I know it sounds a little cliché, but that summer my life was changed forever. I mean, there were other summers that changed my life forever, but this one was well... one of the first. I had just graduated high school. I was a free man, thrust out into the free world. I already had plans. My late grandfather Fritz said I was going to go far in this world because I was always making plans and thinking ahead. My parents didn't like Grandpa Fritz saying things like that. They felt that encouraged my "behavior". Instead of spending that first week of summer looking for the jobs the college kids had left behind, I was going on vacation... alone.

In my 17 years of life on this god forsaken planet I have never so much as traveled alone on an airplane. Not even to a relative's house where the airport personnel sign you over to your own family like you're some sort of illegal cargo. All year long, I'd been saving my allowance, my lawn mowing money, and my baby-sitting money to go on this trip. Throughout the year my parents frequently commended my frugal behavior. They told me oh so often how "responsible" and "mature" I was being "saving money for college." You should have seen the look on their faces when I came home with my plane ticket, and proceeded to make hotel reservations over the phone right in front of them. Very mature of me, I know. They screamed, they yelled, they got over it. What were they going to do? I promised I would work extra hard when I got back, which I had planned to do from the start.

I had saved up so much money for this trip that I was able to book myself a very comfortable seat in first class. I felt that I deserved it. A man needs to travel in style. I mean after all I had just worked my ass off through high school. I knew it was going to be a good trip the second I got on the plane. Not only was I seated completely by myself but the stewardess assigned to my section had a little limp. What was the source of this limp you ask?

A cast. I crossed my right leg over the left. This was going to be a long flight. On her left leg she wore -I use that term loosely, it's not like she has a choice really- a dark blue cast to her knee with one of those heels on the bottom that allows her to walk. Her toes were left exposed. They were pale which contrasted very well with the blue of the cast. Her toes were nice and long. I loved the way they lightly brushed against the carpet with each step she took. A tease. I wondered what that felt like. Pondering that question was the reason my legs remained crossed the entire flight. Her nails were a light shade of blue, which contrasted well with the cast and her toes. Oh so fashionable. She seemed very nice and personable. Always offering drinks and smiles. I probably could have talked to her, but I always clam up around "the casted".

Instead I just enjoyed the view. I enjoyed watching her work. I pondered what sort of establishment allows their employees to come to work in casts with their toes exposed. They probably didn't. She probably slipped through the cracks, or down the steps. You just gotta' love aisle seats.

This was definitely only the beginning. A little background though. Casts. It'll make this story a little easier to understand. There is nothing sexier than a woman's toes poking out of a cast. I'm not sure why really. It just sort of happened that way. Sometimes, when I really sit and think about it, I get kind of uncomfortable. Personally, I think it all started with my babysitter. She was an absolutely gorgeous (well at least I thought so at the time) high school freshman. Then all of the sudden she started showing up to baby-sit my sister and I in a huge plaster cast. We'd sit on the couch watching movies, well they did I watched the cast. From then it was the same thing whenever I was around someone in a cast.

When puberty hit things got messy. Literally. Girls. Casts. Feet. I won't get into it. You get the picture. So my flight was great. I was the last one off the plane ... naturally. I decided to make the vacation one full of firsts so I took a cab for the first time in my life. Now that was an experience.

It was when the cab dropped me off that I met Bianca in the hotel lobby. From that point on things would never be the same. I grabbed my bags out of the trunk and made my way into the cool inviting air of the hotel lobby. The lobby was filled with tourists just like me. It was filled with people that matched their luggage. A measure put forth to prevent possible mix-ups. I waded through the sea toward the sign that read front desk. Upon reaching my destination I found it to be my lucky day. Not one but two casts in one day. There were two women standing in front of me. One of them was a short brunette. The other had short platinum hair and was leaning on a pair of crutches. Her right leg was in some sort of cast. She wore a long skirt that only left the foot visible. Just as I was about to get a look at her sandal clad left foot she and her friend started to turn around. I was petrified. I felt as though I had been caught red handed. Even though I had done nothing.

