"amanda" By john
Chapter 1 –The Cast

Amanda lay there, naked, on the examining table, both legs covered from just beyond her toes to the top of her thigh in Stockinet. Her eyes closed thinking about the day she had just had. It started off so nice, the sun rising and shining through her window and onto the bed where she slept. Opening her eyes she saw the beautiful rays shining directly through onto her bed. She got showered and went off to work. As she left her apartment the beautiful warm breeze hit her face and she walked off content that it was going to be a beautiful day. On her way to work she passed a car and noticed that there were two men in it looking directly at her. She thought no more about it and carried on walking. As she was about 100 meters from the office the same car came up behind her, back door open and grabbed her and drove off.

Amanda was so shocked she just laid on the back seat of the car with the mans hand over face, not even putting up a struggle. After a few seconds she finally realized what was happening to her. She thought to her self that she would just do exactly as they wanted and everything would be ok.

The car eventually stopped after what had seemed an eternity. Both men grabbed Amanda and took her into the house that they had pulled up next to. She began to panic

‘my purse is in my bag, please take it and let me go’

‘shut up and do as we tell you’

‘please please I beg you’

The men never said a word and just kept walking into the house, locking the door behind them. When inside, they took her straight into the bedroom and tied her to the bed. She began to scream, she knew what was going to happen. They gagged her and left her in the room by herself.

They returned a few minutes later and began to untie her, as they did Amanda began to kick out and tried to punch them. As she did this, they grabbed hold of both of her legs and twisted and twisted until both legs cracked and broke. Amanda screamed and cried as the pain shot through her body. As she screamed someone knocked on the door. Both men looked at each other and ran straight out of the back door. Amanda still screamed the women shouted ‘ is everything ok in there?’

Amanda couldn’t stop, she just screamed and screamed. The women opened the door and came running to Amanda’s side, ‘what happened?’ Amanda grabbed the women, petrified, she wouldn’t let go. The women noticed the peculiar angle of her legs and called for an ambulance straight away.

The ambulance arrived and before Amanda knew it she was in the back of the ambulance and on her way to the hospital. On arrival Amanda was taken straight to x-ray where it was confirmed that both her legs were broken. Amanda was now unaware what was happening as they had given her something for the pain. About 1 hour later and there she was recapping what had happened that day.

So there she was, naked and ready to have her casts applied to both legs. Little did she know that she was having 2 LLC’s with a spreader bar. The casting application was a complete blur. She woke later that day to realize that she was unable to move a single inch of her leg, only her toes moved and they seemed to be a million miles away. She felt down to see how far the casts came up her leg, she was shocked to feel that the casts came right up to her crotch. Her legs were spread wide open, the spreader bar being at the bottom of her casts, at her ankles ment that her legs were almost as wide as possible. It was at that point that the doctor entered. Amanda was embarrassed and tried to close her legs as she was now aware that she was showing all to the doctor. Her legs didn’t move and she felt herself become a deep shade of red through embarrassment. The doctor checked her casts and explained everything to Amanda, and just as he was about to leave asked if she had any questions.

‘what do I do about clothes?’

‘well you will be unable to wear underwear whilst you have the spreader bar and obviously, anything that has legs. Apart from that you can wear anything you like’

‘so you mean that I can wear no panties for at least 3 months?’ Where the hell did that come from she thought?

‘afraid not no’

Amanda began to sob as the doctor left the room.

Chapter 2 – Home Time

It had been 2 days now since Amanda had broken both of her legs, and still she lay there in the hospital bed. Her husband David was now by her side. Amanda looked so sexy in those casts. The casts going from her instep to the top of her thigh on both legs. Her legs spread wide by the spreader bar, bearing all to the world if the hospital sheet was covering her legs.

The day had come for David to take Amanda home. There she would stay in bed, or lay on the floor all day long for the fore seeable future. She knew it would be hard, but to be quite honest she didn’t mind. Little did David know that Amanda too had a cast fetish and that she had been waiting for years to break a bone.

David carried Amanda into the house and took her straight upstairs to bed. He placed her gently down and propped two pillows under her casts. He helped Amanda remove the hospital gown that they had lent her to cover her up and put her a T – shirt on.

“Do you want a proper drink of tea?”

“That would be great, I’m sick of drinking that shit at the hospital”

David returned five minutes later to find Amanda fast asleep. He place the drink down on the table and took a good look at his plastered beauty. he took in every inch of the huge cast, the way it left her gorgeous toes free at the end, the way it held her legs wide open.

For the rest of the day Amanda slept and only woke up for some food.

