Living with 2 LLWC's

by SpicaMike


My first morning at home and my first morning alone, without anyone fussing over me. I turned over in bed and remembered as both plastered legs clonked each other. No rush to get to work ... it would be a few more weeks before I'd have that pleasure...
I lay quietly for another 15 minutes trying to put it out of my mind, but I really did need to get up and have that pee ... I lifted back the duvet and there they were Two shining white plaster casted legs with my toes 6 feet away just poking out. The casts seemed lighter this morning. They were still damp last night after the replastering session at the hospital. I eased my right leg out of the bed and onto the floor, resting my right elbow against the pillows and slid my left leg over and also onto the floor and sat upright. My bed was a bit on the low side compared with the hospital bed I'd got so used to and I couldn't get the angle right to stand up ... my nightie was half way up my bum now ... I pushed with my arms into the mattress but couldn't get upright. It was easy getting in to bed last night and my Mum was there to help. I rolled over and tried to push myself up straight but my toes were rubbing against the carpet. I leaned towards the bedside cabinet and that was a few inches higher and gave me the purchase I needed but it was hard work on my arms and with my legs spread out wide I pushed hard and straightened up ... wow I'd managed it. I was standing up. My casts were fitted with rubber rockers and I wavered trying to get the balance. My thigh muscles were so weak from the weeks of inactivity they began to tighten up like cramp then went into spasms. I stood for a few moments. Where were my crutches ? By the wardrobe. I held on to the headboard of the bed and the bedside cabinet and I was sure if I used the window cill to steady myself I could get near enough to stagger a couple of stiff legged steps to my crutches. Here goes ... shuffle right leg sideways, move left leg to meet it, my broken bones are hurting again, just that dull pain, right leg, left leg, end of the bed, two, three steps, wardrobe. Aaah that's better, slide my arms into the crutches and much easier, now I can walk one step at a time instead of balancing on these rubber rockers. Out of the bedroom door along the hallway to the bathroom. Push the door open, there's the lavatory, turn round. Rest my crutches against the bath side. Tiled floor is smooth and could be slippery. Gather my nightie up over my bum with one hand, reach behind me and try to lower myself onto the seat. I need something else to hold on to but I haven't got a spare hand, let my nightie drop, hold on to the wall and down, seat's cold, pull nightie clear. I'm not quite at the right angle so squirm backwards, but the casts are so high that now both feet are off the floor sticking straight out again. I had to lift my left leg over to the left a little more so I could pee into the pan. It would be so much easier to stand and pee like a bloke. Reach for the toilet paper and pat myself dry. I glanced at my deep bath and longed for a good long soak. That will have to wait as well. Now, how do I get off the lav ? My heels are slipping along the floor. I managed to reach the towel rail and pull myself upright. That was hard work, and the doctor said I'd be in these casts for up to 12 weeks. I made my way to the bedroom again, unhooked my dressing gown from the back of the bedroom door and made my way to the kitchen for my breakfast. I'm glad I'm in a flat. Stairs will be a problem for the next 12 weeks at least. I crutched my way to the sink, then placed one crutch against the table. I'd try just using one. I filled the kettle and switched it on ... tea or coffee ? bread into the toaster ... I couldn't do those tasks if both hands were holding on to my crutches. Cereal bowl, bend down that's quite easy. Reach up for the cornflakes. There that wasn't too difficult was it ?