As they turned around her friend was nagging at her about something. Just talking a mile a minute, but her eyes darted straight to mine. I wanted very badly to look down at her casted foot. I wanted to see her toes. I wanted to see the imprint the cast made on her skirt. I wanted all these things, but I had to look her in the eye or else she'd find me out. Her eyes pierced right through me.

"May I help you, Sir?" The woman behind the counter squawked before I could turn to watch crutch away. I took a deep breath and stepped forward.

I tried not to let my missed sighting bother me, but it did. It had to potential to be great. Maybe she was still in the hotel I kept telling myself. I'd be there for the next 2.5 days and that'd be plenty of time to run into them if they were still there. My luck they were checking out.

I had a great room. My parent's room wasn't even close to half the size of the room I was staying in. I wasn't sure of what I was supposed to do. I had made such a big deal with my parents about coming to Florida on my own and I didn't know what to do with myself. I wandered around the room. I stared out the window.

I had a beautiful view of the pool. I now knew what all the fuss was about. The pool was one of the reasons the hotel was so expensive. A voyeur's wet dream. The pool was enormous. Not many people were actually swimming in it. I was definitely going to change that. Around the perimeter of the pool were white sun bathing chairs for the guests to further alter their complexions more in the direction of their expensive luggage. It was mildly disgusting watching everyone bake like those miniature hot dogs served at parties. Just as I was about to step away from the window to change something caught my eye. It was pink and silver. It was that woman from the front desk crutching toward one of the chairs. I felt weak in the knees. I watched closely. A full leg cast. It had to be. Judging by the way she held her leg and the imprint it made through her skirt it had to be a full leg cast. Oh god. She stopped at an empty chair that faced my window. Perfect view.

I hid behind the corner of the window so I wasn't in plain view. I felt so guilty, but there was no way I was going to stop watching. She just unwrapped her skirt to reveal her bikini bottom and the most beautiful light pink full leg cast I had ever seen in my entire life. She carefully lowered herself and her cast onto the chair. She laid her head back and sun bathed like all the others. She was different than the others though. She was in a cast, and she would treat me periodically to a wiggle of the toes. I am not ashamed of what I did in the privacy of my own suite right then and there. It had to be done. Something else had to be done too. I had to get in closer. I couldn't just let this slip through my fingers. I had to see more. I had to know more. I pulled up my pants and stormed downstairs.

As I approached the pool, the person sun bathing next to her conveniently vacated their seat. I felt mildly cursed. I had nothing planned. I was going in cold. I went for it though. What did I have to lose? My heart burst in my chest as I took the chair next to her. She didn't even bat an eyelash at me as I sat down. I visually devoured her cast as I sat down, all because I could. Her long toes, the bright red lacquer on her toenails, the way the cast hugged the ball of her foot, and how high the cast went up on her thigh. This was a dream come dream. I couldn't stop staring, and frankly I didn't care if anyone else saw me. Her eyes were closed, that was all that mattered. I wanted to talk to her but I didn't know what to say. I wanted to kiss her, but that would have been out of place.

"You're gonna have one hell of a tan line when that thing comes off." I said nervously staring at her toes. Did I really just say that? Was I really talking?

She turned her head in my direction and squinted an eye at me, "That was one of the reasons my friend proposed for me not to come."

"Your friend is pretty superficial." She opened the other and gave me a once over, a step in the right direction.

"That's what I said, Sprout," That was the only name she ever called me. She never bothered to learn my real name, "So what are you doing here? Vacation with your folks?"

"By myself."

"Aren't you a little young?" She shifted her position in the chair. In the process she caught me staring at her cast, in retrospect I think this was my downfall. She somehow knew from this one look.

"I'm 17. That's plenty old. How about you? What brings you and your friend here?" I asked eagerly. It was as if I was wearing my love for casts on my shoulder.

"Well Sprout, like you, my friend and I have had this vacation planned for months, but I think you are referring more to the pink predicament I am in." She tapped her cast and wiggled her toes for effect.

