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Gabby's Public Shopping LLC

100 pics

Gorgeous Gabby is looking as great as ever as I capture some candid expressions while she talks. She gives a glimpse up her skirt and pretends her leg is hurting her.


Gabby's Public Shopping LLC - Part 1

24 Min

The beautiful Gabby is back in a white LLC, shopping for party supplies and some new clothes to wear with her cast. You, the camera, are her friend and she appreciates that you've come shopping at the department store with her. She talks to you as she shops, staying in character, as though her cast is real. She alternates between having her cast down on the floor of the scooter and carefully picking it up and propping it up high on the basket, wiggling her long toes as she cruises down the isles. She mostly tries to shop from her chair, but sometimes she has to stand up to reach something. After finishing up at one store, she's at another store. Stay tuned for more from this shoot.


Violet's Painful LLC

50 pics

Violet comes home and checks out her cast in the mirror and then props her leg up on some pillows in bed. She smiles for the camera when she can but her leg still hurts.


Violet's Painful LLC

26 Min

Violet is coming home for the first time with her newly broken leg. She crutches inside and straight over to the mirror so she can see what she looks like in her new cast. She has a seat in front of the mirror where she moves it around painfully, looking at it from all sides. She crutches to the table and carefully places her cast on it while she looks at her phone and wiggles her toes. She gets a terrible itch and grabs a pen desperately trying to scratch it. She crutches over to the couch to call a friend and tell them how she broke her leg and got a full leg cast. After the phone call, she's hungry and thirsty so she crutches to the kitchen and tries hopping around to do some things. She bumps her cast a few times, causing her leg to hurt more. Finally, she decides to go upstairs and take a nap and it's hard and painful all the way up. Finally, she gets into bed and props her leg up on some pillows. Let me know what you think of Violet and what she should do next.


Victoria's Content Creator Leg Break Blue LLC - 1

100 pics

It's your typical amazing Victoria picture gallery with her looking as beautiful as ever in bed, ranging from cute poses, to acting bratty and hurting her leg against the wall.


Victoria's Content Creator, Leg Break Blue LLC - Part 1

29 Min

In this reality-style clip, Victoria is a content creator for her private fans page/social media. She has a cameraman that she directs and he generally starts filming early and lets the camera roll a little bit after each scene to ensure proper coverage. This footage is slapped together in an unedited style. This clip starts with Victoria talking about some socks that she has worn for one of her fans that she's going to take a run in before shipping them out, to make sure they're nice and smelly for him. She puts them on with some running shoes and directs her cameraman on how to film her at the running trail. As he's filming, she takes a dive. The camera finds her on the ground in severe pain and she tells him to stop filming. Next, we see Victoria at home on crutches with a blue long leg cast, trying to let her leg pain subside so she can make a video telling her fans what happened to her. She manages to get through that and next, she does a vlog in the kitchen about what socks she might wear over her cast for the next eight weeks. Next, she takes a request from a fan to film herself in a sexy black dress, hose over her cast and a high heel on cruches doing her morning routine in the kitchen. She's mostly successful until she slips on her way to the dishwasher and has to just lean over for a minute letting the pain subside. She does some pantyhose toe wiggling content and the clip wraps up with a vlog about what it's been like and how she suspects her boyfriend might like casts. To be continued...


Betty's Content Creator Leg Break LLC

100 pics

Betty sits on the couch and takes some selfies of her and her cast for her socials but when she puts down the camera, she nurses her sore leg. Then she poses on crutches.


Betty's Content Creator Leg Break LLC

42 Min

We find Betty at the start of this clip taking a jog on a paved trail at a park. When she gets to a slippery patch of mud, she slips and falls to the ground. She's immediately sure she's broken something. She takes a moment to just breath and clutch onto her leg. She eventually gets up on one foot and hops over to the nearest picnic bench where she slowly takes off her shoe. She realizes that she doesn't have her phone and that she's going to have to hop to her car, so she painfully puts her shoe back on and hops back to her car and gets inside. Next, we see Betty in an LLC talking to her friend on the phone about needed to ramp up her content creation now that she's going to be off work for a while. The friend agrees to come over and film her in her cast for her fans pages. Before you arrive, she does a live Q&A stream for her friends where she talks about what her cast is like and how it feels and what her love life is like. She talks for a long time and carefully moves her casted toes to the camera for her fans. When her friend arrives to film her, he films everything, including her bumping her cast into things and hurting her leg even more. Finally, she notices you being aroused by her cast while filming her.


Gabby's Black LLC - Part 2

50 pics

In this gallery Gabby takes off her tennis shoe and just looks beautiful posing her casted toes with her good foot on a park bench and then rolls over to show her back side.


Gabby's Black LLC - Part 1

50 pics

After going shopping, we went back to the park to take the cast off, but not before she crutched around the park so I could get some beautiful pictures of her. 50 more pics next.


Gabby Goes Shopping in a Black LLC

36 Min

On Gabby's first shoot, she looked great and had lavendar colored hair. She showed up to this shoot with black hair looking like a total knockout, so we did a black LLC. I wanted to see how she was in public and she was great. She drives her scooter around, getting up to crutch and hop and look at stuff. She props up her cast on the basket for much of the clip, showing off her casted toes high for all to see. She talks to the camera as if you're her friend that's gone shopping with her. She stands up to look at clothes and jewelry and heads over to the home section to look for some nice soft things to prop her cast on. She tries on shoes and heads over to the grocery section where she hops around the isles. At one point, I went to the restroom and when I came out I saw her hopping quite a distance to throw somethng away. I managed to catch the tail end of it on video. Enjoy this 36 minutes of great footage of the super sexy Gabby!


Juli's Pink SLC Shower Arm Break - Part 2

50 pics

In some possibly even sexier pictures, Juli stands up on her SLC in the shower and gets suds all over her naked body, posing her front side and back just like in the video.


Juli's Pink SLC Shower Arm Break

50 pics

Wow, Juli looks really good in the shower with her pink SLC and shiny wet casted toes propped up on the side. She keeps her cast dry while washing her chest with bubbly soap.


Juli's Pink SLC Shower Arm Break

33 Min

Juli wakes up in bed and realizes that she needs to take a bath. After spending some time waking up in bed, she gets naked and covers her SLC with plastic before crutching to the bathroom and getting in the tub. After washing her body, she carefully removes her cast cover and washes her casted toes with her SLC propped up on the side of the tub. She just relaxes for a while looking at her phone with her cast propped up. After a while, she's ready to take a shower and rinse all the bath water off her, so she puts her cast cover back on and drains the tub. After that, she stands up, turns on the shower and starts rinsing off her body. Her feet slip and the next thing she knows, she's coming to in the tub with the shower still running and her arm feeling broken. She eventually reaches her phone, stands up and limps to the bedroom where she calls for help and puts her bruised arm in a sling. She gets dressed to leave for the hospital and then limps to the bathroom to grab a single crutch and crutch to the front door.


Kiara's Orange LLC

100 pics

It turned out to be a very rainy day, so we took pictures in whatever shelter we could find. At the end of the shoot, Kiara poses her wet LLC and dirty feet at the picnic shelter.


Kiara's Orange LLC

23 Min

Kiara is a new model and we did a story on our first shoot. In this clip, she's got a newly broken leg in an orange LLC from a soccer accident and her leg is killing her. She thought she could still get out to the park and do some crutching but starts regretting it immediately, crutching up the first big hill. She's having a bad time already and now it looks like it's about to rain. As soon as she finds a bench to sit, it starts pouring so she has to look for shelter. She crutches in the rain to find the nearest shelter. When she finds a gazebo, she encounters her first stairs and hurts her leg going up them. She calls her friend to vent about how awful her day is and how she's going to do this for eight weeks. She eventually decides to make a run for it back to her car because the rain has died down a little. As she's going down the steps, she stumbles and hurts her leg because of her slippery sandal and too short crutches. In pain/rain, she starts crutching back to the car. After a painful journey with soaked cast, she carefully props it up with her crutch and calls her friend again to tell her about it.


Juli's Day One Pink SLC

100 pics

Juli's got a great face and great feet. As the younger generation might say, "she's giving 80's movie". I know some sock lovers who will love the worn out sock on her right foot.


Juli's Pink SLC

20 Min

Welcome new model Juli! Juli is on day one of her pink SLC in this clip. She crutches over to the couch, props her cast up and paints her nails because her cute toes will be sticking out for weeks. Next, she crutches into the kitchen to get herself a snack. gasping and wincing, she hops around the kitchen looking for a snack and ends up making a peanut butter sandwich standing on her good, sock covered foot. After that, she props her cast up on some pillows and calls a friend to tell them about breaking her leg and getting a cast. She gets off the phone to send her friend a picture of her cast and then she tries putting her cast in different positions to get comfortable. She tries stretching a little. Her toes are cold so she pulls a sock over them, but only for a moment because she has an itch inside her cast. She puts her sock back on and wonders how she's going to do this for over six weeks. There's more to this story, so stay tuned!


Jessica Lynn's SLC, LLC Leg Break Tease - Part 3

100 pics

In another nude grand finale, Jessica's leg is clearly in a great deal of pain, but she's excited to be sexy for you as she takes off her lingerie and finds amazingly sexy poses.


Jessica Lynn's SLC, LLC Leg Break Tease - Part 2

50 pics

Jessica is home from the hospital in her new LLC and wheelchair, wearing some lingerie and you can tell she's so happy to be sexy for you with her LLC and luscious casted toes.


Roxy's Purple Public (Sex) LLC

27 Min

Last we saw Roxy and James, they were out in public and James was getting increasingly turned on seeing Roxy out and about in her purple LLC. James was trying to pull her into the back room so they could fool around, but she was reluctant. In this clip, we see Roxy and James entering what appears to be a break room/lounge room and getting right to it. It starts out with some kissing and some taking turns giving oral and then they find some more comfortable furniture to do it on. James covers Roxy's mouth to keep her from being too loud as he pounds her. They do a couple different positions and then Roxy wants James to finish on her casted toes. He manages to do it and her toes get covered! Then they get dressed, grab her purse and head out.


Jessica Lynn's SLC, LLC Leg Break Tease - Part 1

50 pics

Jessica is looking so pretty in her makeup as she teases you wearing nothing but a towel and her SLC. She returns to the place where she fell on the stairs and poses nude for you.


Betty's Red Foot Worship Red LLC JOI

150 pics

In this amazing 150 picture gallery, Betty lays back, looks at her phone and takes selfies while you admire her worn LLC and french tipped toes. Then, panties, she does sexy poses.


Briana's Red DSLC - Part 2

100 pics

Briana's down on the couch in her red SLCs and her casts and toes are looking a little dirty. She's looking very sexy posing her cute casted legs and toes in a variety of positions.


Jessica Lynn's SLC, LLC Leg Break Tease

48 Min

Jessica Lynn is a huge tease and she's in the living room working out in front of you. Aware of you watching her, she bends over and asks if you like her "assets". You come up behind her and start to grope her. She asks you not to touch her super sensitive nipples, then cuts you off and tells you that you'll "have to wait" while she goes to the store. Later, you get a phone call saying that she's shattered her ankle. She comes home on crutches with a painful SLC. You help her get comfortable and she immediately notices your attention to the cast and she can tell you think it's sexy. She crutches and teases you with it but again cuts it short so she can go take a bath. She returns in a towel and asks if you're ready to put her to bed. On the stairs, she intentionally drops a crutch so she can bed over in front of you. When she gets to the top of the stairs, you grab one of her crutches from her playfully. Her towel drops and she slips on it, causing her to fall. You rush to the bottom of the stairs to find her in pain. She's broken her leg even worse. Next, Jessica comes through the door in a wheelchair with her leg in a big, thick LLC. She's very unhappy and sore so you get her set up on the couch before you run out to do some errands. While you're gone, Jessica decides to give you a sexy surprise so she painfully makes her way to the bedroom, dragging her heavy cast behind her and up the stairs to put on some lingerie. And, of course, some sexy time ensues when you find her in bed.


Briana's Red DSLC - Part 1

100 pics

Briana's waking up in bed looking uncomfortable with her painful legs up on pillows. Then she starts to feel better and she gets a little sexy as she poses her casts and cute toes.


Betty's Foot Worship Red LLC JOI

25 Min

I arrived for this shoot expecting to do a shoot with Alisha and Betty, but Alisha wasn't there, so we just did this instead! Betty is bored and home alone in her month old red LLC. She has an idea to get a guy with a cast fetish over to her place to help her out and do stuff for her. She calls him up and he's there in no time. Next, you're the guy and you come into her room to find her in bed. She talks to you very sexy and seductive about her cast and her beautiful french pedicured toenails. She tells you to look at her poor broken leg and casted toes. She asks you if you like it and if it turns you on that her leg is broken. She asks if you can smell it and if you like that too. Betty has you prop her leg up on a pillow and get her a drink of water. She lets you smell her casted toes and she's surprised by how much it turns you on. Next, she asks you to lick them and then suck them. She tells you not to touch yourself yet because she wants to keep you horny. She asks you to just sit back and appreciate her cast and then she wants you to worship her cast by kissing it all over. After a while, she's ready to let you have some relief and tells you that you can look at her cast while you jerk off. She talks dirty about her cast and how her broken, casted leg hurts and smells as she instructs you to jerk off.


Gabby's Faux Term SLC - Part 3

200 pics

I definitely saved the best for last when it comes to this set. Gabby looks stunning in her aged SLC. She's out of the boot and posing her sexy legs and butt while looking at her phone in bed. I had more good pics than I realized so enjoy this 200 pic gallery.