Milk, fridge ... empty, hopefully the milkman has been already and left my order. Both crutches, step along the hallway, find the key, unlock the door, open it, yes two pints sitting there. Put one crutch down again. Bend over, wow, I'm that much taller with the built up casts and the muscles at the back of my thigh are tightening up, I can hardly reach. Not very ladylike but I had to spread my legs wider apart to get down to reach the bottle tops and still hold myself steady with the one crutch. I grasped the bottles and straightened up and stepped back to the hall and closed the door. I'd have to leave one crutch there so I could carry the bottles of milk. Yes, one is OK. By the time I'd limped back to the kitchen the kettle had boiled and the toast had popped. Back to the fridge, butter, one pint of milk in the door shelf. Aaah, need two hands. Put down the butter, step to the kettle with the milk, back to the fridge and get the butter. It's hard work all this backwards and forwards on two broken legs. I made my breakfast and placed it on a tray to lift to the table. It would have been easy to carry the tray bit I could only manage one hand and one crutch. Think again. Leave the crutch by the kettle and totter on my rubber rockers using both hands for the tray. It was only three or four steps and I staggered over fairly easily. I lowered myself onto the chair and slid my casts under the table, the heels resting on the floor. I heard the newspaper being delivered ... I hope he didn't push it right through this morning, most days it pokes from the letter box, but no I heard it flap onto the floor. I stood up with difficulty and holding on to the table retrieved one crutch, back to the hallway, yes the paper was flat on the floor. Legs out wide again and stretch down and just reached it. Back at the kitchen table I enjoyed my breakfast, had a scan through the newspaper and planned the rest of my day. There would be more visitors, popping in to see how I was getting one. Mum had been great, and the neighbours would all wants to see me now I'm home. ' Now dear, how are you ?. They're big casts on your poor legs. Does it still hurt ? How long will you be in those ?' I'd heard them all before. For the last few days I'd been wheeling myself round in the hospital in the old casts with the spreader bar between my ankles keeping my legs wide apart, getting used to being mobile. For three and a half weeks before that I'd been flat on my back with both legs in traction, then nearly three weeks in the big cast with the spreader bar. Yesterday was the big day and I'd had the new plaster casts applied and was allowed home. I thought back six weeks. I'd been to the supermarket and shopped for the weekend. I'd parked outside the flat. I was fetching the shopping from the back of the car just as a lorry reversed into the car behind me and nudged it hard against my car. I was crushed between both vehicles, both femurs were broken just above my knees, my pelvis dislocated and multiple fractures of my tibias and fibulas. I carried my mug and plates to the dishwasher and loaded it up, then reached for my crutch. I'll practice just using the one when I'm indoors then I've got one hand free. Bathroom again, time to wash and clean my teeth. Again it's the everyday things you realise that you need two hands most of the time. I remembered when I was at school and I broke my arm and how difficult it was with ordinary tasks, even more so as it was my right arm and I'm right handed. I struggled getting dressed one handed and getting into my bra was hard work. I had lots of admirers at school. I expect my plastered legs will attract attention if I ever get asked out again. I rested my crutch against the bath and stood against the washbasin, resting my plastered thighs on the basin rim. I slipped my nightie off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I took my time having a thorough wash down, then reached round for a towel ... that was a mistake leaving my nightie on the floor as it ravelled round my plastered feet ... I had to lift one leg clear, then the other. I dried myself, then turned to get out of the bathroom and my crutch dropped to the floor. Just too flat and it was out of my reach. Spread my legs wide apart again and holding onto the side of the bath I just managed to get my fingers round the top section. Have to be more careful. Hobble along to my bedroom and decide what to wear today. I had been so used to wearing hospital clothes, nighties and dressing gowns, today I would dress up. I'd got all morning to get ready. I spent time on my hair, for the first time for 6 weeks, and enjoyed putting on some makeup. I looked through my underwear drawers and picked out my best black lacy bra. I felt sure my boobs had grown and it was so nice to get them supported. I was proud of my best assets ... at 38DD I always throught men spoke to my tits not me, but I didn't mind !!
