached down and caressed her foot as she proceeded. She then said quietly, “I’ve been meaning to tell you… my left foot has been bothering me. I might have it checked out soon…” She continued to stare at the TV as she pulled her left foot up closer and clutched it with her right hand.

This was one of my favorite parts of our casting flings… the talking about it before hand. From past experience she knew that I liked it to be as real as possible. Talking about it, like it was real, made the whole event that much more enjoyable for me. She also knew that until the night was over, no matter what we were doing, she had to act out the part…

I answered her, “really, has it been bothering you for a while? Where does it hurt?”

“Yeah, a couple weeks now I guess. It hurts mostly right here.” She drew an imaginary circle around the inside of her ankle. “Would you do me a favor, and get my crutches for me? I think I’d better stay off of it until I get it checked out…”

I leaned forward and gave her a kiss, then got up to fetch the crutches. I keep them up in the attic just to have them out of the way. That’s also where I keep the casting supplies. I brought down both. I cut off some stockingette, and got out three rolls of four inch cotton padding and four rolls of four-inch scotchcast fiberglass tape, white. I had always preferred white. Somehow it looked more authentic. The crutches were aluminum and the underarm type. They were quite dusty. Without much delay, I had them mostly dust free and headed back inside.

When I returned, four beers were sitting on the coffee table.

“I hopped to the fridge and back. I couldn’t wait”, she said with a smile.

“Well, I guess your stomach’s feeling better then? Ready for another few drinks are you?”

“Yeah, what the hell. Honey, I’ll take my crutches now please. I have to go to the bathroom.”

As I handed her the crutches, she pulled herself up to one foot, and slid them under her arms. They were still set at her perfect height from last time. She pulled her left foot up a bit and behind her and slowly headed towards the bathroom. I could tell she was trying to get the feel for them all over again. I didn’t miss a step as she crutched away from me… oh what a sight! When the bathroom door opened, I turned to look. She was approaching smoothly with a smile - all the while with her bare foot dangling just off the ground behind her. She crutched around the front of the coffee table, removed the crutches from underneath her arms, and fell backward on to the sofa with her left foot swinging up in the air so it didn’t touch anything.

“It’s really hurting bad now”, she said.

“How about a foot rub?” I asked.

“Yes please.”

“Should I get the ace bandage for you?” Although we only casted a couple of times year, we used the elastic bandage a little more often because it was easier to get on and off. She kept it in her nightstand drawer for the times we needed it in bed.

She set down her first empty beer bottle, and grabbed the other. “I wonder if a cast would make it feel better?”

I took a big tug on my second beer, swallowed, and nodded, “I bet it would. It would keep it from moving… probably wouldn’t hurt quite so much.”

“Yeah, we better do it”, she said matter-of-factly. Then she whimpered kind of pathetically, “Could you please put a cast on my foot for me?”

Ahhhhhh, I love that line.

“Absolutely. I’ll be right back.”

“Grab me another beer, would you?”


I returned with my little plastic sack full of goodies, a bucket of warm water, and handed her the beer. I unfolded a beach towel and draped it across the couch and onto the floor beneath her. She tucked her right foot up into her lap, and rested her left foot on the towel. I asked her to lift up her leg as I slid the stockingette onto her leg. Some extended above her knee and some beyond her toes. I reminded her to try to keep her foot at a 45-degree angle as I began wrapping her foot with the padding. She always liked more padding up by the toes, so I took care to do that again. I started the padding out at the end of her toes then pulled the stockingette and padding back together to the base of her toes, stockingette a few inches beyond. That produces kind of a double thickness of padding like she likes up there…so her toes are nice and comfy. I then pulled the stockingette down from over her knee, over the padding, and took time to smooth out the whole leg.

“How’s the beer, honey”, I asked.

“Great. I’m feeling pretty good finally. How’s it going down there? I think it’s feeling better already.” She wiggled and stretched out her toes as she spoke.

“Just a couple more minutes, and you’ll be good as new.”

I always preferred a good, thick cast. Four rolls of fiber did the trick. That would ensure that there wouldn’t be any thin or weak spots. The whole thing would be solid from toe to knee. Wrapping and smoothing as I went, I had the four rolls applied in no time. And thanks to my plastic gloves, my hands wouldn’t have fiberglass stuck to them for two days.

“There you go, you sexy thing. Try to keep your heel off the towel for a few minutes okay? I’ll be right back.” I proceeded to clean up. I took back the bucket, the gloves, and the dead scotchcast wrappers and tubes to the garage.

As I was walking away, I heard the familiar sound of crutches clanking together, and turned around. She was getting up to come with me.

“God, this feels so much better. I wonder what’s wrong with my foot? I should probably keep the cast on for a few weeks to let it heal up before I try walking on it again… great, how am I going to do my aerobics now? I’ll call my mom tomorrow and let her know.”

She continued to mumble about her foot, and play up the role… just like she always did. The two of us made it out to the garage. She stood there, hunched over on her crutches, and looked down at her foot as I put the stuff away. As I was fussing about, I heard the crutches began to move. She was heading over to the cupboard where she kept her secret stash of cigarettes. She wasn’t a regular smoker, but enjoyed one from time to time, especially after she had been drinking. She lit up the smoke, turned around, and started swinging her casted foot back and forth slowly.

“Now, what should we do honey? My foot feels better… “ She looked up at me and smiled.

I walked over to her intently, took the back of her head with one hand, and gave her the deepest most passionate kiss we’d had in sometime. What followed was a good, old fashioned make out session… right there where we stood. Right there in the garage. She put both arms around me tightly as we kissed and groped. Soon her left crutch fell out and hit the ground, then her right. But we continued without pause. She held her cast just off the ground behind her, but I balanced her perfectly as we touched.

After a few more minutes had past, I gently pulled away, reached down, and handed her back the crutches. “Let’s go into the dining room… I’ll follow you”, I said proudly. After we arrived at the center of the room, we knelt to the floor. I took her crutches and set them aside. While I was doing that she pulled off her top, and then lay back on the floor. I stood in front of her while I took off my jeans. There was a hint of moonlight coming through the blinds - a perfect amount of light for a romantic moment. As I knelt back down she offered me her casted foot. It was mostly dry now and had lost its warmth, but still had the sweet smell of fresh fiberglass tape. I took it in my hands and slowly sucked and kissed each toe. When finished, I gently lowered it to the floor. We ended up having a few more beers and a wildly passionate couple of hours. It’s amazing how much stamina a person can muster when needed.

I woke up the next morning, naked, underneath a comforter from the guest room next to my wife… who was still casted. It was nine o’clock.