Briana's Red DSLC

30 Min

Some of you may remember Briana from several years ago. She moved away for a while and now she's back for a new shoot. Briana wakes up in bed and pulls back the covers to reveal two SLCs. She sits up and wiggles her toes as she touches her sore legs. She gasps and winces as she talks about her poor broken legs and carefully elevates them on pillows. Her boyfriend is at work so Briana is home alone. After a while, she calls her friend Madison to see if she can come over and help her. She explains to her friend how she broke her legs, how much they hurt and how she can't do anything for herself. Her friend is at work, however, and can't come over. Realizing that she will have to fend for herself, she painfully gets herself from the bed to the floor and scoots out of the room and painfully down the stairs, which proves difficult with two broken legs. She drags her legs into the kitchen and pulls herself onto a chair so she can get a drink of water. Later, she's on the couch checking her social media when she notices that Victor is really liking her cast pics. She decides to give him a call and invite him to see her casts in person. Next, you're Victor and she invites you to sit down with her casts in your lap. She talks about how hard it is to have two broken legs with her casted toes right in your face.


Gabby's Faux Term SLC - Part 2

50 pics

Here's the last 50 pics of Gabby with her SLC and boot before her SLC is aged and the boot comes off. She's removed her sock and is wincing from her painful broken leg.


New Ellen SHS Clip at Fantacast

Just posted a great new Ellen clip on Fantacast today. This was one of those spontaneous shoots where I didn't have an idea until after I got there. We just chatted until inspiration hit. Ellen's smooth porcelain skin and uniquely pointed foot look great in this cast as she attempts several tasks completely nude, like hopping, crutching, itching, stairs, chores and posing for selfies with camera timer. Ellen's great so let me know if you have requests for her.


Roxy's Purple Public LLC

41 Min

Roxy's had her purple LLC for a while now and it won't be long before it comes off. It's got lots of dirty signatures from being out in public. Roxy and James are sitting on the couch reminiscing about the good times they've had in the cast so far and all the great sex they've had. They talk about all the attention she's got at the sex club and how much she loves it. James implies that some have even came on her casted toes. Roxy wants to enjoy every day they have left with the cast before it comes off so they decide to leave the house. First, she crutches around a department store, looking for some cute clothes she could wear to the club. James is getting more and more excited by seeing Roxy out in her purple LLC. Next, they're at another store and Roxy drives a scooter with her cast propped up high with her bare toes on display for everyone to see. James flirts with her increasingly and cops a feel as she gets up to crutch around some isles. Finally, they're at a bargain store and James can't take it anymore and tries to persuade Roxy into ducking into the break room for a quickie. She's reluctant though. To be continued...


Gabby's Faux Term SLC - Part 1

100 pics

Gabby is in an SLC and boot with tube sock pulled tight over her toes so you can almost see through it. She's looking kinda miserable yet hot as she examines her new cast.


Cast News: A Cast Links Site

There is a new (ish) cast links site called Cast News and, with no way of knowing when (or if) CC Links will come back, content creators are migrating to that platform to post their latest updates. It has a pleasant, user friendly design and allows for larger preview images, so check it out. I'll be posting my updates there. I'll keep a link on the lower left side of the page.


Gabby's Faux Term SLC

38 Min

Welcome the beautiful new model Gabby! I've had some specific requests for SLCs and boots lately and we've got both in this video with a new model that I'm hoping to see lots more of. This is a very slow paced video with lots of beautiful prolonged shots of Gabby's bare casted toes and sock clad toes. The video starts out with Gabby in bed with her legs propped up on pillows. One leg has an SLC and the other a boot and she has tube socks over both feet. She wiggles her toes in the socks for a while before carefully removing the boot, taking off the sock and then putting it back on. She eventually removes the sock from her other foot and then calls a friend to tell them about her snowboarding accident and how her leg hurts but she does think that her cast looks pretty cute. She carefully crutches to the restroom and back to bed. Cut to weeks later and Gabby is out of the boot and is up and walking around on her cast with tube socks. She does stuff in the kitchen and sweeps the floor. She eventually takes a break and pulls off her socks to reveal her aged and signed cast. She works on putting the ornaments away from the tree before walking upstairs on her cast. She tries to get comfortable in bed in some sexy poses and calls a friend to talk about how she thinks that some guys like casts, especially this really attractive guy at the gym that's obsessed with her cast.


Isola's LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Isola (pronounced eye-suh-la) now poses her cast and cute toes in bed. She's thick in all the right places and can be adorable as you can see in this awesome gallery. Requests?


CCLinks Still Down

CC Links is still down and I'm getting emails about it. The same thing happened three years ago and it was resolved in a month. If history is an indicator, everything will probably be back to normal in March. If my site goes down, I get phone calls, but apparently nobody has a way of contacting him other than email unfortunately.


Isola's LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's a nice gallery for tube sock fans. Isola's got her legs up in tube socks and poses her feet together for a bit before peeling the sock off her LLC to pose her cute toes.


New Adara Clip at Fantacast

Since CCLinks is down, I want to promote the latest Fantacast update, a new Adara Jordan clip. The clip starts off with a real video of Adara wrecking on a Onewheel. After that, we find her on the street with broken arms and take her to the hospital. It's an action packed clip, as Adara tries to eat, drink, use the restroom and get herself off with her arm casts. Hint: She can't do it by herself. This 32 min clip just went up today on Fantacast so check it out!


CCLinks Down

Yes, I am aware that has some sort of PHP error and is not functioning at the moment. No need to worry. This happens sometimes and will be fixed as soon as Armcast becomes aware of it. I'll be checking daily and will let you know when it's back online.


Isola's LLC

27 Min

Old school CF viewers may recognize Isola from a shoot many years ago and then I lost touch with her, but I always wanted to do more shoots because she's cute and has nice feet. She's not super comfortable with acting, but I wanted to see what she can do so she does act a little bit in this clip. Isola comes home with a fresh LLC and a broken leg. She's got tube socks over her toes as well. She crutches to the couch where she tries to elevate her leg and get it comfortable. For the sock lovers, she leaves on the socks as she wiggles her toes, which we see from different angles. But then she has an itch and needs to pull the sock off so she can itch inside her cast. Itching her foot with the butter knife is almost orgasmic for her. Next, she calls a friend to tell him all about her situation and how much it sucks. We see lots of beautiful shots of her wiggling toes as she talks. He volunteers to come and help her out. She makes a crutching trip to the kitchen but bangs her cast and decides she wants to lay down in bed so she painfully makes her way up the stairs and in bed where she tries different positions and does some stretches.


Victoria's Leg Break Pink SLC - Part 2

100 pics

The last gallery in the bedroom didn't have the best lighting, but when Victoria moves to the couch, you can see her and her cast in all their gorgeous glory. 100 great pics!


Victoria's Leg Break Pink SLC - Part 1

50 pics

Happy Valentine's Day! And what better to post than a Victoria gallery. In this gallery, Victoria's just relaxing in bed doing some fun poses. Stay tuned for a bigger gallery!


Victoria's Leg Break Pink SLC

16 Min

Victoria is finishing up her workout indoors when she falls to the floor. She's hurt her ankle and by the way she handles it, you'd think it might just be a sprain. But Victoria's been through this a few times before. She knows what a broken ankle feels like and she's sure it's broken. Not only does she handle it extremely well, she almost seems a little excited. She calls her friend to come take her to the emergency room to have it looked at. Next, she's at home in bed with her cast propped up. She's had a crush on her friend for years and suspects that he might like casts as much as her, so she decides to give him a call and feel him out. She tells him all about getting the cast and invites him over for a closer look. When he arrives, she invites him to have a seat next to her cast. With her cast and toes on full display she talks about getting the cast and past times that she broke her ankle. Before long, she starts to notice that her friend can't keep his eyes off her cast and seems to be a little turned on, so she gets him to admit that he likes casts too and she couldn't be happier. She invites her friend to touch her toes and her cast.


Alisha and Betty's Whipped Cream Toe Sucking SLCs

50 pics

It's a short but SWEET gallery! In these 50 pictures, Alisha and Betty act out some of the best moments from the video for some really stunning and sexy toe sucking pix.


Jessica Lynn Plaster Casted Girlfriend - Part 4

100 pics

And now for the grand finale of the latest Jessica Lynn set. This gallery has it all: fully nude erotic poses, wet panties, dildo play and even some pics with cast off and boot.


Alisha and Betty's Whipped Cream Toe Sucking SLCs

21 Min

Alisha and Betty were in an accident a couple of weeks ago and they both got SLCs on opposite legs. Betty's coming over to visit Alisha and she crutches in. They are good friends and very happy to see each other and grateful that they only ended up getting short leg casts. They're also both wearing a little white sock over their toes. First they catch up and talk about their casts for a bit and then they decide to rub each other's toes. They take off the socks and see that their casts have no signatures on the foot, so they write some funny and flirty things on each other's casts. Next, Alisha asks Betty to suck her toes but Alisha has the first taste. They lick and suck each other's toes for a few minutes before Alisha remembers that she has some whipped cream. First, they take turns licking whipped cream off each other's toes and then do it at the same time. Before long, Alisha's feeling pretty hot and bothered and asks Betty if she'd like to go upstairs. Stay tuned after the clip for a bonus six minutes of slow motion toe licking and sucking with some audio of Alisha and Betty talking about how guys love their casts.


Jessica Lynn Plaster Casted Girlfriend - Part 3

100 pics

This starts out with some beautiful shots of Jessica's delicious looking pedicured toes and then she pulls out her dildo for a tease and some very suggestive nude poses!


Jessica Lynn Plaster Casted Girlfriend - Part 2

100 pics

Things escalate quickly as Jessica is now totally nude with her plaster LLC and visibly wet. She gets sexy posing on her stomach and showing you how wet she is with legs open.


Jessica Lynn Plaster Casted Girlfriend - Part 1

100 pics

A lot of variety going on in this first gallery. Jessica starts out with tube socks, doing her bedtime routine, poses on crutches and then takes the socks off to pose in a wheelchair.


Jessica Lynn: Plaster Casted Girlfriend

42 Min

You're Jessica's boyfriend and she's been in a plaster LLC for a few weeks now. She hasn't gotten her nails done since she broke her leg and has big tube socks pulled over her legs. You watch her and then have a seat next to her when a reminder goes off on her phone about her pedicure appointment she had made weeks ago. She's not sure if they'll be able to do it so she gives her nail lady Sarah a call. When she gets off the phone, it's good news... they can accommodate her situation and not get her cast wet. As she crutches from the bedroom, you're waiting to put her cast shoe and tennis shoe on and then you take her to the appointment. On the way back she's still wearing the tube socks because she wants it to be a surprise. When you get back inside, you get her set up on the couch and leave to get some drinks. When you return, she's got the socks off showing off her beautiful new nails with a pink French pedicure. She poses for you as you stand up and watch and then gets up and tells you tonights the night that you will make love again. She gets in the wheelchair and poses for you with her leg up and down, talking about her cast and beautiful toes. Cut to a couple weeks later and Jessica's getting out of the shower and removing her cast cover. She asks you to rub lotion on her toes and as you do this, she pitches an idea about making you a JOI video for when she's not available. She's visibly wet through her panties. Next, you film the video as she talks about her cast and sexy memories. Then she wants to do it, but you're so worked up that it only takes minutes.


Betty's LLC

100 pics

It was getting late and not much window light so we just turned on all the lights and got some really beautiful, natural looking evening pics of Betty's LLC and feet on the couch.


Angel's Christmas Shopping LLC - Part 3

100 pics

Angel keeps up the cast attack for a few more pictures, just trying to make me laugh, before settling her legs down on Henry's lap for him to touch and appreciate.


Angel's Christmas Shopping LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Now Henry joins Angel on the couch and I gave no direction at all. I just clicked away with my camera as Angel spontaneously attacked Henry with her foot and then her LLC.


Betty's LLC

42 Min

Last time we saw Betty, she had just hurt her leg again while kinda showing off how she can work out in her SLC. Now, she's emerging from the hospital in a white LLC. She gets in the car and can't believe that she's got to be in an even bigger cast for another couple of months. The next day, Betty wakes up in bed sore. She tries to find a comfortable position for several minutes as we take in some great views of her casted toes and body. Eventually she just gives up and gets up to get dressed and make the bed. She hops out of the room, but not before banging her cast and causing herself some pain. She hurts her leg again while scooting her way down the steps. Next, you come over for a visit and Betty is determined to not spend another two months cooped up in the house. She asks you to take her shopping for some last minute gifts. Betty doesn't last long at the store. Almost immediately her leg starts hurting and she runs out of steam. Now she wants to go home. The bumpy ride hurts her leg, so she asks if she can put it in your lap and you agree. She asks you to pull over and hold her cast for her. You elevate her cast for her and it makes her feel better and you don't mind because you've got her casted toes right in your face. Back at her place, you watch her propped up toes as she falls asleep.


Angel's Christmas Shopping LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Angel took it upon herself to get all dolled up and dressed in a cute Christmas outfit. Then we made her a nice blue striped LLC. She's looking beautiful posing on the couch.


Angel's Christmas Shopping LLC

53 Min

Angel's had her cast for weeks but it's finally time for her to get out of the house and do some Christmas shopping. She calls an Uber, gets in and briefly explains how she got her cast. She asks if she can put her cast up on the seat. But next, the driver makes an unexpected stop. It turns out that Angel has accidentally selected the ride share option so the driver has to pick up another person. A guy gets in and they start talking about Angel broke her leg on Thanksgiving when her crazy cousin threw a frozen turkey at her. Angel suspects this guy is very interested in her cast so she talks about it continuously and even asks if she can move her cast to his lap. She asks him to remove her sock, revealing her cute red toenails, matching her festive outfit. They finally arrive at the mall and Angel invites him to go shopping with her. They head inside and have a seat on the fountain where they seem to be hitting it off. Angel throws her cast over his leg and asks him to take off her sock again. As they talk, he rubs her toes. After that, she crutches all around the mall looking for presents, but she feels tired and sore after a while and is ready to leave. On the way home, she asks her new friend to hold her leg up for her and invites him back to her place to sign her cast. She asks him if he's into casts as he rubs her toes.