I looked through my knickers drawer and found the tiniest black panties I posessed. I hadn't worn any for six weeks with the traction and up to yesterday the spreader bar. They'd do nicely. I then found another problem. I can't reach the end of my casts to get my panties over them. I flipped one side over the end of my foot but the cast was almost too big for the hole. My Mum would have to help me later. I slid a silky black shirt on and left it unbuttoned except for a couple just below my bra so anyone could see my big tits. I stood up and hobbled to my wardrobe to look at skirts. In the bottom of the wardrobe were my collection of shoes and boots. I couldn't believe it would be another three months before I could slide into my high heels, then there were my boots ... I had a passion for high heeled boots, probably even a fetish and I had short ones, knee boots and my favourite thigh boots, black, white and a red pair. I'd love to be sliding those on right now. I rubbed my hands up and down my casts and realised that the feeling was similar. My shattered legs were firm and snug inside their padded casts, like stiff thigh boots ... I shivered with the thought. Yes it must be a fetish ... I shivered with enjoyment again !! I looked along the rail of skirts, again long skirts, mid calf, mini and very short ! Yes that would do, my black leather micro skirt was a mere 10" from waist to hem and it would just cover my bum and the tops of the casts. I sat down on the chair and again tried to reach to get the skirt over my casted feet but it was just too far to reach. I transferred over to the bed and sitting upright with my legs out straight I just managed to flip the open skirt over my toes. I lay on my back and raised my legs together trying to get gravity to get my skirt within reach but it kept getting stuck on the rubber rockers and the heels. My thigh muscles weren't used to this sort of exercise and really started to hurt. I managed to get the skirt to drop over one heel and by stretching I could just pull it slowly over the other heel. My legs really hurt now, with the weight of the plaster casts and the exercise, I let them drop back onto the bed a bit too fast and they bounced making the lower leg fractures hurt. All this just to get dressed. I lay for a moment or two waiting for the pain to pass, then sat up and eased the tight skirt up to my knees. I was then stuck unable to get my legs far enough apart to get up off the bed because the skirt was tight. I lay back, exhausted, for a few minutes then wriggled onto one side then the other attempting to pull the skirt up my thighs. The extra couple of inches of plaster made it even tighter, but eventually it slid above the casts. I rolled onto my front again and raised myself off the bed. My hair was a mess already, my skirt up around my belly showing off my pussy. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a hooker .... aah well, that's OK for today, who's going to see me anyway ? I straightened my skirt and zipped it up. My bum didn't look big in this - it looked great, and the black leather contrasted with the white plaster perfectly. Nice combination black and white I thought. Next time I'll wear a dress that I can drop over my head. I imagined other difficulties I might encounter, then remembered my gran used a grabber to reach things, an extending arm with a trigger and two prongs that brought things within reach. If I had one of those I could reach things off the floor. Something for the shopping list ... shopping ... I ought to make a list of food shopping I needed. I hobbled o my dressing table and finished off my makeup. I spent time on eyeliner and mascara and raked through my collection of lipsticks. I chose a pale pink that was almost white. I backcombed my hair a bit to give me more height but at 5'10" I didn't really need added height. In my big heels I'm over 6'. I reckoned I was 6' in my plastered 'boots'. One last look in the mirror. Yes the skirt was so short it barely covered my private parts, and with no knickers ... well as I'd said before who was coming to see me today, other than my Mum. The doorbell rang. I found the one crutch and hobbled along the hall way and made it to the front door. It was my upstairs neighbour, with a get well card and some flowers, a nice thought, so I invited her in. I collected my earlier discarded second crutch, and it was easier on my painful legs to take some of the weight. I offered her coffee and steered her to the kitchen. I propped both crutches in the corner of the work surfaces, filled the kettle and got the cups ready. I pulled my kitchen stool out from under the worktop. It was a better height than a chair and I could perch my bum on easier. The questions started 'Well Katie, how are you getting on ? How long have you got to keep your legs in plaster ? Does it hurt ? Are you going back to work ? How's your boyfriend ?' I explained he was working in Canada until the end of the month and I hadn't seen him for eight weeks. I'd spoken to him at length over the phone since the accident. I heard the front door opening and Mum came in with a few bits and pieces of shopping. She was gasping for a coffee. Soon she and my neighbour were chatting. I eased myself off the stool and holding onto the work surfaces got to my crutches. My Mum was aghast ... my skirt had rolled up at the back and I was showing my bum ... 'Katie ! where are your