Before I could protest she began her story, "About a week ago, back in Texas," I hadn't noticed an accent, "I was at work. I work in an office building doing boring things. Well they are in the process of moving my department from the third floor to the second floor. So I was carrying a bunch of boxes down the stairs, no sense in taking the stairs down one floor. Well my heels caught the edge of a step and I lost my balance. I never heard the infamous snap, but I sure felt it. My leg was broken in two places. So now I have to spend twelve long months in a cast. My friend seems to think there is no way I can have fun on our vacation in this cast, but I think she's wrong." She rubbed her hands up and down the cast to watch me squirm in my seat. She accentuated all the right words while giving me the most deviant of smiles. I was putty in her hands.

"It sure was nice talking to you, Sprout," She ended the conversation abruptly, "This heat sure is getting to me. I'm going back to my room for a drink. You can join me if you'd like."

I almost said no. The safe side of me was screaming no. Never talk to strangers. What if she was an ax-murderer? Who gives a shit? She was a beautiful woman wearing a cast, "Sure."

Her room wasn't as nice as mine, but it was probably a lot cheaper. I was just glad her friend wasn't there. "So what do you like to drink?"

I've never really drunk before so I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say something and seem like an ass, "Surprise me."

"Oh, a man of adventure." It was very arousing watching her propped up on her crutches and fixing us drinks, but then again she could have been reading me television instructions and I would have been aroused. She handed me what I presumed to be a Margarita, one of the few alcoholic beverages I was familiar with.

"So Sprout, tell me, what is it with you and this preoccupation with casts?" She asked as I took a large nervous sip of my Margarita. She was sitting directly across from me. Her cast rested on the floor. I tried not to look at it. I tried not to give myself away.

"What do you mean?"

"I can see you struggling, Sprout. I can see you trying not to look down at my cast. Trying to sneak a peek at my wiggling little toes. It's okay, I understand. All men do it. I would too if I were you. They just don't admit it. Just grab my cast off the floor, admit it, and rub my toes." She eyed me took a small sip of her drink. I was sweating profusely. I wanted to do it. I felt like I was dying. This was the chance of a lifetime and I was hesitating. Why? What did I have to lose?

I downed my glass. I felt the tequila splash into my blood stream. What the hell? I picked her casted foot off the floor and placed it in my lap and rubbed her toes hard, "I love casts. I love seeing women's toes sticking out of a cast. Wiggling."

"There you go, Sprout." I felt mildly liberated, "Suck em, lick em, do whatever."

I put her toes to my lips and just sucked on them for a good 10 minute; while her hand worked beneath her bikini bottom, and her other foot worked my swim trunks. My tongue licked the length of each toe, in between each toe. I sucked each toe one at a time, and then I'd suck a couple of them at once. I just let myself go. I didn't think about what I was doing. I just did it. I stuck my tongue down into the sole of her cast. I felt the texture of the cast. I smelled the cast.

"Easy Sprout." She gently removed her good foot from my lap, "It's my turn."

I lowered her casted foot back down to the floor. She carefully got down out of the chair and positioned herself between my legs. She pulled my swim trunks around my ankles and finished what she started. I couldn't believe all of this was happening. As soon as she finished I pulled up my swim trunks and left her room and returned to mine. I just laid in bed that night thinking. I wasn't sure how I felt. So many thoughts were swirling around in my head. I had to see her again though. Maybe that would answer everything.

The next day I just sat at the window, waiting. Maybe she'd sunbathe again. Yeah right. What are the chances? The humidity was really getting to me. I hadn't really noticed until now. Just as I was starting to fall asleep, there she was. Same pink skirt, same pink bikini top, same crutches, same full leg cast, and same elegant gait. She even sat in the same chair. My heart raced. I wanted to touch her again, I wanted to be with her again, as well as her cast and her long toes. Her. I raced out the door and down the stairs.

"You sure left in a hurry yesterday, Sprout." She said as I took the chair next to her.