Irene's Candy Cane LLC - Part 2

100 pics

And we wrap up the Irene candy cane LLC pics on the couch where Irene is looking cute as ever and we get some nice shot of her cute casted toes. Watch FC for an Irene SHS!


Irene's Candy Cane LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Irene looks set to take a bike ride down candy cane lane but bike riding will have to wait. She starts off on her crutches and then swings her long leg up on the handle bars.


Irene's Candy Cane LLC

29 Min

Irene had been in an SHS for a while and eventually started walking on it. So instead of removing it, they left her with the LLC portion to wear for a while longer. You're Irene's friend coming over to visit and she explains this to you and that she needs to get out of the house and go shopping. You take her to the department store where she gets a scooter and props her cast up on the basket. She giggles at the idea that everyone is going to see her toes. She drives around the store, stopping to get up and hop around isles. In the candy isle, she hops around grabbing up bags of candy and throwing them in the cart. She tries out a chair with her leg propped up and hops around a couple more areas before her scooter runs out of battery. Her leg was starting to bother her anyway so she crutches out of the store. Back at her place, she is worn out so she props her cast up on pillows on your lap and drifts to sleep as you take a look at her casted toes.


Jessica Lynn's Stepbrother Leg Break LLC - Part 2

50 pics

And here's the final 50 pictures from Jessica Lynn's Stepbrother Leg Break LLC. She holds her pantyhose clad LLC up to your face and poses her sexy legs and toes together.


Jessica Lynn's Stepbrother Leg Break LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's the first gallery from Jessica Lynn's Stepbrother Leg Break LLC. She's wearing short shorts with pantyhose pulled up over her LLC, showing off her cast and butt.


Betty's Blue SLC 2 - Part 3

100 pics

I've got just one more stunning gallery of Betty in her aged blue SLC. She's waking up from a nap in bed and moves her legs and toes around into some very sexy poses. Enjoy!


Alisha's Pink Public LLC

100 pics

We didn't get to spend much time on taking pictures because of all the public stuff, but we did get these 100 beautiful pics when we got back. She poses on crutches and couch.


Jessica Lynn's Stepbrother Leg Break LLC

47 Min

In this sponsored shoot, Jessica and her stepbrother (you/camera) are both in their 20's and college students, but due to financial problems, she has had to move back home and live with her him, whom she hates. You walk into the room to find Jessica on the couch wearing pantyhose and her legs pointed right at you. You bicker about who's turn it is to clean the house this week but then Jessica decides to blackmail you by threatening to tell your parents about your "secrets". First, she says it's obvious that you're attracted to her legs and pantyhose and calls you a weirdo and then she reminds you about the time she caught you looking at sexy cast pictures on the internet. At this point, she kinda has you but she gets up to leave and go shopping and you hear a crash. You run in to find Jessica on the floor holding her leg with money all over the floor. She tried to steal money from your parent's secret stash and you're ready to give them a call. She begs you not to call them and says that she will let you touch her cast when she gets it. You agree and take her to the hospital. Sure enough, she comes out of the hospital in an LLC with pantyhose pulled up over it. She asks if she can put her foot on your lap and rub her toes. It is the greatest day of your life. You take care of her and she really appreciates it, allowing you to rub her toes as she falls asleep. In the morning, she wakes you up in an amazing way!


Betty's Blue SLC 2 - Part 2

100 pics

Betty poses her casted toes from behind while on her stomach and then she sits up and poses her toes for the rest of the gallery while making some super cute facial expressions.


Betty's Blue SLC 2 - Part 1

100 pics

Betty seems to know exactly how hot she is and maybe that's why she's such a great model. In this gallery, she pulls a sock tight over her casted toes and later takes it off.


Alisha's Pink Public LLC - Part 2

29 Min

Next it's off to the craft store and Alisha is on the lookout for some new furniture for her cast. She proceeds to crutch around the store as we follow behind until she finds somewhere to sit and itch her toes. She crutches around some more until she finds a stool with wheels to sit and scoot around on. She thinks it would be nice to have that at home to give her a break from crutches. On the way out, she finds a spot to sit and prop up her cast for a nice view of her cute wiggling toes as she talks about her sore, throbbing leg. She thinks maybe it was a bad idea to go shopping so soon and wants to put her leg up on some pillows. At the next store, I find Alisha on a scooter talking to someone. I ask her if she knows him and she said no. As I say, people like to talk to her. She's now looking for groceries and she stops and gets up on crutches to reach items. When she gets to the dog food, she gets up on one foot and puts a huge bag her her cart. She gets up from her cart and hops again to check out some pillows and then she drives over to the furniture to look for a nice ottoman to put her cast on. Before leaving the section, she finds a nice chair and foot rest and she props up her sexy casted foot and wiggles her toes as she talks. Before long, she wants to take her sweaty good foot out of the Crock and wiggle it too. Then it's time to check out, so she heads to the self checkout and scans her items.


Victoria's Boyfriend Leg Break Red LLC - Part 2

100 pics

If you wanted to see some nice pics of Victoria's pantyhose clad red LLC and french tipped toes, then here you go. Victoria poses on crutches before showing off her legs!


Betty's Blue SLC - Part 2

26 Min

It's been several weeks since Betty got her SLC and her leg is feeling good enough for her to walk on. Betty's in bed, shifting her body around into different positions, moving her legs and feet. She finally gets up, gets dressed and heads downstairs. Next, you're Betty's friend coming over for a visit. She answers the door while standing on her cast and explains that she feels like she doesn't need crutches and is now able to finally do stuff around the house. She invites you to have a seat on the couch and she sits so that her cast is pointed right at you as she starts talking about how long she's had it and all her signatures. She recaps the accident and how much it hurt to break her leg, including the ride to the hospital and having it set. Then she talks about how gross and sweaty her cast is after all these weeks. She talks about her cast and her experience for a while and then she scoots closer and puts her cast on you leg. She pulls a sock over her toes and talks about how much she keeps smelling her cast. Its not long before her toes start feeling sweaty and itchy again so she has to pull her sock off and itch inside it with a butter knife. She asks you to hold her cast up for her as she lays back and wiggles her toes. She wants to show you how well she is doing so she gets up to show you how she is exercising and falls to the floor in pain. Betty is sure that it is broken again.


Victoria's Boyfriend Leg Break Red LLC - Part 1

100 pics

In this first gallery, Victoria is looking sad yet beautiful as she sulks about her broken leg in bed, but she manages to put on a pretty face and smile for some pictures.


Victoria Breaks Her Leg for Boyfriend, Gets Red LLC

47 Min

Victoria is sitting on the couch with her boyfriend with a bandage around her ankle as you (her boyfriend) admire her new French pedicure. She says she would do anything to please you and you suggest that she could break her leg which surprises her. You explain that you have a thing for casts and she starts to make the connection that she was in a leg cast when you met. She's only been out of her previous cast for a short time so she thinks she could easily break it by jumping off a chair in heels. She does the jump and is certain that she's broken her ankle. She comes back from the hospital with a huge tube sock over her cast. But when she pulls off the cast, she reveals a soft cast. You are disappointed and tell her that you were hoping for something more colorful. She says it will just have to do for now and tries to get comfortable. She asks you to hold her leg up for her, but you let it slip and hit the coffee table and she insists that you did it on purpose. You get up and take her crutches and ask her to just take a few steps towards you and you will do anything for her. She reluctantly agrees and on her third painful step you hear a snap and she collapses to the ground. This time she says she can feel the break and it's definitely broken. Later, she emerges from the doctor's office with a big, red LLC and is in a lot of pain and she feels every bump in the road. She wants to make a couple quick stops but after crutching into the drug store, she realizes that she's not ready to be out crutching. Back at home, she has a terrible time crutching around as she's a total clutz and keeps hurting herself. You escort her upstairs and get her comfy in bed. A week later, you come to visit and she's got some signatures on her cast. She's been invited to go out with some friends so she puts on a dress and pulls some pantyhose up over her cast.


Jessica Lynn's Halloween Witch LLC

100 pics

Jessica Lynn is looking super sexy with her reused LLC with black vet wrap and her witch hat. She poses her sexy pantyhose clad leg and cast in bed in these great pics.


Jessica Lynn's Halloween Witch LLC

29 Min

You and Jessica Lynn are coming back from a Halloween party where you've been all night and it's now early the next morning. She's dressed up as a sexy witch. Jessica noticed you watching the girl in the long leg cast at the party all night and questions you about it. She recalls being suspicious that you started dating her in the first place because she happened to be in a long leg cast at the time. After tonight, she's certain that you like casts. She had her suspcions before so she bought some black vet wrap so she could put her old cast back on and tease you with it. Now, back at home, she asks you to meet her in the bedroom in five minutes. In the bathroom, she wraps her old cast in vet wrap. She comes out with her cast on and does a sexy dance to tease you and then she gets in bed and starts some hot cast talk as she continues to tease and puts her sexy casted toes in your face. She then says you haven't seen the best view of her cast yet as she scoots back on the bed and opens her legs and invites you in for a closer look. After some hot sex, you talk about what casting adventures you might have now.


Jessica Lynn's Realtor Pantyhose LLC - Part 4

100 pics

Remember Jessica Lynn's Realtor Pantyhose set? I've got one more gallery of some of the best pics from that shoot. Sorry it took so long to share these 100 gorgeous JL pics!


Alisha's Pink Public LLC - Part 1

28 Min

Alisha's in a big pink LLC, bent enough to see her casted toes and sole from the back, and a sexy little black dress. She's out crutching around at the department store looking for some new shorts that are easy to pull up over her cast. Crutching's a little harder than she expected and she takes a seat the first chance she gets. She crutches around, looking at all her options as we follow from behind. She comes to a display bed and gets up on it for a break with her nice tan toes sticking out of her leg cast. She's the kind of person that people want to talk to so she gets comments from people she passes. In the shoe department, she takes a breather on a bench and then gets a size six shoe to try on. She crutches around the area in the new shoe looking for other shoes to try on. She works up a sweat in the shoe department and decides to just stick with her Crock and heads towards the exit... but not before running into someone she knows. Next, we're at a coffee shop and as the camera is down by her wiggling toes, she talks about how tough it is to crutch and how sweaty and itchy her cast is. Her toes are hot so she takes her cold drink and puts it on her toes to cool them down. It's probably some of the best public toe wiggling footage ever as she talks about her cast and how much her leg hurts.


Maru's Leg Break Public Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

The beautiful Maru keeps being silly, hiding behind a tree on crutches, and then has a seat on a bench to put her legs up and pose her big blue LLC and size ten casted foot.


Maru's Leg Break Public Blue LLC - Part 2

35 Min

At the end of the last clip, Maru crutched to the front of the store looking for a scooter. Now, she's got one and can actually go shopping so she goes back down the isles to pick up some items. She drives around the store with her cast dangling out to the side and stopping to get up and hop over to things for a closer look. After a while, she decides to elevate her cast by propping it up on the basket which gives a great view of her cast and toes sticking up in the air. She gets off the scooter to try out a couch and a chair and stops to try some free samples. Maru talks and tells stories the entire time and luckily she's wearing a mic so you can hear her perfectly with minimal background noise like my voice. This clip is available with the bundle over at Joe's along bonus crutching footage.


Roxy's Zoo Outing LLC - Part 2

100 pics

After we left the zoo and stopped at a local park, I asked Roxy to stick her cast out the window of the SUV and then her dude spontaneously walked up and sucked her toes.


Roxy's Zoo Outing LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Join Roxy as she gets pushed around the zoo in a wheelchair in her LLC. She gets up on crutches for some photo ops from time to time. Log in now for 100 great new pics!


Roxy's Zoo Outing LLC

42 Min

Roxy has a recently broken leg and her man has decided to take her to the zoo and push her around in the wheelchair. Her leg is still very sensitive and she feels every bump the wheelchair hits and starts complaining about it right off the bat. Her partner lovingly taunts her as he wheels her around and she talks about her cast and how it feels... throbbing, itchy, sweaty. She gets restless occasionally and so she gets up and crutches for a while, but her casted leg keeps feeling heavier and she has to sit back down. Roxy is in good spirits and appreciative for being out of the house but as the day wears on her leg starts to bother her more. At the food court Roxy gets some food and gets her cast propped up, while the camera gets a nice shot of her wiggling toes. She again says that she's grateful for the trip to the zoo but her leg hurts and she'd like to go home soon. Next, she crutches towards the exit and stops at the gift shop.


Maru's Leg Break Public Blue LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Maru's looking beautiful as she poses her cast and toes on the picnic table, frantically itching her foot and then goes and hides behind a tree, getting silly on crutches.


Maru's Leg Break Public Blue LLC - Part 1

28 Min

Maru is great in public and great at crutching so that's the obvious choice with Maru, but this time I wanted to try some acting. In this clip, we're at a park with Maru hanging out as she tries and tests out different outdoor exercise equipment. She's having fun trying to figure out how they all work but eventually she takes a fall. Her leg is seriously hurt and after a moment of sitting there, she decides that she will probably need to go to the hospital. You hold her arm as she hops to the picnic shelter and grasps at her leg. And that's pretty much where the acting ends. The rest of the clip is just Maru being Maru. She's in a long blue leg cast and we're following Maru around a bulk store as she crutches around, makes jokes and tries out furniture. She crutches around until deciding that she might like to try a scooter so she can actually take some items to the register.


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Jessica Lynn's Realtor Pantyhose LLC - Part 3

100 pics

You'd think Jessica would cease to amaze me after all these years, but even I'm surprised by how stunning she looks in these pantyhose covered LLC pics on the back porch.


Jessica Lynn's Realtor Pantyhose LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Jessica is looking super sexy with her pantyhose clad cast propped up on the desk. She puts her heel between her casted toes, then pulls off her shoe and rubs her sore foot.