Chapter 3

“Oh shit”, I said rather loudly. “It’s nine o’clock”.

Just waking up my wife asked, “What’s the matter?”

I told Sarah to be here at nine o’clock today.

“What time is it now?” She asked calmly.

“It’s nine right NOW. You’d better get upstairs before she shows up. We won’t have time to cut the cast off… I’ll pick up down here, you just go get dressed, okay?”

She finally was sensing my urgency, and quickly rose to her feet. “I wish these things were easier to get off”, she said as she limped towards the stairs in her birthday suit. “I wouldn’t rush around too much, honey, she’s usually late for shit, remember?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…”

DING DONG, knock knock knock.

“Holy shit. The one fucking time we’d like her to be late, and she’s fucking on time… that’s rich!”

I had barely gotten the beer bottles picked up when Sarah arrived. Scattered about on the floor in the dining room were still our clothes from last night, the comforter, and the pair of crutches. I swooped down, grabbed the crutches, and leaned them against a wall out of site from the front door.

Knock knock knock.

“I’m coming dammit… hang on.”

I quickly threw on my shirt on pants from last night, balled up my wife’s clothes, bra, and panties, and threw them behind the love seat. I then grabbed the comforter and headed for the door.

“Hey Sarah… uh… how’s it going?”

“Great. I’m right on time for a change, huh? How about that!”

“Well done”, I said disgustingly.

“I know you have to get ready for work in a while, so I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”

“Thanks, come on in.”

“Where’s Kathy?” That’s my wife’s name, by the way.

“Uh… she’s upstairs.”

“Cool”, she said and kind of hurried up the stairs to find her.

“Oh shit”, I said to myself, then yelled, “honey, Sarah’s coming up to see you.”
“I think she might still be asleep”, I shouted at Sarah.

She replied, “yeah, sure. You’re holding a comforter, wearing last night’s wrinkled clothes, and looking suspicious… I bet she’s awake after all.” Her words faded out as she entered the hallway upstairs.

Okay, she’s mildly perceptive. I’ll give her that much.

My wife had managed to slip on some undies, some shorts, and a tee shirt before Sarah arrived at her door. As she heard her approaching, she dove into bed and covered up like she was sleeping. Just as her head hit the pillow, the door creaked open. “Hello? You can’t fool by pretending to be asleep, woman. Your old man looks like sex to me.” She walked towards the bed. “I can tell your faking. Get up!” Stepping more lightly now, Sarah snuck up to the side of the bed, and yanked the covers off down to her feet!

“Hey, what the hell’s going on?”

“Holy shit Kathy, what’s up with your leg? Did you have an accident last night? Are you okay?”

“What’s your problem?! Pulling the covers off of me like that… I was trying to sleep.”

Sarah reached down to feel her cast. “Are you okay? What’s going on?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just give me a minute…” Kathy got up and limped into the bathroom. Her appearance held Sarah’s complete attention. “I’ll be right out.”

Sarah plopped down on the foot of the bed and waited without a word.

The door swung open, and Kathy reappeared… She limped over and sat down next to Sarah on the bed. She rested her cast on its heel, and kind of rotated in back and forth while looking down at it. “Check it out”, she said.

“Are you really hurt?” Sarah asked.

“Oh… no… since Kev’ (that’s my name, Kevin) hasn’t done this for many years, he wanted to, uh, practice on me before he did you…just to make sure he remembered how to do it…”

“Wow! He did that? It looks so real. How does it feel? That’s so cool! I think this might actually work out for me”, she said with a smile. “What did you do… have sex with it on?”

Kathy didn’t say a word. She just kind looked over at her and smiled.

“You dirty old woman! You dirty old kinky woman!” She laughed.

“Let’s go downstairs”, my wife said.

From downstairs, I heard footsteps nearing the top of the stairs, and walked around expecting to see Sarah by herself. I figured my wife most likely fooled her somehow. I looked up, and to my shock, they were both coming down the stairs together… cast and all. I felt blood rush to my face, and managed a shaky, “good morning”. I figured I’d just keep quiet. I was waiting for an explanation from my wife. What could she have possibly told her?

“The cast looks great, dude, I’m ready when you are…”, Sarah announced.

“Uhhhh… okay… just a minute.”

Sarah walked into the kitchen for a snack as my wife quietly explained the situation to me.

“Nice job”, I whispered.

Sarah yelled from the kitchen, “Hey Kath, did you use crutches, too? Do you know how to use them? Did you get them from your friend yet, Kev?”

The two of us walked around the corner of the bar into view of the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’ve got them already”, I said.

Kathy said, “yeah, I can use them okay, where are they honey? I’ll show Sarah while you get the stuff ready for her…”

“They’re around the corner in the dining room”, I said as I followed. I wasn’t going to miss this little scene.

The two ladies entered the dining room, and saw the crutches. “I don’t know if I can use them or not”, Sarah said. “I’ve never tried before”.

“Oh, it’s pretty easy, really… here, I’ll show you”, she said rather proudly.

Kathy limped over to the crutches, put them under her arms, and took off across the room like a pro. “This actually feels a little better”, she said surprisingly, as she turned around and crutched back towards her. “I’m getting tired of limping around with this thing. It feels good to have weight off of it again.”

“That’s amazing, you look great!” Sarah said. “Can you show me how to use them?”

Sarah wore a tight-fitting, white, short sleeved knit top, brown shorts, and slip on sandals.
Her toe nails with nicely manicured with a shiny, clear coat, rather than any color.

“Sure”, she said to Sarah. “ Honey, what foot are you going do?”

“Left, so she can still drive.”

“Okay, slip off your left shoe, and let’s practice…”, my wife said to her.

Sarah also had beautiful feet and toes.

“You’re a bit taller than me, so we’ll click these things out a notch… here, try that. Okay, put them under your arms, and grab the cushions securely. Now lift up your left foot. Pretend it’s hurt and that you don’t want it touch the ground. Put them out on the ground in front of you, and slowly swing your body forward… good foot first.”

Sarah looked great standing there on the crutches with her sexy left foot pulled up behind her! And having my wife stand there next to her with a cast on giving a fucking crutching lesson was almost too much for me.

The ladies stayed at it for a while until Sarah was moving around pretty well. This was, in fact, part of the façade. She needed to appear comfortable with them, like she had been using them for a couple of weeks now.

Sarah came crutching over to me with her left foot dangling in the air and asked, “So, my man, how do you remove a cast?”

“I’ve got a high-speed cutting tool that will cut through just about anything. No problem.”

“Alright, I’m ready if you are”, she said.