"Sorry. I don't really have an explanation for it either."

"Its okay I understand. Are you going to freak out today or are you not interested anymore?" She pulled the skirt away to reveal most of the cast. My eyes widened to the size of pies.

"I'm fine now. I promise." She gave me a genuine smile as she got up from the chair. She seemed to crutch up to her room with an eager pace. I felt rather comfortable that I wasn't the only one eager about this. I'd never really paid attention to how well the cast accentuated the musculature of her legs, but then again I'd never really walked behind her before. Well it did. Who was I kidding? I was trying to take my mind off how long this trip back up to her room was taking.

As soon as we got into her room she tore off my clothes and I tore off hers, as awkward as that was. It was kind of funny seeing her in nothing but the cast on her leg. We kissed for the first time. Hard. We couldn't get enough. I kissed my way down to her long toes. I wasn't as concerned with them this time I sucked on them for a little while. I felt and groped every inch of her cast. I felt so uninhibited.

"Fuck me, Sprout." I didn't think twice about it. I positioned myself between her legs. She threw the condom on, and guided me in. I couldn't believe it; I was having sex with a woman in a full leg cast. This was the type of thing you only dreamed out. We kissed, whiled I groped her breasts like the horny teenager I was, and thrust deep inside of her. I could feel her rubbing her bare foot down the back of my leg, and the cast rubbing my other leg raw. The cast.

"Harder." She scratched her nails down my back.

I stroked harder and she moaned louder. Harder, faster, louder. Just as I came, she climaxed with a big theatrical screaming orgasm. Whether it was fake or not I'm not entirely sure. I was kind of glad it was over; I don't think I could have gone on forever like that.

"Thanks, Sprout. Think you'll stick around this time? I wouldn't mind the company." She asked as we put our clothes back on.


For the next few of hours we just sat in bed watching television. I sat at the end of the bed rubbing her feet and kissing her toes while she just relaxed. It wasn't until about 6 pm that we heard someone fumbling with the door, followed by a high nasal voice.

"Bianca." She called. Finally!

We both looked at each other and smiled. I finally knew her name. Bianca gathered her crutches and exited the bedroom. I followed.

"Bianca!" She called out again.

"Oh my god, what happened?" It was Bianca's friend from the lobby standing in the doorway propped on a pair of crutches. On her left leg was a black cast from her toes to her knee. She had not been wearing it when they checked in.

"Who the hell is that?" The friend asked staring at me.

"Oh this is my friend," Bianca paused realizing she didn't know my real name, "Sprout."

"What a weird name." She glared at me. She crutched over to us, "Anyway, I was taking water skiing lessons. There I was skiing fine. All of the sudden, BAM! I fell. My ankle hurts like a bitch. They take me to the ER. Broken fucking ankle. Then they put me in this piece of shit," she lifts up the cast I realize this is my chance. Her toes are very long even though she is short, her straight. Purple polish. Pail. They contrast well with the black cast, "I have to wear this for 8 weeks. That's two months. Life is ruined. Not to mention this vacation."

"That is not true. I've lots of fun so far." Bianca definitely has her hands full with this one.

Her friend looked at me, "What are you still doing here?"

I looked at Bianca and she nodded with a sympathetic look. It was fun while it lasted. I understood though. I stole one more long glance at each of them as I passed by. I was shaking when I got into the hall. I wanted to be in there. I wanted to see what was going on. My imagination was running wild. Would Bianca take her friend's mind off her cast? Haha yeah right. Stuff like that only happens in my dreams, but it doesn't stop me from thinking it.

Sitting on the plane going back home I felt like I was in my own little world. All I could think about were the events that had transpired the previous weekend. Bianca. Her friend. I even have the same flight attendant although the cast as changed from dark blue to light purple with matching nail polish. I can't stop staring at her long toes and thinking about what a changed man I am. I hand her note and give her my best smile. She reads it and smiles back. She meets me in the lavatory in 5 minutes despite how busy she is. I am a changed man.


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