Jessica Lynn's Realtor Pantyhose LLC

50 Min

Jessica Lynn is a realtor who has an office in her house. She broke her leg while skiing two weeks ago and now she has an LLC with pantyhose over it. She was in the hospital until a few days ago. Now she wants to go back to work, as she still has some important projects going on. She's looking for an assistant for support for the next few weeks. Jessica is doing some paperwork when she hears a knock at the door. It's you, applying for the assistant position. She invites you in to have a seat at her desk. When she sits her pantyhose covered casted toes are visible under the desk and you can't stop looking at them. She notices and you ask her some questions. Loving the attention, she answers and invites you to lift her cast to feel how heavy it is. She complains about crutching and how sore it makes her good foot. You offer her a foot rub and after considering it for a moment, she agrees. She puts her feet in your lap and moans as you rub her toes. She enjoys it so much that she hires you and has you sign a contract. Her first task for you is carrying a big stack of files up the stairs, but you're clumsy and drop them on the steps causing Jessica to fall on her cast and injure her broken leg again! Does she fire you or let you pamper her casted toes some more? Watch to find out!


Jean's Pink LLC

100 pics

Jean wore the cast for hours, just hanging out before pic time. She starts the gallery off by acting like her leg hurts, convincingly enough that I asked her if she was okay. At the end of the gallery, she shows off her flexibility by pulling her legs up way past her head.


Victoria's Return LLC - Part 4

100 pics

Victoria pulls off some great facial expressions in this gallery as she's looking quite somber, then she lightens up and gets silly and accidentally slides off the porch swing!


Jean's Pink LLC

27 Min

Jessica's friend Jean is totally new to modeling, acting and casting but when Jessica told her that she does cast shoots, she wanted to try it. Even though Jean has no acting experience, she did a good job portraying someone with a freshly casted leg. This clip starts off with Jean waking up in bed with her leg propped up, moaning and whining about how sore her leg is. She slowly gets up and heads out of the room. After figuring out how to get down the stairs, she heads over to the couch. She has to get up and hop across the room to get some pillows to prop up her leg. Once she's comfortable, her leg starts itching and she tries to use her fingers but decides to head to the kitchen and get a stick. Back at the couch, she sounds orgasmic as she uses the stick to itch inside her cast. Next, her friend calls her on the phone after hearing about her accident. She talks to her friend for several minutes about the whole ordeal as she moves her cast and toes around. After that she finds her stick and starts itching inside her cast again as she makes dramatic, maybe sexual sounds and wiggles her cute little feet around. There was going to be more video, but then Jessica came back with a pizza and she just hung out in her cast for a couple more hours before we did pictures. Let me know if you'd like to see Jean again.


Victoria's Return LLC - Part 3

100 pics

If you liked the last gallery of Victoria on the couch, here's 100 more awesome pics. Victoria alternates from being sad and pouty to being excited and showing off her leg cast.


Victoria's Return LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Victoria is looking beautiful posing her LLC and casted toes with her sock clad foot. This gallery is chock full of amazing Victoria pictures and there's lots more pics to come!


Victoria's Return LLC

36 Min

Victoria crutches through the front door with a painful broken leg in a fresh LLC and heads to the couch. After sitting down, propping her leg up and whining for a minute she decides that she should get something to drink before she gets too comfortable. She starts banging her cast on things as soon as she gets up and has a rough trip to the kitchen as she's very clumsy on crutches. After struggling in the kitchen for a few minutes, it's too much for her and she has to sit down and prop up her leg. She props her leg up on a stool and whines as the camera moves in for some closeups. She realizes that the kitchen chair she's sitting in has wheels so she uses that to navigate the kitchen and get a snack. Back in the living room she crawls across the floor to get more pillows to prop her cast up on. After getting her cast propped up, she calls a friend and tells her about her broken leg and how she broke it. Next, you're Victoria's friend coming over to help her and she's being very pathetic. She whines and talks about how miserable she is as you check out her cast. She asks you to hold her cast up for her. She wiggles her toes in your face for a bit and then starts to notice how you're acting and accuses you of being turned on by her cast. At first she things it's weird and makes you move across the room while she processes it. You're ready to be kicked out, but instead she starts to get it and can see how her cast is sexy too so she has you come back over to the couch and hold it up for her again. She wiggles her toes in your face as she talks about how she's kinda into it too. She wants to go upstairs so she asks you to hold her cast as she crutches upstairs. In the bedroom, you help her get her leg propped up and check out her cast. You start to leave, but she invites you to lay down next to her as she drifts off to sleep.


Betty's Blue SLC - Part 3

100 pics

Betty is now downstairs on the couch nursing her casted broken leg and then she props up her cute casted toes and dirty sole while smiling and showing off her cast.


Victoria's Return LLC - Part 1

100 pics

There's still some more Betty pictures to come, but Victoria is back and I've got a new clip coming up this week so here's the first 100 gorgeous pictures of her in her new LLC.


Betty's Blue SLC - Part 2

100 pics

Betty goes from looking uncomfortable to looking cute and sexy as she continues to lay around on the bed, posing her cute casted toes and soles. Stay tuned for more pics.


Betty's Blue SLC - Part 1

100 pics

Betty's cast is clearly bothering her at the beginning of this set as she tries to get her leg comfortable but towards the end, she puts on a super cute face for the camera!


Betty's Blue SLC

30 Min

Betty broke her leg while running and is coming home in a brand new blue SLC and really feeling it. She crutches in the door and sits on the couch complaining about the cast and her painful broken leg. She calls her friend Alisha and tells her all about it and then props her leg up on a pillow and wiggles her toes. She's skeptical that she will not be able to walk on her cast so she tries stepping on it and it hurts so she gets up on crutches and heads into the kitchen where she has a hard time maneuvering around without hitting her cast on things. After getting a drink and returning to the couch, she realizes that she needs her laptop to catch up on some work so she hops to the kitchen to grab it. She makes another trip to get her water and accidentally steps on her cast. She props her leg up high on the arm of the couch while she works. Next she goes outside for some fresh air on her crutches. After that she's exhausted and just wants to lay down so after a tricky trip upstairs and hopping to the bed, she props her cast up on some pillows and tries to find a comfortable position while the camera hangs out by her wiggling toes. Let me know what you think of Betty's acting and what you'd like to see next.


Jessica Lynn's Antiquing LLC - Part 2

50 pics

Although Jessica was totally worn out by the time we finished crutching around the grocery store, she still managed to have fun as you can see in these final 50 phone pics.


Alisha's Black/Grey LLC and Grey LAC - Part 3

100 pics

Alisha's sitting on the couch with some beautiful window lighting, trying to get comfortable. Her broken limbs are painful but she's trying to look pretty for the camera.


Jessica Lynn's Antiquing LLC - Part 2 (Crafts, Grocery)

33 Min

In the previous clip, Jessica crutched around an antique store, trying out all the furniture in her LLC. Now, in this clip our next stop was the craft store because Jessica loves crafts. At this point, she's still full of energy and having a good time as she happily crutches around commenting on everything that catches her eye and sometimes commenting about how sexy her cast is. After that, Jessica wants to show me a huge international grocery store that she's familiar with. She's a bit tired when we get there but still manages to stay positive, but after a while she starts to lose steam and needs to take a break. She directs me to her favorite coffee so I can buy some. After a little more crutching, she's too tired to go on so we leave and back at her place she gets a well deserved toe rub.


Alisha's Black/Grey LLC and Grey LAC - Part 2

100 pics

Alisha's still in bed trying to get comfortable in her long leg cast and long arm cast. The pictures get a little more interesting when she rolls over and lays on her stomach!


Angel's Zoo Date LLC - Part 3

100 pics

I might have just saved the best for last as Angel starts by posing her casted leg and toes in some beautiful outdoor lighting and then gets carried inside in the last few pics.


Briella Jaden's Cast Talk Park LLC

12 Min

So Briella Jaden came through my area recently and we did this spontaneous shoot at the park. Unfortunately, something came up and she had to leave early and we didn't get to finish the shoot, but what we have is pretty good. Briella has a great, flirty way of talking (plus some nice feet) and we find her sitting at the park with her LLC. She tells us all about it, what it feels like, what happened and what it's like to have the cast. She ad-libs everything and her experience with casts shows. She constantly moves her cast around as she talks about it and then asks us to hold her cast up for her so her casted toes are right in our face as she wiggles them. Next, we walk with her as she crutches and she complains about her pain and how hard crutching is the whole time. After that, she is sitting on a picnic table, talking about how the walk hurt her and how she can't walk any more and inexplicably drops her cast on the table, hurting her leg further. Again, ad-libbed.


Alisha's Black/Grey LLC and Grey LAC - Part 1

100 pics

Alisha's looking quite blue as she sits in bed with her leg propped up with a sock over her toes. She takes off her socks and moves around to find a more comfortable position.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Angel exhibits more of her fun style of posing with her legs in the air in these 100 beautiful pictures taken on the back deck. Some of the best Angel pics to date!


Alisha's Black/Grey LLC & Grey LAC

37 Min

Luckily I recently got back in touch with the beautiful Alisha and she's just as hot as she did last time we saw her. I wanted to see how she would do with some acting so in this clip she's got a newly broken leg and arm after an accident on some stairs. The clip starts out with her just trying to get her painful leg more comfortable on the couch. Her toes are cold so she pulls a small white ankle sock over her casted toes as best she can, which is difficult because of her painful broken arm. She calls a friend to vent about how she broke her leg and how she's got to be casted for the next six weeks. While she's on the phone, her cast starts to itch a lot so she tries to itch inside her cast with a comb and even tries using her other foot to hold the comb. She does some crutching outside to check the mail and then she realizes that her friend is coming over in an hour and she's been wearing the same clothes for three days so she needs to change. She painfully scoots up the stairs, dropping her cast at one point. When she reaches the top, she has to hop because she left her crutches downstairs. She manages to change clothes and scoot back down the stairs. In the kitchen she bangs her cast on the refrigerator and hurts her leg more. Finally, we see her trying to get comfortable in bed, trying lots of positions.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC - Part 1

150 pics

Angel starts out by doing her usual playful posing on the couch and holding her legs and feet in the air. Then she gets carried out to the back deck for some standing pics.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC - Part 2

45 Min

Last we saw Angel, she had talked her guy friend into pushing her around in a wheelchair at the zoo. Now, she asks him to pull her pant leg up higher on the cast, which he doesn't do to her satisfaction. She then has him pick her up and put her back in her chair, complaining that her toes are touching the ground. He pushes her around in the chair until she has him assist her with posing on another statue before having him pick her back up and place her in the wheelchair. Once they get to the polar bears, she's back up on crutches for a while. After that, he pushes her into a nice log cabin where she gets up and poses for some pictures and also some pictures on a bench, where the camera gets some nice closeups of her casted toes. She eventually is a little too rough on her broken leg and just wants to go home. Angel comes through her front door with her sock back on and whining that her leg is more sore than before. She doesn't feel good and has her friend prop her cast up high on his lap and take her socks off. Tired and "hangry" she has him itch her casted foot with a back scratcher and then rub her feet as she whines.


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Jessica Lynn's Antiquing LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Pictures weren't really the focus while we were out and about but we took some phone pics anyways. Jessica's such a great model that I still got plenty of nice shots!


Jessica Lynn's Antiquing LLC - Part 1

30 Min

Jessica Lynn is very excited to go antiquing in her LLC as she crutches into the antique mall. She's on a mission to find the ultimate chair to sit in with her LLC. She immediately starts interracing with things, trying out chairs and even weighing her cast. She's in good spirits but still acts like it hurts when she bumps her cast into something. She crutches around slowly and carefully, occasionally pausing to just let her leg swing back and forth. As she joyously browses around and admires all the cool stuff, she tries out pretty much every seat she finds, carefully sitting down and getting back up, and sometimes finds a way to elevate her leg so the camera can get a nice view of her wiggling toes. She also talks about how heavy her cast is and how she thinks it's sexy.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC Phone Pics - Part 3

100 pics

Today's update is the last 100 of the cell phone pics from the zoo and maybe the best batch yet. There's some beautiful shots of Angel posing in her wheelchair.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC Phone Pics - Part 2

100 pics

Angel finishes posing on some statues and then gets up on her crutches to check out some exhibits and pose for more pictures before sitting back in her wheelchair.


Adara Jordan Breaks Her Leg for Crush & Gets LLC - 2

24 Min

This clip starts with a recap of how Adara broke her leg. In the previous clip, she broke her leg for her crush (you) and got an LLC, but she sent you away and would only talk to you on the phone because her leg is still too painful and broken for sex. Now, she wants to hang out with you, but she's afraid that if you were to come over to her place you might have sex. So she's decided to meet you in public at the grocery store. You meet up with her in the produce section and she explains why she wanted to meet you in public and tells you that she could have used a scooter but she's crutching around for you. She's still in a lot of pain and gasps as she crutches, getting encouragment from passers by. She makes comments and teases you about all the fun you're going to have while she has her cast. She stumbles and hurts her cast in the dairy aisle. Next, you have lunch together at a mexican restaurant where she props her cast up right in front of you so you have to stare at her casted toes wiggling throughout the entire meal and she makes a point to tease you about it and remind you that your obsession is why you can't go back to her place with her. Before the meal ends, she moves closer and puts her cast on your leg, wiggles her toes and tells you that you're just going to have to take care of yourself after you drop her off. Cut to later and you're waking up in bed next to her. After you check out her cast and toes for a few minutes, she says she thinks she's ready to go again!