“Follow me”, I said. “Let’s do it out in the garage. We don’t have to worry so much about the mess out there.”

Sarah put her left foot back on the floor, grabbed the crutches up together with her right hand, and walked over to get her sandal that she’d left behind. She didn’t put it back on though. With her left sandal in one hand and the crutches clanking together in the other, she followed me out to the garage.

“Hop up on the washing machine”, I told her. “I’ll get the stuff together.”

She leaned the crutches against the wall by the door. As she headed towards the washer, she said, “I guess I’ll only need one shoe for a day or two, huh? That’s weird”. After she hopped up, she tossed her left sandal over by the crutches. “Okay, now what?”

My wife appeared in the doorway. “Uh, honey? How long do I have to wear this thing? I’ve got some errands to run today”.

“Oh yeah, uh… sorry, do you want to wait about 20 minutes… until we’re done, or would you rather do it first?”

“Oh, go ahead… I’ll just limp around for a while…” As she was limping away she said, “The things you get us into, Sarah… sometimes I really don’t know about you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Tough words from a gimp!”, Sarah said laughing.

I had gathered up the supplies and the bucket of water, and placed them on the ground below Sarah’s feet. “Okay, before we start, do want your cast to look like Kathy’s, or do you want it to be bigger?”, I asked.


“Well, longer I should say. Do you want it to go up to your thigh, or like Kathy’s… below the knee?”

“I don’t know… you’re the pro…”

“Well… what did you tell Greg exactly? That you broke your leg, or what?”

“I told him that I broke a bone in my foot… he never asked for specifics…”

“Okay, if you want to go with the ‘broken-bone-in-foot’ story, we’ll give you a cast like Kathy’s. If you want a full leg cast, you’ll have to alter your story to include an ankle fracture, also… I’m pretty sure they use full leg casts for broken ankles sometimes…. What do you think? It’s up to you.” Personally, I was hoping for the long leg cast, but was trying not to sound excited about this whole thing…which was quite difficult.

After a couple minutes of thinking she said, “I don’t know… uh… I guess I mind as well go for the big one… as long as I’m doing this, I mind as well do it all the way, huh? Wait, can I still drive with a big one? I really need to be able to drive.”

“Your legs aren’t overly long, so I think you’ll be able to squeeze yourself in there somehow”, I said encouragingly.

“Let’s do it”, she exclaimed, “what the hell…wait ‘till Greg sees this”, she said to herself shaking her head and smiling.

I pulled a long length of stockingette out of the box and cut it off. “Okay, this goes on first. It’ll make your leg feel nice on the inside.” I was starting to shake a little as I approached her toes with the material. The material slid on smoothly over her sexy foot and shaved legs. I stopped way up on her thigh. I cut off the excess down at the bottom leaving a few inches drooping over her toes towards the ground.

“So far I like it”, she said. “This thing feels kind of sexy.”

“Don’t tease me woman.”


“Now we’ll put on the padding… this will ensure that your leg is comfy inside, and doesn’t come in contact with the cast itself.”

“Yes doctor”, she said with a smile. “Hey, no fair… how come my toes aren’t sticking out at the bottom… like Kathy’s?”

“They will be, don’t worry”. I grabbed her leg gently with both hands, and bent it at the knee. “Okay, now you need to hold your leg in this position until I’m done, okay?” Although, the bend I had made wasn’t severe, it was aggressive… probably just a bit more than normal, but I didn’t mention that to her.

“Isn’t it supposed to be straight?”

“No, trust me. This is the way they are most of the time.”

“Yes boss.”

I then moved her foot to a ninety-degree bend, and asked her to hold that also.
I got the padding applied, then rolled the stockingette down over the padding on her thigh and pulled it back over her toes and foot. “There’s your toes again”, I said enthusiastically.

“Holy shit. It’s starting to really look like a cast”, she exclaimed.

“Just wait…”

“Ka - thy”, she yelled. “Come check this out!”

My wife came limping out through the door and into the garage. “Whoa! Going for the big one, huh? How much longer, honey? I’m tired of being a gimp.”

“Just a few more minutes… not long”, I said.

“Yeah, what the hell… I figure I’ll get my money’s worth”, Sarah said with a chuckle.

I reminded her to not to move her leg and foot, and started wrapping her foot in fiberglass.

“So…. Is that plaster?”, she asked me.

“No, it’s fiberglass. That’s mostly what they use these days. It’s lighter and quite strong.”

“Ah. Is that what yours is Kathy?”

“Yeah”, she said while leaning over to knock on it. “It’s really strong.” She limped closer to us. “It will feel warm on your leg for a little while, that’s normal… it actually feels pretty good.”

“You’re right, it’s starting to already… wow.”

“Have you ever tried this before?”, Sarah asked.

We looked at each other kind of in panic, then my wife answered, “Yes, once back during college he needed to practice for an exam or something… I let him use me… if I remember correctly, it was quite similar to the one you’re getting right now.”

“Cool”, said Sarah.

Here we were giving Sarah a hard time about her lies, and now we were both lying to her to cover up our own little story… Oh well. I actually thought my wife was doing a great job of protecting our secret. I glanced her way, and gave a little smile of approval.

“Alright, it’s done… but don’t get up yet. Just sit there for a little while so we can give it some time to harden up.”

“How long’s it going to take?”

“Oh, forty minutes or so.”

“I have to sit here for forty minutes?”

“No, just a few… I just want to make sure it’s starts hardening up before you start walking around… well… not walking… you know. I’m getting a beer. Would you like one? Honey?”

“Two beers please”, Sarah said. Kathy nodded.

“Where’s my camera”, I said jokingly. “This would be one for the books! Poor Sarah with her fake hurt leg, and Kathy with the practice cast. Honey, how ‘bout it?”

“How about what?”

“A picture.”

“Yeah, let’s do it, Kath!”

“I don’t think so”, she said. “I want mine off now.”

“Fine, party pooper, sit down over by the workbench”, I told her.

My cutting tool, although very nice, is quite loud. She always gets a little freaked out when we do this part. She sat on the floor with her casted leg kind of extended out from her body, covered her ears with her palms, and shut her eyes. Within just a few minutes, I had the cast cut down both sides, and along the heel. After using scissors to cut through the padding and stockingette, her leg emerged unharmed… and damp from perspiration.

“Thanks honey”, she said holding her foot off the ground and rotating it around to stretch it. “I’m going to go change.” “See you in a bit woman”, she said to Sarah.

“Can I get down now?” , Sarah asked.

“Let me feel…” I walked over to her, and slid both hands up and down the cast a bit. The fiberglass was setting up nicely. “Yeah, you can get down now. It’ll be completely set up after a short while.”