knickers ?' I explained my difficulty in getting them on and we all had a laugh. Mum retrieved the tiny panties from the bedroom floor and as I sat on my kitchen stool she bent down and threaded them up each plastered leg, I stood up and she pulled them up to within easy reach. I pulled them up tight to my moist pussy. It was now late morning. Mum and I checked the cupboards and made a list. ' We'll shop after we've had some lunch' she informed me ... 'bbb but I can't go out like this can I ? ' I stammered 'what if someone sees me ?' She chastised me, playfully, wondering why I had dressed up if I wasn't planning to go out. She offered to pay for lunch, then we'd shop at the supermarket. I'd been lent a wheelchair from the hospital so I could use that, but as long as we weren't walking too far I supposed I could manage with my crutches. I made my way to the bathroom for a pee ... wiped my face and returned to the bedroom to touch up the lippy. I gathered a few things and slid them in my handbag. Another problem, how could I hold it without a spare hand. Change bags for one with a shoulder strap, over the neck and one shoulder, perfect. It was bright and sunny so I decided I wouldn' need a jacket. I hobbled along the hallway. I was ready for the outside world, Mum was ready with my other crutch. The front door was open. The three steps down to the pavement were a bit of a problem, especially with my tight skirt, but I managed one step at a time. Mum had the car door open, but it was a struggle to get in easily. I tried getting my right leg into the footwell but my tight skirt rode up over my bum and then I couldn't get the angle right to get my left leg in. I climbed out again, still with my skirt showing my panties, then sat in the car with both legs out. I still couldn't turn round and get the straight casts in. I eventually eased my bum over the gear lever and handbrake to get onto the driver's seat and Mum steered both legs together into the footwell, then I pushed myself onto the passenger seat. I could forsee difficulties trying to get out !! She popped the crutches in on the back seat. We made our way to the pub for lunch. As I suspected it was hard getting out of the car ... but reversing the getting in, and Mum pulling me upright we managed. I crutched to the doorway, someone held the door open for me, and I hobbled in to a loud cheer. The pub was crowded with friends, neighbours and workmates - it was a complete surprise.... I struggled to think what day it was ... it was Friday ... so everyone at work had come to the pub in their lunch break. I was moved to tears and stood bewildered in the doorway until a space was cleared for me and I hobbled to a seat at the bar. I eased my bum onto the bar stool, it was a bit on the high side, and perching on my broken left leg hitched myself up. My skirt rode up again and everyone could see the top of my casts. Another stool was pulled up and my casts were stretched out for all to see ... I had that shudder of pleasure again, and felt quite pleased that I'd chosen the black leather. With my first drink for six weeks I was deep in conversation when the bar door opened again and in walked the love of my life, Michael, back from Canada. He stopped and gazed at my broken legs and the long casts from my toes to the very top of my thighs ... I reached out with both arms and turned his way and my right cast slipped off the stoll and hit the floor quite hard ... it hurt again but I was so pleased to see him after eight weeks away. He stood between my legs and he kissed me long and hard and as I held his hips I could feel his trousers stretching. I surreptitiously slid my hand over his penis and he had an enormous hard on. I'm sure he was pleased to see me. He carefully lifted my right leg back to the stool and the cast had cracked around the ankle ... it hurt still ... I stood up to cuddle Michael again and the broken cast was too loose to stand on properly and my ankle really hurt. Mum passed me my crutches and I made my way to a table keeping my broken cast off the floor. We enjoyed lunch and had another couple of drinks. I needed a pee so crutched out to the ladies, with Shania as my helper. As I turned to sit on the lav my ankle moved inside the cast and my leg hurt even more. I looked at my plastered foot and my toes were darker than before. I knew I'd done something bad. As the lunchtime crowd made their ways home, or back to work I confided in Mike and Mum that I needed the hospital to check on my right leg and hopefully a repair to the cast to keep it stable. Mike agreed to take me, as he had his Range Rover it was easier to get in and out of being that much taller than ordinary cars. We pulled up at Casualty and I crutched in. The triage nurse had a quick look at my toes, now quite swollen and I was put in a wheelchair and hurried to the orthopaedic ward. The cast was split with a cast saw and the broken plaster cast eased off my leg. Two or three X rays a quick consultation. Rebroken my tibia just above my ankle. The plaster technician had a few words with the consultant. Same as yesterday, out came the soft stockinette and a long length cut and rolled up to the very top of my leg and beyond my toes. Padding was rolled round my leg and extra above my ankle where I had rebroken my delicate bones. Then came the plaster bandages. The nurse worked plaster from my knee down my leg and laid long slabs from the back of my knee right under my foot and beyond my toes and then the same over my foot with my ankle nearly straight. My right knee was lifted up and plaster slabs laid over my knee and up my thigh and a slab under my knee. A second plaster tech then brought more bandages and wrapped from my thigh right down over my extended foot, smoothing out every wrinkle and joint. Some more padding was wound round the top of the cast and the stockinette rolled down ... the inside edge just cleared the lips of my vagina. A further plaster bandage was worked down my leg and smoothed over. At my foot the stockinette was rolled to expose my toes but the plaster