Adara's Leg Break DLLC with Spreader Bar

100 pics

I didn't accidentally post these on the wrong site. When I had finished Adara's DLLC, I realized that I forgot to take pictures of her in her LLC, so I decided to take some extras for Cast Fetish. In this gallery, Adara covers her crotch with sweat pants, being a tease.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC - Part 1

45 Min

Angel's at home on the couch with her leg propped up when her guy friend comes over to visit. She explains to him about how she broke her leg while surfing. She asks him to prop her leg up high and warm up her cold toes by rubbing them. She complains that he's not being gentle enough. She talks about how bored she's been and more about her surfing accident. When he's trying to put a sock over her casted toes, she teases him with her sweaty good foot. They brainstorm some things they could go do to relieve her boredom and decide on the zoo. Next, she's being pushed in a wheelchair at the zoo and first she wants to look for a stretchy sock for her toes at the gift shop. Angel has her friend do tasks for her like taking her sock off and warming her toes with his hand and raising her leg rest. She gets up and crutches when she gets to an exhibit she wants to see. She also gets up for photo ops, like climbing and posing on animal statues. After more crutching, she finds a bench where she can prop her cast on her friend's lap and get her toes rubbed. This is only half the footage, so stay tuned for more!


Amanda's Public Black LLC

100 pics

After a ton of crutching around, we stopped by the park so I could take some pictures and Amanda busted out some amazing LLC poses on park benches and even a tree.


Amanda's Public Black LLC

55 Min

Amanda is filming herself practicing an aerial performance on a lyra several feet in the air, when she makes a mistake and comes crashing down to the floor. Now, she's in a black LLC at home and she calls a friend to tell her what happened. The friend offers to take her shopping for some things that she might need with her cast. Next, you're out in public with Amanda as she looks for a stretchy sock to pull over her toes and Amanda thinks she might even be able to find a slipper to pull over it. She's also looking for a more comfortable shoe for crutching and maybe some shorts that will fit over it. She tries on some shoes, crutching around in them. She tries out a couple of chairs and talks to some people. After lots of shopping and crutching around stores, we stop at the park where she crutches some more and stops to take a break on a picnic bench and wiggle her toes.


Jessica Lynn's Achilles Light Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

In a continuation of the last gallery, Jessica poses her light blue casted leg in a variety of poses, including some shots from her POV and some sexy shots with her legs in the air.


Jessica Lynn's Achilles Light Blue LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Just like in the video, Jessica Lynn is back home in her new light blue achilles LLC. She sits on the couch being sad with her cast propped up on pillows and poses her toes.


Jessica Lynn's Achilles Rupture LLC - Part 2

36 Min

When we last saw Jessica Lynn, she was excitedly getting ready for a night on the town with some girlfriends and ready to meet some guys. This clip starts at the beginning of that scene. Jessica is getting dressed in the bedroom talking to herself about how hot she's going to look this evening. She pulls pantyhose over her cast and does her hair and makeup in the bathroom. As she's finishing up and checking herself out in the mirror, she stumbles and steps on her cast and falls, injuring her leg again. Jessica cries and screams in pain for several minutes before scooting off to find her phone. Cut to later and she's crutching in the front and over to the couch in a light blue LLC. She gasps and winces as she tries to get her cast comfortable on the couch. For a while, she whines to herself about her situation and her lack of pain meds before eventually calling a friend to vent. She sadly tells her friend the entire story, how it was bad before and even worse now. The friend volunteers to come over and spend some time with her. Next, you are her friend coming over to visit and she has you prop her cast up on the table and put a sock over her cast. She very whiny and asks you to take it back off again. When she asks you to prop her cast up even higher, her cast slips and hits the floor causing her a lot of pain. She angrily makes you leave. The clip ends with Jessica feeling sorry for herself and sad that she made you leave as she wiggles her casted toes.


Angel's Zoo Date LLC Phone Pics - Part 1

100 pics

There's more Adara to come, but for now check out this preview gallery of a great new shoot I did yesterday with Angel. Here are 100 nice phone pictures of Angel at the zoo.


Adara Jordan Breaks Her Leg for Crush & Gets LLC - 1

26 Min

Adara's on the phone with her crush when he tells her about his cast fetish. She confused but wants to make it happen for him. Unaware that casting supplies are available to the public, she decides that the easiest way to get a cast would be to jump off a chair in high heels. She has some high heeled boots so they will have to do. She makes the jump and it hurts more than she expected. She calls her crush to come and take her to the hospital. Even though she's in a great deal of pain she starts talking dirty to him and asking him how much he's turned on. While she waits for him to arrive, she carefully pulls off her boot revealing her swollen ankle in her tube sock. Next, you arrive to take her to the hospital. She asks you to hold it up for her as she screams and starts talking dirty about how she's going to get a big cast for you and how turned on you'll be. Next she comes home in her new LLC and has you help her onto the couch and get her leg propped up. She has you try and hold her cast up higher for her to relieve some of the pain, giving you a great view of her cute casted toes. For a while, she moans on the couch and contemplates how she will be able to cope for the next six weeks. As you're perving on her toes, she asks you to have a seat and watch her in her cast. She teases you with her toes and cast and talks sexy to you as she winces and gasps. She gets so horny that she makes you leave because she can't have sex yet. Next, she decides to call and tease you about her cast, talking about her cast, her toes, her broken leg and scratching her cast into the phone.


Roxy's Paddy's Day Pool LLC

50 pics

I didn't take many pictures this time, but I do have a great gallery for you. She does some cute standing poses at the bar and then does some nudes on the bed after the video.


Roxy's Green Paddy's Day Pool Playing LLC - Part 2

25 Min

And now for the x-rated conclusion to Roxy's Paddy's Day LLC. Roxy and the man she met at the bar are back at her place and she's ready to see the kilt that he promised to show her. He tells her that it's upstairs and so she starts to crutch up the steps in her green high heel, but after a few steps she decides that it would be safer for her to scoot up the stairs on her butt, even though he offered to carry her. In the bedroom, he emerges from the bathroom in his kilt and as she's sitting in the chair, she lifts up the front and starts going to town on him. They do it in a few positions and she asks him to finish on her cast, which he manages to do partially.


Roxy's Green Paddy's Day Pool Playing LLC - Part 1

30 Min

Better posted late than never, here's my Paddy's Day shoot with Adina. This shoot is a non-nude, public precursor to a much steamier clip coming soon. She's at a local bar dressed in lots of green with a green heel and a nice green LLC. She meets a guy and things start to get flirty as she crutches and hops around the pool table. They decide that whoever loses the game will buy the next round of drinks. She wins and takes a seat as he gets her a drink. When he returns she props her cast up on his leg and he rubs her toes. He mentions that he has a kilt and they decide if she wins the next match she gets to see his kilt. She does but his kilt is back at his place. To be continued...


Jessica Lynn's Achilles SLC, LLC - Part 1

50 pics

Here we find Jessica getting ready to go out with some friends, just like the scene in the video. She plays with her pantyhose and beautiflly poses her hose covered casted toes.


Jessica Lynn's Achilles Rupture SLC/LLC - Part 1

37 Min

Jessica Lynn is happily setting up her phone to record a TicTok dance. She gets it all set up, hits record and starts dancing. When she does a jump move, she feels her achilles tendon rupture and she collapses to the floor. She looks around for her phone and when she finally realizes that she's still filming, she crawls over to it and calls for help. Next scene, we see Jessica coming home (by the way, Jessica has a nicer place to film now) in her new pointed SLC, but she's very awkward on crutches as she tries to get something to drink in the kitchen. Her clumsiness causes herself enough pain that she has to sit on the kitchen floor for a moment. She eventually makes it to the couch where she's able to get her cast propped up as she whines and complains about her situation, wiggling her toes with her sock on and off. Cut to another day and she's now in good spirits as she gets dressed up for a night out with the girls, ready to meet some guys. She does her hair and makeup, pulls pantyhose over her cast and slips on her high heel. She's confident that she will be able to crutch just fine as she checks herself out in the mirror. But as she turns to crutch away, she has a big stumble... to be continued.


Rayn's Grey LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Rayn is looking incredible posing her grey LLC on some vintage furniture while showing off her hot body in lingerie. Log in now for some of the sexiest Rayn pics posted yet!


Rayn's Grey LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Before we get to the super hot lingerie pictures, Rayn poses her grey LLC in her daisy dukes on crutches and then sits down to prop her cast up and pose her sexy casted toes.


Rayn's Retail Leg Break Grey LLC

27 Min

Rayn is working at a small mom-and-pop antique store and looking at her phone when she gets a call from the boss telling her she needs to retrieve something from the attic. She's reluctant because she's afraid of heights. Sure enough, as she's climbing the ladder, her foot slips and she has a fall, breaking her leg. Next, it's a week later and she's back at work sitting behind the counter with her cast propped up talking on the phone. She complains to her friend about her cast and that her boss only gave her a week off of work. There are some items in the store that she wants her boyfriend to buy for their new apartment and so she has a plan to give him a tour of the shop in lingerie as she shows him some of the items she wants him to buy.


Roxy the Realtor's LLC - Part 2

50 pics

And here's 50 sexy pictures of the sexy Roxy posing seductively on the bed right after we finished shooting her sex scene. Log in now to check out these very revealing pics!


Roxy the Realtor Gets Rammed in her LLC

29 Min

Picking up where the last clip left off, Roxy's customer admits that he's been staring at her cast the entire time as he holds her leg up and rubs her toes. The sexual chemistry builds as he's rubbing her leg and then he finally leans down for a kiss. When he's placing her glasses in her purse for her, he discovers her vibrator and pulls it out. He starts using the vibrator on her as he unbuttons her shirt and she lays back and moans. Next, he pulls her to the edge of the bed and she rubs his bulge with her pantyhose clad foot. They kiss passionately while removing more of her clothing and he goes down on her while also using the vibrator. Next, it's her turn to go down on him and she lays across the bed in various positions while he finger bangs her. Finally, it's time for some cast sex! Don't miss this very sexy clip and look for the first half over at Joe's.


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC - 6

100 pics

And here's the grand finale of Jessica Lynn's latest shoot. She's fully nude with her aged casts and doing some of the sexiest poses yet. Don't miss these 100 amazing sexy pics.


Amanda's Public Black LLC - Part 2

32 Min

After the mall, we stopped by a shoe store so Amanda could try on some different shoes and boots for crutching. She tries on some really high heels and tests them out in the store, not bothering to adjust her crutches. Next, it's off to the department store (audio improves here), where she drives a scooter around and stops to hop around on one foot and look at things and try out a couple of chairs. For a minute, I thought she might be playing her own game of bumper cars as she keeps crashing into things.


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC - 5

100 pics

Jessica takes her worn and aged casts upstairs to pose for another 100 stunning pics in her cute little outfit. She poses standing and on the bed as she flashes the camera.


Amanda's Public Black LLC - Part 1

24 Min

The athletic and fun Amanda reached out about doing a shoot and somehow it's been over a year! So I figured we ought to do a simple public shoot to get the ball rolling again. First, we stopped by the mall for some extended crutching, stopping at a few stores. Next, we went around a furniture store where Amanda tried sitting on a few things. Finally, we did the mandatory stop at the arcade where Amanda tries a few standing games that require legs. Lastly, she has a seat and props her cast up on a shooting game.


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC - 4

150 pics

It's another epic 150 gallery and some time has passed. She's no longer "pregnant" and her casts have aged significantly. She poses her dirty casts in the wheelchair, on the couch and then gets nude to pose her SLC with her fantastic behind.


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC - 3

100 pics

The sexiness rises again in this gallery as Jessica moves to the bedroom to check herself out nude in the mirror and then moves to the bed for erotic poses and a dildo footjob.


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC - 2

150 pics

Here's the next gallery of amazing pics. She does a lot in this gallery, including some erotic upskirt shots in the wheelchair and dildo handjob and footjob pics with her casts.


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC

20 Min

[Note: Jessica Lynn is not actually pregnant. It is a fake belly.] Remember Jessica Lynn's Pregnant and Plastered video from last year? In this clip, we're revisiting that story and Jessica has had her casts changed to a light blue SLC and a black LAC. You're her husband waiting in bed as she finishes her bedtime routine. She doesn't bother using crutches as she walks over and gets in bed with you. She asks you to rub lotion on her good foot, which you gladly do as you look at her perfect casted toes sticking out of her SLC. Afterwards, she's so overcome with emotion that she just starts making out with you. Next, she asks you to take off her panties and look at how wet you have made her. While you're down there, she asks you to just sit back and watch as she teases you with her SLC. After a few minutes of that, she wants to taste you so she asks you to sit back as she gives you a blowjob with a perfect view of her LAC and SLC in front of you. Finally, you get on top and make her orgasm so hard she squirts. You hand her a towel to clean up the mess!


Roxy the Realtor's LLC - Part 1

50 pics

In this gallery, the very sexy Roxy (formerly Adina) is looking all professional and ready to show the property in her faux med LLC. She stops to prop her feet up and take off her heel and pose her pantyhose clad foot with her cast.


Roxy the Realtor's Faux Med LLC

27 Min

Roxy (formerly Adina) is a realtor with a broken leg in an LLC showing a property. Her cast is clearly weeks old. They meet out front and he's immediately interested in her LLC. She shows him around the property, but at this point he's more interested in her cast than the property and keeps making comments about it. Eventually she offers to let him sign her cast if that will get his attention back on the real estate. She can feel some chemistry so she quickly gets up and continues showing him the property but steps on her cast and needs to sit down. This time he rubs her feet, but Roxy, in an effort to keep things professional, gets up and once again steps on her leg and gets her crutches caught on some furniture. She asks him to get her over to the bed and hold her leg up. He holds her leg, but can't resist touching her toes and leg. There's more to this story to come!


JL's Pregnant & Plastered Blue SLC & Black LAC - 1

150 pics

Jessica and I just finished filming a short sequel to her "Pregnant and Plastered" video. She's now in a light blue SLC and black LAC. Jessica is again wearing a fake belly and is not actually pregnant. Since we finished the shoot with her only wearing a black LAC and then posing completely nude with her removed casts, I thought I'd post those pictures first. This gallery is hot, including some simulated BJ and FJ pics! Stay tuned for lots more!