Sarah hopped off of the washer rather quickly, and just about fell on her face as she reached out for my arms.

“Holy shit man”, she exclaimed. “I almost ate it!” She stood there on her right leg using my arms to balance herself. “I can’t move my fucking leg.”

“That’s kind of the idea, you know.”

“I thought I was going to be able to walk a little bit… I should have gotten one like Kathy’s! This sucks.”

I helped her lean back against the washer, and walked over to the doorway to get the crutches… “you wanted it, you got it”, I said smiling. “Here you go.”

“Holy fuck, I’m a gimp!”

“Yeah, sort of”, I said. “Give ‘em a try”.

She reached out, took the crutches under each arm, and said, “okay, this is a little better… at least I can stand up now.” She started across the garage, obviously practicing and assessing her new situation.

“So, how did you hurt your leg”, I asked her.

“Is that some kind of joke”, she blurted. “What are you talking about?”

“You had better remember your story… everybody will ask you about it when they see you… not to mention your boyfriend. “

“Oh, I get it. Uh… let’s see… I have a broken bone in my foot. Oh, I have one in my ankle, too, right?”


“How did you do it?”

“Uh… hell, I don’t know… uh… I slipped and fell down the stairs at my apartment. How about that?”

“How much longer will you be in the cast?”

“Uh…” She looked up towards the sky looking for the answer. “about 3 more weeks I guess. Sound okay?”

“Sounds fine. I would suggest you remember that story, as you’ll probably have to give it many different times. It would be best, if it was the same every time… don’t you think?”

She smiled sarcastically at me, and crutched towards me.

“So, when’s the big date, then?” I asked.

“Tomorrow night”, she said.

“So, why did you want it on so early?”

“Well… you have a day shift tomorrow, right?”


“I didn’t want to rush… I just wanted to make sure I had it on in plenty of time…”


My wife came back downstairs and into the garage to find the two of us talking. “Wow, look at you!”, she said. “I think that’ll do it, huh? I need to run some errands… I’ll be back in a couple hours.” She walked over, gave me a kiss, smiled and shook her head at Sarah, walked back through the house out the front door, and drove away.

I asked Sarah, “Okay, is your car in the driveway?”


I walked over to the wall and punched the garage door opener.

“What are you doing!? Somebody’s going to see me!”, Sarah said angrily.

Without speaking, I turned towards her and gave her a disgusted look, as if to say, “no shit!” She got the message, and didn’t say another word.

We headed out towards her car, and I opened the door for her. “Give it a try”, I said. She positioned herself just along side the driver’s seat and handed me her crutches.

“Hold these.”

“Nope…. You have to be able to do this yourself.”

“Thanks a lot!” She managed to plop into the seat and position herself where she thought she could drive okay. She ended up having to slide the seat all the way back, and then kind of angle the right side of her body forward to reach the pedals. Before she sat down she had quickly set the crutches in the back seat. Their tops were just visible over the edge of the backseat left window. Her Mustang was a convertible, and made for a nice sight…. Pretty girl, convertible, crutches sticking up in the back… yeah, pretty nice. “Wait”, she said. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay, I’ll see you inside.” I turned away and headed back into the garage, forcing her to do it by herself, but then stopped up by the washer so I could watch.

Without too much trouble she made it to her feet, and crutched inside the house. When she reappeared in the garage, I asked, “Now what? Tomorrow’s a long way away.”

“Yeah, well, I think I’ll just head back home to relax for a while… I’ll see you guys later…. Hey, I appreciate it, dude.”

“My pleasure. I hope it works out for you.”

She crutched back towards her car, opened the door, hopped a couple times on her right foot to get situated before sitting back, set the crutches in the back seat like before, and plopped down in the seat. Then she reached down with both hands to help lift and guide her left leg into the car safely, shut the door, gave me a thumbs up with a smile, and took off. She actually looked convincing. Perhaps she did break her leg a couple weeks ago after all… who could tell the difference?

Chapter 4

I went in to work that night, and didn’t talk to my wife until I got home late. “How was your day?”, I asked.

“Oh, fine, thanks, how about you?”

“Same old shit. Wanna get drunk and fool around? Actually, I don’t have time to get drunk. I have to get up early for work… how about we just fool around?”

“Let me brush my teeth, I’ll be right back”, she said nonchalantly.

I asked, almost shouting into the bathroom at her, “Did you talk to Sarah tonight?”

“Yeah, she called earlier.”

“How’s she doing?”

“She’s a little scared actually. She thinks he’ll be able to tell she’s faking.”

“I don’t think so. It looks just like the real thing… and she’s actually doing pretty well with the crutches. At least she was when she left this morning. She’ll be fine.”

“That’s basically what I told her… anyway, she’s completely responsible for this whole mess, so I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her. I hope it works out because I’m her friend, but, like I said before, it kind of pisses me off that she manages to make things work out like that, no matter what…. I guess today was a good example of how far she’ll go. I don’t think I’d have that much energy.”

She came walking out of the bathroom with her nightshirt on and nothing else. “Looking good, babe. Come to daddy.” She approached slowly, and knelt down in front of me.

“We won’t be needing these”, she said as she unbuttoned my fly and pulled down my pants. She pointed to the bed. I sat down. She then pulled off my socks and gave each foot a quick rub. Then she climbed on top of me, unbuttoned my shirt, and gently pushed me back into my pillow. She pulled back a bit and sat between my legs with her knees up and feet straddling my torso. Gliding her left foot over my body, she slid it down on top of my boxers and pressed against my hardening dick. She then inserted her toes in through the fly and began to move them back and forth while applying some pressure.

“That’s it, I can’t stand it”, I said. I pulled her foot out of my boxers, and up to my mouth. She had to stretch out her leg just a little. I then took the whole front of her foot and toes into my mouth… well, almost. I sucked and kissed for just a minute then pushed her foot back down slowly while massaging it deeply. Sitting up towards her, I then lay her down backwards, and reached down between her legs. She was freshly shaven, and a little bit wet already.

“We can make this a quickie, if you want”, she said, “I know you have to get to bed…”

A quickie right before bed is some good shit! I fell asleep completely relaxed and slept soundly all night long...that is, until the phone woke me up.

Chapter 5

After work the next day, I asked again about Sarah. “Well, how’s Sarah doing today? She still going through with it?”

“I guess so… earlier she was asking me what to wear.”

“You know, she’s a piece of work”, I said.

She replied, “I know… but I love her.”

The previous night we were in bed, sleeping, and about one a.m. the phone rang….
“Hello?”, Kathy answered.