ran well beyond the ends and was smoothed over the top of my foot leaving a wide toeplate to keep my toes from the ground. Another plaster bandage smoothed over the stockinette. I'd not be walking on this cast for about four weeks. The angle of the knee would prevent that. I'd managed less than 24 hours in my two long leg walking casts. The plaster was drying quickly. I reached to stand up on my left leg and the nurse then took my elbow crutches away and returned with a pair of underarm crutches, which she adjusted to their limits as I was so tall. I eased my skirt back down but with my right leg hanging there it lifted it so high my knickers were on show. It was hard work balancing on one leg. Mike gathered me in his arms as the tears flowed again. I sat in a wheelchair and he wheeled me to his car. I stood on my plastered left leg, looked helpless and he half lifted me onto the car seat, and gently raised my broken legs into the car. I'd made a mess of his homecoming. When we got back to the flat my Mum was upset and cross with me for not looking what I was doing. 'Right, now we'll do the shopping. Get yourself organised, there's things we need.' I was about to protest, but Mike intervened and offered to push me in the wheelchair if I needed it. I was determined to give the bloody crutches a try so we got back in Mike's car and sped to the supermarket. As soon as I walked through the automatic doors I was aware of hundreds of pairs of eyes looking at me and began to feel very self concious. The long crutches made me more obvious, but I tried to ignore the stares. A couple of times young children were intrigued and were asking their mums 'what's that on that lady's legs ?' and mums were saying to kids ' mind the poor lady with the broken legs' and 'see what happens if you don't look where you are going' I ignored it as best I could. Mike was right at my side and boosted my confidence saying how sexy I looked in my black leather. By the time we had got to the checkout the trolley was well loaded, I'd got that shuddering feeling, my left leg ached like crazy and Mike kept adjusting his trousers. He stood tight up behind me and I could feel his hard on through my skirt. He held my hips in his firm hands and squeezed. I had another nice shudder ... Once back in the car I relaxed as we endured the evening rush hour traffic. Perhaps it was the drink at lunchtime or the prospect of Mike back in my life. I reached to feel the top of my new cast so close to my vagina and I was surprised how juicy I was. It was eight weeks since his bon voyage shag and I certainly needed another one ... and pretty damn soon ... I struggled to get up the steps from the pavement the first time but now I just couldn't lift my tired left leg onto the step and I couldn't lift my crutches high enough to get up. I gingerly rested my plastered right foot onto the step and rested on that to get my other leg up. It made me wince and it felt like the two broken bones were graunching together. Not such a good idea. Mike slipped his arms round my waist and under my bum and lifted me to the front door, then over the threshold, like a bride. Mum suggested I got changed whilst she got the shopping put away. Mike followed me closely and slipped the bedroom door closed. I balanced on one leg and quickly popped the two buttons of my shirt undone, reached and unsnapped my bra letting my boobs fall free, finally unzipping my leather skirt, but it wouldn't slide down the plaster. Mike was undressed completely and slid the skirt past my bum and guided it over the casts. I stepped out of it and turned. His cock was enormous. I lay on the bed and my left leg was easy to move over. With the angle of my right leg it was not quite so easy, but Mike squeezed his enormous cock into my tight but juicy pussy. He built up from gentle short strokes into long powerful thrusts and within a couple of minutes I reached a spectacular orgasm made more special that my legs were so immobile. I'd imagined sex when my legs were plastered apart, but this was even better. I was pleased Mike was back, and from the size of his cock I know he was pleased to see me. As we lay in each other's arms he confided in me that he was passionate about plaster casts, he too felt it was almost a fetish, and now here I was fulfilling his dreams with oth legs in casts. When I'd spoken to him on the phone and explained my legs were spread apart he'd been very excited. I reached for my dressing gown, but then decided I'd wear a big t shirt instead as it was easy to get on and off ... Mike was re dressed and he helped me with my crutches. We'd been in bed for nearly an hour. I felt guilty with my Mum still there, but she knew what we were up to I'm certain, she probably heard my panting and puffing, even in the kitchen. I managed my way round the kitchen, but I was not needed and Mum had a meal prepared for us all. I wanted to help but with these crutches I didn't have a spare hand. Mike set the table. I moved the chair enough so I could get my long cast under the table. It had a long bar between the centre supports and I managed to rest my cast on that. My right leg was still painful, like a dull toothache. I needed to raise it up. After a lovely meal Mum loaded up the dishwasher for me, then made her way home, leaving me and Mike together again. I offered him to share my bed and he accepted wholeheartedly. By nine o clock I was exhausted and Mike was equally tired complaining of jet lag ... so we made our way along the hallway. I managed the bathroom much better this time and my plastered right leg was easier to sit on the seat properly. I was toiletted, washed and cleaned my teeth within ten minutes. I eased myself onto the bed and Mike was trying his best to