Irene's Mall LLC

100 pics

After returning from the mall, Irene's cast was looking really dirty on the bottom. She poses on the couch wincing and alternating between smiling and making painful faces.


Irene's Mall LLC - Phone Pics

50 pics

Before I share some of the indoor pics I took back at Irene's place, here's 50 great pictures I took with my phone while we were filming her latest video at the mall.


Irene's Mall LLC

33 Min

Last month I went to Irene's area for a shoot so we could go out to one of the coolest malls I've ever seen for some last minute Christmas publicking/shopping. I knew she had some experience with crutching out in public, but I did not forsee how quickly she would run out of steam and need rest. But, over the course of this half hour of footage, with Irene in her straight white LLC, we made it to the food court, took some escalators, browsed around the soup/lotion store, and found a cool set where you can take your own Christmas pics. Other than that, she had to take a few breaks to rest and wiggle her toes and she films her own toes part of the time.


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC - Part 4

100 pics

Janeen continues posing her pantyhose covered LLC on the couch, then stands up and then poses on the floor in her lingerie as if she has just had a fall and hurt her leg again.


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC - Part 3

100 pics

It's now weeks after the first clip when Janeen's LLC was fresh and new. Now, it's dirty and covered with signatures and sexy pantyhose as she does some cute poses in lingerie.


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC - Part 2

33 Min

It's now over a month later and Janeen's LLC is worn looking and covered with signatures. Janeen is talking on the phone with a friend as she peels her thigh high tube sock off her cast so she can paint her toenails. Janeen tells her friend about a first date she is having later that evening and how the guy seems to be a little fixated on her cast. She talks about how the socks have grown on her, but she's thinking about pulling pantyhose over her cast for her date tonight. Her LLC is straight so she has some difficulty painting her nails but she gets them painted as she continues talking to her friend and pondering why her date might be excited about her broken leg. Next Janeen realizes that she needs to clean up her apartment for her big date and gets up and starts cleaning while continuing to talk to herself. She ponders if her date will smell her cast or even put her toes in his mouth. After cleaning up her apartment, she sits down to do her makeup while she wiggles her toes and talks about her smelly cast and how she will tease her date with it. Next we see Janeen's back as she changes into some sexy lingerie. Then she pulls some pantyhose over her cast, but when Janeen tries to stand in her high heel and stick her toes in the other heel, she has a tumble and her date (you!) shows up a moment later and holds her pantyhose covered cast up for her. Janeen is brilliant and hilarious with her totally ad-libbed talking so be sure not to miss this.


Jessica Lynn's Five Ways To Get an SLC

50 pics

Jessica's latest clip is great for big, thick sock lovers and this gallery is the same as Jessica plays with and adjusts her socks, taking them off briefly before putting them back on.


Jessica Lynn's Five Ways To Get an SLC

32 Min

In perhaps one of the most action packed half hours in CF history, we witness Jessica break her ankle in five different ways. You're lucky enough to be her trusted roommate who she thinks is just her friend but you have a secret crush on her. She comes home from work talking about her day and throws her leg over yours, giving you a nice view of her big socks. She holds her tennis shoe up and asks you if you'd rub her foot for her. You agree and as you do, you start to daydream about how you could ever get her in an SLC with a big sock over it. First you daydream about her stepping on a ball as she comes down the stairs. Next you daydream that she has to step up on a chair to reach something in the kitchen and she loses her balance and gets her foot wedged in the chair. Then you daydream that she is attacked by a delivery man that slams her foot in the door. Finally, you daydream that you're having a chat with her about your cast fetish as you rub her foot and just decide to suddently break it yourself as you sit there. You're suddently snapped out of your daydream by Jessica crying and telling you to stop it. You broke her ankle for real while you were daydreaming! How will she react? What will she do? Watch and see.


Maru's Blue SLC Stills Gallery

100 pics

So, like I mentioned in the clip description, I set out to film Maru posing with Halloween decorations so I could pull stills for a gallery and as you can see it worked out pretty well!


Maru's Blue SLC

18 Min

So, I'm not sure how to explain this clip. Let's just call it bonus footage in addition to Maru's Public Red LLC. And I'll include it with the Maru Public Red LLC on Joe's Clips. This impromptu shoot was filmed around Halloween with the idea that she would pose with the props in this little Halloween town and I'd make a gallery out of the 4k stills. I never got around to doing anything with this but I figure since I didn't take any actual pictures on the Maru Public Red LLC shoot, I'd just pair it with this bonus video. So stay tuned for the stills gallery and if you like Maru, you should enjoy her crutching around this downtown area and having fun looking at and posing with the cool decorations.


Maru's Public Red LLC

49 Min

The beautiful Maru is back! Maru has a lot of potential when it comes to publicking because she's great at crutching and she clearly loves to talk and interact with people. Whenever we enter a public area, the first thing she does is look for someone she can interact with (and I didn't even tell her to do that). Another thing I didn't tell her to do is look for a giant shoe that she can fit over her casted foot (I would have told her that they make cast shoes), but she decided to have some shoe store employees help her look for a shoe that would fit over her cast (again, not my idea, lol). She does that for a while and also looks for a rock with "healing" properties at a new age store. After all that, she tries out some mattresses and couches as I get some closeups of her casted toes. And, of course, there's plenty of crutching. I'm already looking forward to the next adventure with Maru so let me know what you'd like to see her do next!


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Janeen's miserable time with her fresh LLC continues as she pulls off her remaining sock and poses her toes before making her way to the kitchen on crutches.


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's a great gallery for the sock fans out there. Janeen is clearly uncomfortable and distressed about her sore broken leg as she poses her tube sock clad casted toes.


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC - Part 1

25 Min

Poor Janeen is having a rough first day in her LLC after slipping and breaking her leg on the icy steps right at the begining of winter. She's now coming home in a wheelchair with a sweatshirt and thigh high tube socks pulled up her legs. She wheels over to the couch where she struggles to transfer herself to the couch and get her leg propped up. She tries to eleate her leg, but her leg slips and slams into the floor causing her a lot of pain. Janeen calls a friend and tells her about the accident and her cast, but has to get off the phone while she struggles for several minutes to get her socks off. When she talks to her friend again, she lets her leg slip off the couch again, causing her to have to end the call with her friend. After that, she heads to the kitchen for some food and drink and she hurts her poor broken leg several times by bumping it and stepping on it. More coming soon!


Jessica Lynn's Handyman Leg Break LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jessica Lynn is in a super sexy mood and bringing her posing A-game while posing her big, thick LLC fully nude and then shows off her cream pie from the video in the final pics.


Jessica Lynn's Handyman Leg Break LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Jessica poses her painful broken leg in the wheelchair with her leg propped up on pillows and then she acts out her leg falling off the stack of pillows like scenes in the clip.


Jessica Lynn's Handyman Leg Break LLC

51 Min

You're a handyman fixing Jessica's sink and just as you're finishing up, you notice some casting supplies under the sink. After looking through them, you're convinced that she's into recreational casting. You finish up and leave as you tells you about the ski trip she's going on this weekend. After the weekend, she calls you back to work on the sink again, but this time she's in a soft cast. She says she broke it while skiing and can't put any weight on it, but you're very skeptical. You help her to the couch and get her leg up on some pillows and after she talks about her broken leg, it falls off the pillows causing her pain. She asks you to hold her leg and you take the opportunity to ask her about her casting supplies. She admits to her cast fetish and asks you if her broken leg turns you on. You agree that it's sexy, but are still not convinced her leg is broken, so when she goes to the kitchen for some pain meds, you take her crutches and ask her to walk towards you. She eventually agrees and collapses on the floor in pain, having broken her leg again. Next, you're bringing her home in a wheelchair with a big, thick white LLC and she talks about her cast for a bit before reminding you that you volunteered to have sex with her in a cast. She painfully makes her way upstairs with your help and in the bedroom, Jessica's fantasy of sex in a cast is fulfilled.


Irene's Pink Workout LLC - Part 2

150 pics

Irene's such a great model that I ended up with 150 pictures in this one. First, there's some great pics on crutches outside and then she poses her socks and peels them off.


Irene's Pink Workout LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Irene is looking hot and sexy in her pink LLC at the gym, sometimes with socks and sometimes with no socks. We got some really great pictures despite the poor gym lighting.


Irene's Painful Pink LLC Workout

32 Min

Irene's leg is broken with a pink LLC with lots of signatures. Her leg is very painful as she constantly gasps and winces and toches her leg as she tries to get comfortable on the couch. She carefully pulls a Nike ankle sock over her toes, tight enough that you can see through them. She puts on a shoe and heads to the kitchen where she hits her leg on the cabinet, causing enough pain that she has to sit down. After that, she hops around the kitchen some more with her sock off. After doing some more chores, she crutches back to the couch to carefully put up her leg and put her sock back on. Next, she's at her gym, where for the next 15 minutes, tries to see what exercises she can do with only one leg. She unfortunately bangs her leg several times, causing her to have to take a short break. Finally, while working out with some dumbbells, she drops one on her cast, hurting her leg and ending her workout. Also, sorry about some of the out of focus shots, a camera setting was messed up.


Rayn's Park and Public LLC

100 pics

This is the only gallery from this shoot, but Rayn is looking stunning in these 100 pics as she crutches and then poses with her daisy dukes and white LLC on the picnic table.


Rayn's Park and Public LLC

33 Min

Rayn's leg hurts and her sock covered toes are cold, but she's happy to be out at the park with you crutching around on this beautiful day. She's not much of a talker, but she talks a little about her leg as crutches. She has to stop and take a couple breaks and the first time, she has you hold her sock covered foot for her. Later, she takes a rest on a picnic table as you observe her do some stretches and take off her shoe and sock for her. After that, she's got some shopping to do, so you accompany her to the store where she takes a scooter around, getting up and hopping to get items from the shelf.


Jessica Lynn's Boyfriend Leg Break Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jessica poses her beautiful pantyhose clad toes in some more pictures before removing them for a little sock play as she pulls a girly sock tight over her toes.


Jessica Lynn's Boyfriend Leg Break Blue LLC - Part 1

100 pics

The beautiful Jessica Lynn poses her blue LLC with fishnet pantyhose standing on crutches and even gives us a little peek under her skirt in these 100 sexy pictures.


Jessica Lynn Breaks Her Leg for her Boyfriend

47 Min

This video starts with the camera (you, Jessica's boyfriend) complimenting her on her legs and immaculately painted toenails. Jessica says that if there's anything she could do to turn you on, she'd do it. Next thing you know, she's agreed to break her leg for you. First you try twisting it but you're disappointed when she comes home in a short soft cast. Next, she tries jumping off a chair and that does it. She comes home in a nice, almost straight blue LLC with a girly ankle sock over the toes. She's in constant pain, moaning almost sexually the whole time as she removes her sock to show you her casted toes. When she asks you to put her crutches away, you drop them on her cast on purpose. Next you're at the park, walking and talking. She talks about what it's like for her to be casted and about the fetish itself. She wants to practice stairs so she finds a couple to try out. Back at home, she wants your help crutching up the big staircase. She's very happy with how you spot her on the way up so she gives you a little wiggle at the top, but when she reaches the last step, you give her a little bump causing her to step hard on her cast and she's really displeased with you then. Later, you're making it up to her by taking her out for a nice dinner and you help her put some pantyhose over her cast and she models some heels for you.


Rayn's Purple 90° LLC - Part 2

150 pics

Today's update is another 150 incredibly beautiful Rayn pics as she poses her 90° purple LLC at the park in her daisy dukes. And don't miss her clip that expires soon.


Rayn's Purple Public LLC, Part 2: Store and Park

28 Min

Next, Rayn crutches into a department store and gets a scooter. She drives around the store, periodically getting up to hop and look at things. In the soda isle, she gets up and hops to put three 12 packs of soda in her cart, which winds her a bit. After leaving the store, we get some more crutching footage at the park with some nice shots of her legs and foot from behind and finish it up with a nice closeup toe wiggling shot.


Rayn's Purple 90° LLC - Part 1

150 pics

Rayn is looking so hot in her purple LLC and daisy dukes that it was easy to get tons of beautiful, sexy pictures so I decided to leave in 150 pics even though many are similar.


Rayn's Purple Public LLC, Part 1: Grocery Store

21 Min

On our previous shoot, Rayn was recovering from a shoulder injury so I put her in an LLWC, but now with her fully healed shoulder, we did a 90° LLC and went out to some public places for some crutching. Our first stop, in this clip is the grocery store where she first props her leg up on a chair and talks about her previous crutching experience and even a big fall she had on crutches. Then we go all around the store as she looks for items in her short shorts and flip flop and purple LLC. More to come!


Janeen's Purple SLWC & LAC - Part 2

100 pics

Janeen does a few standing poses and then changes into a very skimpy and revealing top for some super sexy and beautiful pics on couch. And then things get even more revealing!


Janeen's Purple SLWC & LAC - Part 1

100 pics

Since I don't have any more original pics to match with the Adina clip, I'm pairing it with this beautiful pictures-only Janeen shoot I did recently at a studio. Stay tuned for more!


Adina's Public LLC, Part 1: Mall & Thrift Store

31 Min

For those of you who haven't seen the full 58 minute Adina clip from Joe's clips, here's the rest of it. After the arcade and grocery store, we head out to the mall for lots of crutching. By this time, she’s starting to get a little tired so she takes a break in the food court to prop up her cast for a nice, closeup toe wiggling shot. After all that crutching we decide to make one more stop at a giant thrift store, where she looks for shoes and tries out some furniture. I think she has the most fun at the thrift store, even though she has to do a lot of crutching. Adina is really great out in public and makes the best facial expressions. Log in now to check out the final 31 minutes and send me some Adina requests!