“Hey, it’s me! Did I wake you?”

“No shit. What’s going on?”

“I had the fucking most incredible night!”

“Are you drunk? Where are you?”

“I’m at home now, and yes, a little drunk.”

“That’s great, call me in the morning, okay?”

“Uh… okay… give Kev’ a big thanks for me! I think I fucking pulled it off!” Click.

“Was that Sarah?”, I grumbled.

“Yeah, I fucking knew it… she pulled it off”, said Kathy.

“Bitchin’”, I mumbled fell back to sleep.

The next morning while I was at work, Sarah called Kathy. Greg had picked her up in his Lexus coupe at her place… I guess she nearly had to sit in the back seat because the front seat didn’t go back very far. He took her out to a nice restaurant overlooking the water. She dressed in a nice, but casual short black dress, gold necklace, gold anklet, and one black open toed shoe with straps crossing over themselves until they ended about three inches up her leg in a bow. According to Sarah, Greg didn’t even mention her cast until they were nearly at the restaurant. When they initially greeted, he was simply polite, and complimented her beauty and dress.

As they slowed to stop at the valet, he asked, “So how much longer do you have to wear that?”

She smiled to herself and said, “About three more weeks, maybe four.”

“Does it hurt very much?” This was not a question we had gone over before…

She was just a bit flustered, but answered confidently, “yes, a little, but not as much as before… it’s slowly getting better… I still take pain pills every day… but I’m trying to slow down on those, too…I…” She stopped herself because she felt like she was rambling on from nervousness.

“What?”, he asked.

“Oh … nothing… that’s about it I guess… do you like my nail polish?”, she asked, looking down at her toes. Her toes, again, were done in a clear finish, perfectly manicured.

“Yes, you look very nice tonight. Thanks for going out with me again. If I may be so bold… I’m hoping we can make it work this time…”

“Me too”, she said quietly.

The car came to a stop, and two valets approached. One opened the driver’s door and one the passenger’s. Greg stepped out, and handed him the keys. Although Sarah’s door was being held open, she just sat there embarrassingly because she could not reach her crutches. Within one second, Greg had arrived with a smile at her side of the car.

“Excuse me”, he said to her, as he reached behind her seat to pull out the crutches. “We’ve got a special lady here tonight”, he said proudly to the valet man.

“Yes sir”, he returned with a nod.

He extended his hand to help her to her feet while holding the crutches in his other. “Here you go… can I help you somehow?”

“No… thanks… that’s perfect.” She gracefully took the crutches under each arm and they walked up to the front door.

At the door was another man, holding it open for them. “Good evening folks”, she said with energy. “Welcome.”

“Thank you”, said Greg. As they proceeded, he placed his right hand gently against the top of her back as she crutched along with him. The restaurant was popular, so the waiting area was pretty full. Along both sides of the entryway, the cushioned benches were full of people awaiting their turn to be seated. The two made their way to the little podium where a man in a tuxedo stood behind looking rather important.

“Greetings folks, nice to see you tonight… two for dinner?”

“Yes, under Atkinson”, Greg said.

“Here we are… Atkinson…”

“We’re looking for a place with a little extra room tonight… can you help us out?”, Greg said nodding towards Sarah. He considered throwing the guy a ten spot, but decided not to right at the last moment.

“We would be happy to accommodate you, we’ll even give you the next available table, so you won’t have to wait too long…”, he said while looking at Sarah with a smile.

“I appreciate it”, she said shyly.

“I think these other folks will understand”, he whispered to her and smiled, “follow me please!”

Sarah followed the maitre de and Greg along side of her, again with his hand on her back guiding her along. The dining area was dimly lit, but she could still see some heads turning to look her. When the maitre de stopped, he said, “here we are, will this be alright sir?”

“Yes”, Greg said as he reached into his pocket. “Here, thanks very much.” He grabbed a twenty by mistake, but thought his consideration was worth it.

“Very good sir”, the man bowed in appreciation towards him. “Ma’am…” He then pulled out a chair and motioned with his head for her to sit.

“Thank you”, she replied as she dropped into the chair quietly.

“Sir…” Greg sat. Sarah was now sitting in her chair, more uncomfortably then she imagined earlier that day, holding her crutches together with her left hand.

Greg spoke to the maitre de, “do you have someplace you could put these for us until we’re done?” He pointed at the crutches.

“Of course, sir. I’ll take these out of your way for you. Please ask one of my waiters or myself when you need them again, yes?”

“Thank you”, Greg and Sarah said almost simultaneously.

Sarah was elated and having trouble hiding it. She very much appreciated the extra consideration, and at the same time, how he wasn’t making too much fuss over her. “Why did I let him go before”, she thought. “Oh yeah… I fucked up… what an idiot.”

They proceeded to have a very nice conversation along with a great dinner. Not since the car has Greg asked her about her cast… Towards the end of the dinner, she thought, “have I actually pulled this off?” She was glowing. She felt interested in him that much more now, somehow. The respect he was giving her was down right gentleman-like, which was not something she was used to. He had obviously accepted her for the way she was, and didn’t want to make her feel self-conscious by talking about it.

Their evening wound down with a short walk outside along the restaurant’s path to a dimly lit, quiet bench overlooking the water.

He spoke softly, “You know, I have to be honest… when you turned me down for the water-skiing trip, I thought…. I thought that you were just blowing me off… I’m glad that you weren’t.”

“Me too”, she said. Then she thought, “Wait, did that sound right?” “What I mean is…”, she said aloud.

“I know Sarah, I’m glad… I think we’re off to a good start this time, huh?”

“I think so too.”

Greg said, “I think we should take it slowly for a while… can I take you home now?” He stood and reached out his hand to help her up.

“I really appreciate the way you treated me tonight, Greg…” she positioned the crutches underneath her arms. With her hands firmly around the crutch handles, she leaned towards him as much as she could without losing her balance. “Can I have a kiss?”

They kissed gently, but with feeling. Then he stepped in closer and gave her a hug. “Let’s go”, he said with a smile. The drive home was full of pleasant chitchat, but nothing more about her cast until they arrived. He opened the passenger door and helped her up. “I have something in mind for us this Sunday… if you’re interested.”

She had worried about that possibility earlier, but the worry had gone. He had made her feel so comfortable. She felt like she could, and even wanted to handle another day or two in a cast… especially if it was as spectacular as their night had been. “Yes, Greg, I’m interested… give me a call, okay? I really had a great time tonight, would you like to come in for a while?”