get me comfy. The only way to get my leg up was to pile all my spare pillows at the bottom right corner. Mike carefully lifted the plaster cast onto the pile and adjusted them. I explained the frustration of my traction. His hands were rubbing the very top rims of my casts, his fingers reaching inside and I had that inside shudder of pleasure again and again. My left leg was lying flat and I was at a bit of an angle. Mike chased to my sofa and grabbed the cushions and padded underneath my left leg so that was at a similar angle to my right leg and spread them wide apart. He then crawled up the centre licking my legs at the top of my casts, really getting me excited, then his tongue probed the lips of my vagina as he massaged my pelvis, then stretching his arms he grasped my boobs and rolled them in circles. I was hot and more than ready for him ... his rock solid cock slid deep inside me as he arched his back and lifted the weight of his body onto his powerful arms. With my legs raised from the bed I could feel his cock and he'd hit my g spot first time ... I gushed juices this time which kept his erection rock hard and three times he raised me to an orgasm. He pumped me harder and harder then when his orgasm came his whole body shuddered and the pile of pillows and cushions collapsed slowly trapping his legs under the weight of my casts. Within minutes he was sleeping soundly and I quickly followed him.

When I awoke I needed a pee ... I glanced at my bedside clock 10:30 ... we'd been in bed for over an hour but ... it was light ... I flicked the radio on ... it was Saturday morning at 10:30. Mike extricated himself from under my casts, his cock was still inside me. As he pulled it out I really needed that pee. He carried me to the bathroom and helped me sit down and then he carried me back to the pillow strewn bed. He re arranged them to get my legs comfortable again and almost made it to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. He was unable to resist me with my legs widespread again and was between my thighs in seconds. Our sex life had stepped up a gear. We had a belated breakfast in bed. Mike went to my computer and connected to the internet. I'd discovered recreational casting using my laptop when I was in hospital researching about my broken legs and I guided him to a couple of websites. I showed him ejzbroken angelz and Karisma in her dllc and spreader bar, then castfetish and cagney with her casts out in the park, and struggling to get down stairs. Mike was getting horny again. I made my way to the bathroom for my wash and brush up. Mike sat in the lounge and was busy on the phone. When I hobbled in to join him he wanted me to do him a favour. Just for the weekend he wanted to see me in my casts witha spreader bar. The plaster technician at the hospital was an old schoolfriend and he was happy to put on a bit more plaster for me. I'd have to use my wheelchair for the next few days, but Mike was happy to push me round. We were at the hospital inside the hour. Not thinking I'd had Mike help me into my panties and a short skirt. With the bar I'd have to keep the panties on or wear none ... now I know why Mike wanted the bar fitted ... I was spread apart and two bars were fitted one at my ankles and a second behind my knees. I was at a bit of an angle because of the bent knee of my right cast. The wheelchair had adjustable leg rests. Mike proudly wheeled me out of the hospital to his car within an hour. We were off to the shopping centre for a little retail therapy, perhaps a light lunch and home to bed for the evening. The shopping centre was crowded and I was thrilled with the attention I was attracting. I had a small travelling rug from the car covering my lap and my casts were brilliant white in the bright sunshine. People stopped and stared as we made our way through the shops. An elderly couple stopped and wished me a speedy return to health ... 'whatever have you done to yourself ?' I explained that both legs were broken. Mike wheeled me into a couple of clothes shops. I looked at the racks of skirts and tops, then I saw it ... it was a stunning three quarter length dress with a plunging neckline to the navel, one sleeve only, the other arm off the shoulder and it was silky black ... I loved it as soon as I saw it. We asked if it was available in my size. The big boobs sometimes get in the way but this was perfect. I then needed to try it on. The assistant offered to help me in the changing cubicle but there wasn't going to be much room with my chair as well. We struggled in and I eased myself out of the chair. Mike pulled it out to give us more room. The assistant helped me undress and slid the silky dress over my head. As it slid over my body it felt cold, but I had to have it , it felt just perfect. It hung over my casted legs the hemline just below my plastered knees. It slipped off easily. I was getting dressed and Mike wheeled back the chair and helped me in to it lifting my legs by the spreader bar onto the legrests. The dress was bought and paid for and the carrier bag was deposited in my lap. The travelling rug was discarded. The carrier bag hid my modesty, my long casts were on full show now. We made our way through the market and my widespread legs nearly swept in a few small children and unaware oldies and their shopping trolleys. We tried the wine bar at the end of the Market Place for our lunch, but by then it was nearly four o clock. Back in the hubbub of Saturday shoppers we made our way back to the car park and still people were looking at me and my casted legs. More comments 'Oooh that must hurt ' and 'how did you get into that state ? ' and more kids asking what was wrong with that lady's legs ... I'd heard those yesterday !!