Angel's Mini Golf LLC Date

100 pics

It was a hot and steamy day for Angel and her sweaty LLC on her mini golf date. Here's 100 great cell phone pictures taken when Angel stopped to give her good leg a break.


Angel's Mini Golf and Ice Cream LLC Date

42 Min

Angel was surprised when her date asked her out to play mini golf, even though she's in an LLC. It's a hot day and Angel's hip and sweaty leg are bothering her, but she still tries to have a good time, especially when they're supposed to get ice cream later. So after playing 18 holes in the hot sun, Angel's date picks her up and carries her to the car like a gentleman. Next, Angel props her cast up and enjoys a cold drink at the coffee shop as she wiggles her toes. Later, she and her date take a stroll through the neighborhood and stop to have some ice cream. Angel puts her cast up on his lap and asks him if he's like to hang out again sometime... and hints that he likes her cast. Once again, he carries her all the way back to the car. Don't miss this action packed public clip!


Jessica's Sock Play Blue SLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jessica does one more beautiful sock tease in her blue SLC. She sits on the couch, takes off her shoe and then slowly removes her socks, poses her toes and puts them back.


Jessica's Sock Play Blue SLC - Part 1

100 pics

Jessica Lynn is in full tease mode and looking beautiful in her bra and panties as you wake up with her in bed and she plays with her cute little Puma socks over her SLC.


Jessica Lynn's Sock Play Blue SLC

30 Min

Here's one for the sock lovers out there! You're waking up next to Jessica on the day you're supposed to leave for your vacation. Jessica is supposed to see the ortho first to possibly get her cast changed out for a boot. She's really hoping for this so she can begin weight bearing and get off the crutches on vacation. She knows you love her cast and socks and assures you that you'll still have plenty of sock clad fun on vacation, even if she gets a boot. Cut to later and she returns in her SLC. The doctor doesn't think it's quite ready yet so you'll be going on vacation with a casted Jessica Lynn. On the couch, she gives you a nice show of her sock covered toes and takes them off for a moment before putting them back on. She realizes the upsides of her keeping her cast on vacation and asks for your assistance with packing. Upstairs, she's going through her sock drawer, asking for your input on what socks to bring. Then, on the bed, she helps narrow it down by modeling each pair, one at a time, right on your lap, being a huge tease. Finally, she has you put her puma athletic socks back over her casted toes. On the way out the door, she tells you that she can't wait to wrap her socks around you at the hotel!


Adina's Public LLC

100 pics

This gallery is 100 great, high quality cell phone pics of Adina out and about at the arcade and at the mall in her white LLC and cute casted toes in a variety of situations.


Adina's Public LLC, Part 1: Mall & Grocery Store

28 Min

It's Adina's first trip out in public with a cast! She's in a white LLC and our first stop is the arcade. She crutches around, having fun and playing some games, standing and sitting with her leg proppped up. After that, she's hungry so we head to the grocery store where her partner pushes her around in a wheelchair as she shops for snacks. When she gets to a section she's interested in, she gets up and crutches. The couple is clearly having fun with this as they humorously banter the entire time. Adina is really great out in public and there's still more video to come from this shoot so keep an eye out for part 2!


Jessica Lynn's Pregnant, Plastered SLC & LAC - Part 3

100 pics

I saved the best for last. Jessica is looking downright beautiful in these pictures as she does even more erotic poses in the mirror and some really hot poses on the bed!


Jessica Lynn's Pregnant, Plastered SLC & LAC - Part 2

100 pics

Things are starting to get spicy in this gallery as Jessica first poses in a robe on crutches with her combo and then some beautiful shots on the bed and nudes in the mirror.


Jessica Lynn's Pregnant, Plastered SLC & LAC - Part 1

100 pics

Jessica poses her plaster cast combo on the couch with her arm in a sling and large belly before moving to a wheelchair with leg rests for more beautiful shots.


Jessica Lynn's Pregnant and Plastered SLC & LAC

55 Min

In this steamy clip, Jessica Lynn is pregnant and blonde! Our story starts with a pregnant and constantly horny Jessica Lynn in bed, legs spread right after sex. She gets up and puts on some flip flops so she can do laundry, but with her large belly and clothes basket blocking her view, she misses a step and falls, breaking her arm and leg. We hear a monologue from Jessica about exactly what happened. Next, Jessica's getting out of the car and into a wheelchair as she returns home. You help her get comfortable on the couch and she gives you a recap of her injuries and assures you that she's okay. Cut to three weeks later and she's coming back from hanging with friends with her arm cast covered in signatures. She's about to burst with horniness and she teases and touches you with her arm cast while talking dirty to you. She goes down on you just enough to drive you wild and then moves across the room, leans on the couch and asks you to do her from behind. The following week, you wake up with Jessica masturbating in bed next to you. When she notices you, she explains how hard it's been for her to get herself off in her arm cast and decides to get on top and ride you instead. Finally, Jessica's plaster LAC is replaced with a black fiber LAC and her SLC has been replaced with a boot. You rub her feet while she catches you up on her new cast.


Irene's Camo LLC - Part 2

150 pics

Irene's modeling gets even sexier when we move to the bedroom. There were so many great shots, I included 150 pics for this gallery because of her great facial expressions.


Irene's Camo LLC - Part 1

100 pics

In this first gallery, Irene first poses on crutches and stumbles laughing on the couch and then poses her sexy camo LLC and cute casted toes in a variety of poses.


Irene's Camo LLC

30 Min

It's a day in the life of NEW MODEL Irene in her new camo LLC. She wakes up in bed with her cast covered by a blanket. She's so sore as she whines to herself and reveals her casted toes and rubs them. She gets out of bed and hops to her crutches and heads to the stairs, where she decides to scoot down them. She's new to crutching so she clumsily practices in her tight shorts. She heads to the kitchen where she hops around looking for something to eat and drink. Afterwards, she crutches back to the couch and tries to stretch her leg as she complains to herself about her sore broken leg. She props her leg on some pillows and tries to scratch and itch inside her cast. Next, you're her friend coming over to visit and (lucky you!) she wants you to hold her cast up for her with her casted toes right in your face. Next, she notices your camo shorts match her cast so she puts her cast on your leg and asks for a toe rub.


Tabitha's FW LLWC JOI - Part 3

100 pics

Last but not least, the beautiful Tabitha poses in lingerie on the bed, rolling her eyes at her cheap flowers and propping her LLWC up on them. Log in for 100 sexy pics!


Tabitha's FW LLWC JOI - Part 1

100 pics

Tabitha's still in character and looking beautiful as she poses her LLWC in a chair at the hotel room as she touches her cast, moves her toes and makes great facial expressions.


Tabitha's FW LLWC JOI - Part 1

50 pics

This gallery is sort of a teaser of all the great pics coming up. Tabitha's looking super sexy in her lingerie and LLWC as she poses standing against the wall of the hotel room.


Tabitha's Foot Worship LLWC JOI - Part 2

28 Min

Remember Tabitha's foot worship LLWC from a year ago? Well here's the sequel to that. Tabitha's LLWC is over a month old now and significantly more worn. She's been getting bored of sitting around at home and is looking for an "entertainment director"... a man who enjoys her company enough to spoil her. And if you're lucky, you may get to spend some quality time with her casted leg and toes. She has a boyfriend, so sex is off the table. The clip starts out with you meeting her in a public place. You give her flowers, which she thinks are cheap and then she explains what she's looking for and shows you her cast. You try to hang out with her and have a good time, but she's very bratty and bored with the things you want to do. So you take her to your hotel room so she can order some room service and she really takes advantage. She thinks it would be really funny if she answers the room service in sexy lingerie so she changes and comes back looking super sexy. She decides she trusts you enough to let you rub her good leg while you wait for room service and you get a nice view of her backside. She asks you to rub her foot and its's not long before it turns into a full on JOI foot worship session!


Natasha's Yellow LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Here's another beautiful gallery of Natasha in her yellow LLC in a variety of locations. She poses propping up her cast in the grass and on a couch and then on crutches.


Natasha's Yellow LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Natasha and I covered a lot of ground in these pictures, literally. We took pictures all around the downtown area of her posing with crutches and propping up her LLC.


Natasha's Straight Yellow LLC

21 Min

Welcome new model Natasha. In this shoot she's in a straight yellow LLC with black toenails and short shorts. She crutches around a city block, stopping occasionally to prop her cast up. Then she practices crutching around a parking lot as I film from a low angle and she stops by the camera to wiggle her toes. She crutches on stairs and sits down in the grass for a rest as feels the texture of her cast with her good foot. After lots of crutching, she props her cast up on pillows and talks on the phone about her cast.


Rayn's Park LLWC - Part 3

100 pics

Rayn walks around and up stairs in this gallery. She props her cast up on a railing and sits on the ground for some beautiful shots in this gallery. New video up next!


Rayn's Park LLWC - Part 2

100 pics

The beautiful Rayn walks around posing her LLWC around the lake and in front of a fountain in these 100 pictures and there's still another gallerying coming up! Stay tuned!


Rayn's Park LLWC - Part 1

100 pics

I've got lots of great feedback about Rayn and you haven't even seen all the beautiful pics yet! Rayn's looking beautiful posing her LLWC at the park in this first of three galleries.


Jessica Lynn's MILF Plaster LLC - Part 5

150 pics

Still looking dolled up from last time, Jessica's laying on the bed with a black dress and boot, then her boobs pop out of her dress and then she gets totally naked. After going through all the sexy poses we can think of, then she gets out her dildo and gets nasty!


Rayn's Park LLWC

24 Min

So I met Rayn for the first time at a nice park and made her LLWC outside. She recently had shoulder surgery so we decided on an LLWC. Clearly a country girl, she showed up in a giant truck wearing a tight shirt and daisy dukes to show off her great legs. The park was kind of busy and she had to walk by lots of people as we went around the park looking for nice places to take pictures. I think she was feeling a bit shy to be out in public with such a big cast, but I prompted her to talk about it a few times. And she got a couple compliments as she walked past people. She finds walking kind of difficult but then I spot a good photo opp on top of a hill so she has to walk up and down a big hill in her LLWC. After walking all around the park in her LLWC, walking up and down stairs, she props her cast up for a nice closeup shot of her wiggling toes.


Jessica Lynn's MILF Plaster LLC - Part 4

100 pics

Now Jessica's all dolled up in a cute outfit with a skirt and a boot, sitting in a wheelchair, being naughty and pulling up her skirt to show her panties. Then she takes it up a notch, pulling her panties to the side. Then we get some pictures of her standing up on crutches doing the same thing. Finally, things get even sexier in the bedroom!


Jessica Lynn's MILF Plaster LLC - Part 3

150 pics

Usually I try to shoot for 100 pictures per gallery, but in this case I had to make it 150 because there are so many great pics. Jessica's cast is now super shiny and aged with a ton of signatures. Jessica starts with pajama pants on, then takes those off to pose in her panties. Before long she's taking off all her clothes and posing in the mirror!


Jessica Lynn's MILF Plaster LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Wow, that escalated quickly! Jessica is in a great mood and seems thrilled to be with you and show off her cast as she removes her pants and does poses too hot for the preview!


Jessica Lynn's MILF Plaster LLC - Part 1

100 pics

I say this all the time, but prepare yourself for some of the best Jessica Lynn pics ever in the coming galleries. Her cast is fresh and she's not feeling great in these initial pics.


Jessica Lynn's Milf Masturbation Plaster LLC

31 Min

Jessica just woke up in the morning and is pondering the dream she had last night about the new younger man she's been talking to. They haven't made love yet but she keeps having erotic dreams about him. When she first broke her leg, she felt sad and unsexy, but now he's changed that. The cast has become a turn on for her and part of her sex dreams. She's grown to love her cast. We watch as Jessica examines her cast and discovers her wet panties as she takes them off and give them a sniff. She writhes around, exposed and horny in bed, deciding what she wants to do when she has an idea. She calls her younger male friend and just starts chit chatting about their blossoming relationship. Soon the conversation turns sexy and she asks him if he's ever had phone sex. Jessica starts talking dirty as she slides her hand under the covers to touch herself. He wants her to talk about her cast so she does in a very seductive way. Jessica grabs her vibrator and slides it under the blanket as the talk gets even steamier and erupts into an explosive orgasm. Now, she's looking forward to the real thing!


Maru's Public Orange LLC - Part 2

100 pics

And here's the final 100 pictures of the beautiful Maru posing her orange LLC on the couch looking great as she shows off her cast and toes and various positions. New clip next!


Maru's Public Orange LLC - Part 1

50 pics

Here's a photo studio style gallery of Maru in front of a white wall. She's looking super cute in her outfit with her LLC and she has some fun getting silly for the camera.


Maru's Public Orange LLC

40 Min

Remember the beautiful and cool Maru from last year? Well she is back and looking super cute. I wanted to do a test run of some publicking with her so we decided on an orange LLC (her choice) and headed out. First, she chooses to take the stairs out of the building where the studio is so I filmed that. Then we crutch around a discount store where she checks out some items. Then we have lunch at McDonalds where she tells me about how she severely injured her foot in the past and had to be on crutches for months. She told that story last time, but I think she forgot. And then we pop into the hardware store to look for some patio furniture. She crutches around the isles and then tries out a few different pieces of furniture. Maru is definitely a fun person out in public and I'm looking forward to the next public adventure. Let me know what you want to see her do next time.


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC & Blue LLC - Part 5

75 pics

I was only expecting to get one gallery of Victoria on the couch, but there's so many good facial expressions, I had to post more. She's looking more upbeat in these pics.


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC & Blue LLC - Part 4

90 pics

Now here's some beautiful indoor pictures of Victoria on the cast with her leg propped up on a table as she tries to put a sock over her toes and looking in pain and distressed.