“Yes… I do… but… let’s just take it slowly for a bit, okay? Give me a kiss, and I’ll talk to you on Sunday…”

“What a gentleman…damn!”, she said smiling, “just kidding.”

He followed her up to the base of her steps. “You know, this is how a hurt myself… these steps right here.”

“Really? Yikes!”

“I turfed it from more than half way up. Fuck, that hurt! Oops, pardon my language.”

He smiled, “Quite alright. Let me help you up to your door so you don’t break the other one….”

With his hand touching her back he helped balance her up the steps, which wasn’t a bad idea after the four glasses of wine she’d had with dinner. They had a long, sloppy, wet kiss this time, which seemed totally appropriate for the moment. They said goodnight.

Chapter 6

Sarah spent most of Saturday over at our house just kind of killing time. She came over for lunch and ended up staying for dinner. She felt comfortable with us, and was still trying to keep her broken leg a secret from as many people as she could. Although she was enjoying her weekend so far, she did not want to fake her broken leg for three or four more weeks. During the day, I watched her crutch here and there. She was really doing well. Funny though, I don’t think her cast came up in conversation all day - at least not while I was in the room. It was a pleasure watching her throughout the day.

After dinner I asked my wife, “Hey, how about some hot sex tonight?” wink wink.

“Boy, she’s really got you worked up, huh?”

“Can I take the fifth on that one?”, I answered in a joking tone of voice.

The next morning Greg called her around ten o’clock. “Good morning, it’s Greg, how are you doing?”

“Oh, hi Greg! I’m okay thanks.”

“Is the leg feeling any better today?”

“Uh… not too much… about the same I guess.”

“Do you feel like taking a drive and getting lunch? Maybe a little shopping later? If you’re not feeling up to it, I’ll understand.”

“Ummm… if you don’t mind, why don’t you bring lunch over here, and then we’ll talk about the rest, okay? I’d like to keep my leg propped up for a while…”

“Sure, sounds good. I’ll be over at about eleven thirty.”

“Okay, see you then!”

Greg arrived a little early, and knocked on the door. After a couple minutes, Sarah opened the door and let him in. “Nice to see you”, she said as he walked past her, “come on in.” She had on a loose tank top, a short cotton wrap that started at her waist and extended only to mid-thigh, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her foot was bare. She crutched slowly over to her couch and sat down holding her crutches.

“Here, let me get those for you…”, Greg said as he took them and set them down out of the way.

She thought it was a nice gesture, but at the same time, thought it was not necessary… after all, she had been in a cast for over two weeks now, and was quite capable of handling her own crutches. As the thought was fading, she realized what she thinking, and made an audible little chuckle.

“What?”, Greg asked.

“Oh nothing… just thinking… thanks for the help.”

“My pleasure. Do you want your cast up on the footstool? Does it feel better like that?”

“Yeah, a little bit. That way I don’t have to use it at all - doesn’t hurt as much.”

He lifted her casted leg up and gently positioned it on the stool. “I brought Chinese… I hope that’s okay.”

“Sounds great. I’m starving!”

During lunch, Greg asked her about the rest of the day… “I was thinking”, he said in between bites, “do you feel like going to the amusement park after lunch? I figured that would be nice way to spend some time with you… we could just walk around, catch some of the shows and exhibits, get some food… that type of thing. Maybe even go on a ride if you felt up to it. Before you answer though, I want you to know that I wasn’t expecting you to have to hobble around on crutches all day… I know that wouldn’t sound appealing to me… I thought we could rent a wheelchair. I know they have ones there that we could use. That way, you could really relax, and enjoy the day… and the ride, too. What do you think?”

Her initial fear of today was that they would go out in public and she’d be seen by some of her friends or co-workers. At first the amusement part sounded like a terrible idea… with the amount of people that are always there. As she was thinking about it, she vaguely recalled seeing a few people with casts and in wheelchairs last time she was there. She thought some more, chewing her food. Actually, the locals here rarely go anymore. It’s mostly tourists, and a lot of them! Maybe that would be the perfect place to go after all.? “Uh, yeah, I guess that sounds okay…it does look like a nice day today… let me go change.”

She wiped her face and propped herself up, kind of hopping to keep her balance while Greg brought the crutches back over to her. “Thanks. Be right back.”

She changed into denim shorts, a gray tee shirt, and a clunky, but comfortable open-toed sandal. She left her hair in the ponytail, had a pair of sunglasses resting on top of her head, and hung a small purse with a long strap over her head and then down across her body. “How do I look?”, she asked.

“Looks great! Let’s head out.”

They arrived at the park early afternoon to find the parking lot nearly full. Greg pulled the car up near the front entrance. “Why don’t you get out here. I’ll find someplace to park. That way you won’t have to walk a mile with the crutches. Looks like there’s a park bench right over there in the shade…”

“Okay, thanks.”

He got out, walked around and opened her door. Like at the restaurant before, he pulled out her crutches and helped her up. She secured herself on the crutches and backed up one step so Greg could shut the door.

“I’ll be right back, okay, don’t go anywhere… I’ll meet you over there by the bench.”

“Hurry back”, she said with a smile.

She lowered her sunglasses over her eyes, turned herself around, and proceeded to crutch toward the bench. She lay the crutches on the ground in front of her and swung her leg up to the left so she could rest the cast on the bench long ways. She just sat there for a moment taking in her surroundings. People were walking by almost constantly, but she really didn’t care. She was slowly becoming used to being in a cast… and being seen in a cast. She passed the few minutes with a smoke. Greg could be seen walking up the sidewalk. “All set”, he said after he arrived. “Ready?”

He made sure to walk slowly along side Sarah so she could keep up without rushing. They approached the ticket line. Because it was afternoon, it was fairly short. They both waited in line together… As they neared the front, Sarah could see a row of wheelchairs a short distance away. “Oh fuck”, she thought. For some reason the sight of them made her nervous and embarrassed… but she didn’t say anything.

“Hello”, said the ticket agent.

“Hi, can I have two adults please?”

“Sure, that’s $52 dollars please.”

“Here you go… also… we need a wheelchair, too… do we have to rent them or something?”

“Oh, okay… yes, I guess you do”, she looked up and smiled. “No, they’re complimentary… just take this ticket over to that little shack over there. They’ll fix you up.”

“Great. Thanks”, Greg said.

“Enjoy your day”, replied the agent.

The two of them walked over to the shack near the wheelchairs, and was greeted by an elderly man with a good tan. “Hello there young lady… can I help you please? I’ll bet you’re looking for some wheels, huh?”

“Yes please”, Sarah said shyly. “Here’s the ticket for it.”