Chapter 3 – Amanda and the cast

It had been a long hard week for Amanda and at last she had finally she had got some time to herself. David had gone out to get some shopping so she decided that she would have a bit of fun. Not been able to do anything about the cast over the past week had driven Amanda nuts. She wasn’t ashamed of her fetish but she felt that she had to find the right time to tell David.

Anyway, she was laid on the bed and she closed her eyes. She began to imagine the cast and how it looked on her. She started at the bottom of the cast at her toes. Those little toes, sticking out of the cast, so helpless. She wiggled them and clenched and unclenched them. The soft padding and hard fiberglass felt amazing on her toes. She moved up her legs imagining the way the casts clung to her shapely legs. She made it her thighs. She let her hands drift down onto the fiber; she circled the opening of her legs. She tried to move her legs together, nothing; this made her grow hotter and hotter. The inability to move her legs, the immobilization was sending her stomach in knots. She moved her hand closer to her pussy, she could feel the heat been generated from in between her legs. She felt herself and inserted one finger then two then three. She slowly began to move them in and out, in and out, her toes clenching and unclenching to her rhythm. All of a sudden the door swung open and there was David. Just as their eyes met, Amanda climaxed and screamed from an almighty orgasm. Her legs straining against the casts making her scream from the pain and then the power of the orgasm taking over her entire body.

Hi honey………….

Chapter 4 – Amanda and David together

Amanda froze, as he stood there and watched her masturbating.


She had no idea what to say as David walked closer to her.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and just looked at her toes,

“I know that this must seem strange David, but…..”

David picked up her casted legs and took in every last detail of the casts. He rubbed the cast from her instep all the way to the top of her thighs but stopped just short on her pussy.

“What do you want me to do?” David asked


“You heard me it is your choice, what do you want me to do?”

“You don’t have to do this, you see, I’m different, most people would hate to be in the situation that I am in, but, I love it, I know that this must seem really strange to you but I am enjoying these casts.”

“That doesn’t seem strange to me at all, you see I have a little secret to tell you. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to be with someone who is in a cast. And ever since I met you, I always wanted to see your toes sticking out of the end of a cast”

David reaches down and touches her toes sticking out of both casts

“But I have always been too afraid to tell anyone my little secret”

“Well it appears that we have got more in common than we ever imagined, come here!”

David let go of Amanda’s toes and moved his body up the bed until he was looking directly into Amanda’s eyes

“Come here”

Amanda took David’s hand and pulled him so that there two bodies touched and kissed him deeply. She was feeling really horny right now, knowing that she could live out her fantasy right here and now.

“David, can I tell you my ultimate fantasy?”


“well, my ultimate fantasy is to make love to a beautiful man whilst I have my leg in plaster, but here I am with both my legs in full casts and we have both just confessed our deepest secrets, and well you are that beautiful man that I have wanted to fulfill this dream with”

David needed no more encouragement, he moved to the bottom of the bed, where he took Amanda’s casted legs into his arms. With his right hand he squeezed and tormented her toes, with his left hand he held her legs high in the air and sucked on her right toes. First he just licked her big toe, and then he sucked on it, then he did what he had wanted to do for a long time and took all 5 of hertoes in his mouth and played with them with his tongue. He let his tongue roll around every open areas of the cast. He then swopped over and did the exact same thing to her left toes.

All the time that David was doing this, Amanda was lying on the bed in total heaven, anticipating what was going to come next, After what had been 10 minutes of pleasure, David went from the bottom of the cast to the top. He let his hands drift down the top of both the casts and began to massage Amanda’s inner thighs. Amanda let out a light moan of pleasure and let her hands drift down to her crotch. David saw what she was doing and grabbed her hands before she got to her pussy.

“I’m doing all the work”

Amanda smiled and removed her hands, David then inserted one finger into her tight pussy, and began to stoke her, he then inserted 2 and then 3. Amanda screamed as David’s 3rd finger entered her.

David then moved right up so that he was laying Amanda and removed the only clothes that she was wearing. First he removed her T Shirt and then her bra. He stared at breasts and immediately attacked her nipples, he assaulted both her nipples with her tongue.

He then got up and removed all of his clothes and then laid back down on top of Amanda. “So then, has that fulfilled your dream?”

“Yes, but there is just one more thing for you to do for me”

“what is that?”

“I want you to enter me and fuck me silly, you need to have as much fun as me, and by the look of him down there, you need to release some pressure. Go ahead”

David slowly entered her and again she let out a slight gasp. David began to pump slowly in and out and again and again until her was on the brink of Cumming. Just as he was about to cum, Amanda screamed, as she strained her legs against the sides of the casts. As she screamed, David came with a prolonged groan of satisfaction.

“Are you alright baby?”

“Yeah, it just hurt as I came, my legs are still sore”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“Don’t be that was amazing”


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