When we got back home, Mike was eager to inspect my casts and wheeled me straight to the bedroom. He undressed me slowly savouring the casts rubbing his hands up and down my body and over the tops of each cast. He gently laid me back onto the bed and my legs were just the right distance apart to keep my pussy stretched open he lifted my legs up and crawled in under the bar between my ankles. He slid his cock deep inside me again and the ankle bar rubbed against the back of his calf muscles. It was heavenly. After a few minutes of passion he stopped, then re arranged me with pillows under my back lifting my pelvis higher and letting my legs hang down. When he slid his cock inside me this time he touched my g spot with every stroke and I was enjoying myself so much I could feel my legs trying to slide out of my tight casts as every muscle in my body shuddered to my orgasm after orgasm. We lay quietly for an hour or more before we deided to go out to dinner. A chance to try my new dress. I was washed and polished quite quickly and Mike helped me wash my hair, then he sat me in my wheelchair and I started on the makeup, whilst he ran a bath. I was jealous. A few phone calls and a table was booked for 8:30. A couple more calls and we had company to join us for dinner and others to meet later for a drink. At 8:15 our taxi arrived and the driver was very attentive, helping collapse my chair and making sure I was comfy. His eyes kept looking at me in his mirror. The restaurant was busy but not full and as Mike wheeled me through to the bar many heads turned to see my casted legs. I was surprised when the other dinner guests turned out to be my Mum and Dad and Mike's Mum and Dad. We were shown to our table and hurriedly re organised to get my legs under. Mike sat opposite. I felt him tickling my toes under the table, making me giggle. I had the two Dads either side of me, Mike had the two Mums. As the meal progressed Mike said he had an announcement to make and as we sipped our licquers he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box. He asked me to marry him, if my Dad would let him. I readily agreed and he slipped the ring on my finger. A cork popped and the wine waiter poured the champagne ....

By the time we got to the bar area as an engaged couple I realised most of our friends were gathered round. They had been aware of what Mike had in mind before the pub visit yesterday. I got a lot of sympathy with my new casts and spreader bar, which I explained as the result of my leg falling onto the floor from the high stool. It was partly true, but not Mike's fantasy addition of the spreader bars. I recognized the plaster tech from the hospital sitting with a red haired girl. She too was in a wheelchair. I worked my way nearer them talking to all our friends as I wheeled round the bar. I was shocked to see the redhead was also in plaster but her casts were from her toes to her chin. We were kindred spirits. I made my way over to speak to them, Kylie was embarrassed seeing my casts. I started to ask her what had happened to her, just like the old folk when we were shopping earlier, then it dawned on me, she was a recreational caster. I just asked if it was Nigel's handiwork and she winked a yes. It was a disabling cast certainly and very eye catching. I didn't think I'd manage a cast that size whatever turned Mike on.

As the evening drew to a close I contemplated the last six weeks ... the accident ... the traction ... the casts ... the sex ... the engagement. The next four weeks on one leg was going to be difficult and I probably had another eight weeks after that with both legs in long leg walking casts. We returned to my flat, helped each other undress, used the bathroom and then retired to bed. My fiance slid between my plastered legs again. I was getting used to this !

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