Greg handed him the ticket, and he walked over to the chairs. He spun one around, and pushed it slowly towards them. “Here’s our luxury model… it may look like the others, but it’s really a Cadillac in comparison…air-conditioning and cruise control, too… would you like to have a seat?”

“Uh… yeah…”, she replied feeling quite embarrassed now. She was sure her blush was visible on her cheeks. He and Greg helped her sit, and the old man stowed her crutches in a little holder on the right rear of the chair.

“There. I’m sure you’ll want these later… now I’ll just lift your leg here…”

He grabbed her casted foot by its heel, gently raised it up, and held it while he flipped up the left leg rest. “Well, it’s not a lazy-boy, but it should work out just fine”, he joked. “This little lever over here will lock the wheel, so you don’t lose her down a hill somewhere if you stop.”

Sarah and Greg both got a kick out of the old guy. “Thank you very much”, they both said as Greg began to push her into the park.

A few hours into their day, Sarah was feeling very comfortable with Greg… and with her cast. She was really enjoying herself, and held a smile most of the day as they made their way around the park. She couldn’t remember being that happy for a long time.

The sun had set some time ago, and they both agreed it was about time to go. When they arrived back at the little shack to return the chair, their little friend was not in sight. The chairs were kind of strewn about - not like before when they were all lined up perfectly. “Man”, she said, “were there that many people using wheelchairs today? I really didn’t notice, did you?”

“No, not really… but it is a big place…”

“I guess so”, she answered as she was pulled to her feet. Greg held her hand as he reached to pull out the crutches. He was keeping her balanced just fine, but she hopped a little anyway like she’d seen other people do. Her new way of getting around with the cast and crutches was becoming second nature weather she realized it or not. They walked out to the same park bench and she sat down and held the crutches across her lap. “I’ll see you in a couple minutes… thanks a lot” As he was walking away, she said loudly, “I really enjoyed myself today!” He responded with a big smile and turned back around to start his long trek through the parking lot.

She was sitting quite contently watching the other cars go by when she heard, “Sarah?”
Figuring the call must be for somebody else, she didn’t turn around. “Sarah?” The voice called again, this time louder, “is that you?” This time she turned and looked up to see one of the supervisors at her work walking her way with her husband and two kids. Her feeling of contentment flew out the window so fast, she swore she could hear the sucking sound as blood raced through her body. Her heart was noticeably heavy, and she felt, just for a moment, like she couldn’t speak…. and she didn’t. “Sarah? Holy cow! I guess you were really sick last week, huh? What happened?”

As the blood was still rushing around, she answered, “uh… I…”. Her story was coming back to her now, and starting to calm her down... at least enough to speak coherently. Thank goodness Kevin had helped with that! “A couple…” She started to say ‘a couple weeks ago’, but then stopped quickly. “Oh fuck!”, she thought. “That’s not going to work…she just saw me last Wednesday at work.” She became nervous again. “A couple days ago… Wednesday night I guess it was… I slipped and fell down some stairs at my apartment… I fractured my ankle, and a bone in my foot, too ”

“You poor thing! How are you feeling?”

“Uh… not bad, considering. It hurts a lot, but the pills they gave me help a little… it was nice to get out today.”

“When will you be back to work? Are you taking a few more days off?”

This, she had not considered… running into anybody from work. “A million fucking people, she thought, and I have run into someone from work… a supervisor no less!” She spoke sounding quite disappointed, “oh, I don’t know… I guess I’ll be back tomorrow…” The realization of her chance encounter was sinking in quickly… she would have to keep the cast for a good while longer.

“What time is it now?”, Sarah asked quietly.

“It’s almost ten”, the supervisor said.

“I’ve got to meet my boyfriend… I guess I’ll see you at work, huh?” The tone of voice was low and pathetic, like she had just gotten some really bad news. She stood her crutches up, grabbed the handles, and pulled herself up - hopping until she was resting safely on the underarm pads.

“You poor thing”, the woman said again. “You take care! If you need another day or something, just give us a call, okay?”

Sarah nodded and managed a small smile as she crutched away from them. After a few paces, she turned around to see if they’d gone. She saw Greg’s car approaching… His car and the woman’s family passed each other no less than twenty feet from the bench.

“You okay?”, he asked as he walked up to her. “Felt like stretching a bit?”

“Yeah, I’m okay”, she answered. She still sounded upset.

“Is everything okay? Is your leg bothering you? Do you need a pain pill?”

Well, at least she could use her big broken leg as an excuse for feeling down. “Uh… yeah, it is a little. I’ll get a pill a little later. I’ll be alright.”

The two of them where quiet during most of the ride home. Nearly to her apartment, she broke the silence with, “you know, I really had a good time with you again… thanks for everything.” As she spoke, she reached over and touched his right leg to emphasize her words. He responded by taking her hand with his, and said, “my pleasure Sarah.” The nice moment was halted by the car stopping near her steps.

Prior to their first date, she had planned to see him the one time, and then make another date for a couple weeks down the road…so she could get the cast taken off, and just avoid him for a while. As they sat there in the darkness, she wondered how she ever thought she could pull that off. Sure, just avoid him for a couple weeks, no problem… “fucking idiot!”, she thought. “Now I’m really fucked. My boss saw me today, I have work tomorrow, and I really want to keep seeing this guy. I told him I’d have to wear it for another two or three weeks, but didn’t plan to see him again until then. My fucking boss now thinks I’ll have it for at least a month, maybe longer, since I supposedly just broke it the other day… and God knows she’ll tell everybody at work tomorrow. What an idiot…well, at least I didn’t have trouble convincing everybody it was real… that was the easy part… now comes the hard part… dealing with this for a fucking month or so… fucking idiot!” Thoughts continued to ramble on in her head…

“What are you thinking?”, asked Greg, “You’re a little quiet.”

“Ohhhh… nothing much, just a little tired I guess… walk me to my door?”

They arrived at her door, and she leaned forward on the crutches and fumbled for her keys in her purse. She inserted the key and pushed the door open. She took one step forward, turned around and said, “Would you mind staying for while, I don’t want you to go.” She should have just asked him directly if he wanted to have sex, but preferred the more subtle approach.

“Sure, thanks”, he said. He followed her in and shut the door behind them.

“I’ve got some Vodka if you want to make us a cocktail…”, she asked. “I’m going to go change, I’ll be right back.”

She crutched into her bedroom and shut the door. Greg entered the kitchen and found the booze. He made them both a stiff mix of Vodka and Red Grapefruit juice, set them both down on the coffee table, and awaited her return. She soon entered. She was now barefoot, had her silk pajama shorts on, and a matching button-up short-sleeved top. “I hope you don’t mind… I felt like changing…”

“Not at all… you look, well, sexy… I hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

She was hoping he would. “Not at all”, she said with a smile. “What did you make us?”