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC & Blue LLC - Part 3

100 pics

Here's 100 pics of Victoria posing her pointed blue LLC on crutches after we finished shooting the video, looking beautiful as ever. Stay tuned for some nice indoor pics!


Adina's Blue LLC - Part 3

100 pics

Before the beautiful new Victoria Blue LLC pics, I've still got 100 beautiful Adina Blue LLC Pics. She wakes up in bed and pulls back the cover to expose her cast and lingerie!


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC & Blue LLC - Part 2

20 Min

Victoria's heading towards the front door in her pantyhose covered SLC when she slips on a rug and hurts her left leg again. She falls to the floor and is in extreme pain again and sure that she's torn her achilles again. She rolls around, nurses her leg and cries about it before heading back outside to go to the hospital. Next time we see Victoria she's painfully crutching into the house in a blue LLC. She carefully props her leg up, feels sorry for herself and tries to cope with the pain (still no pain meds). She calls you to tell you what happened and how much it sucks. You volunteer to come over and keep her company and she's very happy about that, but she whines a lot more before hanging up the phone. You arrive at her place and she positions herself so she can face you while talking. She doesn't want to be a drag, but can't help but keep whining and complaining about her pain. She tries to put a sock over her toes and fails. Finally, she asks you to hold her cast up for her and you accidentally drop it on the table. Let's just say that doesn't go over very well! There's even a bit of ASMR-like scratching of the cast from her POV!


Adina's Blue LLC - Part 2

50 pics

Adina now poses her cast with crutches on the staircase in her home. She holds her cast out in front of her as high as she can and then props her leg up on the rail.


Adina's Blue LLC

50 pics

The beautiful Adina starts off strong in her first ever cast pictures on this site. In this gallery she props her cast up and touches her toes. I love her very expressive face.


Adina's Blue LLC

23 Min

Welcome the super cute new model Adina. On this first shoot, I was mostly interested in meeting and getting to know Adina and I thought she would look good in a blue LLC. She agreed with that choice. She lives in a beautiful old house, so we just did the whole shoot indoors. We did a little bit of acting as she pretends to come home with her sore broken leg and new cast and tries to get comfortable on the couch. She props her cast up and tries to wiggle her toes. She itches inside her cast with a butter knife and hops around the kitchen. She eventually scoots up the stairs and changes clothes in the bedroom. Finally, we show her waking up the next morning and revealing her cast under the sheets. Not bad acting for a first shoot and I have the feeling I'll be doing many more with her so let me know what you'd like to see Adina do next! Stay tuned for some great pics.


Bella's Black LLC

50 pics

After we finished filming Bella's Black LLC, we took some time to do some pictures on the couch. Bella poses her aged cast in a few different positions in these 50 pics.


Bella's Black LLC

29 Min

Bella is in a lot of pain with her new black LLC and hasn't got the hang of crutching yet. She comes home and hits her cast on something before awkwardly crutching to have a seat. She slowly and painfully gets her leg propped up and calls a friend. While she wiggles her toes, she tells her friend how she broke her leg and how she needs someone to help her. She crutches over to the couch and struggles to put a big thick sock over her cast. Almost as soon as she gets it on, she gets a crazy itch and has to pull it back off again to get to the itch. She gets up and waters her plants and has a clumsy, painful time. Cut to a few weeks later and Bella's catching her friend up on what it's been like for her. She talks about how everybody's checking out her cast in public and that maybe some people have a cast fetish, especially her roommate. She's bored so she decides to test the roommate to see what he does when she gets him to wait on her hand and foot.


Izzabella's Public Green LLC - Part 3

50 pics

Here's the final 50 pics from this shoot. Izzabella looks out of an office window longingly and then sits down on a desk to take off her socks and hold her cast in the air.


Izzabella's Public Green LLC - Part 2

50 pics

This gallery is a nice mix of outdoor posing on crutches, a few crutching shots and sitting down to take off her sock and have a sniff (her idea!) and a few indoors.


Izzabella's Public Green LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's one for the sock lovers. In this first outdoor gallery at a downtown park, Izzabella takes out a sock, sniffs it and stretches it tight over her cute casted toes.


Izzabella's Green Public LLC

38 Min

Izzabella is definitely not getting pinched in her green LLC this St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to try a public shoot with her so we did a green 90° LLC and went out to a couple of stores. I'm glad I had her miked because she is a quiet talker. She was mostly quiet in stores as she crutched around, but got a little more talkative once we sat down for some coffee. She wears a sock briefly at the coffee shop and then takes it off so the camera can see her wiggling toes. She ad-libs throughout the shoot as if her cast is medical, just guessing what she should say. If you like crutching, log in for this mostly crutching clip!


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC, Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Here's the final 100 pics of Victoria's SLC. Poor Victoria is sad with her painful broken leg, but puts on a smile for the camera as she peels off her pantyhose. LLC pics soon!


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC, Blue LLC - Part 1

100 pics

In this first gallery, Victoria is sad and uncomfortable with her injured, casted leg. She smiles sometimes but mostly looks sad as she poses her pantyhose clad legs in the couch.


Victoria's Achilles Rupture SLC & Blue LLC - Part 1

20 Min

Victoria's excited to get back to the gym and since it's just around the corner, she's doing her stretches at home before she leaves. She goes through a couple of stretches, but when she's stretching the back of her leg, she hears a snap and the heel of her left foot is in extreme pain. She calls a friend to take her to the hospital. Next, she comes home in a pointed white SLC with an ankle sock over the toes. They didn't give her any painkillers, so she's in a great deal of pain and awkward on crutches. She makes her way to the kitchen and because she's not used to her cast, she bangs it a couple times, ending up with her on the floor moaning in pain. She makes her way to the living room where she slowly and painfully removes her sock and props her leg up on some pillows as she whines about her terrible situation. Next, it's another day and Victoria is going to attempt to get out of the house and see some friends. Still in a lot of pain, she carefully pulls pantyhose over her SLC and puts on a nice shoe. After touching up her hair in the mirror, she heads towards the front door when she slips on the rug and starts to fall. To be continued...


Anna's Black LLC - Part 3

100 pics

Here's the final sexy gallery of Anna posing her black LLC on Jessica's bed. She goes through a series of laying poses and then Jessica prompts her to get sexy and bend over!


Anna's Black LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Back with another 100 pics of the beautiful new model Anna on the couch as she poses her LLC in various positions and itches inside her cast, posing her cute toes together.


Anna's Black LLC

33 Min

Welcome the beautiful new model Anna to Cast Fetish. She's had lots of prior experience with casts and broken bones but she's new to modeling. In this clip, she's dealing with her new cast and broken leg at home. Her leg is very painful and itchy and she's struggling to get her leg comfortable on the couch. We observe her talking about her situation and her broken leg as she tries to get her leg elevated and comfortable in different positions. She finds a ruler to itch inside her cast and we watch her itching from her POV. She eventually scoots up the stairs and hops to the bedroom. She's never done any acting but it's a great first effort. Finally, Jessica talks with her about her new cast.


Anna's Black LLC

100 pics

Here's a preview of our beautiful new model Anna. You can thank Jessica Lynn for this gallery because she found her so check it out and come back in a few days for a clip!


Jessica Breaks Her Leg to Get a Blue LLC - Part 2

29 Min

In our previous clip, Jessica comes up with the crazy idea of jumping off a chair in heels in hopes of getting the leg cast that she's always wanted. After hurting her leg, she immediately regrets it and questions your judgement for letting her do it. She got the LLC she wanted but is miserable and thinks it was not worth it. In this clip she's getting up and trying to learn her crutches and is having an terrible time with it. She's very clumsy and hurts her sore leg a few times before returning to the couch and pouting about her situation. Cut to a month later and you're coming over and finding Jessica "feeling fantastic" and up and about on her crutches in a sunny mood. She's not mad at you any more and her cast has aged a lot. She crutches around a little bit and then has a seat on the couch to catch you up on what it's been like. She says that she's probably not quite ready for sex, but that she's open to the possibility of receiving a tongue bath from you. You're shocked. She says her toes need some love and also some other things. In the bedroom, she lays back and tells you that she needs you to clean her toes and they need your undivided attention. She thinks you're not adequately appreciating her cast, so she asks you to kiss it all over. Then it's back to the toes and just when you think you've finished up, she tells you that you're not done yet and pulls off her panties. You can probably guess what happens next! Finally, she asks you to touch yourself while admiring her cast and after a while of that, she can't take it anymore and asks you to just do her.


Jessica Lynn's Leg Break Blue LLC

100 pics

Today, when you click on the gallery, you'll notice it's different. My old gallery making software just stopped working so I had to switch to something else. The new galleries have a nice thumbnail view so you can go right to the pictures you want, which is an improvement. This gallery is a super sexy all nude gallery of Jessica posing her faux term blue LLC and looking amazing with her always nice looking butt! Check it out!


Jessica Breaks Her Leg to Get a Blue LLC

28 Min

Jessica sprained her ankle while jogging and now she's talking to her friend on the phone, telling her about what happened and how she was excited at the possibility that it was broken. She tells how she has always wanted a real cast and she's ready to take matters into her own hands... break her own leg. Jessica tells her friend that there's no talking her out of it so she better come over and help her. Next, you're Jessica's friend and coming over to make sure she doesn't seriously injure herself as she tries to get her cast. After a giddy brainstorming session, she settles on jumping off a chair in high heels and is thrilled about her upcoming cast. Jessica jumps from the chair and is instantly in a great deal of pain. She's upset with you for letting her do it and she doesn't want your help so she hops on one foot towards the door. Later, Jessica comes home in a light blue pointed LLC and she is miserable and irritable. She's still mad at you for letting her do it and has you prop her painful leg up for her. It hurts much more than she thought it would and now thinks it wasn't worth it. She asks you to rub her toes, but you manage to cause her more pain. You bring her a can of soda and accidentally drop it on her cast. She's yells at you and tells you to leave. After you leave, Jessica's wondering why you took her literally. Alone, she decides to try crutching on her painful leg and finds that that is not as easy as she thought it would be either. To be continued...


Ellen's Toe Sucking Blue SLC Pics

100 pics

Ellen's on her couch in a short skirt and no panties with her dirty old pointed SLC. She goes through a bunch of great poses for a beautiful gallery full of great shots.


Ellen's Toe Sucking Blue SLC Masturbation

27 Min

Ellen has discovered that she loves her cast and loves being casted. As her cast ages, she finds that she loves the smell of her blue SLC and casted toes. She starts off in bed in this clip, smelling her casted toes and not being able to resist rubbing one out before getting up. She crawls out of bed and scoots down the stairs. In the kitchen, she crutches around, getting herself a snack, when she hits her cast with the refrigerator door. This gives her the idea to be a little bit more rough on her cast, in hopes of getting to keep it longer. Cut to weeks later and her cast is noticeably older and dirty. She sits down and calls a friend, telling her about her cast and how she doesn't want to lose it yet. Once she's off the phone, she starts sniffing, licking and sucking her toes again as she masturbates with a vibrator. Finally, she tries jumping off the couch in an attempt to keep her cast longer.


Angel's Faux Term Public LLWC Stills Gallery

50 pics

I didn't take any pics to go with the Jasmine video below, so instead enjoy these 50 of my favorite still frames from the latest public Angel clip taken from the original 4k footage.


Jasmine's Orange LLC

14 Min

Here's a shoot that just ended a couple hours ago! I rushed home to get it online asap. Jasmine wanted to shoot, but it's a nasty, snowy day around here, so we tried to make the best of it. I wanted to see if Jasmine could act and here is the result! Jasmine's out walking in the snow, looking at her phone, when she slips on some ice. We find her on the ground, grasping her injured leg. She calls for help. Next, she's outside crutching in the snow. Her poor, exposed toes are cold and getting snow on them. Back inside, she calls a friend to tell her about what happened and she tries to put a sock over her toes.


Angel's Faux Term Public LLWC - Part 2

100 pics

The last 100 pics from Angel's Faux Term Public LLWC. Angel rolls around in bed with her dirty old LLWC in these great pics. Let me know what you'd like to see Angel do next!


Angel's Faux Term Public LLWC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's the first gallery from Angel's Faux Term LLWC with 100 pics taken in her bedroom after lots of walking around in public. She looks beautiful with her filthy old LLWC.


Angel's Faux Term Public LLWC

68 Min

In this clip, you're Angel's boyfriend and you've been on a trip overseas for weeks. Now, you've returned home to find Angel in an aged LLWC on the couch. She didn't tell you about it because she didn't want to worry you, but now that you're here, all you can think about is taking her upstairs. She greets you and talks to you and even puts her casted foot on your lap as you repeatedly try to get her to go upstairs with you, but she would rather wait until later. Now, she wants you to take her out in public. You agree and next you're in the car with Angel's sock covered, casted foot propped up on the back of your seat. She sings Christmas carols on the way to the store and eventually takes her sock off after making sure you don't mind the smell. Next, you go grocery shopping with her as she walks around the store with her sock clad LLWC, interacting with some random people. After all that, you head home and up to the bedroom and she thinks she was too rough on her casted leg so she just wants to snuggle!


Jessica Lynn Breaks the Same Leg Twice LLC

100 pics

Here's the very sexy pics that go with the second part of Jessica Lynn's recent leg break clip. You don't want to miss these pics because her butt has never looked better!


Amanda's 90° Red Public LLC - Part 2

39 Min

In this clip, almost as long as the huge previous clip, Amanda's at the department store in a scooter, but it's not because she's lazy. Amanda is constantly stopping to hop around and look at clothes and try out furniture. As she drives her scooter, ramming her way through obstacles, she stops and hops up on one leg to look at items in the grocery section. This clip is almost one continuous take, except for a few small edits. After we're done shopping, Amanda stands on one leg as she checks out. Afterwards, we stop at the park so I can get some more crutching footage. She's a machine on the crutches as you can see.
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