“Vodka and that red grapefruit juice you had… sound okay?”


She swung her body forward, good foot first followed by her familiar cast, and crutched towards him. She noticed that he was looking at her casted foot as she neared. “I was hoping my leg wouldn’t be a turn-off for you… it’s not very sexy I’m sure…”, she said as she sat down on his right. Like earlier that day, he reached out for her crutches, and walked them over near the front door.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing those for a while, huh? And…yes… I think you look very sexy! Cast and all. Can I take your pony-tail out now?”

“Yes, please.”

He removed the elastic and began pulling her hair down with one had, while caressing her head with the other. “You look just great…”, he reassured.

“That feels good, thanks” She began to move her head and neck around in reaction to his caresses, obviously enjoying his touch. She leaned forward to have a drink while he continued. His hands slowly headed down… first to her shoulders, then upper back, then lower back… all the time massaging… sometimes gently, sometimes firmly. He then took her hair with his right hand and pulled it away from her neck. He leaned in and kissed her neck, then her ear, then neck. She sat the drink back down on the table, and put her left hand on his upper leg. She wanted to spin around to the left, but her cast was preventing that type of movement. She twisted her torso around the best she could, now putting her right hand where her left was, and using her left to touch his face. Their eyes met, and they began to kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and gave him a long, deep kiss… tilting her head from left to right, and stopping occasionally to suck his lips. He felt her passion growing and reciprocated. He quickly stood up, then reached down, lifted up her cast, and pulled it up onto the couch. Effectively, this move made it easy for her to lay backwards on the couch comfortably… and for him to climb on top. As he started to do so, she said, “wait.” She sat up again and reached for his pants. She unzipped them and they fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them one by one, then removed his socks and shirt and began to climb back on top of her. She lay back down and unbuttoned her top in anticipation. Her top now lay open at her sides exposing her nice D sized breasts. They were absolutely gorgeous. Her right leg was spread open, and hanging off the couch so much that her foot was touching the floor. Her left leg lay there in the cast, motionless. Greg carefully climbed on top of her and began caressing her right breast. She gave a quiet moan as he switched to her left and then lay down further to kiss her. Stopping short of her mouth, he sucked and kissed her nipples, sometimes gently using his teeth. He then scooted back, bent down, and kissed her lower stomach. This sent chills through her, and her whole body wriggled for a moment.

He gently slid is finger underneath the elastic on her pajama bottoms, and asked, “can I take these off?” She nodded to say yes with eyes were closed. “should I turn off the light?”, he asked. She shook her head to say no, again not saying a word or opening her eyes. He grabbed the top of the pajama shorts on each side, and slid them down from her waist. They stopped at the top of the cast.

“Hmmm.”, he said.

Without a sound, she pulled her right leg up to her bottom, so he could slide the shorts off her foot. He reached down to her calf on her casted leg, lifted it off the couch, and slid her shorts down over the cast with his other hand. Then he moved back up to her exposed crotch, leaned in, and slowly started kissing her inner thighs while making his way higher. Every once and a while he would move his body and get chaffed by the rough cast, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He loved oral sex. He loved getting it. He loved giving it. She loved it too, and had her first orgasm within a few minutes of him starting. After her body spasms had stopped, she sat up and reached for his shorts. He wore briefs, and his large erection was already stretching out the front. She pulled them down carefully then he stood up to take them off completely. He was quickly back down in the same position he had left. She stroked his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. “I want to do you”, she said softly. “Why don’t you lay down on the floor… here’s a pillow”.

He obliged. She reached down with both hands to help swing her casted leg to the right and onto the ground. Now in a sitting position on the edge of the couch, she pulled her cast back to the left and knelt down on her right knee. On all fours now, well… three and a cast, she crept towards him, dragging her casted leg behind her. “is your leg going to be okay?”, he asked politely.

“I’ll be fine, just relax…” She lowered her head to his crotch and guided his cock into her mouth with her hand. The sensation was incredible as her long hair hung down and glided across his balls as she moved up and down. Occasionally, she would come off of him to kiss - and then suck his balls while stroking him with her hand. He reached down with his right hand and grabbed her head, gently pushing it down when each down-motion came. He then arched his body slightly and it tightened as he had a huge orgasm. She slowly stopped her motion, and slurped as he came. She gave him the best blowjob he had ever had.

“Let’s go to the bedroom”, she said enthusiastically.

“Okay, do you need your crutches?”

“No, just help me. I’ll hop in there with you.”

He helped her up, and held her extended arm tightly as she hopped into the bedroom and fell down on the bed. The bedroom light was not on, but light from the hallway was providing just the right amount.

“You have beautiful legs”, said Greg as he climbed onto the bed. “I like your toes, too.” He reached down to her the toes sticking out of the cast and rubbed each one for a minute. Then he got up to his knees, flipped around, and took her toes into his mouth. As he did, she wiggled them back and forth, with his tongue sliding in between them from time to time. Her foot had now been casted for four days, and a faint smell of sweat was noticeable. He did not find it unpleasant, however, and continued on her toes with passion. He drug his tongue across the base of her toes on the bottom her foot where it met the soft padding. It tickled, and she squirmed a bit, which elicited a small giggle from both of them. As he continued with her foot, she sat up and began stroking his cock quickly. They progressed into the sixty-nine position, and both came hard… first her, then him shortly after.

Their night together would consist of two more sessions of intercourse before they passed out exhausted.

The alarm clock rang at six o’clock, and Sarah awakened to find Greg asleep next to her. “Hey”, she whispered. “I have to get to work…”

“Oh shit, so do I!”

He leaned over and gave her a loving kiss before they both got up.

“Get my crutches would you - they’re still out in the front room.”

He returned with the crutches, and asked if he could help her get ready for work. She declined with a polite, “thanks anyway, I’ll manage”. They kissed again and he left. She stood there, naked, and a little sore from sex, leaning heavily on her crutches. “Should I go in, or blow it off? Well, I can’t blow it off for four more weeks, now can I. What a fucking idiot!” She continued to talk to herself. “Oh well, I guess my little plan worked out for the better… I should probably call my parents today to let them know that I broke my leg… and… I guess I’ll make it to work out somehow…” The more she talked about breaking her leg, the more it sounded real even to her, and less like a lie.

She arrived at work and confidently greeted everybody with a smile and a shrug. “Hi guys… guess what happened to me…”

Perhaps I’ll write Book Two someday…: )


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